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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fiu. like we're getting presidential candidates here. i think it's pretty cool. >> reporter: and this is the settle up to what his campaign calls a celebratory night. >> and. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is talking to 7 and voters in his home state. >> he arrived at his home town monday and looked comfortable and confident in west miami. but if he is disanointed orida's primary like several polls suggest he might and losses tuesday night, will he drop out of race? >> no, we'll be campaigningext week on tuesday and tomorrow in utah and i would just caution everybody about these polls. i'm telling you, they are just not being conducted the way they once were. >> reporter: some would say and a hate to harp on this that if you can't win your home state, don't have a prayer, so you're not dropping out. >> but that's not true.
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we won in washington dc we won puerto rico. we came within a point of winning in virginia. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump has mot men tum and lead so far and he has been a hash crict of riewb trark him personally as well. would rubio support trump if trump makes the n nination. >> i made a plench to support who the nomee s. i'm not prepared to walkway from that pledge. i don't want the republican nominee to be someone who use pro profanity and who cannot my children cannot listen to on tv. how could you support a nom candidate like that? >> it's growing increasingly divment that's the problem we face. >> reporter: and regardless of what happened here's tonight marco rubio and his cam are headed to the next campaign stop which is utah. they are not dropping thought of race says rubio this. thing gets started in under an hour. we'll be all over it as usual. for now we're live in west
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sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay sheldon. >> craig: from the senator to another who needs votes. >> belkeys: a billionaire is thr also running and jeff lennox is live at trump headquarters. jeff. >> reporter: belkeys and craig. donald trump c cls florida his second home. and the sunshine state will deposit 99 delegates in his bank he hopes in this winner take all contest. donald trump has put a a big emphasis on this state over the last couple of weeks. he he has drawn thousands chs of people croos state hoping to bring down marco rubio in con contest. donald trump has also put a big focus in ohio in the buckeye state. and a tight contest there with john kasich. and they hope thaha by the end of tonight rubio and kasich will be walking. >> reporter: donald trump on
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against five states on super tuesday. round two. >> we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: trump's focus has been on ohio winner takes all 66 delegates in that contest and john kasich looking for a win in his home state but donald trump has added extra events and knock out john kasich. >> ohio is going to make america great again. kasich cannot make america great again. >> and we're going to win ohio. i feel very good. i think it will happen. >> the latest polls show florida senator marco rubio far behind in his home state. but rubio still says he is in it to win it. trump has taken aim at senator rubio's record calling him a maild failed u.s. senator. >> he set a record. one of the worse records in the last ten years for no snroaght senate. so we don't have to go into it too big.
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have totaled in the thousands in most lation ooze it's a movement and a love fes and we love each other and we're going to do so well. >> but candidates from both sides criticizing trump saying he is in t gaight increased chaos and violence at his events. but trump place blame on others. >> somebody will stand up and say somemeing and a lot of times they are kids and they don't know where thecromg from and they have a bernie sign. bernie is going no where, you know that. >> o. >> reporter: okay and let's play out a what if sa share yo here, let's say trump wins in ohio and florida. that would be 66 in ohio. 99 in florida thatt he would deposit into his delegate count and that could make himent de facto presidential nominee for the go. he would be well over last delegates need getting halfway to that magical number of 1237 to lock in the gop nomination. but again, the voters still at
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to be seen. how donald trump will fair as night goes on. leb here at his marlo largo resort at 9:00 p.m. tonight tiewk supporters and the media after all the polls close and these five states here on this super tuesday too. we're live in palm beach this evening. jeff lennox 7 news. >> craig: okay jeff. >> belkeys: from the republicans to democrats. the polls showing hillary clinton with a big league. >> craig: but bernie sanders shoapg a big voter turnout will make things interesting as the evening wears on. jessica hoy in west palm with more on. that jess. >> reporter: and what h hpens here today do put one candidate far head or lay the ground work work for a much closer race. bernie sanders will be watching the results from arizona. hillary clinton will be right here in west palm beach. >> a little last minute campaigning for hillary clinton. a quick stop ate west palm beach donut shob shop.
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florida with bernie sanders for the democratic presidential nomination. >> yesterday in north carolina, clinton telling reporters she is the right cice. >> i want people who are democrats to look at this election to who could be the strongest democratic nominee@ to whoever the republican candidate is and a think that is most likely me. >> reporter: clinton set to speak in the grand ball room m at the convention center around 9:00 p.m. today more dell graits rup for grabs than ni almost any other day in the pry mare right. clinton hoping to leave bernie behind. meanwhwhe sanders stumping in chicago with hopes of gain mog men tum on this super tuesday siegel. >> there's a large voter turnout. we're going to do just great here in i iinois, missouri and ohio and hopefully north carolina and florida. i think that in the steaks that
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great townts win many of them. we feel very good. sanders getting support in florida with the florida relay walk for bernie sanders wrap in miami. # ndred volunteers hitting the streets and a 17 day relay covering 345 miesms the message, get out and vote for bernie. we want fem to get out and educate themselves and vote for the right candidate. lala minute pushes with the future to believe in and fighting for us as the fight for florida nears an end. and hillary is favored in florida. she won't be able to seat deal with the vote today but she could get a lot closer to the nomination. again, she wilil be speak here tonight at 9:00. and of course we'll be here. reporting live from west palm beach, jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right jessica, keep us posted. >> craig: one thing we're going to watch for thing because a lot of campaigns are thriengd and that is voter turnout. >> belkeys: voters heading to the polls but not much time left
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simmons live at a polling stition in miami for us. robbin. >> reporter: the clock is ticking at fire station no. 2 in the city of miami. it's been very cam but a steady stream of voters come fog in to cast that ballot on a perfect prior primary day. >> for many it took no time at all. >> it's very easy, very fast. from miami beach in th is the first time i voted in a primary. to miami shores it's very porchlt. >> to pompano beach. >> easy process. in and out real quick. >> and to weston. i woont to make sure vit oppopounitier to theer reflect my family and what's important us to. florida's regularts sterd democrats and rup rups heading to the polls for the state's primary. this year huge numbers taking advantage of early veesmght we've had no party affiliated voters showing up to vote but unfortunately we have to tell them they snrotel able to vote
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that a lies to the presidential primary. but dependent vote cers vote on the issues. eerie snroaght miami-dade. 83,005 61. in broward 82, 422. absentee voting strong as well n. miami-dade 114,532. in proro ward 74,873. on theful actual primary day, no major problems in either county and we've probably been worng this election over a year. so we looked at every detail and we're anticipating that it will be a great run for the voters. oop and we are now anticipating farther word from the supervisor of elections of pro bro ward county because 7 news is getting several cars calz from voters that say they were registered anddhey did not change their party affiliation and when that he riefd at the polls today they found they were registered as independent. so the super visor of
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that in broward and in palm beach county. and in palm beach county cousion as well when the voters found the person they wanted to vote for in the primaries was not on their ballot and of course have you to check yawr fill yaition before you vote in florida's closed pry mare right. reporting live in miami. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right robbin. stay with seven for complete election coverage updates throughout the air and throughout night tiewntd minute results any time on our web site at and of course our voice your choice app. >> craig: another big story night just days before his historic stroits havana. the wte house announced a new round of change when it comes to travel and banking with cuba. 7 news reporter alex dprea do has a sampling of reaction from miami's little havana seefntl alex. >> reporter: well, craig, the easing of theets restrictions by the obama administration comes
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plananro test of coincide with president obama's visit to cuba. >> the obama ood ootd niewngs on tuesday people can take peoeoe to people trips on their own instead of exp pensive group towers to cuba. the decision that they hopeful fills travel to the island. and they hope u.s. banks will process cuban trans thaksz pass through the u.s. banking cyst tom tem. the embargo remains in place that only c cgress can appeal. >> we have take wane an excuse that the castro regeme use ford why they couldn't provide greater opportunity or freedom to it's people which was that the heavy hand neighbor to the north was preventing them or sab ba taj them. president obama arrived riefs in cuba on monday and wants to iewtz stroits kick start u.s. business on the island.
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that by lining these restrictions, were better able to engage the cuban people to support them and to build bridges between our two countries. >> reporter: the wall street journal reports at&t star wood hotels and marriott are to work complete deals with cuba. critics easing restriction say it comes at a price. in the president's visit to cuba is nothing but a glorified trade admission to bring investment to a global dictatotohip which is beating and reasing hundreds of cubans every week to remain in power. congress woman eleana ross layton saying u.s.ower must focus lesson eegz our regulations and putting more pressure on the castro growths to unclench the fist that o presses the cuban people. >> reporter: and here in little havana on sunday as the president prepares to go to
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it's at 11:00 a.m. at bay of pigs memorial. we're liven little what 507 news. >> craig: stay with 7 news and for mon more on the president's upcoming visit. we'll be in what snrafnlt watch for our live report starting friday today in florida. >> >> belkeys: omg up from the newsplex. a south florida school grateful for a generous gift. >> craig: just one station has it. >> >> reporter: a heartbreak story. have you to see this because it has turned into a beautiful wharmingt action. >> lynn: rosh lowe. the exclusive next.
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ierks on just one station students gaight valuable rest on in generosity from a business 234567b89 a thief stole money meant for their field trip. >> belkeys: but then someone bhaid sure that trip will go on. rosh lowe n- live in mie with the exclusive. rosh. >> reporter: and here it is
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heartbreak intoo happiness. >> >> that means whoever shares the most will get the best part of it. >> this isbout giving back. the gesture so immense it brings tears to thize of children. these children attend la preva see va presbyterian school in mii. rafael nunez a businessman sought story on 7 news monday. main broke into the school and stole a safe with five grand inside. thanks to the community. it's who we are and what we mentor and we would like to give back to the community and if every one did, that it would be a much better well world. >> >> reporter:2that was money that the students raised for a field trip this week. >> he came to the school with five grand. >> i would like to come one day and be able to see you alll maybe be the president of the united states. >> thank you for luge us to go
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thank you. let me gift back story. rafael nunez grew up in this yairks rins a local business. he didn't want the name of the business mentioned because he is not doing this for publicity. he is doing this for his movement thanks to her. i have her up there and a think she is the one that told me, today is the day. >> you're mom is proud of you look down on you now. >> i'm sure. yes. >> >> reporter: grateful he can give back and this story touch sod many that miami heat also donated $5000 as well as other blessing from ove. i always say god provides and he definitely does. >> reporter: the children here are so happy but in the meantime miami police still need your help. sphruny information on this case, the thief is still out there tonight. call crime stoppers
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're live in miami. rosh lowe. 7 ws. >> craig: all right rosh. >> belkeys: sthaild tear theer night live pike tiewfers the polling station. miami, 45 minutes or so leftt of voice your choice across south florida. if you haven't done so, get out% there and vote. >> >> craig: af and after that team deep tuned because we'll have coverage throughout the evening right here. we'll be right back.
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>> >> now w4r7 with chief
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>> all right so. average high for this time of year is between 78 and 80 degrees. we're boof that today. key west 82. we topped off miami and fort lauderdale with a temperature of 87 degrees. and it could be even warmer tomorrow. right now fort lauderdale still reporting 86. check out pembroke pines. 88. 82 in miami and theool spot. key west 79 degrees. the wind out of south su southeast. the humidity 65%. here's storm tracker. today we hey couple sprinkles here and there. a few showers across deep southern miami-dade county. but right now looking mostly dry and that's thousand will be tonight and tomorrow. now, once again tonight there, say chance for some fog developing that could stick around througharly tomorrow morning. no advisories, if you're planning ooing boaterring to night biscayne bay with a light chch. for nut florida keys, the wind vair able. seas beyond the reef one to 2 feet. next high tide in miami.
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2:36 in fort lauderdale. key largo the next high tide after 3:00 in the morning 4:49 in key west. so for thing. clear skies. chance of over night fog. the lows will be right around the low 50e6789s what's average here is about 65 degrees. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. 82 for a high in the keys. 87 fort lauderdale. 88 miami. here's your extended out look. still pretet hot on thursday and friday. a few showers moving in for the weekend ahead of a front that could bring ouremperatures down. and by the way, sunday, that's your first day of spring. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> it's on t plan b or c or d. the dolphins do not get running back cj anderson. the denver broncos matched the off spher and they keep anderson. denver had 'til 4:00 today to put up or lose. they the dolphins lost particular mililr free agents and right now they are damian wi anlz on their roster. first practice today for coach canene coach mark rifntle rick has them for 15 practices and ends with the sprik interest squad game on april 16th. first time rick seize his new
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it was the first day coaching ever. >> i didn't sleep hardly at all last night. i didn't think i would be that way but last night i couldn't get my. i got myize closed but i couldn't sleep. but a lot of anticipation. a lot of things running through my mind and making sure all the drills were ght. a little bit of butterflies going in day one. rest up coat. the canes basketball team say four-point favorite in luf buf low in rhode island on thursday night canes left campus late this afternoon. not driving just took the bus to the airport canes ranked ten nj in the whole country and expected to do deep in the tournament. you're excited. yfer energized. it's like it's a whole another season tblawpped a couple weeks and you know furks play well, you move on. if you stutu your toarks you're coming home. >> good luck coach.
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night and the heat win in ken vemplet justice and richardson combined. winslow lead the team with 20. richardson gets the stloa down and heaz three #, three-pointers. heat beat nuggets 124 to 119. and we call ourself the mofnlt we come out maingd it lig and you know try to makee it not fun to play against us. great when you got two rookies scoring the way these guys have been scoring putting some games together so that makes us a good team. in toronto that's drake quawk at chicago bulls player justin hole owe day. you don't got this. you don't got this. a it worked. holiday called for not getting the balls in bound in time. that worked but to pron tron lost the game to chicago. panthers play at mon tree a. good luck tonight. division two, sweet 16. huntsville an alabama.
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at's all i good. back to belkeys and craig. >> craig: thanks a lot steve. >> belkeys: that's does it for us at 6:00. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. 7 news at 6:30 is next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at six 30e. now at 6:30, once again all eyes on the sunshine ste. the steaks are high and the pressure is on. as candidates fight for f frida. >> lynn: it is race against `time and the race for the white house. here's a live look at one of many polling precincts in south florida and there's only 30 minutes left to make your vote count. good ening everybody. four candidates on both sides. tonight could be the very beginning fort very end. let's talk about the republican front here. thfront runner donald trump timing prevent rivals from narrowing the delegate bap but
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determined gain approval from his home state. from palm beach broward to miami-dade county. we have live team 7 covovage on the fight for florida. let's begin with 7's jefef lennox he is live in palm beach where donald trump willspeak later on tonight. jeff. >> reporter: danielle and lynn, we can tell you that over the last couple of weeks, donald trump has been on an all out blitz across the five states voting on this tuesday. north carolina, illinois, missouri and ohio and florida fla but his primary focus has been on ohio and florida. those are the two winner take all contest on this tuesday n. ohio we can tell y y heaz been going hard off john kasich, ot hi o govenor hoping to thaij out of race. they are in a dead lock heat as those polls look to close at 7:00 tonight. and here in the sunshine state donald trump has had several events over the last couple of weeks and hitting riewb hard hoping that after tonight rubio


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