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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the chase were all damaged --but despite the dramatic video you just saw -- no one was hurt. welcome to newschannel three at 5 - i m les smith. and i m barbara ciara. two people found dead in a van in newport news - and then police get into a shoot out with another man nearby. newschannel three s gabriella deluca has been on this story all
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she joins us live the scene to explain how this all happened. this is where those officers fired at the suspect on roanoke ave -- describe scene if officers are still out. a silver mini van slowly gets towed away on whickam avenue -- its where police found two men shot to death inside today. on the front side of the car -- a dent. police say they were first called to the scene for a crash -- but then found the two men dead. chester williams lives nearby -- and came to the scene after hearing about it on the news. 54;07 one was slumped on the back and one was slumped in the passenger seat so the person who was driving was gone and the person behind him gone detectives got a tip that two guys were on the run. an officer and a sargent were able to catch up to one of them a few blocks away on roanoke avenue -- where they began
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police havent said what prompted the offficers to start shooting -- and at this point, they arent releasing if that man had a weapon. 48;13 during that encounter with that male subject our officer and sargent did discharge their firearms. the subject was taken to the hospital w a gunshot wound to his abdomen ... something that )s concerning to neighbors. 2:52 the bullet has no name on it so it does make sad starting off the year like this with 4 individuals... at least 2 are dead, one in the hospital & one on the loose witnesses say there may have been another suspect -- so thats what they are focusing on now -- finding out who that is. police say they believe the two officers involved were wearing body cameras -- so they will be looking into that. as for the two men who are dead -- their names havent been released. in nn gd nc3
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the weather went from freezing to temperatures in the 60 s. can we expect another change on the way? let s check in with chief meteorologist patrick rockey. tracking rain and slightly warmer temps....we hope you )ve enjoyed the sunshine lately because rain is moving back in, at least briefly. as we move through your friday, expect increasing clouds across hampton roads and ne north carolina as an area of low pressure moves up the coast. while the day will likely start dry, rain chances will go up by friday afternoon and evening. a couple of showers may linger into early saturday morning, but majority of saturday looks dry with partly sunny skies. high temperatures will be in the mid 50s friday and the upper 50s by saturday. we re
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of low pressure that could bring us a couple of showers sunday, but at this point, the day does not look like a washout. high upper 40s. by monday and tuesday, highs will struggle to
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a surprising political announcement today. congressman scott rigell says is not running for re-election. the third term republican said when he was first elected that he would not serve more than twelve years in office. now he )s leaving after six representing the 2nd district. rigell says his wife and children helped him make the difficult decision -- and now was the right time for an easy transition. the 55-year old also said he had achieved what he set out to do -- build a strong house majority and check the democrats -- who then controlled both political branches of government. he has one year left in his term. detectives with virginia beach -- are asking for parents to be extra vigilant when out shopping with their children. this comes after two incidents of a man exposing himself inside stores to young children -- and still no arrests. newschannel 3 s kelly rule joins us live at one of those stores -- the barnes and noble on virginia beach boulevard. kelly what )s the latest? we now know that the children
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-- we all under the age of six years old and were not with their parents at this time. now police are urging parents -- even in what seem like perfectly safe stores like this one behind me -- to keep your children with you at all times. this man -- pacing up and down an aisle at the barnes and noble off of virginia beach boulevard -- probably doesn t come off as-p&suspicious. but virginia beach police want your help -- in identifying him. he )s wanted -- for exposing himself to a child inside the store -- back in november. 29;16 it absolutely is traumatizing kids this age do remember things 33;22 sometimes it takes a community and in this incidence it is going to take a community to get this guy into custody newschannel 3 brought you the story earlier this week. police believe this same man -- was also responsible for exposing himself to two children in the toy aisle at a dollar tree over the weekend -- just about five minutes down the road. today -- virginia beach police special victims unit
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newschannel 3 -- they don t know -- if these are the only two incidents. 28;56 there definitely could be more 30;50 the suspect in question as we know it has not made any attempts to take a child or physically hurt a child however we do not know his intentions what detective curtis says she does know -- all three victims in both incidents -- were under the age of six years old. she says their parents didn t realize what happened until after the fact -- because the kids were not directly with them -- when the man approached them. 32;24 we understand that it is hard to keep your eye on more than one child, that )s why it is important to keep your child within arms distance 29;57 it s also important that parents have regular body safety talks with their children, and for anyone who catches someone doing what police say this man did -- detective curtis says -- speak up. 32;57 start being as loud and vocal as you can about the situation that ll garner everyone s attention around you e now police are asking anyone
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be a victim to this mans behavior -- to call them immediately. and of course anyone with any information about these incidents -- and who this man is -- is asked to take action and call the crime line at 1-888-lock-u-up. live in virginia beach, kelly rule, newschannel 3. three shootings in three hampton roads cities overnight -- in portsmouth a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was shot during a home invasion. this all happened around eight-30 last night on queen street. that )s between london boulevard and high street. investigators say they )re looking for three people believed to be involved. but so far they have not released much information about those people. newport news police found a 17-year-old with a gunshot wound to the back last night just after nine. officers were called to the area of 18-th street and ivy avenue. right now -- they don t know if he )ll survive. so far - police have not said if they have a suspect or a motive. and in hampton police say a man was shot multiple times - police tell us his injuries are now non-life threatening.
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shooting happened last night just before 9-30 on martha lee drive. officials still do not have a suspect or a motive at this time. on the military watch -- a new report from bloomberg news says the navy is spending millions to repair expeditionary fast transports because they can )t handle the high seas. expeditionary fast transports are capable of transporting nearly 600 tons of military troops, vehicles, supplies and equipment for 12-hundred nautical miles at an average speed of 35 knots. but the defense department )s director of operational tests has reported problems to congress. the little creek based u-s-n-s spearhead and her sister ships were mentioned in the report. according to test data cited by military sealift command-- the spearhead sustained damage by slamming waves -- and needed a half million in repairs. in all -- the report says the navy has spent almost two- point-four million dollars to strengthen the bow of four vessels since 2012. the fleet was built by austal u-s-a for two- point-one billion dollars.
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the director says the repairs are still in progress and they have yet to use heavy weather testing to verify if the fixes are working. virginia beach police have arrested a man who they say had an illegal hog farm -- 64-year-old gary morris senior has been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty. this all stems from a discovery on salem road back in december. police say more than one- hundred hogs were there living in deplorable conditions. neighbors said they could smell the hogs from nearby. a hazmat team had to be called out to clear the area. animal enforcement took the hogs in and says all the hogs were taken to market or placed with a local farm coming up on newschannel three at five - the flu isn t just for people -- your dog could be suffering as well. what you
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newschannel three is taking action to help you beat the backups-- expect delays if your heading from norfolk to the peninsula on the hrbt. back ups are about 6 miles because of congestion. no crashes to report. three students from new york are dead after their bus crashed in honduras. it happened yesterday near the honduran capital. officials say the bus was filled
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students from columbia university. they were on a volunteer mission. it )s still not clear what caused the crash. 14 people were hurt. "ride the ducks" boats -a popular tourist rides across the country - are one step closer to getting back on the road in seattle. yesterday, the city announced an agreement with the company, requiring the boats to have both a driver (and ( a tour guide on board. before, those jobs were combined. the deal also requires the the boats to take new tour routes, which don t include the aurora bridge. ducks tours have been on hold since last september, when a boat crashed with a charter bus on the aurora bridge, killing five people. no word on when exactly tours will begin. norfolk state university celebrated martin luther king junior day with a remembrance march. the celebration started in front of the lyman beecher brooks library at 11-45. then-- it continued to the l douglas wilder performing arts center. members
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performed the road less traveled in honor of the civil rights icon. the event was free and open to the public. a local amusement park is taking action - busch gardens donated more than (four- thousand pounds of food - to area food pantries. the theme park joined efforts with the grove christian outreach center to donate fresh, frozen and packaged food items to the grove neighborhood. the center helps people living in small communities along route 60 to put food on their tables. a representative said the park has the largest donation after christmas town ends. that s because the food will reach its expiration date before the park opens again in the spring. there s a dangerous new illness worrying vets and pet owners across the country. thousands of dogs have been infected with (dog flu . adriana diaz has the story. ashley leise pronounced as lease walks dogs in the seattle area. she s paying extra close attention to her four-legged friends... natsot dog bark ...after warnings
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np from kiro ashley leise / dog walker "they can get sick just like us, and i know how much i hate being sick"king county public health officials say up to 90 dogs staying at this kennel outside of seattle may have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for flu, but further tests are needed to confirm it )s the new strain. beth lipton, public health vet for public health seattle and king county 17:51:11 none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off, 17:52:13 when dogs are going to day care or dog parks or boarding overnight in kennel facilities it can spread very rapidly....this viral (video features a chicago pup named herbert who s putting on a brave face while recovering from the flu. nats of black lab coughing sat0160 @:18 cases first showed up last march in chicago and spread quickly. grx in around 2- thousand dogs in 24 states have been infected. gfx out natsot "good girl" a vaccine was made available in november. vets say the disease is rarely fatal. but owners should see a vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. 17:40:11 vet rob mcmonigle so if your dog doesn )t eat well, misses a meal, if you see coughing, if you see lethargy,
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it could be a sign of the fever / pipe 2 7:56:00 : people can t contract the virus but they (can ( give it to a healthy pet after spending time with a sic dog. and by the way all these puppies are up for adoption. adriana diaz, cbs news, chicago. there were three winners for last nights one-point-five billion dollar powerball jackpot. according to the virginia lottery seven hundred thousand people in virginia won smaller prizes. a couple one million dollar winners were sold here in virginia too. one of them is in salem -- the other million dollar ticket was sold right here in virginia beach. it was bought at this seven eleven on lynnhaven parkway -- near salem road. some people who
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we )re told the seven hundred thousand winning tickets in virginia totaled nearly seven million dollars in prizes. tracking rain and slightly warmer temps....we hope you ve enjoyed the sunshine lately because rain is moving back in, at least briefly. as we move through your friday, expect increasing
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ne north carolina as an area of low pressure moves up the coast. while the day will likely start dry, rain chances will go up by friday afternoon and evening. a couple of showers may linger into early saturday morning, but majority of saturday looks dry with partly sunny skies. high temperatures will be in the mid 50s friday and the upper 50s by saturday. we )re keeping an eye on another area of low pressure that could bring us a couple of showers sunday, but at this point,
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high temperatures will dip into the upper 40s. by monday and tuesday, highs will struggle to get out of the upper
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coming up -- hey bei ... bei! . the national zoo preps for crowds as the popular baby panda meets the public for the
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panda cub bei bei is set to make his public debut at smithsonian s national zoo this-p&weekend! the panda house at smithsonian s national zoo -- home to four giant pandas -- has been closed since bei bei was born in august. the cub is already a celebrity so the zoo is expecting long lines. when bei bei )s older sister, bao bao made her debut in 2014 -- more than four thousand people stood in line for hours to see her. if you don )t want to stand in line, or you )re not planning to go to d-c, you can keep track of bei bei online -- watching one of the smithsonian s panda cams.
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pesky potholes - ruining you car and your commute? now crews are being told they have 48
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