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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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slim rain chances in forecast once again. highs in the low 80s. your morning ride looks exllent out there. nice and dry. we're seeing partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. >> all eyes on florida as the remaining republican contenders primary. >> last night's debate as
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in the last hour, cuba became a hot topic. we're live with a recap and where donald trump is expected to get an important endorsement today. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. this morning dr. ben carson is expected to endorse donald trump here in the town of palm beach. this happened just -- the news broke minutes before the candidates faced off in a debate last night at the university of miami. friday morning's big announcement in palm beach prevwed at the debate hall thursday night. >> i was with dr. ben carson today, who is endorsing me by >> reporter: the race for the white house taking center stage in south florida. the four remaining republican contenders facinin off at the university of miami last night.
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to get heated the candidates staying away from personal attacks. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: instead donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich focused on immigration, islam and of course on u.s. relations with cuba. >> there are now hundreds of millions of dollars that will flow to the castro regime and allow them to become set permanent and in stone. >> we shouldn't be allowing billions to go to nations that hate us. >> you need to support your friends. you need to hold your enemies out here, and you need to negotiate tough deals. >> reporter: immigration also a key issue for florida. one hot topic, a visa program called h 1b encouraging legal immigration for highly skilled workers. >> i know the h 1b very well and it's something i frankly use and i shouldn't be allowed to. >> reporter: donald trump asked about his recent comments on islam.
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did you mean all 1.6 billion muse limbs. >> i man a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> reporter: the debate will either make or break marco rubio who was quick toemind his crowd is in his home state >= i'm guess any changes to social security. >> repororr: ted cruz used his roots to connect to florida voters. >> 59 years ago florida welcomed my father to america as he stepped off the ferry boat from cuba onton key west. >> reporter: now both dr. ben carson and donald trump are expected here this morning. the event starts at 9:00. of course we'll be bringing it to you live. reporting live from the town of pa beach, i'm alex de armas today in florida. >> meanwhile bernie sanders and hillary clinton spent their day campaigning all across florida with climate change being the hot topic.
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causing devastating problems in florida. what that means is more drought, more floods, and you're already seeing that in miami beach. more extreme weather disturbances. >> go down to miami beach one day when now high tide is flooding the streets or maybe go to talk some of the water systems in central florida that e getting filled with salt water. you could actually make a tour of florida and see some of the challenges we're already confronting because of climate change. >> sanders making four stops in florida whihi hilary spent the rest of her evening in north carolina before ending the night in illinois. and stay with 7 7 for complete election coverage. has a list of early voting locations for you and for the latest from the campaign trail, down load the voice your choice app. also in the news this mornini, a
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after police say a teenager breaks into a woman's home. police say that woman came home to find the crime in progress. >> moments later she took the crime into her own hands. >> reporter: ladies, this is a sad situation. this ends with a 17-year-old dead and a family grieving and an ongoing investigation. crime scene tapessurrounds this house at 72nd street and 19th avenue in northwest miami dade. the woman who lives here tried to stop a crime in progress. >> we received a call of possibly her alarm going off. as she was ebb route to the home, the police were called out as well. >> reporter: when she pulled up police say shehe went to room searching inside the home, herself.
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exiting the home through the rear. at that point there was some type of a quick confrontation. >> reporter: a confrontation that q qckly ended with a gunshot and a 17-year-old boy, they say bleeded on the ground. >> at that point rescue responded to the scene and transported to the victim to jackson trauma where he later was pronounced deceased. >> reporter: back at the scene of the break-in crime scene deteives and homicide investigators spending hours picking up every piece of evidence they could find. the best details of the investigationay come from the woman, who police say fired the shots. >> she's cooperative. talking to our detectives. gatheringghe information. you need to remember, she's 54 years of age. she's a person that obviously is a little disaught because this is her home, youknow. someone obviously was in. >> reporter: at the trauma center the police spoke with the doctor who comforted%the family
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dead. we did try t talk to that young man's family, but they didn't want to go on camera. going forward detectives need to figure out i there's surveillance in the video and how many shots were fired during this confrontation. but it will bee the state's attorney who decides if any charges are going to be filed against the home owner. for now we're live. >> it's a story reported first on 7. thenvestigation intie south florida mayor accused of dirty politics is moving forward. gene robb would not respond to our questions when she wasirst accused of misconduct back in 2014. now she has trouble from the state ethics commission which has found probable cause that she misused her office by taking dodotions for her charities and
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enforcement as a favor. >> there were three different violations, one the corrupt use of her position, unauthorized compensation, and accepting an unauthorized gift. >> the ethics commission could choose to fine the mayor or remove her from office. >> the time now is now 5:08. surveillance video giving police a new ce after a deadly hit and run. authorities are looking for the vehicle which they say hit and killed a north miami beach woman. a camerer at a nearby business recorded the vehicle driving down the street. lilia meijia was walking in her neighborhood when she was struck and killed sunday on 19th avenue and 178th street. if you have information, call crime stoppers at the number on your screen. a florida fumigation company and two employees pleading guilty after the family of a palm city boy said their son suffered
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home. an investigation found those workers posted a notice saying it was safe to return however the home had not been aired out. theine-year-old and several other family members suffered pesticide poisoning. sentencing is scheduled for may. >> also. chris boch says he's battling back from health scare and wants to return to the hardwood. but as steve shapiro explains boch still has a ways to go. >> reporter: it's the first time we've heard from him in four weeks since he stayed out of the all star with what he said was a strained calf muscle. turned out to be the occurrence of a blood clot. he said my situation this year has never been life threaten be -- thrive ebbing.
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togethej with doctors i'm exploring options. tim reynolds covers the team for "the associated press." >> he dididt acknowledge it was a blood clot that kept him off the court. and there's no mention of blood thinners ands that the elephant in the room. will anyone allow him on the court because of the risk that comes with taking blood thinners and bleeding? >> reporter: boch missed the back half of last season when blood clots in his legs travelled to his lungs. he said i have been working out, training with the team, watching film of the gamam, walking through plays, and have attevded home games despite not being visible to the public.c. i remain positive that i will be able to return this season. >> the statement from chris bosh this morning means he's hopeful of playing. and i think that should be a
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hope themselves. >> reporter: reynolds says bosh and the team will proceed with extreme caution >> he's under contract after this one. $76 million on the table. they're not in any way drying to jettison him, downplay this or hold him back. months. it'sing about to be treated with an abundance of caution. >> reporter: the heat have not responded to boch's statement. there tonight. in the newsplex i'm steve shapiro today in florida. >> the miami hurricanes beating the virginia tech hokies lastp night. it was their first game of the acc tournament, and they were looking for revenge after losing to them on sunday. the 11th canes winning a close one here, 88-82. they now take on the virginia caf here'e' in the semi finals. -- cavaliers in the semi finals.
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first look at the latest captain america movie. the new trailer ending with a surprise appearance. we have all the details in the morning trend. >> sunday we have the f fecast calling for a next of sun and clouds from the morning through e afternoon. going into the 7:00 hour there's the potential of seeing a couple of isolated showers. your complete fecast is coming up next. >> later a south florida city hall raided by the feds. the f.b.i. staying tight lipped but calling it a corruption crackdown. plus a man caught and cuffed after police say he was creeping around south florida streets. >> the announcer: for the latest
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the 7news app. >> welcome back. trending this morning. a new movie trailer packed with the mightiest super heroes. we're getting a brand new look at "cap pain america civil war." the trailer shows earth's most powerful heroes turning against each other. it's time to pick a side. team cap or team ironman. with so much star power, it's the longest film yesterday for the studio with a a run time of over two hours. and marvel delivers a big surprise at the very e"d, it's the first appearance of spider-man since sony returned the rights to disney. it wil hit theatres on may 6. diana.
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run movies to your home legally. "variety" published article yesterday introducing the world to screening room. shawn parker is one of the investors there. it's $150 for a setup box and each time ylu want to watch a brand new movie it's $50. that seems like a lot. but there's no limit to how many people you can invite over. what do you think? would you pay that much to watch new movies at home? $50? we'll have your comments later this morning. >> the announcer: now 7 weather with meteorologist vivn gonzalez. >> good friday morning, florida. we're waking up to mostly clear skies and the radar showing and confirming that at least your morning commute is mostly fine. by sunday that's when we introduce the chance o o rain in the f fecast. right now, 73 in miami.
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good morning to you over i i key west and into the lower 70s in the western suburbs. the breeze is still breezy out there especially along the coast creating rough seas for swiers and boaters. but here is the big view. we still have consistent rain developing and falling over the gulf coast states especially around easasrn louisiana moving into mississippi where we have a batch of showers and thunderstorms impacting the region. gnificant flooding will continue throughout the day with possibly ool 10 inches of rain. right now 46 in kansas city. chicago, at 36 . very warm towards the south. new orleans already at 76 . here at home, we have high pressure in place and we'll keep e warm sunshine in effect this afternoon with that breeze holding steady into the weekend. on sunday, high pressure weakens
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more clouds will start to move on through the humidity will be on the rise and we'll start to see a few showers on the breeze. if your plans take you beach or boating today, we have a high risk for swimmers. boaters, there's an exercise caution with the winds out of the east southeast t t 15 to 20 knots. seas building at a moderate chop. coastal waters on the keys are rough. high tide 10:15. otherwise, today enjoy it because it's going to be i beautiful with lots of sun and highs in the 80s. overnight lows into the 70s under partly cloudy skies. your extended outlook is calling for a chance of showers o sunday into monday. on sunday we spring forward. the best time to do is before
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wewel be right back. >> identity theft can ruin your credit, create years of head aches and be a pain to clear up. it happened to one south florida man, but at least he has one thing going for him. >> patrick fraser has a special assignment, taken for a ride. >> reporter: three months ago,
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>> i was having the time of my life. >> reporter: everyone who gets married has hopes and dreams. the ortize self did. >> we were planning on purchasing a house. >> reporter: then a hector ortiz did make a big (did you not this hector ortiz >> it said i purchased a $4,500 vehicle an atv and it was purchased in homestead. >> reporter: a $12,000 a just like this one, financed by a bank using hector's driver's license with someonelse's picture. >> a good driver's license. we looked at it with the police officers. it was pretty spectacularar >> reporter: after finding this out, he checked his credit reports and found out the fake hector was still on a shopping spree. >> i noticed there was a $54,000
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it was a mecedes benz s 550. >> reporter: a crook was able to convince two dealerships he was hector ortrt and convinced two banks to loan him the money. >> re one the credit, require the identification, submit it to the bank. in today's day, it's sufficient. >> reporter: sadly it's common. but hector did get one break. one of the dealership has surveillance cameras a lot of cameras. and hector got to see the guy who was pretending to be him. >> we saw the video of the guy purchasing ithat was not me. he was a different race than me, twice my size, twice my weight. >> reporter: this is the guy caught on the camera pretending to be hector, the same guy that allegedly went to carmaxx and drove off in the mecedes. a guy described as cool, calm and collected. >> laughed at the jokes.
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>> reporter: police now want to talk to this guy. the debt was removed from the credit bureaus and car maxx said the identity thief evaded controls by providing a false driver's licensed, mr. ortiz' te of birth and social security number. carmaxx was also a victim losing a vehicle. >> reporter: as for hector and vanessa their dreams got derailed. >> this guy has my identity and is saying he's me. it's scary. >> reporter: actually he may not be walkiki since he just drove home with a mice mecedes. >> all right. one more look at him. this is a nice picture of you in that mercedes. if you know who he is call crime stoppepe. the right tip could lead to a cash reward.
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back. >> the announcer: this is 7news today in florida. >> now at 5:30, city hall raided by the feds this morning. all the f.b.i. is sayg is there's a crackdown on corruption. >> a south florida city taking a
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violence offering an@incentive for people to give up their illegal guns. >> and a man accused of being a serial groper taken into custody and now we're hearing from one of thinks alleged victims. >> and friday off to a warm start as we head into a mild weekend. details straight ahead for you. good morning, south florida. i'm omar lewis inn for christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diaz. a lot going on this weekend, viv. >> so many events taking place this weekend. the forecast looks promising. we're caking up with a next of sun and clouds -- well, cloudud out there. but overall with a coastal breeze creating a use caution for swimmers and boaters. advisories are in place. as far as your weekend weather is concerned, temperature readings will warm. the humidity will rise, but it's going to be a mostly dry one, ee special oi on saturday.


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