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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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if thehe had any information on public corruption, or may have been a victim in an illegal scheme of a public official to come forward and report it. while they want to officially confirm that is related to the ongoing investigation of opalaca's mayor myra teller, the residentshere saying the corruption needs to end. according to the published reports, myra taylor is is in question of a kickback scheme, using money for her own use. >> it's time, we have been waiting for a whole three o >> reporter: why were you waiting on it some. >> all of the corruption, the mismanagement of funding, all of the dislike, all of promises, a
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going on in opalaca right now. >> reporter: you can uerstand why some of the residents are concerned. we have a lot more for you, a lot of residents, including the vice mayor of opalaca, who is going to speak out on this sceptical today, the fbi raiding opalaca's city hall. much more at 6:00. for now, live in opalaca, rosh lowe, 7 news. >> lynn: now, a big story involving the miami heat. chris bos is making rebound. >> reporter: we have positive thoughts, we haven't heard from chris bosh for four weeks since he took himself out of the all-star game.
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his agent, saying that. , bosh has missed 49 games over the last two seasons with blood clots, and last year, he missed the entire back half of the season when t t clots traveled to his lungs. >> if there's any concern for his healtlt if there's any question for whatever he's on or not on, if that's going to lead to a serious health problem for chris bosh, i have serious doubts that the miami heat will clear him to play until it's resolved. though it's not as severe as what he faced last year, $2 be a shock if he cuts any corners, i still think that there's a long road ahead for chris bosh. >> reporter: the heat is in "chicago tonight". and they have not issued a
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steve shapiro, 7 news. >> belkeys: a man accused of preying on women in coral gables is behind bars. he is charged with one count of simple battery, one of assault and one of aggravated battery. six females say he grobbed them while they were walking or jogging at various locations in coral gables. >> lynn: well, the sta is set for a south florida showdown, republican presidential candidates getting ready to rumble at another debate tonight. >> belkeys: on the welcomic side of things, stumping, bernie sanders and not hillary clinton holding rallies today. the democrats pitching their plans on the south florida stage last night. >> lynn: now the republicans have their turn. the former gop candidates having
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nicole linsilata is liv where the debate is being held. nicole? >> reporter: well, lynn, the candidates will be having their first walk through at the debate stage, making sure that it's okay, andndaking sure that the podiums are at the right height, all of that housekeeping sort of thing, is so we're waiting for that. but this is the last debate before the primary. let's go to the video,he last debate before tuesday's primary, but it's the primary that on the republican side could mean the winnowing of the field of candidates. as you heard by now/ marco rubio is struggling to reach donald trump in polls based here in florida, having a hard time to catch up with that frontrunner, and no a personal friend of his, conservative senator, mike lee of utah, is endorsing ted cruz.
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>> the time is finally at hand when we as republicans need to unite behind one leader. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ]. >> you know, everyone will have to make that choice. if senator rubio were asking me that, i would encourage him, and i do encourage him to get behind teted cruz. >> reporter:robably not easy for marco rubio to hear. and around the nomination process, we'll tell you what he had to say coming up at 5:00. for now live in coral gables. 7 news. >> lynn: now for the democrats, locking in a fight of their own for florida, alex diprato has more on that. >> reporter: lynn,in' hillary clinton and bernie sanders are storming the state ahead of
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clinton at the fountain bleu in miami beach. she and sanders squared off yesterday. and the two are on the campaign trail. clinton in tampa this afternoon while bernie sanders stumped in gainesville. >> i'm running for president to break down all of barriers that stand in the way of anybody. fulfilling or her potential. >> i want your kids to do better than you, and i want you to do better than your parents. i want to see the american dream go forward, not backwards. >> repepter: sanders has another event in kissimmee this afternoon, andlinton goes to north carolina to continue to campaign. both of them addressed climate change and how it would affect florida. we'll have those comments coming up on 7 news at 5:00. live in the satellite center, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. >> lynn: and a reminder for
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out the race for the white house. stay with us online at choice app. >> belkeys: still ahead on 7 news, police calling on the community after a woman is struck in the street. and the detectives hope a clue will lead to a lot more. >> lynn: why a group of women suddenly started throwing >> belkeys: plus, floodwaters turning part of the south into a disaster zone, and the worst is not over yet. >> and we're talking about sunshine closer to home as we go earlier today. it's beautiful out there. sunshine and clouds, and we have showers on the way.
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up.. >> lynn: residents along the gulf coast getting soaked and stranded. relentless rain triggering floodwaters in self states. a slow moving storm system making life miserable in states across the south. >> belkeys: louisiana dealing with the worst effects. reed binion has the details. >> water is rising so we're going to get busy here. >> reporter: the sheri preparing residents of bossier, louisianaer in the flood. the high water is blamed for two deaths.
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his kayak capsized. and a diver louisiana was killed when his car was swept off the road. >> our thoughts and prayers are for the people of louisiana, butut so is our resources. >> reporter: the drivers s4uck in high water, some residents stranded and others forced from their home. >> right now, we know about 100 homes have been flooded and 100 roads have been closed. >> reporter: but the worst could be to come for louisiana, as they threaten a key levee. >> here's the potential. due to 10 inches of rich, it's likely that the guideline levee could topple. >> reporter: ordering evacuations for roughly 3500 homes. >> mandatory means mandatory you need to love out if you're in the areas that i just mentioned. >> reporter: cities including jacksonville, mississippi and new orleans, face a continuing
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i'm reed benion reporting. >> belkeys: louisiana officials are blaming the severe weather for three deaths. the youngest victim, just six years old. >> lynn: coming up at 4:00, a mystery leaving residents with major concerns, sounds leaving the city leaders scratching their heads. >> belkeys: and this mugshot.
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making plans outside of prison. >> an eclipse, alaska airlines flight. and check it out. >> oh, my god, look at that. look at those streamers! look at that. prominences. >> i don't get it. >> lynn: keep watching. it looks like a bullet hole, doesn't it? this is an image of a solar eclipse. you don't see this picture every day. it was taken tuesday night from nearly 30,000 feet in theky. annas astronomer convinced the airline to adjust one of the flights so passengers could swing by and see it. and one passenger brought essential sunglasses. >> i have a birth mark on the back of my neck because my mother looked at the eclipse.
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her belly, so there you go. >> i hear it's bad for your retina. >> don't look directly through it. a lot of sunshine out there mostly dry conditions, and going into this afternoon and evening. countries the board, 79 in miami. and also in fort lauderdale and marathon. the winds are still pick puing, so we have the southeast breeze, hitting 21 miles per hour. fort lauderdale, in t teens in marathon, 23 miles per hour in key west. but the gusts are continuing to pickp as well. in the 20s for miami and marathon. looking at the big view, still with the pacific northwest, another storm system is pushing on shore. and pretty soon, showers.
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extensive line of showers, and thunderstorms. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, they're dealing with flooding and severe thunderstorms because of the system. and the high pressure is blocking it for us. we were going to continue tomorrow, preventing the risk of being rip currents at the local beaches, k kping us dry and seasonly warm. we're in the low 80s and we're going to take that in the next couple of days. humidity will start to return as the humidity gets closer off the southeast breeze, chance of showers on tuesday, and most of that showewe activity will be around lake okeechobee and northeasrn broward. we're going to keep that humidity in the forecast, going into this weekend as well. beach and boating, small craft advisory is i place, and as well as, the high-risk of rip currents athe local beaches. biscayne bay is rough now, and it will turn choppy later on. and talking about vary rough
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small craft advisory is still in placac as we go to the next high tide, it will be tonight, 3 minutes before 10 p.m. and that's for miami and key west at 11:18 tonight. as we go through the r rt of the evening, overnight, lows in the 70s across the board. but it's a quiet night overall. going into tomorrow, the breeze ll be present, 80s across the board and mostly sunny skies. taking the breeze to the weekend. and don't forget daylight saving time on sunday. >> all right, charlie, wear those sunglasses for the eclipse. a convicted felon with model looks. you remember this guy, jeremy meeks. his mug shot went viral in 2014 after a weapons violation.
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free man, and he has reportedly signed a modeling contract and he is already receiving plenty of offers for movies and a lot more. >> lynn: isn't that good, he can go that route. >> belkeys: hope that he can turn his life around. everything is chill. freak out! >> lynn: save that for 5:00 and craig. we're taking you to deco dayside ahead. mariah carey hoping to open up her world to fans. >> and then at 4:30, a teacher being h hailed a hero after
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harm's way. >> rapper 50-cent has money problems. he's like 5-cent. does the picture prove otherwise, however? >> lynn: i'm tired of talking about him, he's loaded. and mariah carey's fans will be able to see her in a whole new way. more in deco dayside. >> reporter: mariah carey is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, sort of. but soon we'll be able to see her much better.
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behind the scenes of her las vegas residency, and apparently we'll see another side to her, including how funny she is. >> lynn: she does have a good sense of humor. >> reporter: this is 50-cent's instagram picture. notice the piles of cash in n s pants. he post today coming back from bankruptcy court where a judge ordered an independent review of his finces, theyored it because of pictures like these, but that doesn't bother him. one of the stars of "pawn stars" has been repeated. austin lee russell has been taken into custody in las vegas on weapons and drug charges. the officers served a search warrant on his home and turned up marijuana and at least one
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a judge set his bail at $62,000. little mama spent the night in a new york city jail after a suspended l cense. little mama's license was suspended for failing to pay a speeding ticket ten years ago, and now she'll probably have to put on her lip glass and head to court. tonight on the drive, a fresh look. lynn is getting her glam on with a sexy makeup trend. can't wait to see this. i'm shireen sandoval. >> belkeys: as if she could be any more glamorous, shireen. >>ynn: you could tell i did my own eyeliner in that picture. >> belkeys: looks like you did that with a sharpy?
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they said dear belkeys, it looks like you did your makeup with a sharpy. it is whait is, people. >> lynn: sharpy makeup, say good-bye. >> belkeys: that's it for us, ciao ciao, i'm belkeys nerey.
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professional. >> now at 4:30, a woman runs in and the driver taking off. the police hope that the communitit can help catch the person responsible. hello, everyone. a surveillance camera providing a clue in this hit-and-run horror. >> lynn: a well was killed crossing the street. and sheldon fox is live in miami ach where the victim was hit. sheldon? >> reporter: who couou be so cold as to hit somebody and then lev them there for dead without stopping, without getting out
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certain person to do that. >> and let's get you up to speed with what happened in north miami beach. it h hpened sunday night at 2:00 in the morning. 56-year-old lillian. the cops said that she was killed overnight while walking in the neighborhood. here's the car that the detectives say h her. it's the still taken from the video. and they have not found the driver nor the car. it happened in the area of 178th street when mejia was struck by the car, and she was struck on northbound east 19th 19th. it had multiple memrs of the police department, not to mention startled residents. >> it shocked me and surprised me what happened. it's somomhing that i never expected. >> the person just died.


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