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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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problems for the morning drive there. right now, myles henderson is tracking that ( storm -- and the bigger one on the way -- live vipir forecast two snow chances... another cold start today with temperatures in the teens and 20s this morning. we will make it above freezing today, with highs in the mid 30s. it will feel a bit nicer today with winds relaxing. we will start with sunshine this morning but clouds will build in to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. our first chance for snow moves in tonight and will move out during the overnight hours. snow accumulation will be limited due to dry air and limited moisture but some areas could see a dusting to a . we are tracking a bigger potential for snow for friday
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it )s not the threat of snow, but the (cold weather that closed a high school today. mathews high school in mathews county closed this morning, sending students home. school leaders tell newschannel 3 there was a problem with the heating unit, just at that one school. no word yet on plans for tomorrow. whether it )s extreme cold, or a snowstorm on the way, arm app. you can check out live vipir radar and check the forecast -- as well as get any weather alerts. to download it --
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now to a developing story on the military watch-- it involves test results from drinking water at the fentress air field in chesapeake. they )ve come back above the particular type of contamination. sailors and all staff working at the base will have to drink from water bottles. n-a-s oceana commanding officer lou shager made the announcement today after test results on the water came back showing two different types of p-f-c chemicals were in the water. while the environmental protection agency does not require action to be taken for the levels tested- the commanding officer says the navy is being proactive in providing alternative drinking water until
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officials say they are working with the city of chesapeake and state officials to ensure that residents who live outside of the base who use city water were not affected. on the base-- we re told they were using well water which is why it directly affected them. new at noon-- a car slammed into a hampton home... and there s a lot of damage. it happened last night around 9-45 on carters grove court. police say when they got there-- they found this truck into the side of the garage. fire officials say two people were in the car and one of them was taken to the hospital. that person is expected to be okay. the homeowners were not there at the time of accident. norfolk city treasurer anthony burfoot is headed to court today for an arraignment. he was indicted earlier this month on federal corruption charges. officials say he used his position with the city to get payments, gifts, and other items of value. two weeks ago-- burfoot made his first appearance in federal
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after facing a judge - he was recognizance bond. in today s arraignment we could find out whether or not burfoot pleads guilty. new details -- about the seal team six raid to kill osama bin laden. a new report reveals the man who says he helped kill bin laden -- may have kept photos of the corpse. newschannel three s jessica larche is here with more. "the intercept" publication says former navy seal matt bissonnette dead osama bin laden. bissonnette famously laid out details of the bin laden raid in his 2012 book "no easy day". this is video of his interview -- while in disguise -- with cbs news. today -- cnn is citing "the intercept" publication s report -- which claims bissonnette turned over the photo so he wouldn )t be prosecuted for holding on to classified materials. the report also clams bissonnette may have had a conflict of interest while serving on the virginia beach based seal team -- and his work as a
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calls to navy officials to confirm the report -- have been met with no response. government officials have tried to keep images of bin laden s corpse out of the public eye -- fearing retaliation for its release. stick with newschannel three -- with more on this developing story starting at four. jessica larche, newschannel three. on the military watch-- the crew of the u-s-n-s patuxent puh-tux-cent is gearing up to deploy from naval station norfolk this week. the crew is scheduled to head out tomorrow afternoon. their mission - to provide fuel and other critical supplies to navy ships at sea-- making sure they stay combat ready. the patuxent recently returned home for the holidays after a six month deployment. the ship carries a crew of about one hundred. one of the world )s most notorious terrorists -- jihadi john -- is dead. isis published an obituary for him in its magazine. he was killed in an airstrike in northern syria last year. the pentagon said at the time it was fairly certain the drone strike had taken him out. jihadi john -- whose real name is mohammed emwazi -- was known as the face of isis. he
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videos, showing the execution of the victims. new at noon- supermom. two carjackers thought they could get away with stealing this mom s car. but what happened next surprised them. chipotle just announced a (new effort to make its food safer. what the burritio chain is doing (now . a health alert for women. you re at a higher risk of stroke and death.
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taking action for your health-- women face a higher risk of death or stroke if they have an irregular heartbeat an irregular heartbeat is a risk factor for stroke, heart disease and death. and according to researchers-- the risk is stronger for women than men. the study published in the british medical journal tracked over 4 million people and found women with irregular heartbeats need more aggressive treatment. a new study breaks down the risk of anesthesia and your brain. the mayo clinic found no link between surgical anesthesia in
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but past studies do show the risk for learning and memory problems from anesthesia and a new study finds 92 percent of meals served in u-s restaurants contain too many calories. researchers tested food from 123 fast food and sit- down restaurants. american, chinese and italian restaurants were the worst offenders, with average meals topping around 15-hundred calories. chipotle will soon offer paid sick leave to employees. the idea is that if employees don t have to come to work ill - it will reduce the chances of customers getting sick. the move comes after several cases of norovirus and ecoli outbreaks were found at the chain last year. chipotle will close all their restaurants in the afternoon on february 8th for a company wide employee meeting on food safety. the well-known drug lord el chapo is back in prison. but this time-- no ones taking any chances on him escaping.
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how this prison plans to keep
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a judge will decide today whether to make one of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray testify against another officer. gray is the man who died while in police custody, and whose death sparked protests and riots. charges are still pending in officer william porter s case that ended in a mistrial late last month. but now prosecutors want him to testify against the four other officers charged. the coast guard suspended its search for 12 marines who have been missing since two coast of hawaii. the search for survivors was called off after nearly five days of round-the- clock searching from multiple agencies. the marines were alerted when the helicopters carrying six crew members each failed to return to their base after a nighttime training mission. hours later-- the coast guard spotted debris two and a half miles off of oahu. the governor of michigan apologized again for the toxic water crisis in flint last night. in his state address--
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fix the problem. flint s tap water contains dangerously high amounts of lead. in october residents were told to stop drinking it though the dangers were known for months. snyder s administration switched the drinking water source from lake huron to the more polluted flint river two years ago, to save money. students and staff at columbia university came together to remember three students killed last week in central america. the students were on a volunteer mission trip to honduras with the school )s medical brigade program. they were headed to the airport to come home when bus they were on killing the students and injuring many others. at columbia-- flags flew at half out for a candlelight vigil to honor the students and their families. a rockslide forced a major roadway in california to shut down. officials say heavy rain caused the rockslide, which closed the highway for a ten mile stretch in both directions. crews worked throughout the
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the road was cleared by the afternoon-- closed because the hill kept sliding. 19 people are dead after multiple gunmen attacked a university in pakistan. explosions and gunfire erupted on the campus of bacha kahn university near the border. security forces killed four attackers, but officials say they don )t know if there were more attackers among the dead. they did warn that recovery the death toll could rise. and in haiti-- a second day of protests turns violent. officials say protesters are carrying smoldering roadblocks and smashing windows in the city s capital of port-au-prince. they are calling for new elections, days before the presidential and legislative runoff. haiti s parliament is currently discussing a sunday )s vote. mexican drug lord (el chapo is on serious lockdown today... with no one taking any changes. these are new photos from the prison where he is being held. it s the same one he escaped from 6 months ago.
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400 fixed cameras on him at all times and prison guards wear cameras on their helmets. plus- officials say el chapo is being constantly transferred security cells. chances... another cold start today with temperatures in the teens and 20s this morning. we will make it above freezing 30s. it will feel a bit nicer today with winds relaxing. we will start with sunshine this morning but clouds will build in to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. our first chance for snow moves in tonight and will move out during the overnight hours. snow accumulation will be limited due to dry air and limited moisture but some areas could see a dusting to a . we are tracking a bigger
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an area of low pressure will track from the midwest to the mid-atlantic, bringing plenty of moisture into the region. at the same time cold air will be pushing se from the great lakes. the biggest question for us will be, how far south and east will the cold air go. as of now, the rain/snow line will start right over hampton roads on friday then slide closer to richmond by saturday. the )bulls eye ) for snow will be in northern virginia and areas north where they could see close to 2 feet of snow. snow accumulation is possible for us but much lower numbers. we will fine-tune our snow forecast as we get a better handle on where the rain/snow line
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talk about supermom! two carjackers thought they could get away with stealing this mom )s car.
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next. one mom wasn )t afraid to take action when two thieves tried stealing her car. check this out-- surveillance video shows two women being targeted while pumping their gas. this happened at a service station in florida. you see the two men get in the red car but that s when one of the victim s fights back. the thieves are locked up back. the thieves are locked up and charged with attempted car- jacking. a jilted bride in seattle turned her pain into purpose. dana olsen was supposed to get the groom got cold feet. it was too close to the wedding day to get a refund, so the bride donated her reception to a charity for homeless families. 150 people took part dinner and dancing. hair stylists and make-up artists donated their time to give them a makeover. college is supposed to prepare you for a profitable
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and what better course to launch you on that career, than a class in "game of thrones?" virginia tech recently (offered ( such a course... for real college credit. students watched the show on h-b-o, then engaged in discussions about why fantasy is so often tied to the history of the middle ages. the class was offered through the school s religion and culture department. newschannel three continues
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>> dr. anderson: you think i have some sort of hidden agenda? that -- that's absurd. >> nick: okay, maybe sage is wrong. maybe you are just an incredibly dedicated therapist. but, sandy, if there is something happening here, i want to know about it now so i can deal with it so this doesn't already has. >> dr. anderson: an agenda that somehow revolves around you? i've worked with your ex-wife professionally, and i've only tried to help your current wife struggle through the tremendous loss that she can't even begin to handle on her own. >> nick: okay, right there. you see that? right there. you make it sound like sage is unstable. >> dr. anderson: she verbally unprovoked. >> nick: my wife is the one who's feeling provoked. >> dr. anderson: loss and regret can do terrible things to a person. they impact their judgment.
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badgering me over friendly advice.
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