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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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push. tomorrow primary just hours away. the night team breaking down the fight for florida. >> florida senator rubio hoping to win the home state but already being trumped in the poll. >> as for the democrat one continues to be the clear favorite while the other remains competitive. we cover it all live from west miami where senator rubio held a rally this basketball court was packed with rubio suppororrs and he had a very optimistic tone really got this crd going. despite the long odds that many say he is now facici but every single candidate trying to become the presidential nomin for their party is going down to the wire. >> perfect south frida night for campaign that is not quite
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after winning delegates in just three contest senator rubio pinning all hopes on florida 99 delegates. senator ted cruz hoping to make inroads in illinois. >> if donald trump is the nominee, hilary wins. and if hilary wins, the supreme court is lost for a generation. the bill of rights is losos our kids are buried under a mountain of debt and the future is put in jeopardy. >> poll in florida show trump in the lead with 46 percent. rubio 22 percent. cruz with 14 percent and governor kasich with 10%. much tighter race than ohio where trump and kasich running neck and neck for for the state 66 delegates. trump outside young toychbility we have something going that people haven't seen before. it's really a drive and honestly they are talking about it's one of the great things they have seen in political history. >> reason why i think i have survived is not just because of the record and balancing budget
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but telling people to believe in themselves. >> democratic candidate work for the votes too. hillary clinton reminded voters of her 17 month old grand-daughter named charlotte. >> i want for her what i want for every child. and charlotte in north carolina across our country. i want you all to have the chance to live up to your god given potential for america to live up to our potential. >> bernie sanders hitting ohio and missouri as the two battle over 3 midwestern states. >> we have a government that represents all of us rather than a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. we node to win here. we need a large voter turn out. lp make that happen. >> the poll show the race in florida is in a tight one. clinton 60 percent against sanders 34 percent.
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florida looking for upset tuesday. tell. the and we should mention senator bio had a lot of audio issues. microphone wasn't working then he took a bull horn then a second bull hourn the crowd notot going anywhere they wanted to hear his every word so now it just comes down to the voting tomorrow. rererting live in west miami, reporting live in west miami, robin 7 news night team. >> all right robin stay with us for complete primary covage tomorrow. we have crew across south florida. covering the candidates president obama historic visit to cuba quickly approaching and tonight he is talking about it. alex is live in the satellite center with the details. alex? >> when president obama arrives in cuba next week he plans to use part of his visit to kick start u.s. business with island.
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bring up the issue of human rights. >> during my visit i intend to meet with disdents, critic of the cuban government. >> president obama on the record ahead of historic visit to cuba next week. the visit put imotion when the united states and cuba restored relations by reopening the embassy in july. >> the more at u.s. businesses are engaged in there the more that we have people traveling there. the more cuban americans are able to interact with family members that in some cases they haven't seen in decades. the more likely we are to see the kind of changes that all of us are hoping for. >> embargo remains that only congress can repeal but the president says opening up cuba will bring about the change. embargo hasn't been able to achieve. >> we have taken away an excuse that the castro regime consistently used for why it
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opportunity for freedom toyts people. which was that the heavy hande neighbor to the north was preventing them or sabotagepreventing them or sabotaging them. that's no longer an excuse that's viable@. >> president says the united states will continue to press for human rights. >> we continue to press t@ make sure that over time we are widening more and more fedom for speech assbly, religion inside of cuba 8. president obama also making a prediction. >> some time in the next president administration whether they are a democrat or republican that the embargo in fact will be removed. >> while in cuba president obama is scheduled to attend a basesell game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. the game is a week from tomorrow. live in the satellite center i'm alex 7 news night team.
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for the historic visit. look for our live report starting on friday on toda in florida. >> now on the night team. scare in the street whenolice say man suddenly attack as woman while she is walking. police say he sexually battered her t tn robbed her and tonight as sheldon fox reports residents in the neighborhood are on edge. >> there's a sexual predator slash robber thought to be out and about in these coral gables streets. he's the kind of guy who sneetion up on women in about the last place they would be expecting danger. their own low crime neighborhood. >> especially in a neighborhood like this you don't really think so much about being dangerous or be things happening to. it happened to a woman who was steps away from her home. during a stroll she will never forget. >> coral gables police say she was just walking in the neighborhood. granada boulevard.
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nice looking homes. quiet area. quiet until about 6:45 sunday morning. >> she was attacked. robbed. sexually battered. near venetian terrace by a violent menace. said by detectives to be 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 bald with brownize. bushy brow and wearing a white t-shirt. jeans and blue and yellow sneakjeans and blue and yellow sneakers. who was possibly driving a white suv or van this is such a nice place to walk around. nice. and safe. but i guess we have to think twice before we do that again. >> neighbors in the area were shocked and sympathetic for the neighbor they said they didn't know. but they hope is doing better. after an awful day in the neighborhood. >> i'm always vigilant. looking around. >> i wish the best for thiss lady. >> co-workers walk around in the morning. female as well so i'm sure it's
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about. >> they say violent crime doesn't happen o oen in coral gables. they need your help badly tonight trying to solve a very violent and disturbing crime. this is the in toum call. miami-dade county you can collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police. >> we are in coral gables sheldon fox 7 newsp night team. >> residents pastors and police chief all coming together tonight to discuss host of issues and one has to do with our student. >> liz has more from north west miami-dade. >> how many more of our children have to die in miami before our schools implement restorerestorative justice. >> inside the hall of new birth baptist church p pice chief pastors and people of the miami-dade community are looking for answers. >> there has been one child
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>> last month it wasas 6-year-old king carter gunned down while walking to g candy. police arrested three teens less than a week later. >> community really woke up and brought that out to light. we know that information came in on that. peer pressure put out there. social media pressure put out 30. monday nig this meeting set a mission. >> i have a big believer in what we are diagnose and what you are doing through immediate indication. resolution. kids together. let's bring them together before something happens. >> for frustrated moms in the community nononof this so far seems t tbe enough. >> the issues they are dealing with them deeply. just dealing with them on the surface and the surface is just to keep us going around in a sishling. >> monday night they say the conversationon started between police and the community. police fo begin to make the streets and children's future safer. >> one of the other topic of conversation was affordable housing and how people in the african american community can find affordable places to live
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safe and off the street. in north west miami-dade, 7 news night team. deadly discovery after father of 4 went missing over the weekend. florida fish and wilife say they have discovered the man's body. sky force hd over the scene today at antonio park on 51 avenue and north west 7th street in miami. 46-year-old jose montez went missing after officials say he took a wave runner out for test drive in a lake at the park. officialss served saturday sunday and also today for him. they say he was wearing all black. did he not have a life jacket on and that made it difficult to spot him. >> thief leaving behind clue on camera. surveillance video capturing a man who broke into a texaco gas station. he caught hole in the wall before emptying the register. happened at the business near northeast ninth and wilton
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if you recognize this guy call this number on the screen. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. crook droppingnto south florida school then going on dash for cash. stealing from students. >> trouble on the tarmac when
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deployed . and now. school forced to shut its doors after a drops in. then carbs in. stealing thousands from students. >> y didn't do it to the building. this building is occupied by people and the people they hurtpeople and the people they hurt. >> tonight police hoping to stop him in his tracks. >> the students planning totose that money for a retreat later this week. >> but now as rosh reports, >> but now as rosh reports,
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>> take a look at the surveillance video and the guy coming through the roof of presbyterian school in miami. the school has been here for over 40 years. as more than 600 students pre-k through 12th grade. >> extremely sad. it's just heart breaking. devastating. the no need for it. >> look at the effort the guy too. in fact investigators are out here school officials they place the ladder here trying to retrace the guy foot step. he got on to the ledge able to get through window into the school. school officials say the thief came in around 1:00 o'clock in the morning. at first he goes to the cafeteria why and then to an office. breaking a window. rummaging aroundnd then he gets away with a safe. insidehe safe 5000 dollars. >> money. money was in the safe. money for the youth retreat. so highlynticipated. >>reporter: how sad somebody would go in there break into
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from children. >> absolutely that's probabl the most devastating part the fact this now we have to tell these kids and the problem is this field trip is this week friday satday sunday is when we take the kids down to our retreat. >>reporter: so now this thief is out there he was able to get this heavy safe out of the school. police want to put him behind bars. >> he was able to take the safe which weighs over a ton. he wheels it out of here. we done know how far he was able to get but again we have great video. great stills now we need the community to come together come forward with any and all foyvrment didn't d dit to the building. this building is occupied by people and the people they hurtpeople and the people they hurt. >> many person that paid for everything we have done here. money is gone and maybe the cops will get the money and put it back to where the supposed toyshtion tu would like to help
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set up go to our web site we'll ke you to that page. in the mean time if you know who the e y is, they have is call crime stoppers here is the number on the 7 news night team. plane problem at miami international and american rlines flight set to leave for jfk grounded after officials say maintenance crew accidentally deployedn emergency chute. you can see it right there. the flight was cancelled and all 210 passengers on that plane were put on other flightsplane were put on other flights. >> 4 missing boaters have been found. some good news here. coast guard spotting the men and the 26 foot vessel near marco island. they went deep sea fishing yesterday but never returned last night. group sending up a distress flare because they were out of range to use the cell phone to call for help. the vehicle was towed back to shore. >> coming at 11 ochblingt things heating up across south florida.
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looking like primary day phil. >> it's a hot wuchbility possibility to begin with with some fog early tomorrow morning so earlylyoters look out for.
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upper 80's. so tonight we are looking at mostly clear skies. just about everywhere. 76 degree ins miami. the wind going light. relative humidity 77 percent. for you throughout f ft lauderdale 75 degrees. wind out of the south west and then in key west also a beautiful night here across the area. 75 for you the. the wind has gone completely calmlm humidity at 94 percent. by the way this is part of the recipe for fog. if the wind stay calm and the
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those are the ingredient for fog to develop and we do think that will happen tonit especially across broward and miami-dade. the fog developing inland and then moving slowly towards the coast by morning. dry right now all over the area and should repain dry during the day tomorrow t.mostly clear across south east. all of the weather happening basically across the northern half of the country. the for tonight warm. possibly fog developing. by tomorrow it's going to be a hot one. high in the mid upper 80's in the afternoon. again if you are caught in line outside waiting to vote make sure you drink plenty of water. try to take umbrella alongng to have cut the sun light down and then as we move in through the end of the week, that hot air starts to move away from south florida. here's marine forecast for tomorrow no advisory. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida
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coastal waters. smooth. now the next high tide will be at 2:41. for:49 lower keys >> wsvn. tested with allen. 70. tomorrow morning fog. afternoon heat. herere your sentenced outlook. we remain warm at least through friday. some showers by the weekend. by the way sunday that is the first day of spring.
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7 sports is heat denver nugget combine for 243 points not much defense tonight at the triple a. chris bosch on the bench first time. since he went out with a blbld clot in the leg 5 weeks ago. heat in the home red. dwayne wade baseline. reverse lay up. wade had 19. heat up by two at the break. fourth quarter heat down one. winslow the staechlt had a team high 20. rook hawaii 20 heat leaea by two. later fourth quarter wade to richardson. it's rookie night. richardson had 17 points off the bench. heat up by 4. the heat up 6 minute to play. johnson. step back. johnson had 18. heat up by 8. very next possession johnson to white sigh h.12 of the 18. in the fourth quarter.
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heat win 124-119 half game out of the third play off spot. dallas mavericks against red shot charlotte second quarter. hornet took it over. parsons at the otheren. save it behind the back to lee. dallas beat charlotte 107-96. snap the h hnet 7 game win streak. heat play at charlotte on thursday. this was a big collapse. the panthers in theslanders in brooklyn. panthers in white. scoreless first period. hubert to peter. center pass to bar. his 22 of the season. panthers lead 1 nothing. second period. panthers with the puck and islander zone. he gets the left panthers lead two nothing. third period just testify minutes left. islanders one on two. he wins 2-1. minute 21 later. he makes the save but rebound to bailey.. check him.
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puck behind the net. turn over. he beats him that's it. 3 goal in 5 an half minutes. panthers blow a two nothing lead. panthers lose 3-2. canes ay south dakota state on saturday. inhe ncaa tournament found it out tonight. now back to youu. >> thanks steve. > thanks a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. >> make it a great night everybody. see you tomorrow.
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he fight for florida moving to the polls after weeks of campaigning t. fate of our 99 delegate wills be decided today. and the polls open in a few hours and many across south florida have take b advantage of early voting. we have team 7 coverage in the race for the white house. president obama preparing for a historic visit too cuba. he's opening up about his trip to the island nation. and we will show you what happens when the musical star teams up with the president for an epic collaboration. good morning, everybody. i'm diana diaz. >> and i'm ashley jones. five hours of today in florida starts now. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. and there is a live look outside our north bay village studios on this tuesday morning. still dark out there, everyone. let's begin with a quick check
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>> diana: let's begin with meteorologist vivian gonzalez on on this voting day. viv? >> vivian: that's right. we don't have any advisories but the fog isecoming quite dense around an i-95 in broward and miami-dade county. use kougs throughout your morning drive. use your low beam head lights, drive slowly. give yourself enough distance between the vehicle ahead of you. as far as today is concerned, we're going to call it a hot tuesday. if you're going to be standing in line at the poll, stay hydrated and carry an umbrella because we're going to have a lot of sunshine with above average temperatures. overall it will be at quite weather week across the area. we are in the s across miami, 70 in fort lauderdale to in key west with the day planner going with slim rain chances in the forecast. calling for a dry one with afternoon highs in the upper 80s. when you factor in the humididy
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like the lower 90s. the morning commute looks great, mostly dry and clear skies underway. i'll be back with the complete forecast. and now at 5, weeks of campaigning. all leading up to this. >> we are seeink republicans uniting behind our campaign. >> can a senator from south florida? >> tomorrow we have a chance to make a powerful statement to the country. >> topple trump in >> we can really change things and marco's not goingng to do it. >> and will hillary clinton clench another victory. >> this election tomorrow is so crucial. >> no president can do it alone and that is why we need a political revolution. >> today in florida working the fight for florida. >> diana: it all comes d dn to today. florida's 99 delegates up for grabs in the winner take all


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