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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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can i help you? i want to report a rape. okay. let's go someplace private, huh? can you tell me what happened? it's okay, megan. i'm just here to help. he followed me to my apartment last night. i don't know how he got in the building, but... when i opened my door, he pushed his way in. and then what happened? megan? ( crying softly ) i told him to leave.
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but he slammed the door. oh, god. can you tell me who did this to you? megan, is it your boyfriend?
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than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. it started when i was in first grade. stroking, touching. he'd help me undress for bed, and sometimes he'd take off his shirt. and then his pants. when i was twelve, he... put himself... ( crying ) take your time. he told me not to cry.
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he said that that was how daddies loved their little girls. benson: and this has been going on ever since? no. he stopped after i got my period. stabler: how long ago was that? when i was fourteen. ( sighs ) did anything sexual happen last night? no. but we had a horrible fight. if he didn't have to catch a plane who knows what he would have done? benson: i'm not going to lie to you, megan. it's going to very difficult to prove a four-year-old rape. stabler: and we can't charge him for the earlier abuse because the statute of limitation only extends back five years. what about lilly? who's lilly? my little sister. she's seven. that's the same age i was when he started molesting me. well, did you see him do anything to her?
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i went to my parents' to do my laundry and i walked in on them. and what did you see? he was touching her, just like he used to touch me. hey, captain, we got some background on megan's father. i'm on my way to the mayor's luncheon so let's make this quick. okay, evan ramsey ns southerland pharmaceuticals and he just donated a wing to the east harlem children's hospital. well, if his daughter's telling the truth they're not going to be hanging his picture on their wall. rebecca southerland is the wife. she's also the daughter of the company's founding father. so he marriedinto the social register. any other kids? yeah, two-- jodie, 15, and lilly, 7. lilly is the one that megan says he's molesting. so, basically, we're working two cases here. a rape just this side of the statute of limitations and the possible molestation of a seven-year-old. munch and fin are checking with children's services to see if the family's got any priors. well, where is the mother in all this? she and megan aren't on speaking terms. we're off to see the mothe right now.
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when you have something to talk about. i've been married to evan for nineteen years had three children with him. i'd certainly knowif he was raping one of them. you've always had a blind spot where he's concerned. dad, please. megan's lashing out. she's a very angry young woman. charles: where do you think all this anger came from? from that therapist she's been seeing. what therapist? dr. wharton. megan starting seeing her when she went to columbia. since then, my daughter's become an expert on what she calls "our family dysfunction." i've tried talking to r, but she just shuts me out. we've seen these kind ocases before and it's very difficult for daughters to share this with their mothers. it isn't the first time she's made up little stories to get attention. stabler: has she ever made up anything like this? nothing this outlandish but she has stretched the bounds of reality to gethat she wanted. god knows what she's been telling that therapi.
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i don't see why that's necessary. stabler: it's routine. whenever allegations like these are made we'd like to talk to everyone in the family. now she's putting her sisters in the middle of her little drama. when can we talk to them? they're in school. stabler: where? i'll not have you embarrass them in front of their friends. benson: then bring them down to our precinct after school. stabler: the sooner we can talk to them, the sooner we can close thiout. ( sighs ) they'll be there. wharton: megan came to me suffering from bulimia and depression. what was she depressed about? uh... eating disorders often signal a deeper emotional trauma. in megan's case, it was childhood incest. stabler: when did megan tell you this? only recently. she built a wall between herself and her father.
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the floodgates finally opened, and the truth came out. why didn't you report the abuse? megan's an adult. i couldn't break confidentiality. the only reason i'm talking to you is because she gave me permission. what about her younger sisters? i repeatedly asked her if she thought they were at risk, and she always said no. until yesterday. she called, and she said that she reported her father for abusing lilly. is megan emotionally ready for the strain of a police investigation? she's still healing, but... she came to you so that tells me she's on the road to recovery. woman: i had to go to the basement to dig up this file. w long has it been there? seven years, when megan ramsey was 11. fin: who reported it? a resident in the emergency room at mercy general. her mother brought her in
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megan told him she'd been having trouble urinating. and when he noticed bruising on her backside he called. your investigation turn up anything? megan said she got the bruises riding horses at her grandfather's farm. fin: what about the other problem? we contacted her pediatrician. he told us megan had a minor urinary tract infection from taking too many bubble baths. after a series of follow-up visits, the case was closed. thank you. our complaining witness appears to have a history of emotional problems. she's an incest victim. doesn't necessarily make her an unreliable witns. this man is a community leader. he's known for his good works and political clout. so, let's make sure we have our ammunition before going to war with his lawyers. mind if i join the party? cragen: well, depends on what you brought. evan ramsey was investigated for child abuse against megan seven years ago but the caseworker found no evidence to support the charge. stabler: rebecca didn't mention anything about that. benson: well, it wouldn't be the first time a wife chose her husband over her children. since evan's out of town
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they're here. cragen: okay, separate rooms. see if either one confirms megan's story. meanwhile, i'll see if ian wear down mom with my charm. benson: so, lilly doou spend a lot of time together with your daddy? well, sometimes we go to the park and we ride the horses. mm-hmm. what else do you do together? he reads stories to me... and we play games. yeah? what kind of games? what is it, honey? why is everybody mad at my daddy? well, what makes you think that we're mad? megan said he was doing bad things. what kind of bad things? i don't know. lilly, does your dad ever do ings that you don't like?
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sometimes he yells and says bad words. what else does he do that you don't like? nothing. my daddy loves me. jodie: i don't understand. well, did your dad ever touch you in a way that, uh... well, made you feel uncomfortable? no, he-he's a great dad. he'd never do anything like that. how about with your sisters? no. sometimes he and megan would argue but he was just trying to keep her out of trouble. yeah? what kind of trouble? he said her boyfriend was bad news. ( chuckles ) she thought he was trying to control her life. uh-huh. well, how's his relationship with lilly? he never yells at her. mm-hmm. he spend a lot of time with her? i guess. so what do they do when they hang out? they go to the park, and he reads to her. just the usual stuff. usual stuff? anything else?
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it probably doesn't mean anything. so tell me anyway. sometimes he goes to her room at night. and i hear crying. and? he still gives her baths with the door locked. and a few nights ago i-i woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and i saw him changing lilly's sheets. she was crying in the corner with her bottoms off. dad s acting weird. he said she wet the bed. but... but what? she hasn wet the bed since she was two. rebecca: i don't believe this. it can't be true. mrs. ramsey, i know this isn't easy
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i've heard enough. if you give us permission to search lilly's room we just might come up with some answers. i can't take this anymore. benson: mrs. ramsey? there's someone here to see you. megan. detective benson told me you'd be here. it's not true. it can't be. ( crying ) he raped me, mother. i was 12 years old. where were you? why didn't you help me? i didn't know. i swear
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benson: we're going to need physical examinations on jodie and lilly. and permission to search your house. do whatever you need to do. i want my children safe. he'll be home any minute. we'll handle the introductions. stabler: olivia! what have you got? kiddie porn, right under lilly's mattress. there you go. got something else, detectives. men's underwear. man: rebecca! well, bag it all. is everything okay? you got it. what the hell is going on here? evan ramsey, new york city detectives. we'd like you to come with us. i'm not going anywhere till somebody tells me what this is all about.
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look, you have no ght to... please, mr. ramsey, for the sake of your daughters let's not do this in front of them. ( lilly crying softly )
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i didn't rape my daughter. benson: that's not what megan says. she's angry and confused. about what? i threatened to pull the plug on her college tuition if she didn't drop that boyfriend and start buckling down. so she's crying rape to get back at you? i have no idea why she's doing this. i have tried to get through to her and she just keeps pulling further away from me. i mean, i-i try to hug her she recoils like i'm contagious. she said she saw you fondling lilly in her own bed. ( sighs ) i was helping her put on her pajamas. benson: and what about the visits to her room in the middlef the night? she has nightmares, for god's sake. nitmares, huh? i wonder if these caused them. what...? these are disgusting. stabler: well, we found them in lilly's room along with a pair of your underwear. this is ridiculous! the pictures were printed on a digital printer just like the one next to your computer. i only use that computer for business. yeah?that's some business. look, i know this has got to come as a big shock to you
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now you get the chance to clear the decks get some help. megan has already broken her silence. it's only a matter of time before your other daughters join her. i haven't done anything wrong! stabler: do you have any idea whathey do to child molesters in prison? i'm sure that they'll grow very attached to you once they fi out why you're there. i want my lawyer. do we have anything to corroborate the rape? only megan's testimony. any physical evidence is long gone. and lilly? medical exam showed vaginal irritation but nothing conclusive. jodie's was negative. that leaves us with the photos and the underwear. but lilly still hasn't provided testimony linking them to her alleged abuse. megan passed the poly. you know that's inadmissible. it confirms her story. we let him go, he goes right back home to his daughters. all right. arrest him for the rape. where's my lawyer?
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rebecca: i want to know why! rebecca, come with me. no, let me do this! wasn't i enough?! and i trusted you! how could you even think that? my god! do you think that i could ever hurt them? you disgust me! calm down. rebecca... please! don't do this! stop! judge: mr. ramsey, how do you plead? not guilty. cabot: your honor the defendant's financial resources alone make him a serious flight risk. your honor, mr. ramsey's contributions to the community are well known. he's not going anywhere and he's a danger to no one. except, perhaps, to his daughters. i'm setting bail at $500,000 or $5 million surety. your honor, given the nature of the offenses charged the people request an order of protection barring the defendant from entering the family residence or from coming within 100 yards of his children. so ordered. ( pounds gavel ) so i hear that your daddy reads to you.
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uh, what's your favorite story? i-i took her to see megan's therapist. afterwards, she rattled off the symptoms like a shopping list: the-the crying, the sleepless nights... she says lilly's blocking it all out because it's too much for her to bear. it's so clear now. why didn't i see it? because he went through a lot of trouble to make sure that you didn't. ( door opening ) can i talk to her? please. stabler: well? she hasn't disclosed anything. benson: she's scared. wouldn't you be? she knows her father's in trouble and she's the cause. if we don't get her testimony by day after tomorrow i can't indict her case with megan's. megan's case can't stand on its own. i'll do the best i can but it's a slow dance, and i have to follow her lead.
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in the underwear to evan ramsey but we found nothing in the bed sheets or lilly's nightclothes. what about the pictures? even with ninhydn, we couldn't raise any prints. in other words, we got a big, fat zero. mm, not quite. take a look at the photo. this border was found in a trash container in lilly's bathroom. you see how it matches the cut pattern on the bottom? fin: look at the date. february 13. yeah. that's the date they were downloaded. tuesday. you thinking what i'm thinking? evan was in baltimore on tuesday. i'm computer illiterate. i can't even turn the damn thing on. what about your children? you can't be serious. did it ever occur to you that-that the date might have been set wrong? well, we'll check that out, but in the meantime we need to cover all of our bases. my kids were at school and i was at my lawyer's office filing for divorce. d where was megan? megan doesn't live here. but she has a key? yeah. uh, and where were you tuesday morning? i was at the grocery store.
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whether megan came home or not. all i know is megan has a chemistry class every tuesday morning. did she go? you'd have to ask her. i dropped chemistry. i haven't been able to concentrate very well this semester. so what have you been doing with your tuesday mornings? i'm working with a tutor trying to catch up in my other classes. tutor got a name? michael tobin. and you were with him last tuesday? no. i thought you just said you had a tutor. he was my boyfriend. we broke up last week. so, where were you then? in the library studying. anyone with you? yeah, lots of people. it's midterms. look, i'm going to be late for a class. can we talk about this later? munch: you got to be kidding me. hard drives don't lie. this one shows nothing but spreadsheets business corspondence and a couple of hits on a stock trading website. what about his laptop? clean as a whistle. so his account was accessed by another computer. mm... soone who knows his password. can you give us the location of the download?
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if evan didn't download those pictures, then who did? and why? the only one who can tell us what happened in that bedroom is lilly. she's not talking, at least not to us. but she did talk to megan's therapist. does dr. wharton accept walk-ins? i'm not surprised she's resisting. we really need her testimony. megan's isn't enou? well, without lilly to corroborate it's just evan's word against megan's. ( cell phone ringing ) excuse me. our psychiatrist thinks lilly's protecting her father. she may feel more comfortable talking to you. i've only seen her once, but we did develop a rapport. i'll clear my schedule. we appreciate that. good. okay. all right, bye. munch checked with evan's internet service provider. the kiddie porn was downloaded to a terminal at the student library at columbia. benson: those pictures were downloaded while your father was out of town. you put the pictures under the mattress. no. you planted your father's underwear in the sheets.
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why did you do it, megan? he's going to get away with it again. stabler: well, tell us the truth. maybe we can help. no one can help. 's too powerful. when he came to my apartment he threatened to sue my therapist and send me to a mental hospital. ( sobbing ): who would believe me then? some... some crazy girl telling wi stories about her sex-fiend father? i had to stop him. i couldn't let it happen again. man: in light of these developments we submit the people have no case and therefore move that the charges against my client be dismissed. your honor, the evidence in question has no bearing on the rape case pending before this court. man: but it does bring into serious question the veracity of the complaining witness. with no physical evidence to support her allegations
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to meet their obligations under the law. judge: have the people anything new to present? no, your honor. then i have to agree with mr. wilmington. case dismissed. mr. ramsey, you are free to go with the court's alogy. megan, honey... i know you didn't mean to do this. i want you moved out by the end of the week. ( cell phone ringing ) what a mess. if megan hadn't screwed upthe investigation we might have nailed him. stabler. she was trying to protect her sister. yeah, well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. it doesn't mean she wasn't raped. now we'll never prove it. benson: and if she's telling the truth that means that he got away with it all over again.
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