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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. historic visit. historic meeting. and historic promise. >> embargo will end. >> moment many thought they would never see. raul castro answering the questions of american reporters and at times highghghting a rift that still exist betweenhe country. live night team coverage from havana cuba ahead. >> live team 7 coverage from had a van a. of the president in cuba. >> this is 7 news at 10:00. >> hello welcome everyone. i'm belkys. live in miami. i'm craig stephens live in havana, cuba on this plus industry evening tonight where there is so much to absorb after this day-to-day. president of the united states on cuban soil. private face-to-face meeting between the president and the cuban leader. brief question and answer
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a news conference and tonight a state dinner. >> they arrived for casual havana state dinner monday evening. prt, castro, secretary of state kerry and other u.s. cuban officials sat together at a table. latin beat began almost immediately. as the president moved to the music. earlier it's a photo op many thought they would never see at sight certain to anger many in the exile community. american president shaking hands with a castro brother on cuban soil. palace of the revolution site of the official medical come ceremony to president obama.
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national anthems. trumpet through the ceremony hall. flag of the two former foe were together as two leaders stood side by side. pair joined with the respective delegation for another photo op. >> this is a new day. between ourwo country. >>reporter: president obama and castro made statements broadcast on cuban television. castro said the u.s. trade embargo that congress can lift need to end. >> the blockade stands as most important obstacle to the economic development and the well-being of the cuban people. that's why it's removal will be of the essence to normalize realizes. it will also be necessary to return the territory illegally occupied by one panama naval base. >>reporter: president obama in
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back home offered this. >> embargo is goinin to end. when i can't be@ entirely sure. but i believe it will end and the path that we are on will continue beyond my administration. >>reporter: also agrere that they remain deep disagreements on human rights. >> i madit clear the united states will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy including the right of the cuban people to decide their own future. we'll speak out on behalf of universal human rights including freedom of speech and simply and religion. >>reporter: in an interesting exchange reporter request about political prisoners on the island drew a frustrated response from castro and challenge to name names. >> gave me a list of the political prisoners and i will release immediatete just mention the list. what political prisoners give me a name or names. >>reporter: at the end of the news conference castro grabbed mr. news conference castro grabbed
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resulting in this awkward moment.beside the tough question about his deep divisions monday was in a word about symbolism. president began his first full day here with ceremonyday here with ceremonial wreath laying at the memorial. poet reveered as hero. then he toured the martin museum stopping to sign a guest book. white house released content of the message. it is a great honor to pay tribute to jose martin who gave his life for the independent of his homela. his passion for liberty, freedom and self determination lives on in the cubanan people today. and while serious doubts remain about the prospect of liberty and freedom of the cuban peopl even after the thawing half century of cold war on thisis day change was in the air. as star spangled banr played in havana.
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question answer session after they concluded their remark. took a lot of people here back. it's not something they are accustomed to seeing. castro answering questions let alone from american reporters. big part of the president's cuba policy now is promoting economic ties between the u.s. and this island and there its big news onn that front tonight. live night team coverage continue was sheldon fox at watson island to tell us more about that.t. >> it is back. some wouldn't fathom it. almost back and we are talking about the abilityty to take a cruise from here to havana. commercialism. crowd of culture hungry tourist and the cruise ships. well so far it's just one ship. carnival fathom but come may 1st it's officially scheduled to be open for u.s. to cuba business. >> today we carnival
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first u.s. cruis company and more than 50 years. to be grante approval from cuba to sail from the taos cube eric's from had a vab a monday carnival cruise line made historic announcement on day president obama takened a meeting. entrepreneurship as part of his historic cuba trip. >> firir carnival cruise is expected to pull into havana in may( >>reporter: so here's how your 7 day trip would go if you decided you wanted to take a cuban cruise. it starts on a sunday. you would set sail from port miami at 4:30 in the afternoon. you would get to havana late the next morning. you will take in with a cruise company called the flavors of old had a van 8. take you to revolution square where you will be able to see and walk in the foototteps of places where the pope has visited and given talks. whether or not you agree with the politic the castro regime see places where a lot of the speeches have been delivered. >>reporter: rides and classic american cars to visit historic
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after havana you will hit santiago before back to miami that following sunday evening. >> what they are booking is completete new and different and really exciting. >>reporter: but the booking process isn't all that new. through travel agent carnival web site book a trip to cuba on the fathom. >> similar to what they did to book any other type of travel. >>reporter: run you 1800 dollars but the cruise liner would remind you you would also be one of the first american cruise investigators hit havanacruise investigators hit havana. and more than half century. and to do it you will need an english passport. visa and an affidavit signed proving that you are going to cuba for cultural reasonss. also have to spend 600 dollars on a deposit. we are live in miami, and now we will send it back to craig stephens in havana. >>reporter: thanks so much for that report from watson island. i might mention if you hear
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indications are the state nner first family attended this evening is wrapping up and some of the dignitaryry associated with that are returning to their respective hotels and where they are staying for the evening. aside from the dinner today the first lady m mhelle obama made an appearance early today to meet with group of young students. young women where she learned a bit about the educational experience on the island. she asked questions shetook questions the event coincide with t first anniversary of the first lady let girls learn initiative which is designed to educate girls and young women worldwid. that event early today on the first lady schedule here. another group of women members of the disdidn't community here on the island who have dedicated their lives toighting for democratic reform. they obviously have had a very difficult time over the years and particularly difficult in the last few days. robin had a chance to meet with some of them. >>reporter: for these women the human rights issue is a very concrete, very tangible
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political prisoners they themselves are beaten and detained literally week after week in some instances. now withh president obama visit they are getting an international otlight. prayerful palm sunday then silent march asking for the release of cuba political prisoners and pro-cuban protestors clash with the island disdidn't. >> they detained all of us. everybody who participated in the march was detain. >>reporter: miss gomez was there. carrying her white cloth with her. she says so she can get to her destination without being stopped. still a heavy police presence in the area. antonio was invited to speak with president obama during his trip. hours before his arrest he questioned if that would be possible. >hey are going to arrest us. they are goinin to beat us. and let's see if they are going allow us to go to the e eting
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>>reporter: they were like this because they are husband and wife and dragging them on the ground.. good messes, too. we spoke to lady in white who was here alone because she said a meeting was happening here at about 11:00 o'o'ock. she was unable to make it yesterday. the moment we we down the street we turned around. police came and tooher away. she said she doesn't even carry a cell phone because if she's detained she doesn't want them to be able to register herell number. lead in white fight for the release of political prisoners and human rights on the island for any one who might question their motive or marches week after week which ended detention and arrest 46 weekends and counting gonzalez says this. >> the in other country the police protect you. in cuba it's the opposite. this is the right all cuban have not just the leads in white. all cuban have a right to gather and protest.
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some members of the leads in white are invited to meet with president obama tomorrow when he speaks to cuban disdidn't on the island. the question nows whether theyd will be able to have that meeting. >> so many people anxious to find out if in fact that does happen. the video that you shed with us robin that has so many people upset. deeply affected in south florida's exile community. the plight of the leadadin white and for all of the government opponents on this island forever or for that matter is on the mind of members of the exile community and coverage continues with nicole who is hearing from some of them in miami little havana section tonight. nicole? >> well, craig as you know this is the place to come if you want to talk cuba with the exile community here at cafe and all day long both leaders of both cuba and the united states have given folks here plenty to talk about. >> i am totally disgusted and today up and down everything
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nothing for the u.s. nothing for the u.s. >>porter: evening at this cafe is the topic of course. president obama visit to cuba. while some could not bear to watch the two leaders meet. >> the i didn't watch because it upset me. >>reporter: others more encouraged. >> it's the start of new relationships. i know it hurts a lot of cuban. >> something good for both nation. >>reporter: what about this remarkable moment when raul castro was asked about political prisoners. >> you beganive me a list ofpolitical prisoners. and if we have those politicic prisoners they will be released before tonight. >> i am surprised he said. that knowing hundreds if not thousands so let's see if he says one true thing instead of 1,000 lies. >> not even going to had a. >> the fact is there are 47 political prisoners now which a list the white house did provide raul castro this afternoon. i don't fully expect they will be released by sundown as he says.
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versailles has been gathering place for those on both side of the issue. some directing their anger at president obama. >> obama has been a sell out to us the cuban. we feel disgusted. we feel betrayed. >> rodriguez who came here in a t-shirt disagrees. >> people suffered. it has been very hard the communist but i feel like the change is inevitable. >> moments later run off by this group of prottors. passion. at times. still running high. >> now as far as for raul castro comment about releasisi those political prisoners you can bet many of the disdidn't group now releasing their own list. cuban american national foundation doing the same as well but now national security advisor with th obama administration says that the white house has also given the castro their own list. some othem apparently they say have been released before.
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violators of the law not anything political but just regular cuban law. so whether or not we are going to see any changes as far as any of that goes any one will be released still remains to be seen. reporting live in little havana let's go back to craig in havana, cuba. craig? >>reporter: that was striking moment at that news conference this afternoon between that reporter and raul castro. nicole thank you so belkys as you can see in the heart of our community exile community passions run deep and strong on a day-to-dayy that quite frankly they said at the outset here is almost im football get your mind around considering the relationship between these two countrybetween these two countries not too long ago. >> tomorrow another big day for the president craig among the things on the schedule he would be addressing the cuban people and live broadcast busy day what's is on tap for the president tomorrow?
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>>reporter: that's tomorrow morning and that is something that is eagerly anticipated because can cuban government has pledgeed to air these comments this speech about 40 minutes or so in length on state television here. that will be given the speech will be delivered at the great theater of havana. white house says the president will address the cuban people directly. his hopes for the cuban people and his hopes for this new relationship between the u.s. and the government of cuba. after that the meeting that robin simmons told us about, the scheduled meeting anticipated meeting with members of the disdidn't community. what we watch f is who turns up who shows up who declines the invitation and what comes out of thatjn the aftermath. the after that the tampa bay baseball team is here playing the cuban national team and esident set to attend a portion of that game as you mention belkys before he heads off for argentina. so another full day tomorrow as the president wraps up historic
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reporting live in havana, cuba i'm craig stephens. >> the back here at home. time to talk about the weather. breezy in havana. youocan hear the wind and we are going to kick off the week with a slight cool change as well. >> a little chilly outside andhow long will it last many people are asking. weather enter will fill us in. >>reporter: the cold snap currently in place for us is just going to be a brief one extra short so it will soon ab distant memory after tonight. but we are watching these temperatures continue to drop and during the overnight wide spread 50's will be felt across the large part of the south florida main land including you in the keys although we are not there just yet. 60 in miami. but we have already settled into the 50's in parts of broward from fort lauderdale to deerfield beach. hialeah to homestead. 60 at the moment. and temperatures continue to fall.
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brisk as earlier today. especially in the afternoon when they were most gusty but wednesdadaare going to veer a little more out of the northeast later on tonight a that should shut off additional cooling also as few additional clouds stream in our direction. these are high clouds from the southern gulf of mexico. so as we look at the days ahead heading into tuesday and on the road toward easter weekend temperatures are going to be on a very much spring break or sprins bounce you might say and spring breakers you have the warm weather but something else we have to watch out for. at the beach we talk about that coming up a little bit later. the. >> 13-year-old south florida girl who vanished from her home without a trace finally found. hours after going missing. family members say she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-oldmental capacity of a 6-year-old. >> jessica holly is working the story.
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neighborhood with what happened jessica? >> prayers are answered tonight>> prayers are answered tonight. desperate search for a 13desperate search for a 13-year-old girl who is mentally challenged is over. police say she was found safe in good condition not far from home. let's go to the video and you will see the young girl lking about again she's 13 years old. and her name is is jasmine raffle reported miss thanksgiving morning from the town park area of over town where she lives. police were very concerned because they say the family tells them that she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. we also have a look at the search effort today. massive search effort officers th blood hound searched the area by ground and miami-dade police chopper was over the area searching by air. the next piece of video we have is the team' great grandmother. she made a desperate plea for help this evening. she came out. talked to the media. begged the public to h%lp. then around 9:30 we heard what
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from the park next door but it was tears of joy because her great grand-daughter had been found. again, police say she was found in good condition. not far from her home here in over town and right now her great grandmother was just few minutes ago o ken to the police department and right now they arar being reunited so prayers answered this evening and great grandmother very thankkful. reporting live in miami over town neighborhood jessica holly 7 news night team. >> still ahead. party is over. but the trouble is just beginning. tonight two tragic stories. and they both started at ultra. the. simple withdrawal. turned into a fight for his life. man ambush at the atm. black smoke. shooting into the sky. and business burning fast. firefighters in a race against
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and he wanted his contacts transferred to new phone. instead the numbers were wiped out. it's tonight's edition of help
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. county worker accused in chilling crime locked up for allegedly raping an unconscious woman. >> they say investigators tried to determine how a university of miami college student died. both victims had been at ultra. woman traveled from another country for the music festival. >> rosh lowe reports. >> ultra music festival in downtown miami is complete. over the weekend miami police say there were 67 arrests including 29 felony arrests. counts made arrest over the weekend for sexual battery miami-dade county employee a
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of sexually battering a 25-year-old woman from bra still in town for the ultra music festival. listen to what the judge had to say w wn the suspect was in court. >> statement from miami-dade transportation public works reads in part quote the miami-dade county department of transportation public works hold employee to the highest standard for professnal public administrators. we expect all employee to serve our resident and visitors with professionalism and respect. on saturday at 9:30 p.m. a witness flagged down an officer who said they saw some one take a heavily intoxicated woman into a utility room. when cops arrived they say they found wells with zipper down and the woman unconscious. all occurring at the metro moveall occurring at the metro mover station just off of northeast second avenue and h strichlt weekend also brought the tragic news of the dea of university of miami student adam levine senior mainlying in political science in the
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he passed away after attending the ultra music festival. i reached out and spoke with the father personally and expressed our condolence from the ultra music family here in miami. >>reporter: according to obit the um student died f fm complication following a seizure. the school releasing this statement reading quote i know the um community will join me in supporting adam's family and many friends and honoring adam's memory during this difficult time. end quote. we heard from very close friend of adam. >> fore personally it's very difficult. hement a lot to me but not just me. the pain is shared among the whole fraternity y d um community. >> for the county employee he has been relieved of his duties wiwiout pay. as far as law enforcement goes they tell me when you look at the totality of the ultra event and you cononder the number of people that were here thousands of people the event went smoothof people the event went smoothly.
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>> man injured after he was ambushed at the atm victim seen on surveillance video asking for help at gas station as blood dripped from his a a. ran there looking for help after stabbed at bank next door. >> i asked him what happened. he just say call 911 because i am dying. >>reporter: it happened in the drive through of the bank of america on davey boulevard and 31 avenue in fort lauderdale. victim was taken to the hospital and the man who attacked him got away. if you have any informationcall crime stoppers at this number on the screen.n. >> tri-rail train strike ago car in oakland park. fire rescue responding just west of i-95. tri-rail uses buses to get passengersrsetween the cypress creek and pompano beach station while they cleared that scene. the track since reopened and no injuries reported.
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7 news viewer sending us cell phone video out of hialeah gardens. huge plume of thick black smoke shooting from the roof of that building. >> sky force hd over the scene as crew work to put out the hot spots. this happened along north west 99 street and 79 avenue. if you see news happening you can do so safely shot some video or snap a picture and send it to 7 at >> imagine phone company wiped out every number every contact from your cell phone. if they can't retrieve them legally what do they have to do to fix the problem? it is tonight's edition of help me howd with patrick frazierer. keith roberts has his own company. helping small businesses supply for government contracts. >> i could contact the businiss and say there's an opportunity here and i would like for to you look at the opportunity and see if it's a fit for you. >>reporter: keith travels a lot and uses the cell phone to
10:27 pm
contacts. >> i would say several thousand because that's the nature of the beast. you have to have a database of 50's go to. >>reporter: then he bought his wife a new phone and planned to use her phone and give his work phone to his daughter. but first he went to the phone store. >> her information from her old phone was supposed to be transferred to her new phone. i would have my old information from my cell phone transferred to my wife's old cell phone because i would be in possession of it. >>reporter: store clerk said everything was done. keith went home. >> my wife goes honey where is the phone numbers? i is a id what do you mean because i didn't check at the store because i i ve done this for 13 years. >>reporter: the phone numbers from keith's phone and his wife's's phone not transferred. they had been deleted. >> look at the phone and shock because my wife numbers were missing my phone numbers were missing. >>reporter: keith went back to the store. >> the contacts were deleted and all three of our phones were what you call wiped clean which means that there is
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>>reporter: all the contacts of this tential customers that had taken 10 years to accumulate were gone.. >> several hundred contacts in our phone database not to mention 300 in my wife's databasese it's all gochbility unfortunately. >>reporter: keith said the phone company a the corporate office told him there was no way to retrieve the phone mbers. keith was stunned. >> it took the wind out of me. litelly. i can not believe that this is happening. >>reporter: howard legally what can you do if this happens to your phone. >> legally you are out of luck because we checked the 4 major cell phone companies. in the contract that you signed or agreed to they all say they are not responsible for data loss when transferring from one phone to another. meaning they do not have to compensate you for your losses. >>reporter: first contacted t mobile they were great. keith asked for free phone service for his family phones. since he sign the form
10:29 pm
t mobile did he can't talk. spokesperson wrote we are happy to confirm we were able to reach a successful resolution with a customer. >> delete doesn't mean delete. >>reporter: we then asked robert from forensic data service to look at the phones. >> there is a factory reset done on the phone and that basically made it fast there was a brand new phone. no formation left on it. >>reporter: despite the phone being wiped clean robert offered to try to find the contact for free and. >> we covered 3 62 contact from one of the two cell phone. >>reporter: good news for keith. >> very appreciative of the services that the company has provided me. robert. >> make sure you back up your phones whether google play store or the i cloud or any of the pack up services it's important to do that regularly. >>reporter: back up back up back up. we all know we need to back up our phones but when was the last time you did it's
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you might lose that phone tomorrow with all youj contact information. got a problem you want to deleterom your life. wiped out trying to fix. phone us. hopefully we can provide back up for you and dial up a solution. for this help me howard, 7 newsfor this help me howard, 7news. >> back up isn't it on the cloud. >> supposed to do it automatically. >> i don't know. >> what is the cloud. nobody knows. >> up next on south florida's night team. we head back to havana for more on the president historic vichlt we learn more about the restaurant where the first family dined after arriving last night. >> night team stopped by two and we weren't the only ones there. >> i'm steele. i was here coming up in sports. canes still feel disrespected at the ncaa tournament and panthers start a 3 game stretchpanthers start a 3 game stretch. huge play off implication. panthers and rangers tonight.
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is. it was a dinner to remember for employee of one cuban restaurant. first family stopping by for a meal there during their trip to havana. the business is actually built inside a family home. >> alex takes us inside. >> thelue first family was coming to the restaurant was flood of secret service agents. that was the cue for the wait tore get his best table ready. moments later president obama walked through the door. >> when i say well hello mr. >> when i say well hello
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your waiter. i'll be here. >>reporter: president obama sat in the chair eye level with the hoto of fidel castro less than 5 feet away. but the president focused on what was next to fidel. a picture of jachl jay-z and beyonce. >> i think i heard that jay-z came here and he say he came here first to check before me. >>reporter: the president ordered steak on the grill medium well and side of vegetables. his daughter ate steak and pork. mrs. obama had sliced steak and wine but not the president. >> i offer to him mr. president are you having this bolts of wine. he said told me no no i have to work tomorrow. >> here in cuba this is called a home that have been partially turned into restaurants. this room used to be a bedroom. family moved upstairs. this used to be a terrace they
10:35 pm
is government authorized these restaurants about 5 years ago as way for cubans to make moneyas way for cubans to make money. the owner sayspit was an opportunity to have our own business. my house is big a a my had us is a chef. >> owner never imagined what she started to try to make ends meetould draw celebrity and president who paid from his own wallet for dinner. the bill? 75 in cuban currency or about 80 dollars. i'm alex, 7 news night team. coming up on 7 news at 10:00. chilly change in south florida. >> brent in the weather center with more. >> and so far this month of match has been very warm but not tonight. colder air on the back side of a cold front. low in the 50's. nice rise 20 degrees tomorrow. forecast ahead >> and stuck in a rut with no way out. but it's these little tuck
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the past passthe past pass. >> buffy was a beautiful dialingho died an ugly death after routine spay prococure went very wrong. he's still practicing today the veterinarian and the dog owner doesn't understand why. >> i think when somebody says that itgs revoked you have done enough. >>reporter: her mission in carmel is on the case tomorrow only on 7 news first at 10:00. cold front crossed late last night and since then stuck
10:39 pm
throughout the day on monday. we had late night early morning showers and sprinkle but after that it has been very dry. community had just 44 percent and breezy conditions from the north and northeast. even though you see this string of clouds coming from the opposite direction from the upper level win. now there are some breaks in the clouds here. that's going to allow our temperatures to settle back at least a couple more degrees before wind turn a little more off the ocean and that should shut off additional cooling by day break to. currently cooler in broward at 57 degrees fort lauderdale, 58 deerfield beach and we look at the keys we find 60 degrees in mirada and lower 60's elsewhere including 61 in key west. so overnight broward miami-dade heading into our tuesday well item going to be a chilly start to the day. jacket may be necessary. earl on but i think you can set those jackets aside as we
10:40 pm
about 11:00 o'clock in the morning and that's wh we find temperatures getting to about 70 degrees and it does get warmer than that tomorrow afternoon even thoughhe wind will still be a little bit of a factor. here's the set up nationwide. quiet conditions across the deep south. weatherystem coming into the west. that's where it is wet and a little wintery then there goes the low pressure system and moving away from new england where they had snow over the weekend. our area of high pressure starts to turn@more off the ocean. moving north of the bahamas and then simply looking at warming trend that starts late day tomorrow. small craft advisory risk of rip cucuent rough water for you in the keys and a little rough going with the temperatures falling into e 50's. wide spread for tonight. tomorrow brighter than today. pleasant day high in the 70's after that heading into easter weekend. steady warm-up.
10:41 pm
>> thanks brent. feather friends saved from a tight spot. 20 duckling rescued from sewer in margate. here's what happened. animal falling into the drain near north west 64th avenue and winfield boulevard. there they are. firefighters saved them using net, putting it down the drain pulling them out. they were reunited with their mom. all duck links tonight doing just fine. >> they are in bed. hool tomorrow. no they are on spring break. >> having some fun. cutting loose. >> still ahead. classic tale of getting a modern remake. >> jungle book is back and bigger than ever.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
isis. hollywood is going into the wild again. jungle book is coming to life like you have ner seen it before. it's not the first time this classic children's book has been made for the silver screen em.
10:44 pm
scenes. >> can't learn to run with the pack one of these days you will be someone's dinner. >>reporter: he takes the 1967 animated disney classic and brings it to life in this live action movie with all the characters you know and love. >> trust in me. >>reporter: most important character is mowingly the only human in the film. >> jij is no longer safe for you. >>reporter: role went to 12>>reporter: role went to 12-year-old neal who is one of 8,000 boys who audition and get this. it was his first audition ever. so what were you looking for in the role. >> when you have to watch one kid for whole movie that's a lot different than just casting a kid as supporting player. >> man cub who wants to live in the jungle. >> how dupe tha >> kid i got ears. my ears got ears. >>reporter: neal stars with voice of some hollywood heavy
10:45 pm
johansson, ben kingsley, bill murray and christopher walken. in the s#enes where you talk to the app mall you are not seeing them but what are you hearing? are you heariri the celebrity voices. >> i am not like at that time i didn't know what it really sounded like how bill murrayr ben conscientiously soppeded like. >> but i'm helelng blue get ready for hibernation. >> bears don't hibernation in the jungle. >> i napa lot. >>reporter: john you did a a t of cgi in iron man. how similar was that to what you did in jungle book. >> good starting point. it's one thing to do metal hard surface more convince but fur skin and emotional perfoance and relying on the computer affects to actually bring a human emotional performance through these animals was quite a challenge. >> you can see the jungle book when it hits theaters on n ril 15th. in the news plex, 7 neks night
10:46 pm
>> up next on the e ght team. panthers make a third period come bactonight. we sho you if it was enough to beat the rangers. tampa bay ray discuss making history down in cuba.
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>> three critical game forth pap they are this week against teams they jockey with for pray off seeding. in new york against the rangers. nthers in white trailing 2 nothing in the second. fight for the puck in front off the rangers. the referee is there wt is he doing in there. give him a stick and pad. no goal. panthers still down 2 nothing. into the third look like the panthers score but steven camp hits the puck out of the air and in. refs call ate high stick no goal. went to review. panthers still down 2 nothing. panthers do score on the break. back to him now 2-1. 13 minutes left. 5 minutes later rangers power play. can't clear it. to nash. he's wide open past montoy a.panthers trail 3-1. less than a minute to play now panthers have a 6-4 advantage. difficult mit ri on net. he puts in the rebound now item 3-2. panthers down by one but not
10:50 pm
grass on the empty net. panthers lose 4-2 but the panthers still in first place in the division. heat feed new orleans tomorrow night vl pelicans without 5 guy includinin the big star anthony davis. coming off the 122-1 0win over cleveland saturday night. heat 11 and 5 since the all star break. that's the sixth best scoring average in the nba since the break. >> we have obviously a great flee flowing offense pretty much for me and duane make playmuch for me and duane make play. >> ball movement is moving faster than the bodey this the coach open it up for more guys. >> tonight graiing greg in the spurs hit charlotte. charlotten white. trailed as many as 23 then insanity hit. jeremy charlotte down 15 at the break. lynn 64s 15 of the 29 in the fourth quarter. charlotte comes all the way back to beat san antonio.
10:51 pm
the canes head for louisville tomorrow. ay thursday night in the sweet 16. canes 4 point under dog thursday night. they were also the under dog in the last g ge they played against wichita state even though the were the higher seed. canes have 3 need sill nova the 2 but contains don't think they should be the under dog to anybody. >> great making it to sweet 16 but once again they have us losing so that's another chip we have on our shoulder and today's starts preparation for another good team. >>lay with that chip. marlins opening day two week from tomorrow. marlins mets exhibition game today in port st. lucy good start for jaird 3 and two-thirds innings. inform runs he struck out before curtis. marlins get 2 in the e 8th inning and second steals third.
10:52 pm
and dino scores they take it. another ground out marlins win 2-1. 7 and 10 on the spring. tampa bay ray are in cuba. they got their yesterday. tomorrow the rays play exhibition game against the cuban national team. >> one common denominator between the two country is baseball. right now. and the love of baseball here is verer evidence just from the time that we set foot on n the ground. amount of people in the amount of fan fare that this event has garnered0 >> game tomorrow is on television. espn 2:00 o'clock if you work 7 news has all the highlights coming up all day long. that will do it.
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that is a wrap for us first at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> 7 news at 11:00 o'clock is up next.
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>> but before the pomp and circumstances commander in chief ma monumental moment. >> we have half nt ri of work to catch up. >> historic day in havana. face-to-face for the first time on cuban soil, obama and raul castro. we have live night team coverage the. >> hello welcome everyone. live in miami. >> i'm craig stephens live in havana cuba where tonight it is conclusion of a very busy day for thpresident and first lady they have returned to the diplomatic residents here after attend ago state dinner this evening with raul castro and other dignitaries who have gathered here in havana for this whirlwind visit by the president.
10:59 pm
of newer a.rauau castro says it's a first step in building a new relationship and while there may be considerable debate back home whether it shun happening in the first place tonight there is no doubt the u. and cuba are now traveling down a new path. >> the president and first lady arrived at the palace of the revolution for casual havana state dinner monday evening. president obama castro secretary of state john kerry an other u.s. and cuban officials sat together at a table the latin beat began. almost immediately. as the president moved to the music. earlier it was a photo op certain to ang many in the
11:00 pm
hands with a castro brother on cuban soil. official welcome ceremony had all the pomp and circumstances missing from the president's airport arrival. here the cuban. and u.s. national anthems. ceremony hall. flag of the two former foe were together and the two leaders stood biside by side. pair joined with respecive delegation for another photo opdelegation for another photo op. then.>> thinks a new day. between our two country. president and kaing castro spoke in remark bro cast on state television. castro again called for an end to the u.s. embargo. >> stand at most important obstacle to the economic development and well-being of the cuban people that's why


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