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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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public iyou did use that credit card machine in that short time frairnlings ls always monitor your credit cards and let us know if there's fraudulent activity. and what can you do to protect urself? >> whawn wun thing we all have and a lot of people up grading to the chip type credit cards. whenever have you tse type, use those. those are a little bit more he is siewr secure. >> reporter: so police now with this clue ver vur vur video p. hoping to identify these two guys. >> thankfully this business has great surveillance joyed that clearly depicts those individuals and now we needd the public's help in identifying them. >> these guys were brains. they went right into this place as you saw there in the video and police want know who they are. this is clear individual yorks if you know w w they are, police want to hear fruvment. >> pinghe phone and call dream stoppers. that number is 305-471-tips. >> we're live tonight on miami beach. rosh lowe.
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>> >> danielle: a a home owner turning the stables after burglar breaks into her house. 7's brandon beyer is live at the scene in northwest miami-dade brandon. >> danielle: well, danielle, police say this would be robber chose the wrong home because this home owner did more than just call the cops. she had a gun. >> police cars surround this house in northwest miami-dade thursday night crime scene tape blocks the street where police say a woman shot a burglar who was trying to break into her home. and she observed a subject exiting moment through the rear. at that point there was some type of a quick confrontation. miami-dade police say 17-year-old trayvon johnson was shot. main who claimed to be a friend of his sent this photo to 7 news and police released p th this mug shotrom an arrest earlier this year. but since johnson was a jiewf night the charge where's not named. thursday night the teenager was
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hospital but would not survive. doctors speaking his family outside the emergency room. meanwhile back at the home, just off northwest 73 street and 1919 ave news, a full scale investigation underway way woman says she shot a man who was breaking into her home. >> she is very cooperative and talking to our detectives. again, you need to rest, she's 54 years of age, she's a person that obviously is a little distraught because this is her home, you know, that someone was in. >> o. >> reporter: sow heard from police there. that woman cooperating with their vaismghts they say they have no reason not to believe her side of the story. live in northwestiami-dade. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> lynn: brandon, thank ussments fast mooing flames at a south florida gas station earlier today. an e eloyee recording an suv on fire at a chevron at 186th 186th street and northeast 26th avenue inortheast
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the danger here as you might imagine that the vehicle was very close to one of the pumps. ficials turning off the main gas line as a precaution. the fire was put out. the car towed away and thankfully no one was hurt. >> >> danielle: a former presidential candidate teaming up with donald trump. backing the billionaire in his bid for president. dr. ben carson endorsing the front runner. days heaz head of the florida primary on tiewssments alex diprato live in the plex. alex. >> reporter: lynn, polls show donald truup has the lead here in florida and tonight in an unusual move marco rubio is urging voters in ohio to vote fo john kasich but kasich's campaign isn't returning the favor. >> it's an honor to have ben as a friend and i appreciate the
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>> gop front runner donaldltrump gaining the backing of formal rival ben carson. the endorse meant made at march o la go's club in miami beach. donald trump talks about a lot of of making america great but he means it. he and trump have buried the hatchet after political wrath. i preyed a lot about it and i got a lot of indications. people calling me that i haven't talked to nay long time saying i had this dream about you and donald trump. >> having his support reallll i think it ads total greed creed answer to what i'm trying to do. in a extroferred ready to nair ri move marco rubio is urging people to vote for john kasich in next month's pry player ri to avoid trum to win in the state. and come to the conclusion that john kasich is the only one that can beet him there. i suspect that is the decision they will make.
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we were going to win ohio without his help just as he is going to lose in florida without ours. >> we're not going to be presum sis shus to tell voters what she the should do. they should vote their conscious. and a two man race between him and donald trump. what is abundantly clear right now is there are only two candidates that can win the nomination to. win the nomination, have you to go get to 1237 delegates. simple question of masmght i have three 61. donald has 99 more than i do. no one else is remotely close. no one else has any plawz able path to 1237. >> >> ^eporter: and with those comments ted cruz is telling voters set west candidate able to defeat hillary clinton in the general election. live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato 50. news. >> danielle: and as for the dem crarkts senator bernie sanders hitting the crail today
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brief break from campaign. sanders rallying in north carolina. one of the five states that holds the primary on tuesday. he spoke to supporters focusing on trade and jobs and celebrating the griewfnlg his campaign@over the last year. >> now, when we began o campaign about ten months ago, what the pendants and media said well, bernie sanders, interestg gierks nice gierks he combs his hair ever so perfectly and he is a gq kind of drez dresser. but despite those a a tra biewrkts he is not really betwewn you and me a serious candidate for president. well, a lot has happened in the last#ten months. >> danielle: hillary clinton stepped off the campaign trail for a few hours to pay respects
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regular gant at her funeral in simi valley california. as for senator sanders, leb in illinois later tonight. >> lynn. >> lynn: a somber salute as family, friends and the rest of the country says goodbye to former first lady nancy reagan. it was an emotional final farewell. a whose whof politicians and dignitaries and jiewr na lift and celebrities all talking about nancy reagan's life and legaga. >> the nation said farewell and thana you nancy reagan friday. >> god bless nancy, this, mrs. ronald regular again. first lady. >>? attendance first lady michelle obama. george w bush and roos rosalyn carter. the former first lady passed way sunday at her home in los angeles. throughout the week she was
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familyly frerntiondz celebs and political dignitaries from all could rofortz political spectrum. >> she might not have been the president of the united states but ronald reagan could not have done what he did without here. so the public owes her a debt of grad tiewt tiewd. >> ronald and nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other. they were as close to being one person as it is possible for any two ople to be. >> now she too has xited the stage to join her beloved roni in eternity. >> lynn: the pop lawr first lady's body arrived at the ronald reagan library on wednesday and after a private family ceremony. thousands of visitors were given wu one last chance to pay respects. i think she is one of the west first lady's we have ever had.
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lb at the cemetery next to the man show wald ronny. >> she shared a long life of love. >> and one plus one equaled infiniti with them. >> lynn: nancy reagan is survived b b her two children, patty davis and ron reagan. >> danielle: well, heavy rain across parts of the country proving to be too much to handle. roads wrecked. collapsing under the waste rising water. relentless rain pounding day. >> lynn: residents there aren't the only ones dealing with a flood of trouble. reporter rick la miewj has more. >> reporter: water rescues underway in louisiana where residents have been plagued by heavy rains. this road you rocked by a swollen rimplet a car almost totally submerged bit flooding. >> what do you think about this? ever seen anything like it? >> it's been a long time science i've seen t ts much water. >> reporter: this is causing
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state. road could looping under the waste rising water. >> we looked down and part of this con dreet was all gone and so it was like a huge water fall was going down. flooding also hitting arkansas and texas. and folks in king wootd texas said they we prepared to deal with the conditions. started moving our cars and boats and toys and twairt arted coming up faster than we thought. we got the stuff moved that we needed to move and then we focused on the house. lifted furniture. cleaning up stuff o o the ground. torrential rain causing problems in tennessee asell. crews in memphis working to contain a mudslide putting up large concrete barriers in hopes of block morg mud from reaching the road. we'll continue at city hall to staff over niem time as needed to respond to the number of complaints and calls for service. and we will continue to do so as long as necessary. >> reporter: the storms
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toward alabama. several inches of rain could fall in the mobile area by early sunday. in new york? reck ray cliewj 7 news. >> lynn: well, we have breaking news. look at these live pictures of a brush fire that's cooking there in west miami-dade. >> danielle: let's get out to the news del desk. alex deprado stand big with more. alex. >> reporter: well, between jajaary and april is usually brush fire season here in s. but however rins it's been so wet and rainy this winter, we fires. because we haven't had rain in some time, we're now seeing this brush fire spark this. is the area again of southwest 137th avenue just north 8th 8th street there in west miami-dade. you saw the live pictures 23r-7 from seven sky nomplets buildings in danger. we're waitforth 7 skyforce signal to get back up. this oa we're going to keep monitoring it.
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time ak noosmght structures in danger. no homes or buildings. but again a brush fire break ot in the yeafer south west 137th after he into js north 8th street in west mmi-dade. we'll ten to watch. it leaf at the news desk. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> lynn: alex, thank you. >> danielle: much more coming up on 7 news. a south florida woman whoas beaten and stabbed. you might recall the story police say b b a man she met on craig's list has emerged from a coma. >> lynn: an incredible rescue after a vehicle fliengz plantation canal. safe. >> danielle: and a south florida mayor speak out bay city hall stan scandal. her comments on just one station. >> lynn: and a florida student is left behind on a school bus, not once but twice. tonight these two women in hot water. >> danielle: plus, a skateboarders heart stopping drop.
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>> lynn: this is something else. a long board riding full speed and suddenly he gets off track. woi say. frightening fall caught on cravment these days kids record everything. go pro on everything. going to the bath room. on everything. >> danielle: he that's right. >> lynn: the dean feen going over t edge. >> danielle: and now he says learned a valuable lesson. alex in he r-iprado in the plex with more. alex. >> reporter:. >> reporter: danielle, high speed and high drama and the teen is lucky. this risky ride could of killed him. as a skate board you skate
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boarder imow tie hill. he and his friends found the ultimate what hil to c cllenge the need for speed inel pa so texas. what happened? all right. we're at the top of the hill. we have spoartz go down the hill and each corner a black corner. we went through it and no cars coming. the teen took off rolng down the hill at 45 miles per hour and then my down hole wheels ripped up. i don't know y. might of been rideerror oomplet and then it bucked me off and a went flying off the side of the cliff. >> >> after that slid on loose gravel and dirt. his friends race to the rescue fearing the worse.
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going down my mind. that's wheh yi got down by the time he was done sliding and rolling. i was out of car. francisco says he has learned a valuable lesson from this aishap . >> not stop doing what you love. definitely worth to keep doing it. >> pretty in vebled video. the good news in all of, this francisco was wearing a helmet. riin the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >>lex thank you. >> danielle: coming up next in the newsplex. an allegeg restaurant robber is on the run and not even a brave samaritan can take him down. >> lynn: we'll talk about that and these brush fires that are burning in the area of 137th. >> this is the ruvment so far no structures are in danger no. 1 hurt. we're going to keep our eye on things. >> danielle: no rain for a while. that may have sparked that
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and words of warning forthose who fly drones as officials keep the skies safe. >> lynn:nd food fine and national international flare. more on the huge street party calle ocho coming up. >> >> danielle: always fun.
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>> >> danielle: well, south florida gearing up for the world's largest street party. we're talking a aut cie o choo chop.
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does a dance there in the weather center. thousands expected to be onand for the around you all gatherin@g. filled with music dancing and food. the nual event kicks off at 11:00 a.m. want to tell but road closures that begin at 11:30 saturday night 8th street will be shut down from traffic southwest 27th avenue to southwest 8th avenue. for more information on calle ocho, you can head over to our web site >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. we really need a behind the scenesamera. that's what we really need. all right every one. let's take a look at what's happening weather wives. a big mess in the southea. area of low pressure moving in from the gulf of mexico. more rain impacting texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, kentucky and tennessee. and we may get a few showers
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there they r. late day sunday showers right now about a 20% chance of rain on sunday. a littleleetter o chance on monday and then we dry out once again. 10% chance as far as temperatures are concerned, above average over night temperatures what is typical. about 64. 65. we're going to be well above that. all the way through next friday. take a look at temperatures right now. 66 degrees in pensacola. we're looking at partly cloudy skies there. a little bit o rainfall. 78 in tallahassee. across northern florida. pretty warm 81 in jacksonville. jains gainesville temperature of 82. central florida 84 tampa. throughout the speem theme parks a temperature of 80 degrees. meanwhile here from naples all wait to the east. temperatures in the low 80s to the upper 50e6789s it's been breezy but wind will start dom down tonight and tomorrow. fothe keys this afternoon
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the wind iefts southeast at around 13 miles per hour. it's been a little stronger here a clong the coast and that wind is hoping to push way a lot of the smoke. what you're seeing here roont dar is not rain, it's actually smoke from that fire. very close to southwest 137th 137th avenue there. is tamiami trail. all that smoke is starting to move way from the residential areas. that is good news well. don't expect any of the smoke to start impact any of the neighborhoods here across the western suburbs of miami-dade county. we'll be watching that carefully. here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of ricurrents. small craft exercise caution. 20 knot winds. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for nut florida keys, you're oking at an adviser rirks do to the winds, look at the seas. six to 9 feet beyond the reef. coastal waters choppy. next high tide 10:48. 10:43 in fort lauderdale. key largo 11:11. 11:21 in key west.
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still a coastal breeze. what is average for lows. 64, 65. we're going to be in the low 50e6789s average high about 79, 80. we'll be above. that here's your extended out look. sunday a few showers. a reminder, that's the start of daylight savings. we move the clocks head one hour. we lose an hour of sleep. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> danielle: well, that is 7 news at 5:00. thank you somehow for watching. i'm danielle novment knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. it's us all day. keep it right here. 7 news at 5:30 is next.
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>> this is 7 news at at 5:30. >> danielle: and good afternoon everybody. we begin with this developinin story. brush fire burning in west miami-dade. hello oncecagain. the brush fires started at about 2:00 this afternoon. >> lynn: that's right. let's go to alex deprado in the newsplex with the latest. alex. >> reporter: lynn, this i brush fire season but we haven't seen many because we've had so much rain this season. brush fire season is typically between january and a. we've had april. the last few days we haven't had any rain so here are the brush
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in the areaf southwest 137th avenue just north of 8th street. as you can see pretty intense flames. big smoke in this area. this is one of two fires there. is another firet 5 acres at northwest 138th avenue and 6th street this. one that are you looct from 7 skyforce is the bigger one. 160 acres at southwest 137th 137th avenue just north 8th 8th street. no buildings feactd no. structures. just a lot of smoke in that area and pretty big flames. as you can see, i believe that's a a mb ba deemplet thoho go through the brush and try to extinguish this fire. that's what forestry and the this hour. we're going to keep sky force there and continue to monitor this one as it unfolds. live at the news desk. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> snow now at 5:30, a dad and daughter danger.


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