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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> reporter: meanwhile the debate stage is set here in miami and the president weighing during a joint per answer with the canadian prime minister. and he wants to know if voter trump. and he said if there is one thing he won't take responsibility for -- >> that the republican crack up that's been taking police is a consequence of actions that i've taken. >> reporter: now the president went on to stai say that he believes there are what he calls thoughtful conservatives who do not like the way this moal whole pro primary process has gone so far. and you might remember a lot of aggression 20 dain. now analyst vague we are likely to see that dialed back a bit. and even donald trump maybe take a slightly soafort tone. we'll have to wait and see. but for now reporting live a a
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gables. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> craig: and hillary clinton and bir any sanders back out on the cam prain pain trail after last night's debate. and alex diprato here with more on. that alex. >> reporter: and clinton and sanders storming the sunshine state and they know tuesday's primary isrucial. >> hillary clinton beginning her day nay satisfy workers and selfies at the blue fountain hotel in miami beach i was just saying the first time i came to this hotel was 1968. clinton spending the night at the hotel after facing off with bernie sanders last night at a debate in miami-dade college. today clinton holding railly in tampa and talk climate change. >> florida will be the most at friction climate change of any of our states. >> >> reporter: she called
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recognize climate change irresponsible and say it's a effects can be seen on miami beach. >> go down to miami beach one day when now high tide is flooding the streets or maybe go talk to some of the water systems in central florida that are getting filled with salt water. you could actually make a tour of florida and see some of the challenges we're already confronting because of climate change. >> reporter: ber na any sanders stumping in gainesville and also talking climate change. this campaign is about understanding that climate change is real. >> reporter: he told the large group mostly made up of students that public education should be free. >> when we talk about public education today, we've got to be talking about make public colleges and universities tuition free. >> >> reporter: sanders is holding another rally in kissimmee this afternoon.
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carolina tonight. >> live the news plex i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> belkeys: stay with 7 news for ting coverage race for the white house. we have a list of lir voting locations on awngd down load the voice your choice app for the latest from campaign trail. >> >> craig: also tonight a miami heat star side lined after a heath scare but soon maybe back in the gaij game. he is trying and hopeful. >> craig: chris bosh says he is on the rebound. >> and the star basketball start is battling. >> belkeys: steve shapiro in the plex with this though. >> reporter: a little entower aj. it is still very serious but it's g gd to finally hear from chris bosh. the first time we've heard from chris bosh in four weeks since he stayed out of all-star game with what he said was a strained cafl muscle, but it turned out to be a ru reoccurrence of a blood clot. bosh issued this statement through his ago.
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been life threatening. i am feeling great and currently do not have deep vein thrombosis. together with the miami heat i am working with doctors and exploring the best precationary treatment options and take care of every necessary step to make sure i am healthyor myself, my family and my team. our heat insider tim reynolds covers the team for the associated press. didn't acknowledge that it's a bloot clot that leftim off the coat court for four weeks and no state. bloothing medication which is the elephant in the room right now. if he is on blood thin letters ners, will any one allow him to play basketball because of the heightened risk of bleeding that comes with take such a drug. that's the great unknown. >> reporter: bosh had blood clots last season. same thing happened at the all-star break. bosh missed the back half of last season when blootd clots in his legal legs traveled tois lungs. bosh said in statements i have
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team. watching fim of the games. walking through plays and attended home games despite not being visible to the public. i remain positive that i will be able to return to th season. >> the statement from chris bosh means he is still hopeful to play right now. and that should be enough for the fans t tmselves. >> and he says bosh and teement will proseed with extreme caution. >> and chris bosh is under contract for three more seasons after this one. they are n in my way trying get rid of him or down play this or hold him back at all. but dh is his second clot in 12 months and this is going to be treated with an a bun gans of caution all the way around as you would expect smoo oo the team is in chicago where the heat play tomorrow night. heat have not responded to the bosh's statement today. in the newsplex. steve shapiro. 7 news jie. >> belkeys: students at homestead high school
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of their clats clas mates was arrested. 18 yeerld terry accused of asking two other students to send him make naked pictures on a messaging app and exploaght. they makinghem perform sexual favors if they didn't comply. >> coming from him,hat's not something he should be doing but some people just you know they do things the wrong way. nothing good comes from having social media. especially if you're hanging out with the wrong people. all social media brings the wrong thing. >> well, police are still twhork case to see if there are any more victims. >> >> craig: new details in the stage ethics proaive the deerfield beach mayor. she sa accused of dirty politics and in the end she could end up losing her job. a follow up tie story you saw first on 7. and here's investigative reporter carmel cafiero to jea may be in her 80s but age hasn't taken the fight out of
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you in tuned my hoans ti that i demand the sheriff's give somebody a job. but dam tdy not. >> and that battle is over. but now trouble from the edge iksz co commission stage she misused her office by take donations and in return protected dot nor from code enforcement. an gailings first restreeld in a report by broward inspector general's office. there were three different kinds of violations they found. one the corruption rupt miss use of her position. the second unauthorized come pen sairks accepting that and also accepting an unauthority gift. the state ethics commission leadges rob misused her position by ordering city staffers to issue a beach park sticker to her r stor and arrange for a street sweep per to clean her church parking lot. you're not getting anything from meme i have noin for ages. don'touch me. when i first talk tried to talk
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was late 20 14. she grabbed my wris wrist and asked ble to leave. would you please get out of here. thethics commission won't be so easy to dismissments depending on the raiflts hearing it could fine mayor rob or remove her from office. carmel cafiero. 7 news. >> craig: the mayor's attorney says he is co confident once the evidence comes out, she will be vindicated. >> belkeys: parts of the country swamped. torrential rain wreak havoc in several states and drivers ending up in danger. the ground already saturated lead tying flood of trouble. ierksz storms also frosk deadly. 7's lynn martinez in the plex. lynn. >> danielle: well, craig and belkeys, a slow moving system is pummeling mississippi and louisiana. now the state of emergency is dise claird where the storm actually hit. >> with evacuation orders already in place, residence in northern louisiana are getting out. getting out of flood zones anywayhey can.
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pointless to try and put sand bags there. it was completely gone. we had to take all her wedding uff and put tont top of the fridge and all up high. her whole house is destroyed. >> lynn: construction crews andd the national guard are working to secure a levee that is in danger of having water rushing over it causing more flooding communities. >> folks, this say very serious situation. we've had about 15 inches of rain so far and we heard we have the potential for up to ten more. right now we know of a hundred homes that have b bn flood ood. >> lynn: a driver in louisiana died when flood waters swept his car off the road. and main was killed in texas after his kayak capsized. two hours east of dallas, residents ordered from their homes for their own good the amounts vary based on the forecast but we know we could have additional flooding ieses so we want people to pay attention and heated warnings when they do come out. texas residents san dran and van thomas decided to turn back after tryg navigate the water
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>> it was real bad yez yesterday. and if it keeps range, we're going to ben trouble again. >> lynn: and in mississippi, one driver learns the dangers of driving into rising flood waters. she apparently dididt know how deep the water was and her car suddenlz started to sink. fortunately a good samaritan saw it all and cameo her rescue. >> and a short time ago officials in louisiana upped the death toll to three in that state. in the newsplex lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: thanks lynn. >> craig: much more coming up here on 7 news. anlledged creep per is off the streets. investigators say he couldn't keep his hands to h hself. we're live with this at 6:00. >> belkeys: the drama unfolding in opa locka the feds raiding city call. we're live with what they look for. >> craig: and north miami beach police hope age clue on camera will help solve a hit and run that left a woman dead over the weekend. >> belkeys: and police say a crook broke into a surfer side home not once but twice nairt of hours. home owner talking to night to
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>> craig: and a live look at bank united center on the university of miami campus. the interior of the debatetage where the republicans will face off night in the waing days before the all important presidential pry mare right. keep it it tuned to the news station and for coverage throughout the evening.
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>> >> craig: now a story you'll see on just one station. a second strike for a south florida home owner. someone broke into her house twice in a matter of hours. she says she noas knows the man identified by police as a suspect. >> >> belkeys: now police want to know where he is. 7's walter morris has this exclusive. >> >> he step there and tn he jump because he is that guy. >> and a boldberg lar hitting the same house in less than 24
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the home owner catching him twice. >> every drawer was open. window broken. >> reporter: this home owner didn't want show her face on camera but she caught the threef thief in her house on byron avenue tuesday night at 7:00. then wednesday morning just before 11:00. she caught the same look crook again. >> when i open the door i hear somebodynside the house. ow. >> reporter: thousands of dollars worth of jewelry gone and to add insult to injury, she knows him. a neighbor she watched grow up r 3020 years. >> it broke my heart this. guy tiewdz pet my dog and play with him all the time. now they need your help tracking down thi man michael rodriguez. not something we see very often, that's for sure. 26-year-old has a criminal history. a burglar known for tblaik where he doesn't belong. he is on the run with you they hope the public can point them in the right directions. i believe doesn't think about. it he is bran enough to do. it i believe he will do it to
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the home ownwn saying he has stolen from her before but she didn't report it because she knows his family but enough is enough. you would like to see him go to >> absolutely. it's the only way he will be way. no one in this neighborhood deserves something like that. >> reporter: walter morris. 7 news. >> belkeys: police need your he finding this guy. rodriguez. if you know where he is tonight call crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. for you. >> craig: and next up from the newsplex. a call to afntle officials in one south florida community are gun owners for help. we'll have more on this in the next half hour. belkeys: president obama preparing to head to cuba but not every one is pleased with his plans. >> craig: and one of the stars in the baywatch movie being shot around south florida right now comes tie fan's rescue. we'll tell you about that. >> >> belkeys: and these are live pictures from the bank united center at university of miami.
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stage is set for the republican presidential debate thing. the democrats went at it last night. what's going to happen with the republicans? i'm guessing a few fireworks might nb order. >> craig: probably. >> belkeys: keep it here. we'll bring you the latest.
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>> for hourly forecast a live radar tap the # news a. it's free just search wsvn in your app store spsored by estrella insurance.
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>> >> now 7 weather with meteorologist carlene chaim peers. >> phil: good evening south florida. we're talking about a mild nht
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80s across the board for the daytime highs. 80 degrees in miami. no rain in the rain gage and we're still dry on the storm tracker radar as we go into tonight. we're anticipate age mostly dry night and also we'll have mostly clear ies. right now not seeing too much except for that clear boo blue out there. a few clouds popping up and temperatures across the boardrd into the 7's. 79 degrees currently in fort lauderdale. 76 degrees in coral springs. 78 in hialeah. 77 degrees at miami international airport as well as at the beach and 78 currently in marathon. wind speeds are still pick up out of southeast at 16 miles per hour in miami. 20 fort lauderdale. 18 in key west. ten in moreathon and also the gusts still pick up so. in mathon at 23 miles per hour. also in the 20s in biminind fort lauderdale as well as in nay pessmentsz we have dry air over n- place and a stationary high pressure over the western atlantic toing bring mostly dry conditions in the forecast cas
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a batch of moisturassociated with the front will start to november in as we go through the weekend. breezy as we hit tonight. high pressure in firm control. seasonably warm tomorrow. daytime highs into the low 50e6789s and that then that front will get closer. that's happens still we'll be on the humid side and especially that southeast breeze going into the next couple of days all the way to your weekend and then a few showers could be possible on saturday. mainly shower activity popping up around lake okeechobee and northeastern broward as we go into your sunday and monday. so, with those winds still going, we have a high risk of rip currents at our local beaches. also small craft advisory in place. this is from broward coastal waters to the keys. biscayne bay is rough now but it will turn choppy as dwe go through the night tonight. and the coastal waters are ruvment the next high tid in miami-dade and broward coastal waters will be three minutes before 10:00 p.m. night the lower keys 11:18 tonight. er night lows mainly in the
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etty quiet night but still have the breeze going out of east southeast anywhere from n to 15 and even 20 miles per hour. breezy for tomorrow. daytimimhighs in the 80s and mostly dry conditions. taking a lookt your 7 on 7 forecast. we're taking that breeze into the weekend. keep in mind that daylight saving time begins. that will be on sunday as we spring forward one hour with `those clocks. >> belkeys: we have ts 7 news alert and these are live pictures out of texas. a situation take place at ten headquarters. >> craig: alex diprato, what is going o o here. >> reporter: craig, just getting these pictures into the satellite center. this is in houston and hazmat was called to senator cruz's office in southwest houston substance. awks see plenty of police and other medics are there on the scene investigiging f. you're
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that at four green way plaza. again, hazmat called to senator ted cruz's office in southwest houston after reports of a suspicious substance. we'll continue to monitor the pictures here as new information comes in. we'll turn that around. live in the satellite center. i'm alex diprato. 7 news ierks all right alex, thanks you for that update. >> belkeys: stay right here we'lbe right back.
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>> >> craig: that is 7 news at 5:00. thanks for wasmg. i'm craig steve vefers convenience. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. lynn joins me for 7 news at 5:30 up next.
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>> >> lynn: now at 5:30, tragedy for a woman simply crossing the street. and the driver na struck her kept goioi. >> good evening every one. neighbors believe the victim would be alive today if the driver had stopped and called for help. >> belkeys: police releasing their best clue yet in this hit and run horror. sheldon fox has it live on the scene in north miami belle beach. sheldon. >> reporter: belkeys and lynn whorks could be so wreckless and to cold to hit somebody and then keep going. not getting out. not stopping. not rendering aid. not calling 911. the cops don't know who that is but they sure would like to meet them. >> her name is little leah mahi
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to you see her picture. >> she was hit and killed over night sunday while walking in her neighborhood. here's the car detectives say hit her. this is video obtained exclusively by 7 news. an area business provide the cops the footage taken around the time. wreck. they have not found the driver or the car. >> the person just die and maybe they could save his life if they just stop and call 911. cops provide aid stale still of the video ch the mystery car traveling northbound. it happened on 178th street. multiple members of the police department out here not to mention startled neighbors trying to process what just happened on their street. >> i'm very shocked and surprise me what happened and i, it's something that i never expected. >> >> and homestead the shops on
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provided the cops of the video and the cops turned around a still that you're looking at right now. do you know who was behind this car and traveling around the 2:00 a.m. hour. if so pick up the phone and call crieps cops or triem crime 1207 stoppers at 305-471-tips. you could collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police. we're live in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: >> lynn: and a jail break for police officer. kristi in court facing extortion and grand theft. police say these are pictures of las ter receiving cash from cadets when she worked as a case manager for a boot cam program for criminal teens. she is accused of stealingnd dp x- torgt more than $20,000 from them. deputies arresting one of their own in monroe county. corrections deputy zachary reeves accused of making deelsz with an inmate for money. the 26-year-old is charged with


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