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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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from 7 skyforce. alex. >> reporter: danielle t is brush fire season between january and april and this is the result sometimes. lots of brush fires and this is 160-acre blaze in southwest 137th avenue and north of 8th street. again, 160 acres. no word on a cause but no structures in danger. earlier the miami-dade fire rescue told us there are radio towers in danger there this is video from earlier as the flames wereigger. miami-dade fire rescue using bomb ba deers in the area have been trying to knock this fire down. again, 160 acres on fire. another fire contained to 5 acres on northwest 130th
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we'll keep 7 skyforce there and continue to monitor the fires. live at the news deses can. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> >> danielle: now at 6:30 a man spotting the a anyone mini-van submerged in a canal rushing to the rescue and saving the lives of a father and his daughter that man saying he was just driving to work when he saw that van sticking out of water. >> lynn: and after calling for help he jumped in to see if any one was inside and that's when he madad the her rock ik ris rescue. >> 7's vanessa medina in plantation with the story. >> reporter: it was early 7:00 friday morning. thomas was driving east when suddenly something flew past his windshield. >> i looked and heard the sound of crash. i look add cross and sought vehicle in the water. >> it submerging. >> reporter: a van going into the canal. inside a father andis 10-year-old daughter.
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brakes but they went straight in. tire marks possibly where he tried to to stop. it's unclear why t car ended up there. >> so i just pump there and jumped out to run across and pull my phone iewt and dien dial 911. thomas trying to flag other drivers on busy sunrise boulevard to stop. he needed help. a driver for fpl finally did stop. thomas then jump nptd water. he tried to the front door. i tried to opening it and it did not o. then a heard a knock on the back window. once i heard that i thought thank god they are say. they not dead. you could see they were very frientd. water up to their chins just waiting quietly inside the van. >> it was all the way up. up to -- i could see the father was holding her up above the water. luckily thomas jumped in and pull ongt window. i grabbed this and saw my finger could get in and i pulled it and grabbed it open and it guftd
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once it busted, the little girl grabbed on my neck. >> and the father getting out and hugging thomas and realizing what he had done. >> you saved this family's life today. >ust one of those things. >> you saved their lives. you did an amazing thing a. >> it could of been my son and my wife. >> once the scene was gone there was this little dog left here. >> reporter: and the girl was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injured. >> and it's a good thing that good share tan was here at the right time f. not this would have been a very circh story. reporting in plan a taismghts vanessa medina. 7 news. >> danielle: a high powered heist at a miami-dade home. surveillance video capturing the man tring open a side door to that house on 72 street and southwest 54th court.
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more than $9000 worth of power tools into a white vehicle and took to. happened back in no. authorities are still looking for help from the community in locating the burglar. if you know anything, call police police are look for two men they say placed credit card skimmers right there inside a miami beach gas station surveillance v veo catching the men in the act at chef von on alton road. and one man seen distracting the clerk white other guy a taxes the skim me, watch, this the skimmer device to the pen pad at count ter. officials getting a call there fr an employee saying that found the skimmer after it became loose. >> and youill see this here where there are a lot of tourist and a lot of people at the same time and people not really looking for that. >> lynn: miami beach police urging any one who went to sha chef von to monitor your credit cards and report any fraudulent activity.
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>> any one withnformation call crime stoppers 305-4-4-tips. >> >> danielle: now to theace for the white house. former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson saying he is on board with front runner donald trump, officially endorsing himent. >> lynn: this comes after last night's gop debate where for the first time the candidates focused on policies and not nine faux lit call punches. much tame mer than before with all the winner take all florida primaries just a few days way next tuesday. the candidates are using the stage to gaij gain as much support from the voters as they can. >> danielle: all of that boongt exainl trail and all said they will get back on the trail today because they are really vying for those scriew shall voassments alex diprato back in the plex with us latest. >> alex. >> danielle: danielle trum sp here in florida and tonight in an unusual move marco rubio is
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for kasich. but kasich's campaign isn't returning the offer. >> and so great to have ben as a friend. he has become a friend and a appreciate the endorse meant berntion thank you. >> reporter: donald trump gaining the back of former rival ben carson. it was at the march mur ra la go reclub in palm beach. he talks a lot about change but not just words, he means it. he say he and trum have bur reetd hatchet after moves political wrangling. i prayed about it a lot and a got a lot of indications. people calling me that i haven't talked to for a long time saying i had a dream about you and donald trump. >> having his support really i think it ads total creed answer to what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: in an extraordinary move marco rubio surging people in ohio to vote
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primary to prevent trum frp winning the state. the voters in ohio are motivated by stopping trum and if it comes to the conclusion that kasich is the only one that can beat him there, then i expect that's the decision they will make. kasich campaign manager saying we will wr going to win ohio without his help just like he is going to lose i florida without ours. >> and we're not going to tell voters what to do. they should vote their conscious. and they call it a two man race between him and donald trump. what is abundantly clear right now is thehe are only two nomination to. win the nomination have you to get to 1237 delegates. simple question of masmght i have three 61. done haldz 99 more than i do. no one else. he is remotely close. no one else has any plawz able path to 1237. >> reporter: and this just in from ohio.
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let 17-year-old's vote in the presidential primary on tuesday who will be 18 before the fall election. live in the newsplex. 7 news ievment. >> danielle: all right alex. and as for the democrats bernie sanders hitting the trail today while hillary clinton took a break from campaign. and sanders was a at a rally in north carolina. and they will hold a primary on tuesday. he spoke to supporters at the duke energy performing arts center focusing on trade and jobs while also celebrating the growth of his campaign over the last year. >> when we ab again our campaign about ten months ago, what the pendants and the media said, well, bernie sanders, interesting guy, nice guy, he combs his hair ever so perfectly and he is a gq kind of dresser.
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biewrkts you know, he is not really, between you and me, a serious candidate for president. >> well, a lot has happened in the last ten months. >> hillary clinton paying respects to former first lady nancy reagan at her funeral in simi valley california. no word yet on clinton's campaign plans foromorrow. as for senator sanders, leb in illinois laterrer to night and stay with 7 news for complete election coverage on air, on line and at and through our voice your choice app. >> >> lynn: also in the news todaa somber day croots nation as friends and family say their final farewell to former first lady nancy reagan. >> mrs. reagan laid to rest
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hundreds coming to her funeral where she was remembered for her remark able life. >> the nation said fewell and thank to you nancy reagan on friday. god bless nancy, mrs. ronald reagan, first lady. >> >> lynn: in attendance first lady michelle obama. former president george w bush and rosalyn carter. the 94-year-old former first dlaiddy passed away sunday at her home in los angeles. throughout the week she had been honored and remember bid family, friends, celebrities and political dignitaries for f fall could lofortz political spectrum. >> she might not have been the president of the united states but ronald reagan could not have done what he did without her. so t think the public owes here a gratitude. >> and ronald and nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other. they were as close to being one person as it is possible for any
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now she too has exited the stage to join her beloved ronny in eternity. >> theopular first lady's body arrived at the ronald reagan presidential library on wednesday and after a private ceremony thousands of visitors were given one last chancef to pay respects. i think she is one of the best first ladies we've ever had. pltion regular again's final resting place will be at the library next to the man she called ronny. and the manhe celebrated a long love fair with. >> they are one of the rar cases in the world politics and personal where one plus one ee quald in fin na ti. >> lynn: nancy reagan is survived by her two children patty davis and ron r rgan. >> danielle: a nasa astronaut coming back to earth and announced he is ready to retire.
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will call it quits april 1st. you may recall he returned last week after spending a year in space holding the american record for the most hours logged in space. kelly has been part of astronaut core since 1996 and plans to still participate in the research from his last mission by giving medical samples. >> he. >> lynn: heeserves a break. >> danielle: that retirement. my good net. >> lynn: and coming up 569 k34r06r7b89 5eu69 teenager talk big terrifying moment he wipes out big time on his skateboard. >> danielle: and he says the crash has taught him a very valuable lesson.
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>> danielle: well, a teenager losing a valuable lesson after losing control while riding his
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cameras rolling as this texas teen wiped out but he ended up going over the edge of a cliff. >> lynn: he is ally. that's incredibie. >> danielle: sure. >> lynn: alex diprato back in the satellite center with a warning from that teen. alex. >> reporter: well t was almost the rufn his life and it almost took his life. now a teen, a lon boarder is sharing his frightening story. >> as a skate board you state at skate parks and as a long boarder you go to down a hill. >> and she found the ultimate hill to chal ik their need for speed in el spa so texas. what happened? so we're at top of the hill. so we have spotters go down the hill first and stand at black core nerdz and confirm there's no cars coming. >> reporter: >> reporter: the teen took down the hill at 45 milil per hour. >> and then my downhill wheels ripped up. i don't know y. might of been
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me off and a went flying off the side of the cliff. >> stop, stop. go check if he is. >> can. francisco got banked up pretty bad but miraculously he didn't break any bones. after that i just slid on loose gravel and dirt and cak cusses. thankfully. >> his friends fearing the worse. >> there were a million things going through my mind od what could of been wrong with him. that's why i got down by t time he was done sliding and rolling. i was out of the car and then down there. >> reporter: francis said he learned a valuable list lesson from this mishap. >> whatever you can do to be safe and not stop doing what you love. definitely worth it to keep doing it. >> reporter: frit amazing video there gantd news in all of, this francisco was wearing helmet. in the satellite center. i'm alex d% pla do. 7 news. >> lynn: that is good news. >> d dielle: didn't it?
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>> lyn 7 news is coming right back.
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>> now 7 weatherith chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and we're looking ago at a quiet night here across south florida. temperatures just about in the s from central florida south, gainesville 81.% there's some rain in pensacola. 66 degrees. as far as any rainfall right now. everything is look dry. should remain dry tonight and tomorrow. we may get a few showers on
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that's moving in through the southeast. so here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip currents. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chopnd advisory for you throughout the keys. coastal waters rough. next high tide 10:48. 11:21. you're water temperature 72 degrees. tonight partly cloudy. still breezy at the coast. t winds are coming down. over night lows in the 60s to the low 70s by tomorrow partly cloudy. highs in the upper 70s to the low 80s. here's your extended out look. sunday and monday a few shors getting warmer by the way, sunday. that is t start of daylight saving well. have to set our clocks head one hourur and we also lose an hour of sleep. that's your 7 on 7.% 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> time n n for 7 sports with donovan campbell. speaking continue their play off push the heat in the windy city tonight to run the bulls. the sheat heat at shoot around. lieu all dang having fub with dra gusher. and the heat looking to bounce back after giving up a hard earned 14 points with the bucks. mie all time yeer miami has given up that many points. >> sometimes you can get intoxicated with your offense but we have to be able to defend and protect rim. >> a defense has to be on to
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>> we're happy our owe w- our "fence. our focus snot on. that we have to get back to what we do defensively. thanks o our good friends at simply health care this morning. i met w- up with magic johnson. magic in the magic city visit students at slam charter academy and talking about how his career was cut short because of his health. and i asked him about chris bosh's situation. >> hopefully chris doesn't come to that point where he that's choose between his family and his health and the nbia. i hope he will be healthy and strong. if he comes back with the team ey already have, i could see them playing dleef land in the eastern finals. sphe healthy. >> and college hoops taking on indiana. and tied at 69. cameron from the edge drills up three from the game winner. cincinnali versus yukon in the acc tournament.
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it up three with # six on the clock but uconn up and qua craw pell over time. uconn wins the game 104 to 97. that's why they call it march madness folks. that's sports. i'm donovan campbell. lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> >> lynn: we're done. that's 7 news at 6:30. thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. good night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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>> >> they came to say farewell. michelle, the bushes, hillary. funeral for a first lady. then -- >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> not for long. wait until you see what happened behind the scenes of the big debate. >> donald trump called out about his neck tie. >> go home to mommy. and more chaos at today's trump rally. >> good-bye.
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why cesar millan is being investigated for animal uelty. >> the monster was sitting on my shoulders and biting into my head. why she says leonardo dicaprio h h it easy. >> when i saw this, i laughed all tht way through it. and the $6 million birthday party for a teen. her dad hired pitbull. 600 guests. was it over the top? >> i just want to ask you specifically what people have said. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. stars from yester year media figures and former heads of state gathered in simi valley, california to celebrate the life of nancy reagan. she was credited with restoring


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