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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we )re tracking two big stories here on newschannel in virginia beach as police search for a shooter. and we )re tracking the heavy rain as it continues to pound hampton roads -- good afternoon. i m kristen crowley. and i m blaine stewart. meteorologist myles henderson is on top of severe the sever weather -- he )s in the live viper forecast conditions-- more rain & cooling... the cold front that brought us rain and storms yesterday is now lingering off of the nc coast. expect plenty of clouds and rain shower today with more rain to the south and less rain to the north. many locations will see an additional 1 of rain today with higher numbers in ne nc. a rumble of thunder is possible today but our storm threat is lower than yesterday. it will remain windy but winds
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we will start in the 60s this morning
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stay on top of changing weather--- download the new newschannel 3 storm team app. you can watch forecast -- and get any breaking weather alerts. dot-com-slash- apps - it )s free! now to our other stop story today -- virginia beach police have been looking for a shooter for hours. newschannel three s stefania okolie is live where it all started -- pending lockdown situation on schools. police just wrapped up-- they have not told us they made an arrest. a school board members at ocean lakes elementary told me as of 11:15. both the highachool and elementary school were still on lock
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nowhere is what we know from police about what happened. they were called to this home just before 7:30 for reports of a shooting. they tell us the the victim is expected to be okay. and we know they were trying to track a shooter -- a man who they said left the scene in red toyota license place prosper-- neighbors telling me the exact model is a camry. now since i ve been here i )ve learned from neighbors who witnessed part of this about what happened. several telling me they saw a frantically. one neighbor told me she came to her door and stated she was shot in the back of the head. that )s when the neighbor called-p&911.-p&i )m told from what they know a good family lives in the home and they )re really just shocked at what happened 21:20:28:24- 21:21:41:25 "i felt i mean just terribly heartbroken for whatever the situation is just that i couldn t imagine being a mother and just
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now i was to point out again police have not confirmed that this was a domestic situation nor have they said who exactly was involved. we do know however they are still searching for the man who they toyota camry- license plate prosper. new at noon -- hampton police have arrested a man who they say was involved in a left another suspect dead. 21-year-old tacarie veney was arrested on robbery and abduction charges after police say he and another man tried to rob the gift card a-t-m store friday night. the store is near the langley square shopping center. during
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killed the other suspect, 18-year-old timothy johnson. veney was also shot. police say the employee was legally armed and is not facing any charges. also in hampton -- police need your help looking for a shooting suspect -- 30-year-old alexander king is wanted in connection to a shooting last friday on the first block of towne centre way. police say he tried to rob a woman in her car and shot her in the process. the victim has non- life threatening injuries. police say king is from suffolk -- if you have any information that could help police -- take action and call the crime line. . later today -- one of the virginia tech students-- charged in the murder of 13- year-old nicole lovell-- is expected to go before a judge. 19-year old natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory to the murder, and 18- year-old david eisenhower is charged with murder. she s scheduled to appear in court in montgomery county for a bond hearing. police say nicole went missing from her home -- and that )s when she was killed.-a
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cause of death is stabbing. funeral services for nicole are this afternoon in blacksburg. football has been called america s most dangerous game. and there s no question the players take hard hits. outcue: ".hits/whistles. " duration:0:04 nat sequence of hits we )ve heard a lot about the effects of those bone-crunching hits on nfl players -- but they )re not the only ones game. 4:25;28 i had broke for a touchdown and i was jogging and the dude, the guy he came up from behind me and slammed me to the ground and my head hit the ground :34 4:25:49 it was just a very confusing time for me, and i didn t know what i was doing or where i was :54 erica greenway is taking an in- depth look at concussions among young football players. we spoke to some of the country s top experts in sports concussions and asked -- should kids even be playing football? find out what they had to say -- tonight at eleven.
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super bowl 50 coverage continues from san francisco -- as some of the game s youngest fans gear up for the big game. plus -- being tall may come in handy when you need to reach the top shelf, but could being taller increase your chances of getting cancer? and big amazon news -- prime s one-hour delivery service makes its way to hampton roads
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newschannel three is taking action for your health -- a new study finds that tall people may be at a higher risk of developing cancer. but it also says they may have a lower risk for heart disease and type two diabetes researchers say tall people are more sensitive to insulin and have lower fat content in the liver -- which lowers the risk for heart disease. but height is also linked to eating high-calorie food-- which may explain the increased cancer risk. an icy and non- invasive procedure at indiana university health could change the way doctors treat heart problems. i-u doctors are
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damaged blood vessels that cause irregular heart beats. the technique is called )cryo- ablation ) it uses a balloon catheter filled with below freezing nitrus oxide. and as the zika virus continues to affect travel overseas, airlines are now looking at the safety of their crews. united airlines and delta say they will allow employees who are pregnant or might become pregnant to opt-out of flights headed to areas where the zika virus is a concern. the carriers say pilots and flight attendants can switch routes with no penalty. youre a )prime ) member. )prime now ) - the companys one- hour delivery service is now available in parts of hampton roads! the company say a one-hour delivery runs seven-99 -- or free for two- hour delivery. they say its available seven days a week from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. if you want to check it out, )prime-now ) app. again - the new members.
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his direction -- a war hero takes
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it )s just days til the players in super bowl 50 take the field -- and as our own makenzie walter reports from san francisco --some of the game )s youngest fans will be on the field too. there are tons of excited fans here in super bowl city but jake burns from our sister station in richmond ran into one little girl who may be the most excited of them all. a football in the hands of marlow moseley is bound to be thrown. i work on it at school and with my dad a lot. do routes outside with my dad keep an eye out for her on sunday - out of thousands of entries she won the nfl super kid contest - part of the prize? delivering the game ball to the referee on super sunday theres gonna be all the people in the stadium watching watching so... im just so proud of her already and just
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taking it all in football is in marlos blood according to her mother loretta. she plays on a pop warner team with the boys. th =e 11 year old from san jose will walk center stage at footballs biggest event sunday - and she has football dreams beyond this year. she wants to be an nfl head coach one day because i think women can do the same thing men can do and that its no different and that nobody can say that a lady can tbe in the nfl and just coach so i think it should eb equal even the same so if they love to do it then they can do it. that is my kind of girl what an experience for her we will 100% be looking for her on sunday. in san francsico makenzie walter nc3. don t forget -- you can watch the game this sunday right here on newschannel three -- the game starts at 6-30. and if you want something to watch the big game on, we have some good news for you. we re
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of these 50 inch t-v )s -- and tomorrow we will have two winners! tomorrow we will give you a code word to use on newschannel three s facebook page to enter. but you have to watch to win -- so make sure you wake up with us starting at five tomorrow morning for your chance to win. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off -- tonight in the fifth democratic debate in new hampshire -- which holds the nation )s first primary next week. both candidates made their case to voters during a town hall last night. sanders accused clinton of not being progressive enough -- but clinton seemed to laugh off the criticism. following a razor thin victory over sanders in iowa this week -- she )s trailing the-p&vermont senator in new hampshire. meanwhile -- donald trump continues to face off against ted cruz after a loss in iowa. more rain & cooling...
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cold front that brought us rain and storms yesterday is now lingering off of the nc coast. expect plenty of clouds and rain shower today with more rain to the south and less rain to the north. many locations will see an additional 1 of rain today with higher numbers in ne nc. a rumble of thunder is possible today but our storm threat is lower than yesterday. it will remain windy but winds will shift to the north today, bringing in cooler air. we will start in the 60s this morning but fall through the 50s today. clouds and showers will linger into friday morning but skies will clear by midday. highs
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and let s hear about some of our top stories we )ll see today on newschannel three at four. control room with more. don t touch that remote! coming up, a robber thinks he s until the clerk turns out to be an iraq war vet...
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with a lesson for potential robbers. plus, a basketball player with autism scores big, when the coach puts him in for a key play. im barbara ciara, join laila, beverly, patrick and me for newschannel 3
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sighting of a big cat most people thought no longer existed in north america. new video shows this jaguar roaming through the santa rita mountains just outside tucson, arizona. he )s been photographed repeatedly over the past few years and the people of tucson call him el jefe hef-ey -- which means "the boss" in spanish.jaguars are the third largest cats on earth -- and haven )t been seen in north america in a long time. we )ve all heard the outrage
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is taking it to federal court. chris howe is asking for his one dollar-and- 27 cents back -- and is seeking damages for u-s customers he says were misled. mcdonald )s says the cheese sticks are made with 100 percent real mozzarella. but howe says the cheese is fake and contains additives. mcdonald )s has vowed to fight the allegations. he was already considered a hero for his service to the country -- but now an iraq war veteran is getting praise for fighting off an armed robber. the military vet was working at a florida gas station when authorities say the robber came in and demanded money. on the video-- you see the vet go to the register with the man pointing the gun at his back. when the robber moves next to him -- the veteran quickly grabs the gunman. the vet throws the man around while punching him -- and ends up
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