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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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form her friends and family who say they )re just hoping for the-p&best. and a new year means new waste. how one virginia beach landfill is making trash a last resort. and a suffolk pastor facing 26 sex crimes -- admits to abusing a minor. newschannel three has new details on the investigation. welcome to newschannel three at 5 - i m les smith. and i m barbara ciara. a suffolk man who identifies himself as a pastor is behind bars -- after police say he sexually abused a minor. newschannel 3 s gabriella deluca is live with the details -- new at 5. the details of the crimes he s accused of are right in these court documents -- where the man admits to sexually abusing a minor. most details in here are too graphic to show you. when you call anthony s mcclain s cell phone number
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-- this is what you hear. he is facing 26 sex crimes in suffolk. on his website, -- mcclain says he )s a pastor, who held church services out of his suffolk home. and at that same house -- according to the paperwork -- he sexually abused a minor for several months last year. mcclain admitted to the abuse -- according to a transcript -- detailing his conversation with a detective. during the interview -- the pastor admitted that temptation got the best of him. most of the rest of the interview is too graphic to share on tv -- but at one point -- mcclain says the sexual relationship was consensual. and mcclain said the victim initiated the sexual relationship. before his arrest -- police say mcclain moved to north carolina -- closing his church. now all you find at his home, is a for sale sign. mcclain is being held in jail. we asked to talk to him to hear his side of the story, but he refused.
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tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs will be in the mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower is possible, but it will be the exception and not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way. otherwise, expect a good deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend. by next week, our warm up will end. highs will be in the mid and upper 40s by the middle of the
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today we )re learning more about the man whose tractor trailer went off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. police have identified him as 33-year-old matthew killmon. killmon was driving a truck carrying soy beans for coastal a-g transport when his truck veered off the road and crashed into the bay. he was able to get out of the tractor trailer and floated until he was
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killmon was flown to sentara norfolk general hospital to be treated for his injuries. in hampton -- we now know more about the man and woman found dead in a home on charolais char-lay run yesterday -- police say it was murder-suicide -- and it was richard garrity who killed barbara caton - then they say garrity shot and killed himself. no one else was inside the home at the time. we re working to learn more about this - we )ll bring you more as it )s available. a norfolk state university women s basketball player is fighting for her life -- after being found unresponsive in her dorm room on new year s day. newschannel 3 s kelly rule joins us live at n-s-u with the latest. kelly -- amber brown s family did not want to go into too many details about her medical condition -- but they tell us they believe it was diabetes-related -- and her teammates found her in her dorm room about a day after they believe her incident happened. now they )re all pulling for her to
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43;36 she s fighting and were fighting for her out here because i know that s what she wanted and that s what she d do for me if it was vise versa ebony brown has cheered on her sister amber her whole life -- as her teammate on various basketball teams. the most recent -- norfolk state university. but today -- she )s rooting for her for an entirely different reason. 43;33 every second and every day counts for her right now 45;40 it )s tough just like for everyone else it )s tough but i have 100% faith in amber the power- forward and junior at nsu was found in her dorm room unresponsive on new years day by her teammates after she didn )t show up to practice on time -- according to her family. ebony tells newschannel 3 they believe the incident was diabetes-related -- and happened the day before. she s currently at sentara norfolk general hospital in critical condition. 54;20 it )s tough anytime were missing a team member but times like this i think the team has come closer together 28 they have a little bit more to play for now but it )s not just the team
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together. amber s loved ones describe the support from the n-s-u community as overwhelming. 45;19 everyone around campus even if they didn t know her or if they had one class they have commented and supported in some type of way fundraisers will be held at all home basketball games this month -- and ambers teammates have worked to raise awareness about diabetes. that -- while doing what they have to do -- keep playing in her honor. 54;36 their hearts are heavy but they are trying to stay focused on what we have to accomplish now ambers family has also set up a gofundme page to help pay for her medical costs and support her family who is here all the way from georgia. newschannel 3 also spoke with amber s basketball coach here at nsu and we will have her interview coming up at 5 and 6. live in norfolk, kelly rule, newschannel. we )re learning more about a man who was shot inside a chesapeake hotel early this morning. police tell us there was a fight between the victim and the shooter.
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at the extended stay america hotel on greenbrier circle. police have identified a person of interest -- but did not give us that information. what will the future hold for three big hampton roads malls - losing big retail stores. macys announced its closing its doors for good at three shopping centers. newschannel 3s nadeen yanes is live - to see how thats going to affect shoppers. its that iconic star --- that is usually the star store at most malls - like here in chesapeake square mall. but its going away in september - as macy announced its closing its doors here at chesapeake square - mlitiary circle and the peninusla town center. 18:12 i heard on the news and i was flabbergasted beve gillgren is wishing upon the macys star today - 18:45 i wish that they would change their minds please? 18:50 please change your mind macy )s? thats because the bix box retailer announced
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3 right here in hampton roads. at mliitary circle mall - peninusla town center - and here at chesapeake square mall. a big deal for this retiree—w ho shops here about 4 to 5 times a week. 19:34 the stores are empty you go in there and there are empty stores a lot more empty stores in there ever used to be and 19:38 it )s sad we want to keep it but i don )t know why they aren )t keeping it we don )t know the store announced yesterday it has to be done because of disappointing sales last year. but shoppers are worried it will be a catalyst to more stores leaving and ultimately the mall shutting down. 24:20 are you concerned about the future of the mall? i m certain will be used losing it it s sad to say that when you start losing your high-end stores everyone else starts falling as well they will crumble so we took action to see what the plan is for all three shopping center losing macys military circle mall says they are working to give us a statement - but really couldnt comment. gpx 1 chesapeake square says: )chesapeake square didnt give us a straight answer but a statement from the malls
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)...they will continue to offer-p&-p&-p&-p&shoppers a compelling mix of-p&national and locally owned shopppers... gpx 2 but a spokesperson with the peninsula town center hinted the future will be bright saying in a statement that while they are disappointed: )...the former macys space has already attracted significant interest from several retailers eager to enter the expanding hampton trade area. we are working hard to select a candidate.. but there is a silver lining - one last big sale. the store says their final clearance sale begins monday - and will run for 12 weeks - their doors will close for good in september. live in chesapeake nadeen yanes newschannel 3. also new at five tonight-- plenty of us got new electronics for the holidays -- but virginia beach wants you to think twice before just throwing out the old stuff. todd corillo shows us a place where you can take it to find new life. the pile of christmas trees mounting at the virginia beach landfill and resource recovery center is a telling sign --
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but instead of throwing out the now old tube tv or computer monitor -- recycling bureau manager linda minner has a message - the landfill has been re-branded -- the resource recovery mission to recycle or reuse -- with trash being the last resort. james pettigrew brought old gas to be recycled thursday one of many visits the center has seen
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from the ever growing mountain of clam and oyster shells to the old appliances --- and even the kitchen sink-- virginia beach is hoping you ll think twice before tossing it all in the trash. -- todd corillo -- newschannel 3. hundreds of feet under the earths their shift trapped in an elevator. more on their rescue
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selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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california is getting drenched as heavy rain and strong winds from el nino storms continue to push in off the pacific. roads are flooded and mudslides are a growing threat to hillside communities. crews are working around the clock to clear the mud. 10 mobiles homes had to be evacuated as powerful winds snapped trees. however there is one bright side -- ski resorts are welcoming about a foot of snow. president obama will be in virginia tonight. he )s holding a town hall meeting at george mason university to talk about his proposed changes to gun laws. those changes include requiring gun sellers to be licensed -- and expanding mandatory background checks at gun shows and for online sales. the president is also proposing an additional 500-million dollars in funding for mental health programs. during tonight )s town hall -- the president will also take phone call questions from viewers. the town hall will be broadcast starting at 8 p-m on c-n-n.
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discussed the affordable care act today at the weekly news conference. he said the g-o-p has quote finally cracked the code on the beginning of the repeal process. but that )s not the only memorable thing the speaker mentioned. he also had some harsh words for the president on gun control. ryan said he believes the president should focus his efforts on defeating terrorists groups like isis because that s what americans are concerned about. tense moments in central new york overnight when 17 miners became stuck in an elevator hundreds of feet underground. kenneth craig has the story. pkg rescue crews brought the last of the trapped miners to the surface around 8:30 thursday morning following a 10 hour ordeal in frigid temperatures. the mime )s manager says the workers were cold, but their sprits were high. shawn wilczynski,
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moved and inspired by how well they dealt with this, how they worked together. the 17 miniers got stuck at the start of their shift just after 10 wednesday night.. at the cargill road salt mine in lansing,new york, about 40 miles outside syracuse. they were trapped about 900 feet underground when an elevator suddenly stopped on the way to the mine )s floor - the deepest in the western hemisphere. officials say the miners huddled together. blankets and supplies were lowered to them, until a large crane could be brought in. shawn wilczynski, mine manager - from cargill it is a difficult task - there s not a lot of cranes out there ready and willing to do that depth more than a dozen agencies assisted with the rescue ... as the miners were brought to surface in increments of 4 then 3, then 2 at a time. shawn wilczynski, mine manager - from cargill i m inspired by them butted the first 4 who came out of the mine, waited until the last two came out of the mine operations at the mine will put on hold for now, while safety inspectors investigate what caused the eleavtor to malfunciton. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. the mine operator says the mild
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with a large inventory of salt and there is no hurry to resume mining. a richmond woman also needed to be rescued after falling down an electrical shaft in her apartment building. rescue crews say the women somehow got into an electrical access shaft on the 6th floor -- and then fell four stories to the second floor. we )re told she was stuck there -- in a "v" formation -- with her head and legs pointing straight up -- for more than an hour. she was alert and talking to rescuers as they worked to free her. she is currently hospitalized in stable condition. . tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs will be in the mid 50s under mostly
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an isolated shower is possible, but it will be the exception and not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way. otherwise, expect a good deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend. by next week, our warm up will end. highs will be in the mid and upper 40s by the middle of the
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still ahead on newschannel three at 5-30. those who grow together -- serve together. the unlikely pair heading to a
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on the military watch. more than one hundred soldiers in the new mexico national guard are preparing for a deployment in kuwait. but one family in that group isn t sending just one soldier-- they
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krista macias will be stationed in kuwait for her first deployment as a medic. and she s going with her father-- who )s also in the national guard. to make things even more special, this is going to be her first deployment. it ll be her father s last. her dad says he is passing on the torch-- so his daughter can carry on his legacy of honor. next on newschannel three at 5-30. as the city of lights mourns the anniversary of the deadly charlie hebdo attacks -- a new possible terror threat opens fire on a paris police station. and who wants to be a millionaire? no winner in last nights massive powerball drawing
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