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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 6, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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wordy: but why target maccoy and not the cop originally assigned to the detail? and more important, where'd they take thdaughter? hey, buddy, where is she? where'd they take her? i'm asking you a question. who knows,an. who knows. okay. (engine revving) (tires squealing) hey, man, what the hell? what? start talking! i got nothing to say to you! where's leslie maccoy? like i said, i got nothing to say. let me ask you this-- hodo you think paul bullard is going to react when he finds out that you left his nephew in a burning bus? don't imagine he's going to be very happy. not happy at all. that's not how it happened. well, that is what hes going to hear unless you tell us what we need to know. now! i didn't know the whole plan.
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you know, we screwed up, man. big. jeremy, would you chill? you said it was going to be a couple packages, not ten keys. ten keys, man. that's serious. it's going to be all right. no, man, it's not. i don't want to do ten years, man. yo, officer, you missed the exit to lockup. you're not going back to lockup. and why not? hey, i said why not? where are we going? your uncle paul has arranged for you to go away. you're getting out of the country. what? hey, no way, man. hey. no way, man! hey! hey! rn us back around! hey! hey, hey, just sit back... (horn honking) hey! (tires squealing) when we landed, the doors opened and that c's out cold.
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that h we sold, it wasn't exactly ours. it belonged to paul bullard. we found some other buyers willing to pay more. we thoughte'd show jeremy's uncle paul that we, you know, had some savvy. and these other buyers were cops. it was entrapment, man. it was you being an idiot. where's paul bullard now i swear, i don't know. i'm not high enough up on the chain to know where they are. know what? i'm not buying it. all this so bullard can kick his nephew's ass before he sends him away? beam doesn't mess around. jeremy. jeremy, stay awake! so we know mac's taking jemy to see paul bullard. and we can assume the daughter's being held someplace secure. winnie, contact guns and gangs
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of any properties known to belong to the bedlam crew. copy that. and, boss, i have something else might be relevant. go ahead. there's an i.a. file building against sergeant maccoy. internal affairs? what do they want with mac? they said it involves unusual bank activity. i.a. uncovered regular payments from an investment company suspected of having ties to the bedlam gang. thanks, winnie. so that's why he didn't call when leslie was taken. he was afraid we were going to find out he was working for bullard. parker: or he thought he could take care of it himself before the accident. when his wife was sick, he flew her all over the country looking for treatment. and then when he was trying to help leslie get clean-- paying for rehab, supporting her. why didn'i see it? because you always see the best in people, scarlatti. hey, kid.
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we're almost there. all right, jeremy, wake up. please, just let me go. sorry, kid, i can't do that. (groans) that looks pretty bad. please, i don't want to die. that's not going to happen. you're going to be okay. do you promise? promise? ll tie it off. hold this. (yelling in pain) now, look, i can loosen this up when the bleeding stops, but you got to keep moving the fingers in your hand. you got to keep the blood in your hand going, all right? that's it. good, good.
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(screaming) one more. come on, keep moving those fingers. show me. that's it. that's right. okay, we got to go. winnie: boss, gangs unit just sent me a full list of addresses known to be associated with bedlam or any of its members. i'm forwarding it to you now, but, boss, there's 50 places on ts list. we know he's headed downtown, so we eliminate everything west of kipling, north of dupont. that still leaves us over 30 properties. even if we split and get backup, there's no way we can check them all in time. boss, if we talk to mac, we can tell him we know about leslie. he might let us help. spike, he left his phone so we couldn't track him. right, and he disabled the journeypath gps for the same reason, but there's a chance he didn't unhook the intercom-- the one for roadside assistance. i might be able to route a call directly through the journeypath server. okay. okay? parker (intercom): sergeant maccoy.
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it's greg parker with the sru. mac, it's spike. if you can hear me, we know about leslie. we want to help. we also know that you're working for bullard. that you're on his payroll. internal affairs has been building a file. they've been tracing payments. unless you tell me otherwise, unless you tell me bullard's just trying to frame you, trying to make it look like you did something wrong, if you tell me that, mac, i'm going to believe you. mac, please. spike, you got to know i'd never do anything that would get anybody hurt. it was just information. one of their places was going to get hit a bedlam member was going to get picked up, i'd let 'em know, that's it. i never meanfor any of this to happen. mac, you took an oath. i spent every penny i had trying to save rosie, and she died anyway.
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i had to do something to take care of her. but this? letting two convicts go? how'd you think you were going to get away with that? a couple guys overpower me while i'm getting gas. who's gonna blame me? besis, when bullard asked me to do this, of course i said no, of course. but i had no choice. dad, i don't know what's going on. i'm so sorry, dad. i'm so sorry. he's got my little girl, spike. you know she's my whole world. let us help you. tell us whe you're eting bullard, okay? we'll back you up. triangle lounge, queen street. triangle lounge on queen street. you got that? on our way. copy. (sir wailing) okay, hold on. our team can be there in ten minutes. i can't do that. i got to get the kid there in less than five or bullard's going to kill my girl. (siren wailing)
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i'll make sure leslie's okay. i'll try to stall bullard as long as i can till your am gets there. all right, mac. okay, mac. it's going to be okay, okay? she's going to be okay. i got your back. (sirens wailing) all right, i'm here on time. were you followed? no. give me a hand with him. give me your gun. your gun. all right, take it. just give me a hand getting him inside. put him in my truck. we got to take him to see bullard. what? where's bullard? he's not here. where's my daughter? don't worry. she's safe. you can have her back after you get the kid to his uncle. all right. come on, kid.
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(door closes)
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woo. hey, ted. hey. how's it going? good, how you doing?
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. 's your turn. (thumping) ronnie, go check that out. (muffled cry) ronnie? yo, ronnie! sru! sru! put down the weapon! get the ground! drop down! (all shouting indistinctly) get on the ground! get down! hands behind your back! leslie: spike!
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where's your dad? i don't know. he never showed up. boss! mac never showed up. where's bullard? where's bullard?! one last time, where did they take jeremy bullard? i don't know, man. haven't seen the little snitch. (man grunts) snitch? jeremy. over here. bring him over here. (jeremy groans in pain) he's lost a lot of blood. i stopped the bleeding, but he'going to need a doctor soon. sure. of course. there you go. (groans) that better? yeah. good. we're gonna get you taken care of. okay, kid? first, i have a few questions to ask you. nobody's saying anything about where bullard is. staff sergeant from 52 division says jeremy was down there with his lawyer and thprosecutor. he cut a deal. reduced sentence for testimony against his cle.
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he's not planning to send jeremy out of the country. hey, boss. a uniform on a drive-by reported seeing that truck from a security camera. where? outside a garage, other enof the waterfront. spike! barry! leslie, it's okay. it's going to be all right, okay? so, both know you got something to tell me. so let's clear the air, and we can move on, yes? uncle paul... it's okay, kid. just say it. paul, he needs a doctor. tell me, and it's all going to be good. (panting) the heroin... i'm sorry. i don't care about the heroin. just tell me about the cops. you met again with them this morning. didn't you? to cut a deal? what did you say? i didn't want to do ten years. what did you tell them?
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and the shipments from boston. but that's it. i swear to god, that's it. yosee, that was easy. that's all i needed to know. now john over here is going to take you out for a little ride, get you all sorted out. uncle paul? paul, just... let him go, like you said. giving me orders again, officer? stay out of this. uncle paul, please. i'm sorry. i didn't have a choice. please. you're done. uncle paul! finish it. hey. big mistake, maccoy. yeah, i know. it's one i made a long time ago. (gunshots) put the guns dn right now! sru! (indistinct shouting) hands in the air! get down!
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put the gun down! stay right there! don't move! go, go, go. stay. don't move a muscle. jeremy: over here! we need help! mac! officer down. officer down! we need medics in here right now! leslie? we got her. we got her. she's okay, okay? you just hang on. (groans) sru. swoop in for all the glory. (coughing) spike? you t to take care of leslie. see that she's going to be okay. you're going to do that yourself, okay? as soon as you feel better. spike, promise me she won't be alone. i'll do what i can. (strained): promise. i promise. i promise! (wheezing and coughing) (coughing) mac? (wheezing) mac? (wheezing stops) mac!
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i could be sold in an instant i could be saved in the same
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i could die in a day it could be fading... you should take some time. he was a good cop. yes. that's why when he saw a young man facing execution, he did something about it. you know why he was able to do something like that? because he knew you had his back. he knew you'd be there for his daughter. you know what else that guy did? what? he taught you everything you know about being a good cop. and you're one of the best i've ever known. full of creatures both wicked and wild... (knocking on door) hey. hey. that's it.
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and i'll comby tomorrow after shift, and i'll help you clear out the rest from his place. you don't have to, spike. i can handle it. i know, but you're going to be seeing a lot more of me from now on. so you'd better get used to it. full of creatures thanks. both wicked and wild... you're welcome. um, i need to show you something. thanksgiving one... i found this when i was packing up my dad's place. who knows what we've done another revolution he followed your whole career. of the sun look. he was so proud of you. of the sun that was our first day. another revolution nice hair.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh i s oh, sor s oli, thank you. there you go. thank you. er ou,,,, thank you. there you go. i can't believe you remember that. whatare you kidding me? you singing "everybody hurts"? oh, sorry. yeah, my r.e.m. phase.
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are you sure it didn't have anything to do with what i was wearing, maybe? uh, black leather miniskirt, white tank top... seriously, though, you guys were good. coulda went on the road. i don't ink so. okay, you know, i-- i got a confession. your best show, 5:00 a.m., morning after graduation, on the roof of the gym. what? you'd just got dumped by curtis at that party. god, i don't believe this. took your guitar, you went up to the roof, and you came up with this really gentle song. you were up there? you were singing... i'm sorry. it's just, after i heard that, i thought... i felt like i... knew you. you know, there's this wine-tasting thing at niagara-on-the-lake next weekend. i was thinking, you know, maybe we could go? um... i mean, we don't have to stay over, it could just be a day trip. i was just thinking, 'cause we haven't seen each other for a while. yeah, yeah. and it's been really great.
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what was that? that was gunfire. (people screaming) wait, hold on. steve! wait! (tires screech, horns blare) man: hey, watch it! hey, what are you doing? jules: stop! man: somebody's been shot! winnie, it's jules. oh, hey! how are you enjoying your y off? jules: i've got shots fired inside the sultan grill, on the danforth. guys, guys! what's happening? are you okay? we're outside the restaurant right now. is the shooter still inside? jules: i can't see. someone's shot, jules. i gotta, i gotta get in there. no, steve. we need to wait for backup. the shooter might still... jules! let's go! jules, hantight! we're coming! team one, hot call! suit up! he could be dead before they get here. don't go in there! steve! winnie: shots fired at the sultan grill on the danforth. one confirmed victim down. gunman: i warned you! i asked you a simple question, all you had to do s answer. eric? now one more time! whoa, whoa, whoa. tell me where he is! i don't know! where's riyaz? i'm sorry, i don't know who that is.
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no. no cell phones. okay, all cell phones on the floor, now. now! go get 'em. collect them! gunman: now! anyone caught attempting to communicate with him will be shot, do you understand me? it's gonna be okay. total communication blackout. all right? i'm a medic. i'm gonna help you. you're gonna be okay. hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! easy, easy. what are you doing? he just wants to make sure that he's okay. okay, ll, get away. come on, get away! get away from him! you. lock it! lock the door! you. barricade it. tables and chairs, come on. nobody's leaving until i get some answers. all right. you... knives, forks, uh, corkscrews, any sharp implements. if i fd anything that can be used as a weapon... go! come on, come on, come on! that's good. get against the wall. hands where i can see 'em.
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set up a perimeter. get the uniforms and keep all these people back. let's do it now! we're deali with at least one shooter. how many hostages? ed: ten, maybe more. sam: jules? limited vantage. looks like the front doors are baicaded. maybe jules can feed us information from inside. nah, if that gunman finds out jules is a cop... all right. (whispering) hey. quiet! get-- hey-- you guys clear out of here. go! i nt everyone to keep quiet. i gotta... think. you. on the floor. knees! here. hands behind the head. you know what this place is, right? it's-- it's a restaurant. ye yes, yes, yes, it looks very much like a restaurant, but do you-- (frustrated sigh) do you know what it is? (exhales) what are you looking at?! (pda buzzes) gunman: you know what it's really for? you know who meets here, and what they want? huh?
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(pda chirps) parker jules is okay. she says there's one gunman and 18 hostages. what's the gunman want? gunman: riyaz should be here now. where is he? (pda chirps) parker: looking for riyaz. who's riyaz? hey, spike.. parker: see if there's a connection between the sultan grill and someone named riyaz. on it. you told him not to come, because i'm here. didn't you? i don't even know what you mean. i gotta try to talk to him. (gasping) jules: sir? hey! you stay where you are. i'm gonna stay right here. all right. gd. my name's jules. what's yours? oh. (laughs) you're looking for somebody named riyaz? yeah. what? you know him? no, i don't. but maybe i could help y find him. oh. well, he knows him! and if he had just told me where he was, when i asked, then this wouldn't have happed. (sirenails) no... oh, no. no, no. okay. uh, everybody...
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go to the front. everybody! go, go, go! against the front. go. against the door. go, now! he's lining up hostages against the window. he's making a human shield. m? no vantage. i'm coming down. hey. hey! what are you doing? sir, this man is losing a lot of blood. he needs to go to the hospital. i said no one's leaving! okay. well, this is my friend steve. he's a paramedic. if you let him look at him, maybe he can help him, and then y c find riyaz. that's what you want, right? (panting) ye. just hang in there, buddy. hang in. okay, he's rely conscious. look, i'm going to need some napkins, clean water and plastic wrap. i can get them. okay. go. stay where i can see you. comen. come on. move fast! okay. we know who we're looking for. the owner of the restaurt is riyaz fayad.
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neighbors, disgruntled employees? what's going on, eddie? all right. we got an air vent on the roof. might be able to fd a snake cam throh that. all right, go for it. let's do it. is eric going to be okay? he's got decreased breath sounds on the left side. what does that mean? his lung collapsed. oh, my god. look, he needs chest decompression. you don't happen to have a kit in your purse, do you? can you improve? yeah. i need a pen. i need some vodka. a knife. sir? a knife? what do you think i am, idiot? i promise we're going to hand it back as soon as we're done. please. all right. jules: whoa, whoa. what are you doing? if you try anything, i'm going to shoot her. (woman hyperventiling) i'm going to get the vodka. okay, go.


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