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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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clear. clear. clear. surveillance had them all going inside 45 minutes ago. did anyone bail out on the perimeter? no, ma'am. all secure out here. boss, this isn't a meth lab. so why an escape tunnel? need to take a look at this. [telephone rings] [ring] hotchner. when? did they raise the terror alert? no, that's probably best.
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i'll be there in a minute. what's going on? nothing. i just have to go to the office. it's 6:15, and you're talking about a terror alert? it's bad, isn't it? i don't know yet. please don't lie to me. it might be. i may not be home tonight. i mean, i might be home late. i know. shoot. i forgot. tomorrow is the day we seduled to take jack to have his pictures taken. don't worry about . i'll reschedule. no, no, no, no. go ahead and take him, and i'll do my best to be there, ok? just come back safely. i will. bye. everybody, meet agent prentiss. i've been filling her in on protocol.
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emily prentiss. we can make nice later. what do we know? the dea raided what they thought was a hardened meth lab right here in northern virginia, but they found this instead. that could be a dispersal device for a chemical weapon. sophisticated. homeland security's thinking al qaeda. they've developed devices that span the spectrum of sophistication, some as simple as soda bottles and paint cans. they're called al ikhteraa. literally "the invention." they are. do we know what thbiological or chemical agent is yet? no, noyet. the cell members bailed out through a tunnel. the dea recovered a nextel 2-way and managed to intercept a message. that's not the transcript. no, it's in arabic. uh..."our friends surprised us and eloped. "we can no longer wait for the wedding as planned. we can deliver our gift at the next crescent."
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next crescent? muslims sometimes use a lunar calendar. i'd have to look it up-- next crescent moon is in 2 days. so whatever they're attacking, it's happening in less than 48 hours. it sounds like it, sir. payment for the nextel is linked to this man. jind allah. literay soldier of god. that's pretty poor operational security for a sophisticated plot. 2 months ago, jind allah was captured leaving the u.s. using a forged pakistani passport via richmond international airport. he's been held as a ghost detainee in guantanamo bay ever since. so technically, he doesn't exist. soldier of god isn't a name. no, it's most likely a name taken on for the jihad, meaning struggle. extremists claim it's a holy war. yet the words "holy" and "war" never appear together in the qu'ran. do we know his real name? cia interrogators have gotten nothing out of the guy. they need us to break him. we do know from past intercepts that he's a recruiter. he came into this country to assemble the omega cell,
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we have 48 hours to do what the cia hasn't been able to manage in 2 months.
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hey. car here? i told reid 5 minutes. i think you should take prentiss with you to guantanamo. excuse me? she could be of help. i don't know enough about her abilities. there's plenty for her to do back here. i don't know what she's capable of either, but we've got to find out sooner or later. well, it's an interrogation, not a training exercise. she's the only member of the team fluent in arabic. well, there are other translators. yeah, but they haven't stied behavior. she ever have her ready bag yet? my guess is there isn't much this woman's unprepared for. car leaves in 4 minutes. yes, sir. the old term used, some of the best lessons are learned from past mistakes. the error of the past is the wisdom of the future. excuse me, sir. i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate--
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sir? it's not a favor. of course. i know that. you're coming to do a job. do you think the interrogation of jind allah will work in time? interrogation's the most dynamic form of profiling. that's not an answer. sir. he's been locked away in gtmo. he doesn't know we raided the cell's safe house. that'an advantage for us. the main thing is to get him talking about anything. then his language and body movements will betray him. it's like this-- you just focus on the way your opponent holds s piece. how quickly anfirmly he places it. then you watch his face and body. it'll telegraph a player's strategy, his training, maybe his motivations. is that what you need us to do? no. i need you to listen. you're fluent in arabic.
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every word, every phrase. be on the lookout for subtext, ulterior meanings. what do you want me to do? i want you to watch for tells. non-verbals, micro-expressions. watch him when he's comfortable and relaxed, then note the behavioral changes when he's under stress. if we can establish a baseline, we'll be able to read him once i challenge his belief systems. before i can get him to give up where or how they'll attack, i'll first have to cause him to reveal something of himself. game over. what are you talking about? gtmo's runway is perpendicular to cuban airspace, so approaching aircraft have to negotiate a last minute 90 degree right turn in order to land. they call it the gtmo twist. was winning.
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bonnie ryan. aaron hotchner. dea team. we ran this raid. derek morgan. this must have slowed you down some, huh? enough for them to get out through the tunnel. they must have done escape drills. hey, morgan. hey, kenny. been a minute, man. yeah. we good in here? yeah, don't worry about it. everything's been rendered safe. wow. these guys weren't messing around. hotch, these tubes surround what would be the explosive charge. and this cylinder right here? it's gotta bewhere they put whatever bio or chem agent they plan on dispersing. that's happy thought. yeah. tell me about it. looks like a 4 man cell. they assimilated into the community. just like any other suburban gangster wannabes rolling at the mall. who do you think we're dealing with?
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and judging by that device out there, they're looking at significant target military installations, government buildings. you must be the bau boys. and gal. pardon . i'm jason gideon. andy bingaman, fbi. hi. agent prentiss, dr. reid. i'm the intelligence supervisor here at gtmo. you guys having a hard time getting jind allah to talk? not only can't they get him to budge, but 2 weeks ago, word got out that one of the other detainees was spilling secrets. jind allah managed to have a 3 minute conversation with him in the shower line.
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he's reciting the qu'ran from memory. he's most likely a hafez. he must have done it a dozen times since he's come to this facility. some mlim children are able to do it since age 12. 2 months of interrogation, that's all the cia's been able to get out of him. there are cuts and bruises under his right eye socket. what kind of tactics are they using? i control the actions to the detainees, but i can assure you, my protest about theirmethods has been ignored. let the interrogation proceed normally. i'm gonna interrupt and demand they stop harassing. maybe i should tell them in advance. no, it's better if they don't expect it. the reaction will be more visceral, more believable. go ahead with phase 2 as planned. you really gonna put a show on for these guys? no, not for them. for jind allah. he's needs to see me as a complete contrast
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it's the best way to jump start him into talking. we have less than 36 hours. have at it. you 2 ready? yeah, this way. thank you. do you understand? every day-- who the hell are you? supervisory special agent jason gideon. i'm an fbi behavioral analyst. it's time to show this man some respect. man: you gotta be kidding me. you have orders from agent bingaman to leave so i can speak with this detainee alone. i'm sorry for the treatment you've suffered.
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he stopped his recitation. he's sizing gideon up. if i don't mind? like to get to know you as a person. your faith, your ideology. to what end? studying human behavior is what i do. you know, if these guys are fundamentalists, you'd think they'd have qu'rans, prayer mats. no. we didn't find any of that here. they must have at least one other location. an, hotch. that looks like a list of chemicals. i'm gonna check with garcia. [beeping] go, doll.
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i'd like to believe, with greater understanding one day, we can come to a peaceful resolution of our differences. is that so? look, i don't know what you've done or what you may have planned to do. but unlike the other detainees here, you have the education, intelligence to convey the nuances of your culture. that's what interests me. until i don't give you what you want. then you will resort to other tactics. i swore an oath to uphold the united states constitution, no matter where i am, no matter who i deal with. you're sure? all right.
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garcia says this looks like a list of additives
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go ahead. good. let's chat. he's from egypt. cairo. you sure? no, he could be yemeni, but odds are he's egyptian. what type of name is gideon? erican. i often forget that in your country you put your country first anyour god last. sir, he was born and raised in egypt. they pronouce "j" sounds as a "g." you don't consider yourself egyptian as well as muslim? hmm. egyptian. in 2 minutes, you know more about me than those thugs found out in 2 months. they and i have very, very different motives and methodologies. and yet your country relies on them to protect you from us. sometimes they're their own worst enemy. yeah. who is your worst enemy, agent gideon? it's not a who. it's a what. ignorance.
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and you? must have become a hafez by what, age 10? 9. any person with the discipline and dedication to memorize the entire qu'ran by age 9 must have a very serious reason to choose a life of violence. perhaps. we are through already? no, not at all. the sun is about to set. mecca's in that direction. i'll have a prayer rug and water bowl sent in. what the heck is going on here? the nsa is routing all messages to us for language analysis. you know, rumor has it, much to my chagrin, that during national security emergencies, our fair country turns all of its satellites homeward and records all electronic traffic in the whole u.s. of a. is this even legal?
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somewhere in this slew of chatter could be a shred of something that could save a whole lot of liv. all right, well, cross reference gift with wedding allusions. they'll be consistent with their code. here's something. "it rained all over the wedding, but the gift is waiting in the barn." when was that call made? looks like just over 2 hours ago. let's run the words "bn and "wedding" through. "the wedding will now be held at vincent's barn off link and annandale." "route the gift for delivery." that's not a gift i wanna get. i'll call hotch. yeah, jj. we think we just found the cell's backup location. it looks like a construction site in annandale, virginia. sounds like they may have another device ready to arm. i'll get agent ryan to organize another raid. ok. and notify gideon and reid. can i offer you some water?
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they only kept it there to show me what i could not have. i'd like you to explain something to me. hmm? how can you ignore the fact that mammad preached passivity while he was in mecca? do no violence. his later message from medina was perfectly clear. when violence come upon you, you must fight back with violence. he's quoting from the hadith, not from the qu'ran. it's called the verse of the sword. they argue that it cancels out earlier teachings. verse of the sword. just someone's spin on the words of the prophet. it's not even part of the qu'ran. mm. but it does say in the qu'ran fight and slay the infidels wherever you find them and seize them in every stratagem of war. unless they repent.
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and practice regular charity. is it your intention, mr. gion, to become a man of faith and revert to islam? i am a man of faith. i have repented, i pray regularly, and i practice charity. i have never committed violence against you, so how is it that my fai would allow you to live and worship as you please, and yours would take my life and snuff it out? you are simply misguided people of the book. but if you revert to islam-- a billion muslims... one billion muslims manage to practice their faith in peace... for allah is surely merciful. mm. you...inquired about my childhood earlier.
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that it was a happone until one day a bomb fell out of the sky and leveled the bazaar that i was in with my family. i was only 8. must have been horrifying for such a young boy. he's opening up about himself. maybe. we need to verify what he's sang, though. [beeping] speak. garcia, i need you to check something for me. i'm looking for a stray bombing in a bazaar somewhere in egypt approximately 30 years ago. ok, great. that's not too obscure. i don't need you to give me details. we're just trying to set a baseline for jind allah's truthfulness. i just need to know if it happened at all. garcia: when i know, you'll know. thank you. when the rubble was cleared...
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it was on that day that i swore my life to vengeance for allah. and for that very reason those holding you here canever let you leave. your only hope is to tell me so i can hopefully one day share your struggle with the world. your government won't even admit that i exist. how possibly can you tell my side of the story? hey, guys, we want silence. no conversation. let's be careful. we don't know what to expect. ready?
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clear! all right! this place is completely empty. we missed them again. you got gion, prentiss, and me. it's hotch. we're at cell location number 2. no cell members, no lab, no dispersal devices. we're still looking for escape tunnels. call us. we're runni out of time. the attack's supposed to take place in less than 24 hours. so getting jind allah to talk is our only chance of finding them. time i confronted him with the truth. what are you going to do? show him my hand. i'm gointo give you the respect of telling you what just happened. a team of agts raided an omega cell location. actually, both of them.
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you gain nothing by remaining silent. jihad is forever. something's wrong. his hands. gion, something's wrong. this guy seemed relieved by what you just told him. excuse me. what's the problem? get everybody out ofhere. now! now! now! everybody out. it's a trap. now! i said out! go! right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved
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