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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 22, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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for the president and first lady they have returned to the diplomatic residents here after attend ago state dinner this evening with raul castro and other dignitaries who have gathered here in havanaor this whirlwind visit by the president. president calling it the start of newer a.raul castro says it's a first step in buildinga new relationship and while there may be considerable debate back home whether it shun happening in the first place tonit there is no doubt the u.s. and cuba are now traveling down a new path. >> the president and first lady arrived at the palace of the revolution for casual havana state dinner monday evening. president obama castro secretary of state john kerry and other u.s. and cuban officials sat together at a
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almost immediately. as the president moved to the music. earlier it was a photo op certain to anger many in the exile community. american president shaking hands with a castro brother on cuban soil. official welcome ceremony had all the pomp and circumstances missing from the president's airport arrival. here the cuban. and u.s. national anthems. ceremony hall. flag of the two former foe were together and the two leaders stood biside by side. pair joined with respective delegation for another photo opdelegation for another photo op. then. >> thinks a new day. between our two country. president and kaing castro spoke in remark bro cast on state television.
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to the u.s. embargo. >> stand at most important obstacle to the economic development and well-being of the cuban people that's why it's removal will be of the essence to normalize lateral relations. >> embargo will end. when i can't be entirely sure. but i believe it will end and the path that we are on will continue beyond my administration. >> they also agreed they remain deep disagreement on human rights. >> i made it clear the united states will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy including the right of the cuban people to decide their own future. we'll speak out on behalf of universal human attas an rights including freedom of speech and simply and religion. >> in a test ty response to reporter question about politicaca prisoners on the island castro seemed frustrated and challenge em the reporter name names.
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political prisoners and i will release them immediately. just mention the list. >> political prisoners give me a name or names >>reporter: at the end of the news conference castro grabbed mr. obama arm and lifted it resulting in this awkward moment. president then takened an event aimed at encourageaimed at encouraging cuban entrepreneurship and continue. you have more than 300 million potential american customers and one of the world most dynamic cities, miami, right next door. so i'm here today 0that america wants to be your partner. >>reporter: also on his itinerary place ago wreath at the martin memorial. an 1800 era poet reveered as hero here. he toured the museum sign the guest book. white house release the contntts of the message. it's great honor to pay tribute martin who gave his life for the independence of his homeland. his passionor liberty freedom and self determination lives on
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no doubt serious doubt remain by some of the prospect of liberty and freedom for the cuban people not just today but tomorrow. still good deal of debate over whether thinks the course of action we see the debate particularly in our south flida community. meanwhile good part of the president's new cuba policy is to encourage economic engagement between the country. the president belief in the long run that will help the cuban people and there is big news on that front tonight. coverage continue was sheldon fox watson island tell us more about. that. >> crying it's back almost some wouldn't have familiar of the this. we are talking about the ility to take a cruise from here to havana. >> through the commercialism crowds of culture hungry tourist and the cruise ships. well, so far it's just one ship carnival fathom but come ma
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to be open for u.s. to cuba business. >> today carnival corporation has become the first u.s. cruise compa in more than 50 years to be granted approval from cuba to sail from the u.s. to cube eric's from havana monday carnival cruise line made historic announcement on day president obama attended a meeting. entrepreneurship as part of his historic cuba trip. >> fir carnival cruise is expected to pull in havana in may. >>reporter: so here's how your 7 day trip would go if you decided you wanted to take a cuban cruise. it starts on a sunday and you would set sail from port miami at 4:30 in the afternoon. and you would get to havana late the next morning. take in with the cruise company calls the flavors of old havanacalls the flavors of old havana. >> take you to r rolution square where you will be able to see and walk in the foot steps of places where the pope has visited and given talks. you also whether or not you
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castro regime see places where a lot of the speeches have been delivered. >> rides and classic american cars to vit historic site also promised. after havana you hit santiago before back to miami the following sunday evening. >> what they book is completely new and different and really exciting. >> the bookiki process isn't all that new travel agent or carnival web site book a trip to cuba on the fathom. >> similar to any other type of travel. minimum of 1800 dollars but the cruise liner would remind you. you would also be one of the first american cruise investigators hit havana in more than half century. >> you need a passport of visa and signed affidavit proving that your trip to cuba is for cultural purposes. were live on watson island in miami sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> sheldon thanks so much for that.
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government opposition here on th island. disdidn't community will have an opportunity tomorrow to o heard by the president him z.robin has a chance to speak with some of them on the eve of what may b bvery important day for them. >> cuban disdidn't here on the island human rigs issue is one they love with every day. they have loved ones w w are political prisoners. they themselves have been beaten and detained in some cases week after week. that didn't change this week but what did change is what president visit they now have an international spotlight. prayerful palm sunday then silent march asking for release of cuba political prisoners and finally pro cuban government protestors clash with the island disdidn't. they detain all of us. everybody would participated in the march was detained. >> gonzalez gomez was there. she's carrying her white clothes with her.
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destination without being stopped. still heavy police pressen in the a aa. he was invited to speak with president obama during the trip. hours before his arrest he questioned if that would be possible. >> they are going to arrest us. beat us. and they a going to allow us to good to the meeting with president obama. >>reporter: the they were like this because they are husband and wife and they were dragging them on t t ground. >> gomez, too. >>reporter: we spoke to lady in white who was here alone because she said a meeting was happening here at about 11:00 o'clock. she was unable to make it yesterday. the moment we went down the street we turned around. police came and took her away. she said she doesn't even carry a cell phone because if she's detained she doesn't want them to be able to register her cell number. leads in white fight for the release of political prisoners and man rights on the island for any one who might question the motive or the e rches.
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detention and arrest 46 weekends and counting. gonzalez says this. >> in other country the police protect you. in cuba it's the opposite. thinks theheight all cuban have not just the leads in white. all can have a right to gather and protest. >> so the disdidn't are going to be meeting. scheduled to meet with president obama tomorrow. at the embassy right behind us here along the area here so whether remains to be seen is who will show up and what happens next what might come out of that. >> robin thank you so much for. thaha speak of the president day tomorrow as he wraps up the whirlwind visit to the island it against with a speech in the morning. carriedy state run television about 40 minutes or so in length. prident speaking directly to the cuban people sharing his hopes for them and hopes for the new u.s. cuba relationshipthe new u.s. cuba relationship. that is followed by the scheduled meeting with members of the disdidn't community.
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cuban national baseball game for a bit in the afternoon before he leaves the island and heads to argentina. that is the latest from had a have been a this evening with robin simmons i'm craig stephens let's go back now to belkys and jeff for the rest of the day's new >> great coverage today thank you. well craig. today exile here in miami have plenty to say about it in little havana protestors made their voices heard. >> members of the exile community descend on the cafe all day to voice the pleasure or displeasure with what's going on in cuba right now. some are too upset to watch as leaders of both nation met inn havana. others were happy to see it happen. >> i am totally disgusted and today up and down everything for cuba. nothing for the u.s. >> obama has been a sell out to us the cubans. we feel disgusted. we feel betrayed. >> something good for both nations.
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it has been very hard this but i feel like the change is inevitable. >> national security advisor to president obama says the white house gave castro a list of political prisoners they hoped would be released. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. family breathing sigh of relief tonight after teen went missing for nearly 24 hours is finally found. >> danger at the atman taking out cash is suddenly attack by a knife wielding man. >> cold day across south florida. cooler for us and now the air behind the cold front is allowing temperatures to drop tonight into the 50's.
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>> teenager reunited with her family after disappearing without a trace. at 13-year-old girl found safe >> thank goodness. jessica is live at the girl's home in miami with details on what happened. jessica? >>reporter: the teen returned home just a few minutes ago. spoke with her great grandmother. she says she is safe and she is so thankful she is back home. let's go to video now and seat little girl we are talking about. she's 13 years old. her name is jasmine rebel reported missing this morning from the town park area of over town where she lives. police were very concerned because family tells theme she the little girl teenager is mentally challenged. we have a look at the big
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officers with blood hound searched the area by ground and miami dade police chopper searched by air. after getting the g gd news she had been found around 9:30 tonight the teenreat grandmother talked to just one station thanking everyone who worked to find her jasmine. >> god had it under control. whoever it was that called i thank you i thank you. may god keep on blessing you. >> she's okay. >> yes she's all right. she's all right. >> do you have any idea what happened? where she went. >> i don't know. nobody told me nothing. i n't think nothing. you know. she's in one piece because god was in control. >> that great grandmother saying her prayers were answered tonight. reporting live in miami over town neighborhood jessica holly 7 news night team. >> happy family all right jessica thanks. man injured after ambushed at the atm. the victim seen on surveillance video asking for help at gas
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mr. is say he ran there after he was stabbedt bank next door. >> i asked him what happened. he screws say call 911 because the i'm dying. this happened to him in the drive through of the bank of america on davey boulevard and 31 avenue in fort lauderdale. that victim was taken to the hospital t.the machine who if you have any information call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. >> coming up on 7 news at 11>> coming up on 7 news at 11:00. chilly and breezy out there. >> sure is. how long is this cool blast gogog to last brent. >> in the 50's when you wake up in the morning. but this cold air is going to be rushing out of here and by midweek this week meaning on wednesday back in the 80's so enjoy this now. forecast coming up. >> then after the news wraps up it's a jungle out there. the stars of the jungle book in south in and hanging out with deco. that's tonight at 11:30 on deco
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>> in a couple month from now dreaming of nights like this. when we are back in the real steamy stuff but tonight temperatures have been falling. falling no the 50's and that is the case now. miami-dade broward county miami officially 59 degrees. homestead 59. mid 50's in fact 57 in fortt lauderdale. only place still about 60 and that threshold is now key west at 62 degrees. air very dry. we have been talking about relative humidity inithe 30's 40 percent range throughout the day today an ever since the cold front is crossed. here we are well into march. this is the first night we have fallen into the 50's of this month of march and going back to february and january this was fairly common territory 12
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actually did fall into the 40's in miami. by the way 4 times we have dhoop in fort lauderdale. this is the set up across the state right now. 50's across most of the south and these temperatures aren't going to change whole lot from where they are maybe dropping a couple more degrees. but the 40's you see over the northern part of the state west of jacksonville near gainsville that's where the air will coinue to get colder and the 30's will be wide spread with frost. even freezing conditions and that is right around atlanta and charlotte. we have high pressure where you see the void of the clouds here across t deep south. that high is going to continue to move if it sat in place we would continue with this cold spell but it's not going to be the case. it's going to be a steady pattern and that high slides over toward the western atlantic by tomorrow afternoon. ocean air returning in temperatures getting to near average by tuesday afternoon. and by this time tomorw
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away from us we watch as temperatures continue to grow for the middle part of the weekfor the middle part of the week. bad news spring breaker if you have plans ongoing to the beach rip current will remain the high threat that is the case right starting tomorrow as a matter of fact. boaters pee wear of small craft advisory. rough conditionsor at least the overnight tonight and then wind and sea should subside a little bit. tonight temperatures as mentioned. wide spread in the 50's. even for you in the keys. very comfortable air in place for your tuesday. warm-up really gets going by mid part of the week. watch another front approach but item not gng to get close enough to bring some cold air. we stay warm right through the easter weekend. that's the 7 open 7 forecast. >> next on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. >> panthers begin tough three gym road trip in the big apple tonight.
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i know what i might sound like but the referee might have causedhe pan therts a couple goals tonight. panthers and rangers. in the road white trailing 2 nothing in the second. fight for the puck. the referee in the crease. guy is in the goal. the puck hit the referee doesn't go in. what's he doing in there? panthers trail 2 nothing. into the third look like the panthers score. stephen hits the puck in out of mid-air. referee call ate high stick. went to review. no goal. panthers still down 2 nothing. finally they score on the breakfinally they score on the break. back to him and now it't'2-1. 13 minutes left. 5 minute later rangers power play. can't clear. klein to nash. past montoy a.panthers lose 4-2
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place in the division. heat not basking in the win saturday over cleveland. they have 12 games left to get the best possible play off position. atlanta lost tonight. so right now the heat at third in the conference. the top 8 make the play offs. heat play at new orleans to. pelicans are awful. and they shut down the best player anthony davis for the rest of the season. >> wither in positive position totoe looking past nobody. not first in the eastern conference. fighting for play off position. so it doesn't matter who they have on the roster. i think it is shown that guys can play been and beat you and win. >> all right. canes leave for louisville tomorrow. they play villanova a theirs thursday night. canes one of 16 from the acc to make it to the sweet 16. big 10 and big 12 3 team each. canes finish third in the conference during the regular season. acc with 6 in the final 6 seed.
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that. we had so many good players and teams in our league this year t.lose out on the regular season championship by a whisker. satisfies lot about this team.m. >> best conference in the country. canes will practice. leave for louisville. practice their on wednesday. newsws conference inley louisville on wednesday and game thursday nht. sweet 16 second time in 4 yearssweet 16 second time in 4 years. >> thanks steve. >> that's it. that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. thanks so much for joining us. i'm belkys. >> i'm jeff. have a great monday night.
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