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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. breaking news out of chicago. donald trump surrounded. thousands of protestors swarmthousands of protestors swarming a huge rally he was holding there forcing the republican front runner to shut down his campaign for the nightdown his campaign for the night. >> breaking news on miami beach. police responding after sprin
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shutting down ocean drive for at least an hour. we are live. hello everybody. >> i'm in for belkys. and that's not all we are working on on the night team. grab and goo but witness made sure the didn't get the good. just one station with the storyjust one station with the story. >> criminal thoughthey were being smooth. but surveillance camera were rolling on the skimming scam. >> south florida mayor being investigated by the feds. addressing the allegations. with just one station. >> hope from the hospital. roommate. nally out of a coma. >> and farewell fit for first lady. crowds gathering to say goodbye
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>> we get right to the firstnews alert of the night. fist flying. signs shredded. trump taken on in chicago by protestors. message loud and clear. >> he says it's something he never does but tonight donald trump is backing down cancelling his event. we have seen fights of cououe at trump rally before but nothing like this. this turned into an all out melee. >> certainly did. we are live on the satellite center with more on this wild night. alex? >>reporter: you may have heard the expression politics is a contact sport. tonight it took on aa whole new meaning as fights broke out at the donald trump rally. chaos at the donald trump rally in chicago. fist flying between protestors
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the stage ripping g what appeared to be a trump sign. anti-trump banner were draped from the balcony. others turned into tug of war between the two se. police officers moved in. as trump supporters dug in e violence causeviolence causing the rally to be postponed. >> mr. tmp just arrived in chicago. and after meeting with law enforcement h h determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >>reporter: trump responding in a call to fox news. >> i don't want to see people get hurt and i don't want to see people get hurt or worse and i just decided very strongly to make a decision not to do it and to postpone the rally. it was a big rall ychlt had tremendous rally with tremendous people and but i just don't want to see people ge hurt.
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rally in north carolina protestor wasunched in the face by a trump supporter. after the punch officers wrestle the protestor to the ground doing nothing to the man who landed the punch. man identified as john mcgraw. >> next time we see him we might have to kill him. >>reporter: day after he was arrested and charged trump has drawn heat for inciting violence. >> like to punch him in the face i'll tell you. >>reporter: trump said this about protestoto who get violent at his events. >> he was swinging. he was hitting people. and the e dience hit back. and that's what we need. >>reporter: tonight trump said he does not feel responsible for the division between his supporters and protestors. ve in the satellite center, 7 news night team. all right alex thanks for that also after things got very rowdyen the arena wild night spilled out into the streets of chicago look at this. protestor says they were over
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speaking tonight. some scuffle with police outside the venue at the university of illinois at chicago. no word yet if anybody outside the pavilion arrested or injured but it got pretty nasty. news chopper were above over the scene. crowds were very lrj and unlike what happened in the arena, there didn't appear to be any physical confrontation between trump supporters and the demonstrators as police officers on foot and on horseback worked to keep them apart. the thousands on hand flooding the area streets creating grid lock and interrupting t tffic. drivers could be seen trying to turn around. cars even driving the wrong way to get out of there. at one point in the "nightline"of protestors stood traffic. check out what it looks like right now. live picture on the streets of chicago certainly very different scene from less than an hour ago. very few people seems to be very, very calm and the crowds have certainly disbursed.
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that's it from chicago we have more on that later. >> now to the news alert on miami beach. big crowd there turning into a big problem in the middle of spring break. the brawl on the beach forcing police to shut down part of busy ocean drive on this friday night. nicole is life at the scene with the details for us nicole? >> i can tell you things calmed down consider my although you still have huge spring break crowds out here on ocean dry. as you might expect especially on friday night coming over here you can see that they have already taped up some of the sidewalk here because they want to keep the spring breaker from crossing the street and getting in the middle of traffic. let's show you some video in fact this is from shots earlier after 77 when large crowds of spring breaker moved from t beach to ocean drive and that really made it difficult as we mention for those who were
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toctually pass and some feet started there were some bottles and some other items thrown but according to police nobody was hurt.but that is when one part of ocean drive had to be shut down. take a listen. >> then i guess police figure out need more people send people in. first everybody was under control then i guess the people got too rowdy fight police then of course when the police were attacked police try to help them. >> so then we after awhile thouou they thought that with the mr. is presence everything was relatively calm down of course you still have the crowd out here that's when they decided to go ahead and reopen the streets 0for cars to pass and protect the pedestrians with the barricade and with the police tape that's up. now we want to go ahead and show you a tweet sent by the city of miami beach before all of this happen. pretty much warn folks come out here and let's show you the twee.
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miami beach have fun but be responsible. that was from the city of miami beach. look like some people fell short of that and that's why there was chaos out here but now everything is cleared up. just very, very busy. repoing live on miami beach, 7 news night team. now on just one station. looking for an easy steal. this crime would not go as planned. pair of good samaritan jump no action makinghould you are this was a tough get away. >> walter morris live at the scene in miami with the exclusive. walt center. >> that's right. two good samaritan savi the day. thief thought he was getting a big payday when he grabbed a purse but thanks to two mechanic he didn't get anythingmechanic he didn't get anything. >>reporter: quick crime caughton camera. take another look as the thief snatches her purse in broad
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>> he pu my purse really, really really, really hard. >>reporter: bruises left behind on her arm. re shocking than this bold bad guy what was in the bag. 131,000 dollars. >> it was a l l of money and nobody wants this. >>reporter: all went down west flagler and 18 avenue around she was on her way to deposit the money when the crook made the grab. but thanks to pair of mechanic turn good samaritan he got away empty handed. >> i fix it like a month ago. >>reporter: look at the damage left on torrez car. he saw the thief getting away so sprang into action. employee chasing on foot while he hopped into his car running the guy down 6 blocks away. >> pin him fence the fence when i retrieved the bag back for the lady. >> thief slipping away and police need your help tracking down the man in this video. detectives say they think he got out of that suv and w wle
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samaritan. >> i'm okay.wore thing is that i got the money back. thanks to this guys over here. >>reporter: and take another look if you recognize this guy or know who he is police do want to hear from you call crime stoppers that number is here on the screen. >> reporting live in miami, 7 news night team. to another story that you will see on just one station. opa-locka mayor is reportedly under investigation for dirty politics. she spoke exclusively to 7 news today. day after the fbi raided city hall. as you will hear she is looking for answers as wel@ but she isn't giving any info from the feds. >> certainly was disturbing to us as municipality to see all of so many fbi officers came in. 7 news called up to the
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day after the fbi executed not one but two raids on city hall in one day. >> to tell you the truth we are in the dark ourselves and the investigators did not give a full explanation. uses said we have a warrant. we have this and need to go into the offices and certain areas that we need to see. they did not give a full explanation. >>reporter: for hours investigators not only went into offices they hauled out boxes and other items only saying the actions are part of a corruption crack down. many residents say this has been a long time coming. >> we have been apparently waiting for them like a kid at christmas like we know is the day going to come when is it going to coy. where did our money go at. look at our sidewalk where is the sidewalk. >> according to the miami herald mayor taylor and her husband bishop john taylor formerly of new beginning
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investigation for kickback scheme involving city contractors. they aren't surprised saying constituent. >> once the corrupt people are out of office we can start on. >> corruption in opa-locka mismanagement of funning. the firring because of the difficulties lucky all the promise position and all the lay off and go down the whole list of things. >> mayor says right now her focus is on guest her office and city back on track. >> we are diligently working as hard as we canon our recovery plan and as you probably already know so we are working on that. we are staying on course with that. and god will see us through. >>reporter: we do have a little more information about the crisis in opa-locka tonight to pass along to you. miami-dade mayor jiminez wrote a letter today to the state chief ipector general asking the state to take over the
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now in the letter he said opa-locka has unpaid debts four totalling more than 8 million dollars. >> fiu head women coach fired weeks after an athlete accused of him of harassment. he admitted that he violated ncaa bylaw by giving money to student athlete. the school also investigating accusations that he sent inappropriate text messages to 22-year-old star player destiny who filed the complaint shortly after that she was shortly after she was suspended from the team as police investigated her for theft. >> car smashing into a south florida funeral home. miami police fire rescue responding to the scene near north west 17 avenue and 46 street in miami. that vehicle did not go into the building but authorities say the driver was trapped in the car and technical rescue team called in to get him out. the driver was taken to jackson memorial hospital. firefighters working to
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sky force hd over a brush fire on 137 avenue and sixth street this afternoon. second blaze also burning in the area. right now crew say total of 185 acres have been charred. no structures are being threatenedstructures are being threatened. crew have left for the night but back in the morning. and more brush fires in our future. phil advertise watching those conditions for us tonight. >> we are basically in fire season which is anywhere between january and april but this year has been rather wet so far. that's all due to el nino. we are actually running above average. over the last week or so we haven't seen any rain so we have seen some dry brush and today we had the fire sparked by the way a lot of spring breaker in town. we are also looking at the threat of rip current at the beach. both saturday and sunday.
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were looking at this afternoon at one time..% the smoke was so intense we could actually pick it up here on our radar. right now nothing as far as any big smoke plume but if there's any smoke out there the wind coming in off the ocean is going take it out west right over the everglades. should not bother any one here in the western suburb. now we are running above average. this is typical in miami. fort lauderdalal. and key west. actually this is what we have received so far. this is what is average. we are running a surplus miami fort lauderdale and the keys. so that's why it has been a quiet fire season so far. here it is the threat of rip current tomorror at the beach. if caught in the pool don't swim against it. swim parallel to the beach until the pool weaken. come back in just fine. better yet swim at guarded beach we have more on this a
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also tonight. there were tears. there was laughter. there was respect. it was very emotional final farewell for former first lady nancy reagan today. >> some 1000 dignitary loved ones celebrating the life of former first lady nancy reagan. >> my mother had one great talent she knew how to love and she loved one man more than the world. >> remember as influlutial mrs. >> remember as influential mrs. reagan planned many details of her own funeral including the guest list. those attending include first lady mhelle obama. former president bush and former first ladies rosalyn carter and hillary clinton and laura bush. nancy reagan children offeringng reflection. >> my father used to get massage from large earn european man as one of the day as my father lay face down on the tablemy mother tip toe in
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of the neck and tip toe out. >> later years after my father had gone she used to ask me whether i thought she would be would be with him again when she died. i'm not a belief interthe super natural but i also assured her that wherever dad had gone she was surely going to go there too. >> president reagan chief of staff baker also speaking along with her friend tom brokaw. she could be as we all saw in the photographs and video of the adoring wife in public but behind the scene she was a politically astute analyst. and keeper of the flames. >>reporter: there is one detail the first lady didn't plan for herself. her staff decided to honor her the very same way the presidede was honored here nearly 12 years ago. lone bag piper played before the casket moved. first lady buried next to her husband.
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obama stroyvt cuba. he dispatched senior aide to south florida to talk about his trip. and there were lots of questions. many jessica holly reports. >> what we put at the center of the policy is what will make life better for the cuban people. >> president right hand man on cuba imiamam. assistant to the president and deputy national security advisor ben rhodes taking questions and comments from young cuban americans at miami-dade college. >> why are the discussions happening now. >> i am hopeful for future for the cuban people. >> how is the u.s. gaining economically. >> town ha meeting comes days before the president travels to cuba. rhodes sitting down with exile in miami but not this group. group representing dissident in cuba not invited. >> if this is a symptom of the visit then the visit will not be good for cuban freedom and will not be good for cuban democracy. >> list of who the president will meet during his visit to the island nation not final
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>> this will be the president's choice. dissidents. >> we me it clear from the beginning of the decision from the cuban government and we have also made clear that as in every country where we do that we select who we meet with. >>reporter: president travels to cuba on march 20. the approach there is one common goal. >> we share the objective p.improving the lives of e could be an people and human rights of the cuban people. >> we believe that p psuing this opening ultimately will make us more effective indd vo kaiingt on the issue. >> deputy national security advisor says there will be a larger than normal group traveling with the president to cuba including quote sizable bipartisan delegation of members of congress. that list also notot out yet. reporting in miamishtion 7 news. and reminder 7 news will have extensive live coverage
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after the president historic visit. still ahead. it was plan to distract the clerk and install the device. scammer actually forgot about one critical thing. >> police say it was so ne he did it twice. bank robber coming back for more. anchor away and that's the problem. one boatein trouble near the cause way here. something breaks free. and encouraging sign for a south florida woman who police say was beaten by a roommate she met on craigslist. >> you are watching south
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and now. its it seems like the perfect plan. distract the clerk. commit the crime. clear clue could put hold on this heist. night team working the skimming scam. >> it's the kind of crime that
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>> crook who plant the skimming device want to get the credit or debit card information. rosh lowe has more from miami beach. >>reporter: miami beach wednesday night around 9:30 p.m. take a look at these two guys going into this gas station on 15th and alton road. now watch closely because it happens quickly. there it is. the skimmer over the payment key pad right near the registerkey pad right near the register. >> they speak with the cash sear. some sort of exchange. it appears as one sent her to the other register to purchase something. >>reporter: so people reaction to this video especially those who use debit cards? >> probably see it more often than again in the area with a lot of tushingt and people at fought really looking for that. what i have been doing lately when i come to atm or even pumpmpg gas at the tank i am always shaking. >> on thursday miami beach police get a call from some one working here.
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after it became losses on the key pad. the question now even though it was a short time was any onene personal information compromised. >> in this type of reader when i speak with our detective we actually believe it's type of reader that the criminal would have to come back for. to actually get the information that would have been read however always encourage the public if you did use that credit card machine this that short time frame always monitor the credit card an let us know activity. >> what can you do to protect yourself. >> one thing we all have a lot of people upgrading to those type of chip type credit card whenever you have those type of credit cards go ahead and use ose. a little bit more secure. >>reporter: police now with very good clue this clear surveillance video. hoping to identifyhese two guys. >> able to thankfully this business has great surveillance video that clearly depicts who the individuals are. now we just need the public help. >> okay so as you saw police
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looking for these guys so if you know who they are call crime stoppers you can remain anonymous. this is the number to call. on miami beach, 7 news night team. >> fbi is searching for repeat robber after cascrime. this happening in fort lauderdale this shows the c nil ball cap demanding money from teller. branch located on sunrise boulevard near 72 avenue and it has been robbed twice this weekhas been robbed twice this week. investigators believe it was the same crook both times. here's another look at i'm. if you recognize this man call crime stoppers. this is the number to call. >> trouble on the world trade center f south florida boat owner. vessel losing the anchor drifting away in slamming into the cause way bridge. thatat link virginia key to key biscayne.
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towing the boat to nearby marina. >> badly injured woman battling back tonight emerging from coma after brutally beaten. her roommate attacked her month ago he's now behind bars but tonight signs of hope for the victim family. road to recovery will still be a long way. sheldon fox has more. >> this is what progress looks like. through the excruciating reality of being beaten and stabbed to near death 23-year-old danielle jones has climbed out of her coma. >> come on. >> my daughter started to show that she was actually there. but she caution her little girl is far from healed. still regress into a comatose
10:27 pm
that's jones week ago after roommate of few days she met on craigslist tried to kill her at miami apartment according to police. >> charging mr. mitchell with one count. >> 35-year-old brian mitchell is locked up with no bond and facing attempted murder chargesfacing attempted murder charges. he's accused of putting jones into a medical state so severe she was in critical condition and still can't breathe or eton her own. she's on the come back trail. >> every penny will help danielle. >> family work to go raise her spirits as well as money from her recovery. >> she will need extensive rehabilitation for the rest of her life. she will have to learn to speakshe will have to learn to speak. to walk. all t t basic that is we take for granted she has to learn to do again like starting over with a baby but at faster rate. >> wants to give you a hug.
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chance in life and she's going to make it. >> family had also said they were on their way to meet with the state attorney office regarding the case. this recovery is going to take lots of time they suspect app lots of money as well. there's a go fund me account. yo can learn about it by logging on to our web site listed here. at jmh in miami, 7 news night team. up next. south florida night team. hitting the water and going down fast.>> crash could have spelled disaster for o driver if brave witness hadn't jumped into action. >> i'm donovan campbellment coming up in sports. see if the heat could get back on the winning track in chicago tonight. plus today i sat down with magic johnson. he thinks the heat could go as far in the play thawvs season as anybody else. hear what he has to say coming
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van crashing into canal with father and daughter trapped inside. witness quickly turning into a life saver because the van was sinkininfast. >> good samaritan saw what was happening he didn't waste any time rushihg to the rescue. because of him they are alive. vanessa with the story. >> it was early on sunrise boulevard around 7:00 o'clock friday morning. thomas was driving east when suddenly something flew across his windshield. >> i looko the right. i heard the soundf crash so i look across and i saw this in the waterment submergethe waterment submerging. >> van going in the canal inside a fat and his 10 year old daughter. >> they went straight in. >> tire mark possibly where he tried to stop. unclear why the ca ended up there. >> i pull up over there.
10:32 pm
pull my phone out and dial 911. >> thomas trying to flag other drivers on busy sunrise boulevard t/ stop. he needed help. driver for fpl finally did stopdriver for fpl finally did stop. thomas jumped in the water. he first tried the front door. >> i heard a knock on the back window. once i heard that i said thank god they are not dead. you could see they were very frightened. >> water up to the chin. just waiting. quietly. inside of the van. >> father i could say the father was above the water. >> thomas jumped in then lling on the window. i grab this i saw my finger could get in. i grab it open and it busted. once i i busted the little girl just. >> the fher then getting out. hugging thomas realizing what had he done.
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>> one of those things. >> you did amazing thing. >> he once the scene cleared this was left behind. according to thomas 10-year-old girl had a gash to the top of her head but she was treated and released at the hospital with minor injuries. had this good samaritan thomas not driven by this would have been a very different story. reporting in plantation vanessa a-7 news night team. the city of miami teaming one local organizations to promote safer streetsment officials hosting a gun buy-back tomorrow. participant receive gift certificatee worth 50 dollars for non-working guns and 100 dollars for working weapons. also be a free neighborhood cook out. happened saturday at jordan grove missionary baptist church
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12th avenue in miami free 10 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. >> 7 news at 10:00. millions of dolls be pumped into a massive restaurant project on miami river. that's up to you. we breakdown the proposal. >> move it or lose it. pod of dolphins making major moves. >> all right. this weend we spring forward. it's start of daylight savings. it starts-sunday at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. we lose an hour of sleep. good remind torecheck the battery in the smoke detectornd cash monoxide detector as well.
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. mega restaurant complex be soon rising on the miami river. the decision up to you. endeavor. >> and if it gets the green light area fishermen would win as well. ann reports. >>reporter: garcia seafood grill fish market on the miami river feeds hungry pay the on his easily with the commercial fishing operation downtown roadfishing operation downtown road. >> vital part of our fishing business. >> the business has leased the property on the 200 block of south west north river drive from the city for decades. but local developer has a grander plan for the parcel. >> riversidede is a complex of restaurants on the waterfront. >> 58,000 square if the privately financed complex partially on public property. miami resident first need to vote yes to the redevelopment.the referendum on the ballot. at stake initial 30 yeye lease.
10:38 pm
historically it has been neglected. >> we look to transform that. >>reporter: that property where the fishermen are now would undergo a 7 million dollar investment and when combined with this here it would cove about an acre and a half of waterfront property. total cost for the project 30 million dollars. we have also have to contribute 15 percent of our gross revenue from the rent to the city. >> city would receive minimum annual rent payment of 195,000 plus dollars from the developer who is promising the expansion of the public river walk. out door plaza and 4 restaurants. raw bar with seafood market and guess whose name is in the planguess whose name is ininhe plan. >> you have oysters and stone crab. >> garcia in the mix as what is contracted fishermen task with feeding even more hungry peytonfeeding even more hungry peyton.>> life line out there so the fishing industry grows and has some stability.
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gets voter approval in the march 15 election. if miami ann keel 7 news night team. >> wild video dolphins stampede caught on camera in california. they don't have feed but they are all together. whale watchers on board cat rahmhm captain dave dolphins and whale safari recorded videoand whale safari recorded video. hundreds of dolphins jumping in and out of the water off the coast of los angeles. expert say the phenomenon known as a dolphins stampede happens without [arning and for no apparent reason but pretty cool to loooo at. >> all right. good evening everyone. it was a nice friday here across southlorida. morning low in the low 70's. high 79 in key west. same in fort lauderdale. i'm high of 81 degrees no rain in the rain gauge. right now everyone is in the 70's.
10:40 pm
fort lauderdale 74. 71 in miccosuke. wind out of the east 14 to 16 miles per hour. it's coming down this weekend humidity 79 percenen. here's the stormtracker, thoughhere's the stormtracker, though. the breeze still bringing in a couple of isolated showers and some of that activity could be impacting the coastal aas here of broward. we don't expect too much of it though. these are very small very fast moving sprinkle. here's the big view. area of low pressure across texas. high pressure in the western atlantic you can see how all the moisture is getting streamed righthtp the ohio river valley here. it will be a very soggy night across the south east and even over the next 24 hours. we may get a little bit of the tail end of that especially late uunday in the day. so still breezy tonight but by morrow that eases up. high pressure in the western atlantic. it's warm. there is a front right there
10:41 pm
some moisture now the moisture if it holds on long enough could make it here some time sunday around 8 to contin p.m. and we could finally see showers. dry for about the last week or 2. here's marine forecast for this weekend. threat of rip current. small craft exercise caution so again we do have a lot of people here down for spring break going to the beach. make sure you swim guarded beacacs. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you toughout flat keys you look at advisory due to wind and sea. coastal water choppy. things should improve however by tomorrow afternoon with the win and seas. coming down. next high tide 11:40. 11:35 fort lauderdale. for new key largo next high tideust after midnight 1:05 in key west. partly cloudy tonight, isolated sprinkle. overnight w in the low 70's so average is about 64-65 degrees. tomorrow in and out clouds
10:42 pm
typical high about 79 to 80 we are a little t on the plus side here. here's the senteteed outlook. sunday may be couple showers. more showers on monday. we start to heat up and remindwe start to heat up and reminder that sunday that's the start of daylight savings. we actually putur clocks ahead one hour and lose an hour of sleep. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> not looking forward to. that all right. south florida gearing up for the world largest street party. we talk about guyocho it's sunday in little havana. hundreds of thousands expected to be on hand for the annual gathering with lots of food. the 39th annual event kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m. tell but somee road closure now. they are going to begin at 11they are going to begin at 11:30 saturday night. eighth street will be shut down to traffic from south west 27th avenue to south west eigh avenue. now for more information on
10:43 pm
our web site. >> food fest. >> i have done it it's amazing. >> yes right. be ready to take a nap after. >> still ahead. lot of hype and mystery surrounding this thriller. >> behind the scenes.
10:45 pm
a. >> phil film based on underground bunker. >> what's it like fill being in close quarter. >> the actors and directors are keeping tight lipped about the whole thing. >> absolutely but we have some inside info. >>reporter: 10 clover field lane is her new address. after john good man pulls her from a car wreck. >> he wants her to think he
10:46 pm
indebted to him. >> mary stuck in underground shelter with good man and gallagher junior when chemical attack destroys humanity. >> when she wawa up in the bunker and he's telling her that there has been some nuclear fall out she said why should i believe you. hasn't seen this for herself. >>reporter: star shot the entire film in the bunker. >> on the set every day. long hours and i understood you don't really see the sun ever so youou don't know what time or day it is. >>reporter: they found different ways to passhe timedifferent ways to pass the time. >> bob marley. >> this was a lot of hanging out. talking. singing. eating. listening to music. >>reporter: now they aren't giving away too much of the plot but here's the advice. >> get the popcorn most important thing to me. a lot of salt and diet coke to wash it down with. >> take care of whatever you need take care of. text whoever you need to tech. chchk e mailts before because you won't want to miss a single
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>> something is coming.
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what's up south florida. start the sports party with the heat who took care of business in chicago taking on the bulls. despite bruised leg dwayne wade started the game only at 9
10:50 pm
second quarter heat down 6. the the heat down foushtion white side had13 points and 16 board. then just over 4 minutes to play the heat trail by 4 at the break. heat down 1. johnson. for the triple. gives the heat the first lady of the game. later in the quarter. the bad break he makes a tough lay up. game high 26 points. dang l l it to white side who throws it down. then rookie richardson. he started making it rain. triple in the fourth quarter. he go up 16 points. fish was career high 22 points including 18 points in the secondalf t.take the trick out of the bag. heat with 118-96 surpassing last year win total with tonight's w. >> colonel out and have an
10:51 pm
a blessing. >> somebody might get complacent i'm in the nba already. coming where i come from you work for everything i'm used to it. >> putting the work n.his game. early if the year struggle from the 3 point line now. knocking down the shooter. >> thanks inform good friend fba hall of famer johnson in the magic city visiting students at charter in miami. life time laker magic had the up most respect for what the heat are doing in the eastern conference. >> johnsns gives them another score. the tough dang. d wade. >> the team built for thehelay off. just a matter of is he healthy enough to return and my and if he does watch out. >> pro canes take on virginia the win. canes punch the ticket to the acc conference title game.
10:52 pm
the team first half and canes in green early in the first half. virginia and the drive and for 2. miami trail. newton did all company do to keep the canes if the game. 11 in the first half. screws few minutes left in the half mall con t.canes trail by fifty half. right now in the second half. canes are down by 4. not even a chipped tooth could slow down the panthers yager. future hall of famer had hielf a night against them. lighting the lamb twice recording the 51st point at 44 jj has been dynamite. becoming oldest player to have 50 points. yager has been on fire at home this evening. worth 17 of the 23 goals at the bbt. >> a lot of good players. i'm just finding my spot and
10:53 pm
>> at home and the home fan and the pushing you a little more forward so a lot easier to play at home. >> nfl free agency continue and dolphins remain aggressive. at expense had a meeting with the team friday night love the linebacker. didn't take grimes long to find new employment former fins quarterback heading up i-75 to play for the buccaneers. 2 year 16 and half million dollar deal. reigning superbowl championbroncos traded for sanchez for additional draft pick. just a matter of time but the browns finally wiped themselels of mansel after two years t.cutting ties with the former heismann trophy winner. that's sports i'm donovan. lynn and danielle back after
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> the that is 7 news first at 10:00. thanks so much for watching. i'm danielle noichblingts i'm license martinez.
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is a. brawl on the beach. shutting down ocean drive. >> woman carryin thousands of dollars when the purse suddenly snatched. pair of men with the eye on the crime jumping into action. the story on just one station. >> pair of alleged thieves caught on camera. pulling off a fast one at south florida gas stataon. >> van subject mentaled in a canal with father and daughter inside. good samaritan rushing to the rescue. >> developing tonight thousands of anti-trump protestors out in full force. fist flying at campaign event tonight. forcing donald trump to postpone his chicago rally.
11:00 pm
>> i'm danielle. 7 news at 11:00 begins now. the the. developing tonight it was supposed to be a donald trump rally but things quickly getting out of control as you see r rht here. fist went flying. signs were torn apart. protestors clashed. things quickly escalating inside thehe arena. more protestors fill the streets outside. >> wild night forcing republican front runner to postpone the rally. something he has never done before. alex is live in the satellite center with a look alex. >> you may have heard the expression politics is a contact sport. tonight it took on whole new meaning as fights broke out at the donald trump rally. >> chaos at the donald trump


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