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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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high school. apologize for them to see that kind of you know madness. >> so doctors here at delray beach medical center are watching charles in case has respiratory issues or possible infection. now charles says that he can't wait to get back t t performing. however, for his fa nal lirks that fire breathing finale, he again. reporting live in delray beach, vanessa medina. 7 news. >> now on just one station, a 90-year-old woman duped at door and something priceless stolen. >> at my age, mine you think you're going to go peacefully and it doesn't look that way. >> tonight police out to stop a crime ring. >> and 7's rosh lowe is live for us on the scene in bay harbor
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>> reporter: this is such a heartbreaking story. a 90-year-old woman, 90 years old ripped oof and a want tole you, bay harbor island police tell me, they haven't seen a case like this in a number of years. at least five years. but now that it has happened, they want to warn the public. >> at my age, i mean you think you're going to go peacefully and it's no doesn't work out that way. >> >> reporter: 90 yeerld nancy cohen is devastated. >> you can't trust anybody. it's terrible. reporter: saturday she was duped and thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of cash and jewelryncluding an engagement ring her late husband gave to her. >> i had one box that i had rings in so my engement ring. hi a big material ring. i had a diamond range ring that somebody left to my father t.
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diamond in it. it. >> reporter: it began with a man coming to her door wearing some type of uniform. a company logo on the shirt. the scam. nancy needed to trim trees overhanging her property. but he a shirt on that had thehe name of the company so i didn't doubt t. mant took her around back. when she returned to her house in bay harbor island to give him a tip. >> there was nothing there. cops had been scouring the area for surveillance video. mrs. cohen has lived in bay harbor islands for more that 50 years in this home. and she is telling her story because she wants to make sure that other people in this community are wear of what haps happened to her. bay harbor islands police also getting the message o`t. we need to get the message to everybody else. whether you'reel cly or whether you live in the community. if somebody knocks on the door and they are not with the town f you haven't solicited that service to call ble immeadiately
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for yourself but you will probably help us solve another on and bay harbor police chief shaun hemingway sayshis is the dpirs distrablght traction theft of the elderly they have had in at least five years. my pearls hee didn't take. it is just tra mat toik think house. >> reporter: we know bay harbor island police are working this case around the they are concerned. they want the public to know about it. in the meantime not a very detailed description of the suspect so. if you have any information on this cas if you know who did this, pick up the phone, call crime stoppers, that number is 305-471-tips. you can remain anonymous. remember in this case, thousands of dollars worth of jewelry is rntion would bring such happiness to this 90-year-old woman to leaea some of that jewelry can be found and returned and the person responsible arrested. we're live in bay car harbor island tonight rosh lowe.
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an nfl player fighting for his life nay south florida hospital. baltimore ravens quarter back tray walker in critical condition after motorcycle accident last night. police say he was riding dirt bike long northwest 21 avenue and 75th street when he collided with an suv. the 23-year-old was rushed to jackson and his agent says he is unresponsive. >> een went through a long surgery. early this morning late last night. so so it's really a situation where we're all just waiting to see what happens. >> investigators say walker did not have his head lights on. the driver of the suv did stay on the scene and nowolice arere working to determine exactly what happened. >> the president set to make a historic visit to cuba as the island becomes a vacation
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other parts of the globe. >> cuba is in fact in the mist of a tourist boom. >> belkeys: some home that will bring a world of change. robbin simmons joins us live tonight from what snran cuba. robbin. >> reporter: there were certainly very vocal critics when president obama started working on normalizing relations between cuba and it's clear that when you walk around havana, that if you crack open a door that has been closed to americans for so long, even just a bit, people will go through. >> tourist from around the world have been visiting cuba for years. where are you from? canada. we've been coming here for a while. they do things more easy. thing. they have to wait for monday i think. and france to name a few but now the mernses are coming. it's an amazing country and the
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incredible. and i'm so happy to be here. even more are floods. take a look at mara ra cone. a tour bus just as far as the i can see. she has been coming to cuba for two and a half years as part of humanitarian work with the island's jewish population. this hotel is set to be the big nest havana and the streets are closed because there's so much construction they are putting in new lines for even more hotels. these american tourist understand the sensitivity of just how quickly this is happening. hi a group that arrives the day after the historic announcement when cation tro and obama both announced the restoration of normalization of relations between the two countries and the emotion was so palpable on the ground that the people were thrield and without real change
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of human rites and elections and other issues, the president just moved too fast. >> those people pretty generally are in mie mi age dem graphic and change is very difficult. very difficult for us. so i understand it but that's progress. >> dan and nick cola appreciate president obama's work but are more skeptical about the change coming to cuba. >> to be honest with you. >> reporter: all right so. they don't want to see mcdonald's every where but on a serious noarkts of course we have to remember that congress is the only one that can lift the embargo but the president and his team have said they put so many steps in place that it's really going to be difficult even fay president wants to be is elected and wants to peel all this. that wililbe extremely dficult and again, we are going to likely see a lot of investment
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the world. reportingive in what snrafnlt 7 news. >> belkeys: all right robbin. the president is set to rief in cuba on sunday and we'll have live coverage right here on 7 and on line of course at >> the newsplex. a fugitive considered one of the world world's most wanted men after ther to attacks in paris. tonight a big break in that case. >> belkeys: tragedy on the other side of the state after plain takes off. >> craig: an an explosive scene caught on camera. something inside a barn started trouble. and. >> reporter: and what do you get whether you mix tens of thousands of people? a shut down biscayne boulevard and loud something knew psych. an trawl huge party in the middle of downtown miami.
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>> and music fans starting the party downtown. they've been at it for a while
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the crowds will get bigger and bigger fra here. the music festival kicked off a few hours ago. >> >> belkeys: every one is ready, the fans, the officers. and sheldon fox is live in miami. sheldon. >> reporter: you may have heard craig and belkeys, a little party going down here in miami. ultramusic festival kicked off an hour ago and as you look peament making their way here on the sidewalk on biscayne boulevard heading north passed the southern part of bay front neancht are walking the sidewalk to what they feel is the promise land. boj ultramusic festival 2016 is here, whether you like it or not. >> they are here. ultrababy. >> every one jus wants to look plul. it means pearkrk love, uni 'tis and respect. they want to be how the there so they can get noticed. >> reporter: we noticed all
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crowds of bay haid music fans have takenver downtown for a weekend that promises to bring the energy, color, pop flairnd from across the globe. >> we are from ecuador and ready for ultra. >> miami, born and raised in hialeah. and manhattan lower east side. my first time in miami. >> toronto canada. they are from every where but on biscayne from the area of bay front parks it's hard to get anywhere. it's'shy cops are diverting traffic, stresng patience and urging stow use public transportation when here. but that's old news. what is happening now for this group is that it's time to party. every one is ready for a great time and it starts now. and we have over 200 officers in uniform. one of our biggest events. we're planning on getting tur and dance alg night. spring break? not exactly.
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because it's ultra. hello. hello. if you've got travel plans that include downtown miami in a car, don't just think it's biscayne boulevard. it's just about every where it downtown. at leaea that's where twas for me. i headed into work. you take the people mover or metrorail or as the police have been saying all day throfnlgt is here. have your patience. live at the music festival. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: 7 news alert. we have an update on tray walker. the nfl star who was involved in an accident here last night in miami. >> craig: danielle knox is in the newsplex with more. >> danielle: and tray walker we understand according to his sister has died from injuries he sustained nay dirt bike accident that happened latest night as you know he played for the baltimore ravens. he was from miami. he went to northwestern high
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he was on a dirt bike apparently last night at 21 avenue north 25th street when he collided with a black suvt. happened in northwest miami-dade just before 8:00. he was transported to the jmh in extremely critical condition. we have since learned that today at about 5:00 tray walker died. this according to his sister. he was just 33 years old. a devoping story. we certainly will stay on top of and bring you the very latest. but for now reporting live from the news desk. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: terrible. all right danielle. >> belkeys: sthaild here night we have some information regarding spring break. why things might look a little different this year. from the. >> craig: from the beaches to ocean dry. stay tune.
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>> >> >> belkeys: an epic super hero showdown set to hit the big screen today. two legendary heros squaring off. a match made in comic book heaven c cing to life. >> craig: it's batman versus superman. the stars sat down with chris van vliet and he is here in the plex. chris. >> belkeys: snoo belkeys and craimpleght this is going to be one of the biggest move veeftz years. the beat the fans have been waiting decades to see. but why are batman and superman fighting each other. >> the world needs to know what happened and know what he stance for. >> batman versus superman starts
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the end of man of steel. it turns out bruce wane owned an office building in me tra po list and wants superman to be held accountable for destroying the city and putting innocent people in harm's way. >> and we believe there is a one% chance he is our enemy, we have to do this. and ben afflick takes on the role of batman for the first time and takes nay new directions. >> what would you say is different about this a batman a? he is a lild older and world rear ee we're. he is more swiers and mo more cynical. and aim right in saying he might be more violent? definitely. and how do you snreed plead? >> in this movie not every one thinks soup mearn say hero. he has the power to wipe out the entire human rice. on the surface people look on the title and says batman versus super man. in an allout fight ban batman
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but heaz tricks up his sleeve perhaps. he haze lot of tricks. and he gets i i from every side in this movie and it's not so simple. >> stay down fix the wanted it you would be dead loomplet biggest question surrounding this move very is if they are feeing each other is it batman or soup mearn the bad guy? the answer is neencht lesm a luge whoar is working them both from both angles. and he looks at the destruction superman can do and says we need to distroy this guy. we can't allow him to roam free it's like let age nuclear weapon on the loose. and the greatest glad yeah tomplet son of cripton versus sus baft do gotham. >> one week from today is when it hits theaters, march 25th. we're live in the plex. i'm chris van vliet. 7 news.
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meteorologist brebt cameron. >> and a hot haindz disi day. this from our sky view camera just a few minutes ago and that captures our friday afternoon with the high today just under 90 degrees. 89 was the top temperature in miami. the mid 80s for you around fort lauderdale. and in the keys not quite as warm today. more steady temperatures currently near 80 degrees. want to show you the national weather map and you see the clash of two seasons going on here. almost spring but still late winter stor snow. that is as far south as the state of kansas. and then we find the state of things down here and the lower mississippi valley. gulf of mexico. that's where things are really heating up. the warm temperatures. the humidity and the rain and storm activity. some of these thunderstorm maze continue to brew just west of jackson towards dallas. although they areeot under a watch box there in dallas texas.
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the the heart of texas around san sa a. san antonio. here at home let's talk about the weekend. lots going on. high pressure weakening near the bahamas and because of that we're looking agent winds continuing to come our way out of south and southwest. that will open the door for more steamy air. plenty of humidity and we'll also run the potential for seeing rain showers including some heavier downpours. that chance only increase ons sunday. by waive a front t. say cold front that's going to be approaching but no cold air with it. maybe just a cool down with drying coming our way once that front crosses and notice the proximity to south florida and that front late day sunday. that is when that boundry is likely to make it's move right through the keys and over south florida. we'll have to be on guard all weekend for some active weather. until then winds on the lietd side. rip currents for night at area beaches. boating in the keys with a moderate chop.
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into the 60s in some spots well inland in miami and fort lauderdale. otherwise lower 70s across the board. mostly dry conditions until the day tomorrow and then a bit of rain limited sunshine. highs not quite as warm as they were today because of extra clouds around. and in the unsettled weather on sunday, the first day of spring and then notice temperatures come down on a much more mild note by monday once the front crosses.s. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. you're sports is coming up braiskt. >> break.
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>> time now for 7 sports with mike dipasquale. and the canes advance t tt 2nd round of the tour na member. and the u playsxwitch a taw state and angel rodriguez had a game high 24 and 79 to 72 win over 4th seed buffalo. now the u gets set to face the shocker. they took t arizona last night winning by ten to advance and face miami. >> they are a really good team and have a lot of experience and they want ray good team. they like to out tough everybody that they play. they will not be scared to play
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but we're not either. so it will be a great match iewp huge upset in bracket buster in midwest region today. 15 seat middle facingichigan state. the spartans never lead this game they were 16 and half point naif e.r. the tem won 98 and one. 5th time a # blg seed has beat a two seed in the tournament. and things can sure changin the hurry in the east. the miami have dropped from three to 5th in the conference. tomorrow night lebron and the cleveland cavavaers are in town. to an off night after losing charlotte. and last night they lost to the hornets and for some reason it wasn't all bad. >> ee i don't know hugh much they are getting out of this. i don't have cable and i know exactly what is on that laptop.
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make you cry and vice versa. and the panthers maintain a three-point lead in atlantic stre de vision. the detroit wed red wings are in town. and uc yo ca anyone had the luck of irish on st. patty's day. he a paifer goals in theecond period the goals were redirected and reflected off the player. they've been able to store lots of goals and i think they are still giving up a little bit too much but we play for them and we've been able to store scor lots of goals. looks like act kevin spacey has packed his bag with a panthers journey to attend the game in sunrise. spacey posted joiltdn twitter yesterday. the reason unknown. they look to spacey as a good luck charm. the team haze spacey and space hoody with the hood on too. the playersill not talk about spacey in space hoody but we
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in new york on oin a road trip several months ago. must be a good luck charm. and kevin spacey otherwise known as president frank under wood on house of cards. vaguely familiar with him. don't know if mike say fan but i know he is a panther farntion that's for sure. that's 7 news at 6:00, caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig:'m craig stevens. stay tune. 7 news at 6:30 is next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: developing at 6:30, a tragic vept ave devastating accident dirt bike accident involve ago an nfl player. that player was from south florida and living his dream playing pro football. >> danielle: but tonight he has passed away. liz nagy live at jackson liz.
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just learned from family members of 23-year-old tray walk whoar is a quarterback player for the baltimore ravens. heaz just passed away here at jackson memorial hospital after about 24 hours. a little bit less of fr being involved nay dirt bike accident in northwest mied moo mied. here's what we know happened from miami-dade police. they say some time before 9:00 on thursday evening walker wasiding his dirt bike on northwest 75th street when he colllled with a ford escape being driven by a 62-year-old woman. she was headed southbound on northwt 21 avenue. police tell us at the time of the accident, walker was not wearing helmet. he did not have any lights on his white con hon da dirt bike and he was wearing dark colored clothing. he was immediately rushed here to jackson memorial hospital where he has been in critical condition since the accident last night. we understand from his family members as well as doctors here at the hospital that he suffers


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