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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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huge night. >> in the race for the white house. >> voters in several big states. >> voicing their choice. >> but the biggest prize of the entire night is. >> florida. >> as it usually does it comes down to florida. >> i'm excited about the upcoming contest including right here in florida. >> i le boca. i love florida. >> let's win here. in florida on tuesday. >> god bless miami. >> i'm not spending time in florida. we are going wig with team 7 coverage. >> right now on south florida's
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the. while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever and while today my campaign is suspended t-the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> you heard it there. it is over for florida's junior senator. he was banking on a victory inhis home state. hello everyone. >> this contest not even close. donald trump didn't just win. he dominated florida.( hillary clinton made it look easy as well with nearly double the amount of votes as bernie sanders here in the sunshine state. we have coverage from miami-dade all the way up to palm beach butp we begin with patrick frazier and the latest numbers. patrick. >> all right. state of florida turned their ba on rubio and pointed the finger at donald trump. donald trump won the republican
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florida 46-27 nearly 19 percentage points ahead of e u.s. senator from florida a surprisingly easy victory for donald trump. now on the democratic side even easier for hillary clinton. she won florida handedly almost 2-1 over bernie sanders in the state of florida. the other big state ohio donald trump couldn't beat out kasich, the governor of ohio. he got the first big victory there 45-37 over trump on the democratic side another victory for hillary clinton. doing very well tononht. right there hillary clinton 58rit there hillary clinton 58-42 over bernie sanders. as for the other states take a look right vow donald trump has won florida. illinois. and north carolina. john kasich has won ohio. on the democratic side lock at hillary clinton. so far she's 3 for 3. florida. north carolina. ohio. she leads illinois. she trails in missouri so we'll see how that turns out.
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these are what you need to get nominated. right now. donald tru has 5 68 he needs 1237.ted cruz 370. right behind him. on the democratic sididhillary clinton almost 2-1 over bernie sanders. she's doing very well tonight and craig and belkys, we'll see how those other states turn out. two more keeping an eye on illinois the democratic side and missouri democrat and republican we get the results for you in the next hour or so and we'llring it to you. >> check backith you and donald trump a big winner tonight. >> big night for him speaking in palm beach and we'll dip in for just a moment. >> the our whole squad, rit? so when this began my wife and i i said got to do it. she's supportive and so supportive it has been amazing and we have to do it. we came down the escalator and about trade and it was about borders and what happenen is
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i shot right to the top of the polls and have been leading in the polls almost from the beginning. without fail. we went up in june. most people said i'll never runmost people said i'll never run. just going to have fun. he's having a good time. this isn't necessarily -- i'm having a good time. you know having a very nice time butou know what i'm working very hard and there is great anger believe me there is great anger. the one of the broadcasters was saying is there anger i said i'm supposed to say no there's not we love the way things are rking we love the dial made with iran. it's wonderful. give them 150 billion dollars we get nothing. we love the tradedeeals are wonderful. you lose 500 billion dollars a year witchina. we lose 58 billion dollars a year in terms of im balance. it's a total im balance. we don't make good deals any more. we don't win any more. asa country we don't win any
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i said there is anger. not angry people but they want to see the country properly run. they want to see borders. want to see good health care. they want to see things properly taken care of. they want our military rebuilt. our military is ih a very bad state. they want it rebuilt. very, very importantly and they want the second amendment by t`e way protected and protected strongly. that's going to happen. the do you know what they want so badly. they want our veterans taken care of. our veterans are treated so badly. the so we started and something happened called happened and paris was a disaster. that was, there have been many disasters but it was paris and then we had a case in los angeles where it was in california where the 14 young
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goes on and on and on and what happened with me. >> we'll spurpt here. donald trump delivering remarks to supporters up in palm beach. big night for him wins in florida, illinois and north carolina. >> jeff has been there at trump headquarters allfternoon. he's in the room firsthand listening to donald trump make his speech. jeff take it away. >>reporter: big night here for donald trump. we are in the donald j trump ballroom at the resort here. you can see behind me and you heard donald trump at the podium. large crowd of supporters here to help donald trump soak in this win. again he won 99 delegates here in florida. he knocked rubio out of the race to a big win in the sunshine state here tonight for donald trump. want to go ahead and transition over to ohio. that was a loss for donald trump here earlier this eveningtrump here earlier this evening. he lost that re to the ohio governor kasich. he takes 66 delegates in that
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listen to kasich right now. he talked at university in south west cleveland a little bit earlier tonight about his win in ohio. take a listen. >> to have people believe new and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. that's all i can tell you. i love you. >> and i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> kasich said would he step out of the race if he didn't win ohio but did he win ohio. 66 delegates in his pocket and you can hear the crowd going wild behind me. big group of supporters and much more from him come up throughout the evening. we are live in palm beach, 7 news night team. >> check back with you. >> as he had been saying
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for senator rubio. did well in south florida but was badly beaten and the rest of the state. >> his race for the white house is over. sheldon fox live at fiu west miami-dade where he made that nouns in the meantime front of his supporters. sheldon? >>reporter: you can call this a roller coaster day and night for rubio. the day started with his camp preparing for what they called a celebration. but the night ended with an exit the. >> while today my campaign is suspended. >>reporter: with the woeful money of hometown supporters rubio race to the white house is over. >> while this may not have been a year for hopeful optimistic message about our future, i stilll remain hopeful operate mit particular about america. the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. i ask the miles per hour people
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the do not give in to the frustration. we candice agree about public policy. we can kiss agree about it vibrantly passionately butute are a hopeful people and have every right to be hopeful. >> rubio hopeful about winning florida. what he banked on to keep the presidential campaign alive. but he lost. and so the night his camp initially labeled a primary celebration on fiu campus ended when donald trump took the sunshine state tuesday night which caused the miami born senator toned his bid for president. >> this year we will not be on the winning side. >> members of the crowd with fiu arena were overcome with shock and in some cases grief. >> i feel shook for america. they let a good man lose and i just tell it's a sad day. >> big victory for hilary. >>reporter: rubio had had who haha never lost an election in
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7 news earlier hours before those votes were tallied that he wasn't dropping ouw. >> no we are going to be campaigning next week on tuesday and tomorrow in utah and would i just caution everybody about thes polls. i am telling you they are just not being conducted the way >>reporter: he changed his tune. thanked supporters and family and said goodbye to the 2016 presidential election. stichlts sent out a written trananript congratulating donald trump and saying a lot of what he said in his speech knitted cruz also sent out a statement praising rubio the person calling rubio a friend and colleague. praising his personal story as well. the we are live tonight in west miami-dade o the campus of fiu. sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> all right. >> and the other republican of the evening have not heard a lot about ted cruz. his finishes have not been
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these are life pictctes from houston where we anticipate he will meet with supporters who near future. >> still wait to go hear from him over texas his home state that he won in that primary a couple of weeks ago but then we stay with the picture and when the ted cruz approaches the podium there we get back to it as soon as he talks to his supporters. >> tuck to the democrat there. bernie sanders had hoped for big upset again in the the rust belt area. >> but hillary clinton held off the challenge in a key contest and others. jessica holly continues our coverage now. she's at clinton rally in west palmeach. jessica? >> all i quiet about 30 minute ago this was a huge party at the palm beach county convention center and hillary clinton supporters have plenty to celebrate today. let's go to the videoeo. hillary clinton went to the podium shortly after 9:00 o'clock. ming in to packed ballroom tonight. clinton hoping to put more distance between herself and
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did just that. clinton celebrating her victory today and speaking to the middle class america. listen >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. thank you florida. thank you north carolina. thank you ohio. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. good paying jobs are the ticket to the middle class and we are going to stand up for the american middle class again. we are going to stand up for american workers. and make sure no one takes advantage of us. not china. not wall street and not over paid corporate executives. >>reporter: and she left thth
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i have still got a lot of fight left in me but bernie sanders may be the one who will need a lot of fight at this point. he was hoping to pick up somemomentum instead the battle got even more difficult in the race% for the nomination. sanders was in arizona watching the result. he took the stage at the phoenix convention center holding on to a we can win attitude. >> this is a huge crowd. phoenix are you ready for a political revolution? the or are you tired of a
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our economy? >> well if you are youave come to the right place. >> and in the end the super tuesday sequel as many are calling t goes to hillary clinton. reporting live in west palm beach, jessica, 7 news. >> then three in the g.o.p. race. what is next for t republicans and what about the democrat can sanders close that delegate gap with hillary clinton. we'll talk to our 7 news political analyst just ahead. >> back her at home. some issues direly affecting south florida communities were also on the ballot. >> couple project but only one would pass. 54 percent of voters voting for a new hotel at the reconfigured convention center that falls shoror of the 60 percent needed to proceed with that project. meanwhilethere were no problems for major project along the miami river. 72 percent of the voters supporting a massive new
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riverside war. liz is live for us on the pweevrp at the convention center with more on all this. >> the city of miami beach will be renovate thanksgiving convention center in the future but 5 out of the 6 miami beach commissioners plus the mayor here were all hoping to pass a privately funded deal for hotel that would have gone alongside with this convention center but unfortunately tonight that is not the case. celebrating the demise of what might have been on miami beach. >> we the stopped a a massive hotel that was out of scale that would have increased the traffic here on miami beach. >>reporter: 25 story 800 room hotel that would have looked something like this the the could have served as the head quarter hotel to the city convention center. >> we all understand we need a hotel and convention center but don't think this is the right hotel and it's not not right spot. >>reporter: privately funded
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land just across the street from miami beach city hall from the city for 99 years. >> 54 percent over half of the voters on miami bea said we need this hotel. that's really great news tivrjts 60 percent of miami beach voters had tounch yes on the ballot. so this project in this draft won't move forward t. >> we see this happeningbecause it need to happen. our competitionas head quarter. we have hotel on the beach. nobody questions that. we don't have a head quarter hotel. we are at competitive disadvantata. >> i don't think we want to the define ourselves as convention center city. we are miami beach. >>porter: across the bay in city of miami private development mighthte moving a little faster. miami voters said yes tuesday to plan for riverside wharf. privately funded 58,000 square foot river front complex that
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>> miami beach city commission is scheduled to meet as part of the regularly scheduled meeting and the commissioner say this is very likely to be discussed on how they will move forward on putting together a new plan for hotel. we are live on miami beach, 7 news night time. reminder. good time now to show is your choice app for the latest for the campaign trail. >> and now just days before major meeting in cuba big changes from the oval office. but not everyone is on board with the president's plan. >> shameful that a policy of unconditional surrender castro regime has taken place. >> night team with reaction before the historic visis. >> president obama says new measures and personal visit to the island is just the beginning in a long process for change. >> critic complain he's giving up far too much though and danielle has more on this danielle.
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but now just days away from the visit they want unthinkable notion that relation between the long g me faux not exactly friendly could result in the easing of@ some restriction is not so unthinkable after all. obama administration announceobama administration announcing on tsday people can take people to people trip on their own instead of expenenve group tours to cuba. it's a measure the administration hopes will help fill demand for direct u.s. flights to the island. in addition the administration is allowing u.s. banks to process cuban transactions that pass through the u.s. banking system. embargo does remain in pce which only congress can repeal. >> we have taken away an excuse that castro regime consistently used for why it couldn't provide greater opppptunity or freedom to its people. which was that at the time heavy handed neighbor to the
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or sabotageor sabotaging this president obama arrives in cuba on monday and want to use the visit to kick start u.s. business on i isla. >> simple basis of our policy is that by loosee engine the restrictions we are better able toen game the cuban people to support them and to build bridges between our two countrybridges between our two country. >> wall street journal reports at&t star wood hotel and resorts and marriott are all working to complete deals with cuba. critic of easing restriction say it comes at a price. >> the president visit to cuba is nothing but a glorified trade mission to bring investment to a dictatorship that is beating and argue hundreds of cuban every week to remain in power. >> congresswoman latent saying quote u.s. policy must focus less on easing our regulations and more on putting pressure on the castro brothers to unclinch
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cuban people end quote. >> and on sunday here at home there will be a protest at the bay of pigs memorial against obama visit to cuba. >> we are live in the plex, i'm danielle knox 7 news night team. stillhead t.from the night team. >> one south florida school hit hard by burglar. but generous 7 news viewer giving a lesson in generosity. >> we would like to tchb better. >> just one station with the story. >> south florida officer filmed slapping a homeless man. now it's time for trial and did corrections officers refuse to help cops when the prisoner tried to escape?? investigative reporter carmel
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thiss a tough story to watch.
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florida school depriving kids of a special trip but tonight the crime is being overshadowed by kindness. it's a story you will see on just one station. >> 7 news viewer came to the rescue with generous gift. rosh lowe is live at the school in miami to share this exclusive now rosh? >>reporter: yes this was a heart breaking story. wewe were out here yesterday. people were absolutely devastated by what they saw here. thief stealing money essentially from children. but the heart wrenching st_ry turns in a heart warming story because of generosity. >> st that means whoever shares the most will get the west part of it. >>reporter: this is about giving back. the gesture so immense it brings tears to the eyes of children. the children attend this presbyterian school in miami. rafael a businessman saw the
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man broke into the school and stole a safe with 5 grand inside. >> thanks to the community. it's who we are and what we are made for and we would like to give back to the community and everybody did that it would be a much better world.d. >>reporter: that was money the students raised for a field trip this week. so he came to the school with 5 grand. >> it t s shocking. to see like a school that i grew up in to see all that happen and it's nice of them to come and h hp us. >> i did it for you guys okay. i would like to come one daye able to see you all maybe a president of the united states. tuever know. >>reporter: let me give you theack story. rafael nunez grew up in this area. he runs a local business. he didn't want the name of the business mentioned because he's not doing this forth publicity. he's doing this he tells me for his mom. >> thanks to her she's the first one i have her up there. i think show told me today is the day. >>reporter: your mom is proud
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>> yes. the. >>reporter: gratefufu he can give back and this story touched so many that miami heat also donated 5000 dollars as well as other businesses. >> it has been a blessing from above. god provides and he definitely does. >>reporter: students here so grateful they will be able to go on the field trip but in the mean time miami police still need to catch the guy. if you know who he is and that video is so clear pick up the phone, call crime stoppers. the number is here on the screen. this is the last piece of the puzzle here. closure f the students. live in miami tonight, 7 news night team. >> time for trial for south florida cop caught slapping a homeless man. officer victor are mile an hourness court facing two counts of battery and one count of falsifying reports after caught on camera shoving bruce leclair to the ground and then slapping him.
10:26 pm
of 2015. 59-year-old homeless man sleeping at bench at bus terminal when it happens. >> it hurt to have him around me and i didn't, it kind of shocked me that he had grabbed me. >> today both side rested. jury will begin deliberating the case tomorrow morning. >> south florida teen air-lifted to the hospital. miami-dade fire rescue respond to go south dade high school in south miami-dade. after the spectator was hitn the face by a foul ball during baseball game. >> happened on third baseline. kid got hit right below the eye with a foul ball. >>reporter: the 17-year-old reportedly going in and out of consciousness air-lifted to ken today regional medical center. >> tonight 7 news has learned of two law enforcement investigations centered around one question. >> did corrections officers refuse to help police officers
10:27 pm
to esce on miami dade county jail. >> investigative reporter carmel is on the case. >> according to his arrest report 32-year-old johnny gomez was wearing only underwear at this north west miami-dade gas station when he was busted for dui last month. but when miami-dade police officers broad gomez to the correctional facility in west miami-dade they say the routine arrest became anything but routine. gomez reportedly became combative and when police officers needed help from corrections officers they didn't get it. 7 news has obtained miami-dade police incident report. it indicates gomez became quote extremely irate and agitated during processing. and struck an officer in the chest as he tried to escape from the facility. instead of helping the police officer reported a corrections
10:28 pm
hands on him because he's not in our custody. he's all yours. >> report goes on state gomez continued pushing the officer and got out of the building and into an out door holding area. officers partner who was outside saw what was happening. rushedo help but he was also hit in the chest by gomez. according to the report corrections person tell stayed inand even closed the door separating them from the struggling police officer. officers called for emergency back up because the correctional officers on site refused to help. more police officers arrived and gomez was restrained. miami-dade corrections rehabilitation turned down our request for an interview citing active investigation but since 7 news, a statement and part it read mdcr continues to support our law enforcement partners and willlways provide ahmed yacht assistance or back up &
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we standby our reputation of professionalism and commitment to keeping the community safe. miami-dade police is also investigating and also turned down our request for an interview. mayor jimiz says he's wait to go see what the investigations reve. >> i'm aware of the incident buthe two agencies are looking at it from the perspective in terms of where the officers each respective officer they cooperated with each other or not and the accident of the disagreent. >>reporter: meanwhile gomez iss charged with dui, batxery on raw enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. he has pleaded not guilty. carmel, 7 news. >> 7 news request police radio call and surveillance video in the case were also denied. if there is something you think carmel should investigate give her a call or send herer e-mail to this web site.
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>> back to the fight for florida. not close. not at all. donald trump winning thesunshine state. he also north carolina and illinois. he couldn't edge out governor kasich in hisome statement kasich pulled off pretty big win in ohio. >> billing night for hillary clinton. she chalked up victory with florida, north carolina and ohio. more on the race for the white
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we have been calling it the fight for in but didn't look like much of a fight at all. >> two candidates walked away with rather easy wins. patrick frazier back in the plex with the latest numbers patrick. >> well, florida republican voters didn't just turn the back on rubio. they punched him in the gut. look at this giving trump a victory and easy victory.
10:33 pm
state of florida. 46-27. on the democratic sidevery easy for hillary clinton. take a look at the numbers. almost 2-1 over bernie sanders. now let's breakdown miami-dade broward and monroe county donald trump lost to marco rubio. 63-22. nice victory in home county for marco rubio. on the democratic side hillary clinton 3-1 over bernie sandersclinton 3-1 over bernie sanders. now let's go t tbroward county and look at the republicans. marco rubio lost and broward county convincingly to donald trump. look at. that 49-28. democrat hillary clinton againin almost 3-1. monroe county republicans donald trump again spanking marco rubio 54-percent 24 percent. hillary clinton with clean sweep 55-43. back out live i notice two things in dade county one
10:34 pm
wasn't running. it was jeb bush. and so far i have gone acrs about 15 counties and state of florida marco rubio only one one county that was miami-dade county. nott just bad night for him, a horrible night across the state of florida. >> disappoioiing seem to be the under statement wouldn't it for the rubio campaign as reported the primary result will now reshape the political landscape going forward. >> f each u professor and 7 news political analyst is back with us this evening. brian your thoughts on tonight's result on rubio specifically let's start with that that was the big upset of the night. > i'm not certain i'm very surprised. the for the entire of the polling we have been pulling out of florida rubio poll 20 plus percentnte points behind donald trump. so i'm not sure we should be too surprised by the results. i know that rubio was challenging a lot of the polling that was coming out and
10:35 pm
going to dominate florida. i think maybe he's a little surprised that in fact trump did domestic tonight florida and the polling was quite accurate. so again i'm not incredibly surprised. i think these are the results that at least many analyst in the field that have been following the campaign here in florida expected. >> i think i probably use the wrong choice of word. it was an upset not so much an upset but all day long even this morning he had been saying i'm going to win. i'm going to go and even if i don't win i'm going to stay in the race. that part was a little rprising and he comes out and says i'm done. >> you are absolutely right i didn't expect it either. i think earlier this evening i talked about how i thought rubio would stay in the race. i didn't think he would concede is evening. i tell you he lost by such a significant portion. of votes that i think that he was the devastated. certainly he played up he thought he would win.
10:36 pm
i didn't think he had a shot. dominating in the election today. but i certainly difficult think he would win -- lose by nearly 19 points. i think that was the nail. >> let's look at the front runner here. donald trump because a win in florida and win in ohio would have made it difficult to stop his momentum headingng into the cop convention. he did not win ohio. kasich did. how does this complicate the math for him going forward and now you have senator rubio and all the delegates out there floating around. >> that's right. so you have marco rubio delegates roughly 166. plus the delegates kasich has won so far and those are up in the air. thoho could go to support senator cruz if the republican establishment or the camp can certainly gather behind senator cruz in the hopes of defeating trump for the nomination. i think it complicates things. i think what you fine the contest will get really fierce very short period of time.e. as we try to avoid a contested
10:37 pm
>> quick i don't want to leave you before we talk about the democrat. senator clinton won as she was expeed to to if florida. pulled out a win in ohio. how do the numbers look obtain democratic side going forward. >>reporter: thiss is secretary clinton's race. it's interesting because secretary clinton essentially following the same recipe that president obama followed in his first tenure defeating secretary clinton for the nomination in 2008 but again she has been dominant this entire primary race. i don't expect that to change. i was really surprised at the margin of victory in ohio. i thought it would be closer but she swept ohio cleay. i. >> think the sanders people thought that too for awhile. all right our political science expert thank you so much. >> thanks guys. keep it here. night team is not overet. >> tomorrow on 7 news at 10:00.
10:38 pm
frazier with a look at the next help me howard. niece his 80's. suffered with polio all his life. but oh, boy what a fighter. and now niece a real battle over 12,000 dollars he says he's owed. >> difference indeed getting necessary and not custodial re and tlevr entitled to get back to the money i was paid. >>reporter: rich says rehab center got paid by insurance and is now making him pay with the insurance company didn't pay. can they do t tt. if you have health insurance you might want to help me
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a. >> it was a hot day today across south florida. high of 82 in key west. 87 in miami. also topping off fort lauderdale with 87 degrees. what is average is about 78 degrees to 80. we were we above that. as a matter of fact some areas hohoywood today for example had a high of 90 degrees. right now mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 70's. pompano beach still reporting a temperature of 80 degree. wind out of the west south west 17 miles per hour. humidity at 72 percent. we have had some fast moving showers tonight. moving west to east. they should clear out by midnight and then we look at clear skies with the possibility of more fog developing over the western suburb. some of that could sneak in into the metropolitan area by day break tomorrow. so it could be slow going again
10:42 pm
isn't slow enough. you may i have to deal with that. here's the marine forecast. no advisory. wind will be variable. biscayne bay smooth. for you throughout the florida keys the wind out of the east. 5 to 10. coastal waters with a light chop. men while next high tide 3:48. 3:43 fort lauderdale. 4:11 key largo in for new key west. 6:09. clear skies a chance for fog. overnight low in the 70's. now by tomorrow high in the low 80's for the keys. upper 80's fort lauderdale miami. i wouldn't be surprised to see another 90 degree reading. thirst we could be flirting with record heat. we stay warm through friday. owers saturday and sunday before we cool down. by the way sunday that's the first day of spring. that's the 7 on 7.
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for empire return any longer. hang in there because we are st weeks away. this is not the same music power house we were introduced to in season 1. >> n n we have the star inside look at the mid season premier. >> finally. most of us have our favorite character on empire. one of mine jamal. played by jessie. tonight the star tells us what is next for the formidable lions family. can't stop the fire from rising. rising. >> the wait is almost over. >> empire music dra is set to return to the small screen injust a few weeks.s. >> wait wait wait hold on. last time i checked mimi and you i were can democrat on
10:46 pm
in the mean time actor jessie who plays jamal the son of lucius lion headad of empire record dishing on upcoming spring pre-more of season two. you are going to see lucius and cookie coming together to bring their family to fix us because we are so broken. >>reporter: jesse says everyone seems to be feuding family always comes first. >> through the drama of empire and through the company and through crazy six and music and all this type o@ stuff, somehow we fend our way back to center e-jessie says the character jamal finds his voice again. >> if you notice in the first part of the second season jamal music was very clean. it was very pop and sort of had like this glaze over it. this glaze of beauty but that's not really who jamal was from e beginning. from the beginning he was a very strip down soul artist.. >> when jessie isn't starring on empire he loves making his
10:47 pm
>> i freaking love miami so much. i don't know what to do with myself. mean literally like i love miami. >> and of coursese the feeling is mutual. >> don't miss the secononhalf of season 2 of empire. the spring season premier right here on 7 wednesday march 30t 9 p.m. >> we were waiting to hear from ted cruz the only candidate who hasn't spoken all night on theall important primary night and here he is. >> speaking to supporters at the hyatt regency in houston. we turn this arnd and much more at 11:00 o'clock stay tune
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i was waiting. wait to go see if the panthers would have any ill effects tonight at montreal after the collapse last ght against the islanders. first period panthers in white. riley smith to brian campbell. to vincent. panthers lead 1 nothing. same score in the second. panthers power play. purchase sell to erin. his shot. he knocks it out of mid heir
10:51 pm
t.goes for the wrap around. cleans up with the rebound. panthers lead 3 nothing. it was 3-1 in the third. hubert to alexander. gets the stick on it. for 23rd in the season ties yager. panthers win 4-1 temporarily back in first placetemporarily back in first place. boston plays later. what do they do now. dolphins do not get restricted free agent running back cj anderson. broncos match the dolphins offer and keep anderson. fins offer was 4 years 18 million. they lose out on anderson. they lost milner free agency. right now the dolphins have the jay and williams on their roster. and they still have back up quarterback matt moore free agent was believed to be gone. today moore signed two year contract for 3.5 million. that's more than a 50% pay cut to stay with the dolphins. everyone knows nenecanes
10:52 pm
fully involved first day of spring practice. first practice ever for rick with the canan. he's essentially head coach and offensive coordinator. here's coach. with a really cool hat and sunglassss. fought only coach of the qb but heavily involved in the installation of the offense calling the offense play and that is fun and challenge but that's kind of what got me here to begin with. >> it's all about the details and doing things right. he always gets it right. expects the whole team to do the right thing every single play. >> 15 practices in the spring. many hoops team open the ncaa tournament thursday night against rhode island. canes left this afternono practice up there tomorrow. game is thursday night at 6:50 contains no. 3 seed. favored by 14 points over buffalo. >> we e excited. the we are looking forward the t.we have just have to keep having fun.
10:53 pm
energize. it's like is a whole other season all wrapped up in just a uple of weeks. >>reporter: i'm excited too. gulf coast beat dickinson tonight in the ncaa. barry university advances to the elite 98 division two. barry beat huntsville alabama tonight. 87-83. go buck. kansasasity royals manager in the middle inspired to break brick by motivation speaker moore. yost gets the job done. but he rips the heck out of hisarm. moore spoke to the players he rips license plate and phone book in half. tell the younger people who phone book are. marlins lost to the mets 8-6
10:54 pm
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the. that's a wrap for u first at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> stay tune.
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big night in the race for the white house. >> today my campaign is suspended. >> 5 states at stake. including florida. we have complete night team coverage of the primary fight. >> hello wcome everyone. >> big night of news continues now on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. the. the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the. >> hello again everybody. senator rubio is out tonight. trounced in the florida primary by donald trump. >> hlary clinton also rolling in the sunshine state. we have coverage across south florida from miami to palm beach. but we begin with patrick and look at some of the final numbersment patrick. >> not a surprising loss for
11:00 pm
donald trump won florida and take a look at the numbers in the state of florida. u.s. senator from florida got beat 46-27 by donald trump if his home state. now move on to the democratic side. hillary clinton withh an easy victory she was expected to win easily and she did. almost 2-1 over bernie sanders. another big state ohio. winner there johnasich the governor of ohio carried the state and he beat donald trump in his state on the democratic side ather victory for hillary clinton. she expected to win of ohio but won much easier than people thought she would. now let's take a look at the victory for the candidates. right now donald trump has won florida. illinois. north carolina. and he's close in missouri in tight fighghwith ted cruz. john kasich won ohio. that's a victory for him his first on the democrat is side hillary clinton, florida, north carolina, io and hoping to


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