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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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donald trump won florida and take a look at the numbers in the state of florida. u.s. senator from florida got beat 46-27 by donald trump if his home state. now move on to the democratic side. hillary clinton withh an easy victory she was expected to win easily and she did. almost 2-1 over bernie sanders. another big state ohio. winner there johnasich the governor of ohio carried the state and he beat donald trump in his state on the democratic side ather victory for hillary clinton. she expected to win of ohio but won much easier than people thought she would. now let's take a look at the victory for the candidates. right now donald trump has won florida. illinois. north carolina. and he's close in missouri in tight fighghwith ted cruz. john kasich won ohio. that's a victory for him his first on the democrat is side hillary clinton, florida, north carolina, io and hoping to
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close races there. now the delegates. all important delegates donald trump with 6 19. ted cruz with 394. you need 1237. so it's going to be a tough fight moving forward. on the democratic side hillary clinton looks to be in very good shape. she now has 1488. and she needs 2383. now if you wonder how the neighbors voted take a look at this. miami-dade county donald trump lost to marco rub. 22-63. it's what you would expect. on the democratic side hillary clinton 3-1 over bernie sandersclinton 3-1 over bernie sanders. now let's move to broward county and look. marco rubiodid not win broward county. donald trump beat him 49-28. that is surprising. on the democratic side hillary clinton in democratic county did very well 73-26. and down in monroe county again donald trump beat marco rubio and look at that.
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44-24 on the democratic side hillary clinton 55-43 another easy victory for her. one final thing. i have been going through the numbers across the state and so far the onlyy county marco rubio won in the state of florida that we have been able to find is dade county. stunningly difficult night forth u.s. senator from florida. >> no doubt about that. all right patrick. >> coverage continues now with closer look at these g.o.p. race this is evening. >> jeff is covering the big winner florida. donald trump but we begin with sheldon fox who is covering senator rubioho was dealt a very devastating loss as patrick mentioned. he's at fi uchl west miami-dade. sheldon? >> it was the ultimate roller coaster day belkys for rubio. his day started with his camp planning what they call a celebration. but his night ended with an exit.
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suspended. >> with the woeful money from crowd of hometown supporters rubio race to the white house is over. >> while this may not have been the 84 for hopeful and optimistic message about our future i still remain hopeful and of the mystic about america. fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. i asked the american people do not do not give in to the fear. do not give in to the ustration. we candice agree about public policy.( disagree about it vibrantly passionately but we are a hopeful people and we have every right to be hopeful. >> rubio was hopeful about winning florida. it's what he banked on to keep the presidential campaign alivethe presidential campaign alive. but he lost. and so the night his camp initially labeled a primary celebration on fiu campus ended when donald trump took the sunshine state tuesday night which caused the miami born senator to end his bid for
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>> this year we will not be on the winning side. >>reporter: members of thth crowd with fi uchl arena overcome with shock and grief. >> i feel sad for america. l they let a really good man lose and i just it's a sad day. >> big victory for hilary. big loss for rubio. >>reporter: he never lost an election in florida until tuesday told 7 news arlier hours before those votes were tallied that he wasn't dropping out. >> no. we are going to be campaigning next week oh tuesday and tomorrow in utah and i would just caution everybody about these polls. i am telling you they are just not being conducted the way they once were. >>reporter: but he changed his tune. thand his supporters and family. and said goodbye to the 2016 presidential election. and he also congratulated
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released after that speech here at fiu. ted cruz also released a statement of his own congratulati rubio on his efforts praising rubio the persononnd also wishing rubio and his family well. were live tonight in west miami-dade on the campus of fiu sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> all right sheldon. >> well from senator rubio suspending his campaign to the republican front runr wracking up the votes and the delegates nishingts jeff lennox live in palm beach with the trump folks jeff. >> yes really no other way to size thi up. this was a very big tonight for donald trump and his supporters his staff here at the resort just finished speak to go them a few moments ago. talking about the big night. he talked about how he condition unify this party as he seeks out the g.o.p. nomination. in the process of winning all of florida 99 delegates tonight he knocked south florida
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>> sunshine state shining on donald trump. florida delivering 99 delegates in its winner take all primary. trump delivering a knock out blow to florida senator rubio. ultimately ending rubio path to the ite house. >> i want to congratulate rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough. 's smart and he's got a great future. >> trump in recent week turned up the heat in ohio. adding extra rally and speeches while locked in a tight race with ohio governor kasich for weeks. trump said kasich failed as governor and much the same if elected president. but trump efforts though falling short in the buckeye state. kasich takes the win along with his state's 66 delegates. kasich says he's ride thanksgiving wave all the way to the convention and in cleveland, ohio. >> i have to thank the people of thehe great state of ohio. i love you. that's all i can tell you. i love you.
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earlier over the last couple of weeks if he can't carry the home state of ohio he said uld he drop out. he one ohiowould he drop out. he one ohio. 66 delegates that come along with his home state so he is in this race to stay as we look ahd. also talking about some over big win for donald trump here earlier tonht. had a win in north carolina and illinois and at this hour he is locked in tight race with texas senator cruz imissouri. that race still close to call. trump is turning his focus on the west coast. west coast states he does have a rally planned in utah coming up to. we have coverage it for you we are live at the resort in palm beach, jeff 7 news night team. >> super twice beteten trump and cruz and we talk about that context. we h hrd from cruz a couple minutes ago. >> texas senator addressed his supporters in houston. >> tonight we continued to gain
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march to 1237. the after tonight america now has a clear choice going forward. let me say a word about marco rubio. marco is a friend. he's a colleague. he ran a strong optimistic positive campaign. >> well, from the republican to the democrat contract now hillary clinton she won big if florida and that's not all. coverage continues with jessica holly in west palm where is mrs. clinton rally supporters a little while ago this evening. jessica? >> right about hour and a half ago there was a huge party here of course it's calmed down now but a big night for hillary clinton. let's go to the video you will see she took to the podium just after 9:00 o'clock tonight. coming in to a packed ballroom here at the convention ceneer. clinton hoping to put more distance between herself and bernie sanders and that t
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clinton celebrating her victory today and speak to go middle class america. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. >> thank you florida. thank you north carolina. thank you ohio. we are moving oser to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. good paying jobs are the ticket to the middle class and we are going to stand up for the american middle class again. we are going to stand up for american workers. and make sure no one takes advantage of us. not china. not wall street and not over paid corporate executives. >>reporter: : heen while bernie
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momentum but the battle go more difficult in the race for the nomination. sanders was in arizona watching the results. he took the stage at the phoenix convention center holding on to a we can win attitude. >> this is a hugerowd. the phoenix are you raetd for a political revolution? or are you tired of a handful of billionaires running our economy.
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to the right place. >> in the end the super tuesday sequel going to hillary clinton t.we report live inest palm beach, jessica holly 7 news night team. >> stay with 7 news and wsvn>> stay with 7 news and for complete electcon coverage for the latest from the campaign trail and down lolo the voice your choice app. >> still ahead 7ews at 11:00 o'clock. other news of the day. viewer steps up and gives back after students are ripped off bay. details on this story a aad on just one station. >> new view after driver loses control smashing into a south
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to a story on just one station tonight.
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viewer bringing smiles to children. thf struck a miami school monday getting away with 5000 dollars. students raised the money for field trip. nunez area businessmen donated 5000 dollars to the presbyterian story after seeing the story on channel 7. >> thanks for the community. it's who we are and what we a made for and we would like to get back to comment and everybody did that it would be much better world. >> it has been a blessing from abovov i always say god provides and he definitely does. >> nunez not the only one giving back. several other businesses donated money to the school as well and the miami heat put in 5000 dollars too. if you have any information that could help police catch the call miami-dade crime stoppers at this number on the screen. >> new view of deadly drive in hollywd surveillance camera capture a car slamming into the back of publix supermarket 17 avenue and east young circlee yesterday. driver was speeding when he lost control and hit a median.
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crashed through the store. passenger identified by authorities is 20-year-old roxanne was injured but survived. the driver 24-year-old david paul lemoore thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead onthe scene. >> time for trial for south florida cop caught slapping a homeless man. officer are mile an hourness court. he faces two c cnts of battery and one count of falsifying reports after being caught on camera shoving bruce leclair to the ground and then slapping him back in february of 2015. 59 year old homeless man sleeping on bench at fort lauderdale bus terminal when it happened. tivlt at this time hurt having him ground me and i didn't it kind of shocked methat he had grabbed me. >>reportrt: today both sides rested in this case and now the next step will be of course the jury and they will begin deliberating the case tomorrow morning. >> coming up as the news continues at 11:00 o'clock we continue to keep an eye on
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contests out there. missouri one of them. super tight. too close to call on the democratic side. republicans, to we have an eye on. that do you know what else is hot. >> i know. this. south florida. our temperatures. >> hot hot hot. it has been hot. people out there voting today. in the sun but they turned out that's what is important but what's up phil any relief in sight. >> no. look at the high today. typically we have temperatures in the upper 70's to right around 80. our temperaturess take key west 82 with the high. hollywood 90 degrees and the outlook calls for even more heat over the next 24 to 48 hours. entire forecast in a couple of
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all right. i want to quickly start out here with the 7 day forecast
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thursday we could be hitting near record temperatures before another front moves in by the weekend. more on that in just a moment. let's take a look right now at the temperatures across soutp florida. 78 degrees in miami. wind out of the west at around 7 miles per hour. fort lauderdale mostly clear. temperature of 78 degrees. relative humidity at 64 percentrelative humidity at 64 percent. key west 76 and wind out of the north at 6 miles per hour. it is dry right now all across broward miami-dade bnd the keys and it should remain dry tonight and throughout much of the day tomorrow. so here's the set up. weave high pressure to the east. we have a front making its way acrosssshe nation mid section and see the flow here coming out of the caribbean and gulf of mexico. it's going to drag in a lot of heat d ding the day tomorrow. it's going to be dry. hot. possibility of f fe danger across the heart land snow and
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upper midwest then by thursday we could be flirting with record high right across south florida. temperatures more like summer than spring. here's the marine forecast. no advisory. sea up 1 to 2 feet. biscayne b smooth. florida keys cotal water with a light chop. next high tide 3:48. 6:09 lower keys. water temperature at 78 degreeswater temperature at 78 degrees. meanwhile tonight mostly clear. potential for overnight fog is there. that could stick around throughout date tomorrow. overnight low in the mid 60's in the western as sou push. low 70's every place else. tomorrow mostly sunny skies average high 78 to 80 we are in the low 80's to the upper 80's at the coast near 90 in the western suburb and again possibility of record heat on thursday. suay the first day of spring. it could be ushered in with a few showers. that's the 7 on 7.
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panthers blew a two goal lead to the islanders in the third period last night. see the response tonight at montreal. first period panthers in white. riley smith to camp bell to check. panthers lead 1 nothing. same score second. panthers power play. purcrcse sell to ex glad his shot.
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panthers lead 2 nothing. still in the second. he goes around the goal for the wrap around. huddle cleans up for rebound. panthers lead it 3 nothing. it was 3-1 in the third. he gets the stick on it. 23rd of the season ties yager panthers win tonight 4-1. the dolphins do not get restricted free agent running back cj anderson. denver broncos match the dolphins offer and they keep anderson. fins offer was 4 years 18 million. dolphins lose out on anderson. they already lost miller and free agency right now the dolphins have jay and williams on the roster. and they still have back up quarterback moore kind of a surprise. free agent today signed a two year contract for 3.5 million to stay with the fins. that's more though than a 50% pay cut to stay here in miami. >> bear university beat
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advances to elite 8 in division ii. have a great night everybody >> before we say good night we want to go over the race for the white house. today big primary just a quick recap. >> patrick tell bus!because>> patrick tell bus it. >> let's roll up the sleeve and show you the state won by the democrat contract and republican on the republican side donald trump peculiar up florida, illinois, north carolina. he's too close to call in missouri. john kasich got ohio. on the democratic side hillary clinton won florida. north carolina and ohio. she's too close to call. in illinois and missouri. as for the delegates too closeto call with bernie sanders. on the delegate count donald trump 6:19 to 3:94 still long way from 1237 and hillary clinton moving closer final thing. north mile an hour yan a islands also held the primarytoday. donald trump got 73 percent of the vote. 9 delegates. trivia question where are those isiands.
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>> thanks for that patrick. i think we might have needed a map to typhoon it thank you. >> check with the google machine. >> what's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao@. >> overnight development all these numbers and so on. we have them at wsvn today in florida at 5:00 a.m. see you
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pulling up a kids toy? acting? the material mom talks about her down under controversy. michael jackson has been gone for years but the king of pop is going to make nearly $1 billion this year. >> man: it is talk to condor. >> announcer: kanye west is volunteering to do a mascot makeov. second run is a community actor. >> man: and the only thing right now is he is fully committed to that. >> announcer: and someone wants him to quit playing with his stick. divergent is back and the stars are trusting us with the secrets of allegiant. >> woman: the world we used to live in is not what it seems. >> announcer: now the show that is always what it seems. >> woman: deco drive.
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i am lynn martinez. shireen: i am uhireen sandoval and this is deco drive. one of michael jackson's investment is paying off in the form of millions d millions of bucks. because his estate is still in debt. sony is s bringing michael jackson's music catalog for $750 million. michael bought the music in 1985 441 mill. sony will now have the right to about 3 million songs including songs from the beatles. bob dylan and taylor swift. the deal doesn't includes rights to eccles master recordings or songs that he wrote. >> lynn: madonna raise a few eyebrows when she appeared on stage slurring her speech, crying, and inviting everybody to have sex with her. now the material girl is lashing out at critics who accused of doing something cry, being drunk. ---- [bleep], please, somebody ---- me.


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