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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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mostly cloudy skies tonight with overnight low temperatures in the low and mid 30s. on thursday, all eyes will be on an area of low pressure that will track off the north carolina coast. a few rain showers will be possible in the morning. but we )re going to watch this system closely because, with temperatures starting the day in the 30s, a few snowflakes could mix in with the rain. by afternoon, scattered rain will be around. otherwise, expect mostly cloudy skies with highs in the skies will clear as we go through friday. highs will be near 50. then, this weekend, we )re expecting plenty of sunshine. high temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s! more rain arrives by the
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while a former suffolk police officer is already behind bars for assaulting his mistress after a love triangle -- he )s now facing another charge.-p&newschannel 3 )s gabriella -p&deluca joins us live in the control room with more. nicholas thompson is now facing an "unlawful wounding" charge. but -- this is not a new charge -- it stems from when he was first arrested for assaulting his mistress. in addition to his already two year sentence -- former suffolk police officer nicholas thompson could end up facing
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earlier this month -- he already plead guilty to assaulting his mistress, tiffany valentine -- and was sentenced to two years in prison. when he assaulted her -- he was also charged with strangulation. yesterday -- that charge was amended to "unlawful wounding" -- and he was directly indicted. that means -- the former police officer could spend more time behind bars. according to court documents -- valentine told investigators that she and thompson got into an argument. that )s when he began choking her, almost making her black out. she ran to the bathroom to escape -- the paperwork says -- that )s when thompson came in with a gun and put it to her head. that scenario may sound familiar... a year and a half ago -- thompson was arrested for attacking his now estranged wife. court documents say she told detectives thompson pulled out his police- issed gun, and pointed it to her head -- saying he was going to kill her. those charges were dropped. but now -- he s in jail for
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it could be months before the bathroom controversy is resolved for a transgender gloucester teen. today a federal appeals court in richmond heard arguments in the lawsuit on behalf of gavin grimm. grimm was born female but identifies as male and wants to use the boy s bathroom at gloucester county high school. gavin says hes unfairly being forced to use a private restroom. the school district says it s not discrimination because grimm can use alternate facilities if he wants. it could be two to four months before the court makes a ruling. new details - about a virginia grandmother abducted at gunpoint after her family was held hostage. her husband s death - is now being called a homicide and a nation-wide manhunt is underway for the man police believe is responsible. police say woodell brooks was murdered by asphyxiation. deputies - the us marshal fugitive task force and state police are still involved in the hunt for this
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police say the ex con kidnapped olene brooks and held her family hostage inside their amelia county home last thursday. family members believe william was seeking revenge for a rape conviction. multiple law enforcement sources say william was seen on surveillance video at a central virginia gas station just hours after the murder of woodell brooks. olene brooks was nowhere in sight. a deadly shootout in oregon overnight could help end the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge by armed men. officers shot and killed the group s spokesman after a traffic stop. their leader is among five people arrested by the f-b-i. carter evans is in burns, oregon with the update. this video shows fbi agents and police intercepting militant leader ammon bundy and several other militia members on a oregon highway...not far from where they )ve occupied federal land since the start of the year. shots were fired, bundy was arrested, his brother ryan was shot but has non-life threatening injuries... natsot lavoy too quick to font "this is about your freedom to move about this country" lavoy finicum, a spokeman for the protestors was killed in the shootout according to ammon bundy s
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station koin gfx cliven bundy phoner sot feeds folder: koin standoff "ryan bundy had been shot in the arm lavoy finnican had been murdered. cold bloodedly murdered." vo bundy last night heavily armed officers stood guard outside a hospital believed to be holding one of the militia members. at least 8 people connected to the armed protest were arrested tuesday on a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers. on january 2nd bundy and his armed followers took control of the malheur national wildlife refuge. they claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their lands. just days ago, oregon governor kate brown stepped up pressure on federal authorities to end the occupation. sot: gov. kate brown/d-oregon partially covered, no font "the situation is absolutely intolerable and it must be resolved immediately. standup close: carter evans, cbs news, burns oregon we don t know how many people are still occupying buildings inside the refuge or if law enforcement
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ahead on newschannel three - we )re uncovering new man - who police say - was killed by his adopted son. plus - a driving service is working to outsmart its drunk passengers by
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uber wants to keep a better eye on its drivers. it )s testing a program that monitors a driver s gps and phone - to measure small movements like sudden stops and accelerations. uber says it )s also figured out a simple way to stop drunk passengers from distracting their drivers. in north carolina - they ve been putting bop it toys in the back seat. to keep drunk passngers entertained! good news for americans selling their homes. u-s home prices are on the rise - reaching an all- time high in four cities according to the latest s- and-p-case- shiller report. those gains are fueled by hiring growth - low mortgage rates and a shortage of houses on the market. ahead on newschannel three. more people are rushing into clinics to be tested for lead - after a dirty water plagued their city for years. all this - as more politicians scramble to fix the problem. and at six -- big layoffs
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to a big job creator in virginia. norfolk southern releases their plans for layoffs
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newschannel three is taking action to help you beat the backups-- expect delays on 664-northbound before the 64 slit in hampton. this is because of congestion. right now backups are about a mile. and take a look at 64 heading to the hrbt in norfolk. an unusual sight for a work day - it is clear! no delays here. here )s a look at one of the top trending stories on the newschannel three app. 6 massage parlors -- busted for giving inappropriate massages earlier this month -- are still listed on the website rubmaps -dot com. a website rates parlors that allegedly perform sexual acts . that became a key piece of evidence for the detectives who raided 6 parlors and arrested 14 women last week. according to search warrants today that led to massive bust - several detectives went undercover into the 6 parlors to investigate for themselves and every time detectives say they were inappropriately touched. people who worked nearby were also suspicious of
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14 women in total were arrested and face a slew of charges -- including "prohibited acts at a massage parlor" and for "putting peep holes in doors" many of them will be back before a judge in april. video of a giant panda stole the show at the national zoo during the blizzard. while some of the animals loved the snow - workers stayed overtime to make sure all of them were safe. edward lawrence joins us from washington, d.c. - with the more. national zoo to reopen to see tian tian the star of a video that went viral during the recent blizzard. natsot 13:28:02:17 click of a picture natsot 13:47:28:03 panda! panda! 60 million people saw this footage of the panda playing in the snow on saturday. sot laurie thompson, giant panda biologist: 13:28:39:05 he is kind of a it then all of a sudden he goes rolling down the hill. the delight of ashley shi, the today. sot mindy shi, zoo visitor
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zoo first. zoo staffers worked around the clock to dig out from under 22 ches of snow. dennis kelly, national zoological park director: 13:36:31:14 this was an enormous amount of snow. we brought in an unusual about of people. stand up edward lawrence, cbs news: 85 workers spent the past four nights at the zoo to keep the animals safe. now for the first time since the blizzard all of the animals have more room to roam. and roam they did. the bison wilma and zora frolicked in their enclosures and the elephants seemed to like the taste of the snow. sot dennis kelly, national zoological park director: 13:38:32:00 a lot of the animals are subtropical so they prefer to be in cozy, but a lot of them couldnt wait to get out. escaping the indoors for a day of fun in the snow.
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snowflakes, and much warmer air....the cold front that is now offshore, which will allow us to dry out briefly. partly to mostly cloudy skies mperatures in the low and mid thursday, all eyes will be an area of low pressure that ll track off the north rolina coast. few rain showers will be but we )re going to watch this system closely because, with mperatures starting the day in x in with the rain. ll be around. otherwise, expect mostly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 40s. skies will clear as we go through friday. highs will be near 50. then, this weekend, we re expecting plenty of sunshine. high temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s! more rain
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a tornado may have touched down this morning in florida. the strong winds overturned a box truck and damaged several other vehicles. several roof tops were also ripped off.
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service believes a tornado did strike. nobody was hurt. it took crews hours to fight a massive building fire in new orleans. the fire broke out around 3-30 this morning. it was burning primarily on the upper floors of the building that s about four stories tall. the lower level is home to a day spa and several shops, including a mobile phone store and a shoe outlet. a spokesperson with the new orleans fire department says they believe they know the cause but are not commenting on that right now. there were no immediate reports of serious injuries. "dewatering" the niagara falls? can it be done? a project is in the works to replace two 1- hundred-15 year old bridges connecting the u-s mainland with goat island - a green space between american falls and bridal veil falls. to do that - crews would have to basically shut down niagara falls. in other words - reroute water from the american side. about 85-percent of the niagara flows on the canadian side-- while the rest goes over american falls. it could take as long as nine months to build the new bridges.
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could be several years away. michigan )s governor met with the mayor of flint today to discuss a (new ( approach to the city )s toxic water disaster. yesterday - the n- double- a- c- p unveiled a 15- point plan to handle lead in the water and help affected citizens. adriana diaz has the update. michigan governor, rick snyder joined flints mayor today updating residents about the water crisis. sot rick synder, r mi more is getting done. were going to keep doing more. we are committed to the people of flint. ==butt== i have told gov. synder that flint residents should not have to pay for water they are not using. sot brooks 21:57:27 "flint water bulk mi hrem55" "we ve gotta talk about accountability." cornell brooks, the head of the n-a-a-c-p, called for a long-term solution in flint tuesday night. sot brooks 21:55:46 "when you have a disproportionate number of black brown and poor children gfx in part of the 15- point-priority plan extends beyond repairing the city s water system. it suggests hiring flint )s youth
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bottles for minimum wage...instead of the national guard. gfx out nats the national guard is reportedly cutting back door to door distributions ...though officials are still urging people to use bottled water and filters. nats at flint )s eisenhower elementary school tuesday, parents and their young kids lined up to be tested for lead. sot 21:10:25 "flint water bulk mi hrem55" "i m really concerned...toda y its kind of like a wakeup call...just being here seeing how this all is ==diaz on cam== the governor has requested additional federal aid to make sure that everyone in flint under the age of 21 has long term healthcare to deal with the potential effects of lead. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, michigan. the man accused of shooting video up womens skirts at a henrico store - headed back to court. the trial for 28- year-old stephen lewis began today in henrico. he was arrested over the summer - after police say he snapped the photos at the 7- eleven store. police say some of those
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girls - who are younger than 13. lewis lived and worked at a church retreat center - before his arrest. autopsy results show a north carolina man found dead in his home last week - died of strangulation. deputies say they found the man s body on floor of his own garage. they )ve charged his 17- year-old adopted son with murder. sarah krueger has the new details. we )re looking for wes goswick when wes goswick didn t show up for work last week ... his coworkers called 9-1-1. we )ve had an employee not show up to work a couple days and he )d been having some domestic issues. there were some strange goins on when deputies went to check goswick s brier lane home in graham..they found his body. and charged his 17-year-old adopted son, joseph goswick, with murder. he was much loved and will be missed by everybody that knew him goswick worked here at the city of burlington )s water department. his boss - bob patterson - has only good things to say professionally wes was a model employee who was very diligent about his work. and personally. such a large heart. very unselfish. he wanted to make a difference in a
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that speaks loads to his commitment to helping others. friends say that desire to help kids is what led wes to adopt joseph at age 10. it )s also what led him as an eagle scout.. to get involved with a local burlington boy scout troop. it )s kind of cliche, but he was really a boy scout. robin franklin s three kids had wes as a scout leader. he became a close friend. he was always trying to do the right thing. he had a very strong moral compass his work community.. and his scout community.. still can t believe it. he was a mentor and a role model to many of the scouts. he wanted to make whatever part of the world he touched a better place the father is being laid to rest on sunday. his son will be in court to face charges next month. next on newschannel three at 6. the zika virus making it )s way to virginia. now the c-d-c is issuing an alert that you
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and a proposed bill may create more full-day kindergarten in hampton roads. hear from school board leaders who say --
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the zika virus is spreading and the c-d-c is issuing an alert. newschannel three has the answers you need to know. plus -- it )s a staple across hampton roads -- but two cities are still catching up. where we may soon see full- day kindergarten. a norfolk man arrested for taking indecent liberties with a child. and students at madison alternative school tell
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assistant principal.
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