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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news in surry county -- newschannel 3 s brendan ponton is live where a fire is burning at a meat processing plan. and brendan -- how is it going out there? firefighters are battling a huge fire at a meat processing plant building behind edwards ham shoppe on rolfe highway. the building is fully engulfed by the fire with smoke showing, according to emergency services coordinator tamara arthur. fire agencies from claremont, dendron and surry county are working the fire. isle of wight and sussex fire
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crews. crews have cleared the building and say no one was inside. reports of explosions were heard after the fire started. the call about the fire came in at 12:39 p.m. on tuesday. more than a dozen women behind bars after several chesapeake massage parlors were searched. newschannel three s gabriella deluca is live with the story. show that the doors are locked and the blinds are closed two women walk out of a
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on battlefield boulevard -- they say they have no comment on the fact that women have been recently arrested from the spa. its one of several parlors where police searched -- eventually arresting 14 women. most of them are charged with doing quote-- "prohibited acts at a massage parlor -- and others were in doors. the arrests come days after detectives searched the parlors -- they say they were looking to see if they had the right permits, if they were giving quote inappropriate masages. one woman works nearby -- and she said she was suspicious of what was going on next doir. 36;49 late at night when i would get ready to go in a new agent and i would be here late night, i would come out and see young men walking in and it seemed odd. young men typically don t have a lot of money to spend on massages on luxury items 37;15 just the hours of operation were alarming and so me of the other tenants in the building we thought they were sleeping there like they never left. there
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these arrests come after this past summer chesapeake )s city council put more restrictions on parlors -- including strengthening the punishment for inappropriate massages. in ch gd nc 3 there were happy reunions for the families of americans released by iran this past weekend. but the loved ones of one american believed to be still trapped in the country are unable to share in that joy. the three hostage released are all receiving medical treatment at a u-s military hospital in germany today. but one american still missing -- former f-b-i agent robert levinson has been gone for nearly nine years. his son says he feels his father has been quote "left behind." one of the marines released is american marine amir hekmati. he says hearing about support from his fellow marines gave him strength through the
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hekmati denies any wrongdoing and denies spying for the united states. with less than two weeks before the first votes are cast the two leading g-o-p presidential candidates are churning up the miles in the first two states casting ballots - iowa and new hampshire. craig boswell has more. pkg donald trump says his busiest day in iowa (could also include his biggest endorsement to date. sot: donald trump/r presidential candidate "i am a big fan of sarah palin but i am not saying who it is." palin - the 2012 vice - presidential nominee has supported the billionaire in the past july she wrote trump had tapped into "america )s great populist tradition by speaking to concerns of working class voters." trump )s tuesday schedule includes three stops in the the hawkeye state
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sot: donald trump/r presidential candidate "when you talk about temperament, ted has got a rough temperament, i don )t know. you can t call people liars on the senate floor." during one of his six campaign stops in new hampshire tuesday - cruz said trump is just worried about his poll numbers. sot: sen. ted cruz/r-tx presidential candidate "last couple of days he rattled, he )s been throwing some insults my way. i don t intend to respond in kind." but cruz hinted he would be willing to offer trump a job if he wins. sot: sen. ted cruz/r-tx presidential candidate "we will build a wall- and i actually have someone in mind to build it." laughter standup: craig boswell/cbs news/washington, d.c. cruz has a lead in some iowa polls - but it )s popular republican governor - while not endorsing any candidate - made it clear tuesday who he is not supporting. gfx trump tweeted wow the highly respected governor of iowa just stated "ted cruz must be defeated" big shocker! people do not like ted." craig boswell, cbs news, washington. next at 5. a coach taking action. meet the volunteer suffolk basketball coach
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on the military watch. iraq )s military has begun airstrikes against the islamic state north of baghdad. this video shows airstrikes being carried out against extremist hideouts north of the iraqi capital. iraq s defense ministry -- who provided the video -- say the strikes happened yesterday. they said in a statement that one of the targets was a car bomb ready to be detonated. a fire consumed the top floor of
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the top floor of the hotel is currently closed for renovations. it )s reopening was scheduled for march. started around seven a-m at the five star hotel. firefighters say destroyed. it is not believed anyone was hurt in the fire. and a sport for every season. meet the volunteer coach from suffolk who )s taking action
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on tonight )s people taking action. he )s a dad, husband, works full-time at the norfolk naval shipyard and finds time to coach on multiple teams. newschannel 3 s kurt williams headed to to suffolk to surprise this coach at one of his practices. audio track a quick peek before we sneek in. audio track we )re looking for kenneth banks the second--i m told he s the one surrounded by kids with the little girl hanging on his back. audio track banks is a volunteer coach in suffolk,,,a dad,
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stays busy. christopher eggleston/has daughter on team audio track he )s been a volunteer coach for about five years. audio track kenneth wasn )t sure what to think. audio track fellow voluteer coach kevin arts read a portion of
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audio track plus a people taking action pin and--- audio track it was all a little overwhelming. audio so how does juggle it all---work, family time and coaching multiple teams? audio track his wife gives him the credit.
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to see more stories like this -- or to nominate someone -- head to w-t-k-r-dot- com and click on the taking action link at the top of the homepage. the worlds oldest man has died at the age of one hundred and 12. yasutaro koide ko-dee was from japan. he was born in march of 19-03 -- and died about two months short of his 113th birthday. he his secret to a long life was not to overdo it, or drink or smoke. he worked as a tailor when he was younger and became the world )s oldest man in august. officials say he died earlier this morning.
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will get a special treat. they )ll be able to see five planets together in the sky just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say it )s the first time in more than ten years that all five of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. in case you need any help knowing where to look, you can check
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a list of 20-15 s most stolen computer passwords is out. security applications company splash- data comples the list from millions of stolen passwords made public every year. the most popular one will remind you of a scene from "spaceballs." "one-two-three- four-five-six" was once again in the top spot. "password" remained the number two password that was stolen. sports passwords returned for another season in 2015. the word "football" was number seven and "baseball" was number 10. a new report by the world economic forum projects robots
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the authors say more robots will replace laborers. they also think there will be an increase in artificial intelligence and automated call centers. the report found office and administrative jobs are most at risk. here )s a look at some of the top trending stories on the newschannel three app. a father syas he is glad his 14 year-old is alive after being shot in the back of the head in gloucester county. she is one of four people shot - and one of them is dead. he said a bullet struck the back of her head and that it is unclear if she will suffer from any permanent damage. 18-year- old dijon whitter is accused of first degree murder among other charges. and a williamsburg hotel crawling with bed bugs. elizabeth wicox tells newschannel 3 - she was staying at the travelodge off of richmond road over the weekend with her fiance and two young kids. she says they went right to bed and didnt notice anything wrong with the room. later they noticed some rashes and bug bites on their daughters. they checked the beds - which she summed up in one
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donations are pouring in to help chesterfield family members who survived this house fire on sunday. five people including two young children were killed in the fire. tracy sears shows us how the community is taking action. nats: a day after a tragic house fire, the grief for beth and jerry brown has been overwhelming... sot: "just got to pray for them- that s the most important thing- no doubt- ahhh." the browns did everything they could to save the lives of their longtime friends and neighbors- margaret and richard hudson- who died early sunday morning inside their home on whiklock drive along with three of their family members. including great- grandchildren 3 year old madison 1 year old colton and the couple s 54 year old daughter- marg hunt who died shielding her grandchildren. sot: "the fire department said she was laying on the children to protect them that says something." the browns say they )re doing all they can now to help the surviving members of
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a young mother who has now lost two children- her mother and grandparents... a go fund me account has been set up.... and donations are pouring in.... nats: pastor at winfree memorial baptist church- the browns place of worship. the church has received food clothing, appliances, and toys for the five year surviving child- caroline. so far- pastor david benjamin says the church has delivered two truck loads for the family. sot: "you feel so helpless- it s just an unbelievable, unspeakable- deep tragedy in their life and you want to do something to help- these are some practical ways to help." investigators believe the fire was accidental and started int eh basement of the home. coming up on newschannel three at six. one lucky couple is just a bit more financially stable after winning a smaller prize in the recent historic powerball jackpot. more on the check presentation in virginia beach and their reaction after finding out they won. plus local sports heroes
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contribution to athletics in hampton roads and beyond. more on this year )s virginia sports hall of fame inductees coming
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first responders battling a fire in surry county after reports of an explosion at a meat packing plant. the latest in a live report. frigid temperatures making it harder for residents to fight the cold. tips from dominion power on safely keeping warm and save money on your energy bill. plus a virginia man makes a plea in court after being accused of killing a woman in a 90 mile per hour head on collision. what the victim s family is saying, straight ahead. good evening and welcome to newschannel three at 6. i m kurt williams. and i m beverly kidd. the frosty temperatures are bringing on a
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here are construction workers
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