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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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hello? linda: in the kitchen. something smells good. what are you cooking? duck. duck? mm-hmm, duck. do the boys like duck? the boys aren't home. mm. they're at a sleepover. mm. then i guess it's just you and me and the duck. yup. that sounds delicious. (laughs) hmm. you want to open some wine for us? mm-hmm, okay. (phone ringing) sorry. gormley? no. marianne romano. you are not going over there to kill a spider. i know. i know.
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marianne, who is that? man: you heard me?! marianne: danny, hs gone insane! who's gone insane? what? will you calm down? marianne: danny! no! hello? (beep) sounds like some guy's over there beating on her. yeah, or she just turned up the volume on maury povich. you know i got to go. hurry back, okay? i will. mmm. all right, tied up at seven. but not for long, though. all right, bring it. shake it up. you're gonna give me the shot? so, take it if you got it, big boy. (sighs) that's the game. it's luck. hey, gym's booked right now. i come to see my boy tomas. what's up, j? what's up with you? just playing some ball. you could play ball with us. hey, jonny, ricky, this court's booked for guys who are signed up in the program, all right, so, sign up, or get lost.
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i'll see you guys later. you come with me now, all right? that's an order. i said i'll see you later. they have a beef with you because you're signed up for the program, or 'cause you're not running with them anymore? i guess you could say both. all right, come on, let's play a new game, come on. oh, danny, thank you. thank you, thank you so much for coming. all right. all right, settle down, okay? come on. yeah. what happened? (sighs) he's just got real, real bad mood swings. who? joe.
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he didn't mean to. he didn't mean to. let me guess. heust threw a punch, and you happened to walk by at that very moment? where the hell is this guy? he's gone. he won't be back tonight. right. who is he? it's freight train joe frye, danny-- the running back from the nfl? yeah, i know who he is. guy hasn't played ball in years. and what is it with you and broken-down ex-athletes? he's in great shape. (sighs) you know, and he loves me for me. right. you know, we got engaged in-in cancun last week. see? that's very nice. aren't you gonna congratulate me? on, what, the engagement or this colorful bruise the guy put on you? come on, don't be jealous. marianne, we dated in high school. it was love, and you know it. look, i promised your brother i'd look after you, all right? i didn't promise him i would play referee for your love life. if this clown puts his hands on you again, i'm gonna lo him up, you understand?
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good night, marianne. get inside. i'm parked on the corner. you want a ride home? it's only five blocks. all right, well, stay away from jonny and them, okay? how? we live in the same place. i've known them since i was, like, three. the whole point of the jrip program is to keep you out of the life that he's headed for. stay away. all right, okay. i'm serious, tomas. if you're on the fence about this, don't waste my time. yeah, all right, all right. ay-ay-ay (sighs) hey. hey. marianne ok? yeah, she's fine. wherwhere you going? terry called. her little one's running a 103, so i said i'd cover her shift. are you kidding me? what am i gonna do, danny? i owe her one, you know? yeah. what was marianne's problem? she got engaged. that's a problem?
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that's your problem? come on. i made a promise. what do you want me to do? tell her there's this thing called 911. i know. i know! look, danny, i know that you swore to her brotherouthat y'd look after her, and i'm sorry he's not around, but there's... i mean, come on. there's got be some kind of statute of limitations on these old neighborhood six-beers oaths. you think i enjoy playing her white knight? i got to go. i smell perfume. i... (sniffing) ambush. she was upset when i got there, she hugged me, that's it. come on! i can't believe she still wears ambush, you know? it's probably the single longest commitment of her life. you're probably right. i'll see you in the morning. all right. i'll make you a romantic breakfast. yeah, nothing like eight hours on her feet and a piece of toast to get a girl going. (car door closes, engine starts) (horns honking in the distance)
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(car engine starts) (groans) (panting) (groans) (tires squealing) (groaning) (groans) hey, police! oh. jamie: stop right there! police officer! (panting) hey. police. (panng) (panting) (panting continues) (horn honking, groans)
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(distant shouting) (phone ringing through) i'm an off-duty police officer, shield number 60528. i need a bus forthwith, corner of aven p and east 35th street. male struck by a vehicle. central, put a rush on it. he's not responsive. okay. oh, my god. you did this, man. this is on you, man. this is on you. (sighs)
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good morning sunset. good morning night. good morning neon, shining bright. good morning hunger. good morning stars. good morning people who just left bars. good morning gamers. good morning moon. good morning morning.
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i joined the service so i could serve my country and see the world. but i smoked. and i got heart disease. so a lot of the world i got to see looked like this. my tip is; it's hard to serve your country when you're too weak to put on your uniform. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. are you looking for me? 'cause i've been looking for you (drum solo) giving everything i got attention kmart shoppers, love rocks when you shop at kmart for valentine's day. i did it... do it... take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge.
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more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it... and i feel beautiful. visit for details. early indication is that the boy may be paralyzed from the waist down. i'm sorry to hear that. officer reagan's pba rep showed up in a flash. they took his statement, he acted appropriately. and why would i think otherwise? i just thought you'd like to know. are you gog to give me a retail account of every officer who happened to get into a jam yesterday? it's your son. exactly, who i raised to take care of his own business. there are conflictg reports as to whether officer reagan identified himself as a police officer. the gangbanger said he didn't, the kid in the juvenile robbery intervention program says he clearly did. garrett, i will not use my influence to get my kids special advantage! the kids involved are from the bitterman houses... please! ...where vin cruz was killed. why do you do this?! because there are two reagans on the job,
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you know when they're involved in job-related conflict. it is not because i expect you to intervene! oh. so, you think it looks like payback, jamie getting even for his partner? on the street, it sure does. and to the da's office? no appetite for this. okay, let's move on. okay. officer reagan aside, your jrip program's going to come under heavy fire. even i can make the case that the kids are being put in danger of retaliation from the crews they used to run with. i don't need you to make the case. there's gonna be a long line, starting with the inspector general. who called me at 6:30 this morning to get on your schedule. i'm releasing a pre-emptive statement. "the juvenile robbery intervention program fosters "mentor relationships between police officers and kids who are first-time offenders." it is an upper west side bleeding-heart liberal's ver dream of a program, which is,
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of the famously law-and-order and meat-and-potatoes police commissioner. we can't say that. well, find a way, because it's true. and before you slot the inspector general on my schedule, take a look at that. "for your eyes only." from anonymous at the newark police department. paper files? and photos from the mid-'90s when she was essex county prosecutor. don't make copies and check it out. for what? accuracy and provenance. that's all? that all for now. (sighs)
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(indistinct chatter) hey, could i help you with something? yeah, i'm looking for joe frye. is he around? uh, if you want a autograph, it's 20 bucks. no, i don't want a autograph. i just need to talk to him. i'm a friend of a friend. oh, oh, right. uh, let me go tell him. great. (man shouting) man: how bad do you want it?! how bad do you want it?! you want to get on that field?! yeah. let's go! give me three more! (speaking indistinctly) geez. okay, yeah, give me a minute. thanks, ralph. he'll be right with you. okay. that guy on the bench-- he looks familiar. who is that? daquan jackson. plays for the jets. oh, ye. yeah, special teams and backup running back, but you watch: he's gonna get a lot more carries this year. what makes you say that? freight train training, baby. joe frye could turn your mother into a brick wall. my mother is dead.
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hey. joe frye. how you doing? how are you? danny reagan. right, the cop. no, the detective. big strong hand there, joe. sorry, hope i didn't hurt you. no, you didn't hurt me, but you did bruise marianne up pretty good, didn't you? that was a accident. we made up. oh, i didn't know it was a accident. yeah, we had a spat. we worked it out. you mean you hit her. that's what you call working it out? you on duty here, detective? no, i'm not on duty, but if you put your hands on her again, i'm gonna come back here and i will be on duty, and that's gonna be a problem for you, joe. okay, i won't. you know, not for nothing, that's really not the way to treat a woman, especially when you're gonna marry her. you got a thing for her? don't make it a problem for me.
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this isn't high school anymore, all right, where you're over hanging with her brother, going through her underwear drawer when nobody's looking, dreaming you were her man. that the 'roids talking, joe, or all those concussions? i'm me. uh-huh. she's mine. hmm. you're still just you. no argument here. hey. you have the day off, take the day off. yeah, i am. need you to do me a favor, though. i want you to call around and find out what unit's sitting on joe frye's gym in bay ridge, okay? who's joe frye? he's an ex-nfl running back. it's called joe frye's freight train. th a case we caught? well, it's a courtesy call for now. okay, will do. thanks, partner. hey, hey. hey.
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well, i have my interview with internal affairs right after my deposition. okay, well, i think you might want to lose the tie. it makes you look uncomfortable, and uncomfortable reads squirrely. well, i'm uncomfortable with this whole thing. i mean, i clearly identified myself as a cop, and both these kids knew that i was a cop. i know, and the da's office has refused the case based on that. sohat should i expect from a civil suit? well, the kids' families and their lawyer are looking to cash in on this. yeah. how well do you know tomas lugo? couple months. i think he'd say that i'm making a diffence in his life. okay. well, he said that he was pretty sure you identified yourself as a police officer when you chased mr. cisneros into the street and turned him into a hood ornament. no, he went into that street on his own. i didn't do either one of those things. come on, whose side are you on? yours, but the ambulance chaser who's going to be questioning you for the deposition has one thing on his mind, and it ain't justice, it's money. you got me?
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baez: so, you know the sarge of this narcotics unit? yeah, and i want to find out why he's been sitting on joe frye's gym for months. can i ask u a question? shoot. are you just mad 'cause someone smacked your high school girlfriend around? i just got a bad feeling about the guy. i'm just guessing here, but in high school she was the queen bee, super good looking, a little crazy, and dynamite in the sack? that'd be a fair guess, yes. okay, still guessing here: she broke up with you, and to this day you feel like you've got to prove that she shouldn't have. i just got a bad feeling about the guy is all. okay. okay. all right, we're looking for sergeant clancy. he's right over there. all right, thanks. nice job. hey, sarge.
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you still look the same. and you still look like a bulldog. an old bulldog. this is my partner maria baez. hey, nice to meet you. likewise. so, joe frye-- you like him for something? well, i don't like him at all. why you sitting on him? well, lot of kites about illegal steroids and... no. ...hgh traffic going on out of there, but the bigger thing is this sam cummings kid. you remember? sam cummings-- sounds familiar. refresh me. all-state lacrosse player from bay ridge got a full ride at duk and dropped dead the third day of practice from a steroid-induced heart attack. yeah, bay ridge, i remember that kid. personal trainer... joe frye? yeah, we figure he's been feeding him steroids, wanted him for manslaughter for the death of the kid. couldn't get enough for a warrant on account of he dies out of state. the case is still open. you guys ever think about sending in undercovers? yeah, first guy in got made right away playing softball with some denizen of the gym. after that the gym got very security conscious.
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guess joe frye is not as dumb as he looks, huh? (chuckles) maybe you should send in a girl. well, she'd have to be pretty. i like the idea of a brunette. hmm, a pretty brunette. you game? i'm game. well, i'll call your c.o. and ask to borrow a cup of the two of you.
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ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim his innocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know.
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boosts radiance and protects. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinacte. inspector general peterson, sir. okay. thk you. hello, kelly. frank. please sit down. oh... thank you. thanks for fitting me in. sure. what's on your mind? i assume you're aware of the pending civil suit against the city by the cisneros family. they're blaming the jrip program for the chain of events that led to their son's injuries. well aware, as i am of the suit against the city where a woman claims that the school free hot lunch program caused her son to be morbidly obese. (chuckles) you're always so well prepped. i admire that. thank you. nevertheless, the bureau
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and the comptroller's office are all very ccerned about the spike in lawsuits directly related to the juvenile robbery intervention program. are they also aware that the program has demonstrated significant results? all they see are legal bills. that's their job, not mine. i'm considering a recommendation to eliminate the program. (sighs) we arrest a kid d put him in a correction system where there's a very good chance he will not be corrected. we are minting a career criminal. this is a chance to break that cycle. u're putting kids in harm's way. these kids live in harm's way. we're trying to do something about that. this city pays out $100 million a year in legal claims. that's not insurance, that's a line item in the budget. it costs $168,000 a year to keep someone in a city jail.
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and what does it do to the soul of this city if we don't take extraordinary measures to save e ones we can? the "soul of the city" is not a line item in the budget. well, maybe it ought to be. what happens if a kid gets killed? tragically, kids get killed all the time-- e very kids we're trying to help. (sighs) let me be very clear here. do not go up against me on this. or what? jamie: jonny borrero and ricky cisneros were pursuing him, and realizing that tomas lugo was in danger, i gave chase. i identified myself as a police officer several times. unfortunately ricky cisneros, while chasing tomas,
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are you asking us to believe the fact that mr. cisneros' alleged association with gang activities at the bitterman houses, where your late partner was killed, didn't influence your decisions on the day we're talking about? i don't care what you believe. (scoffs) well, you ought to. it had no bearing on my decision making. my partner vinny cruz was a good cop-- a good latino cop who gave his life trying to make the bitterman houses, where he grew up, a safer place. i try to honor his memory by continuing that work. by identifying and winnowing out the ones you see as, as bad guys. i didn't say that. you didn't have to. actions speak louder than words. in this case, by mentoring tomas lugo as part of the jrip program on my time and sometimes on my dime. let's go back to the initial confrontation in the gym, shall we? so over here you got your treadmills, ellipticals, all that, plus you could plug in
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wow, it's fantastic. yeah, right? so, what are your workout goals? oh, it's a little embarrassing. y, you're talking to a guy that used to weigh a buck 45 soaking wet. i'm all about the dream. i just found out my friend is having one of those destination weddgs in aruba. sweet. and i'm, like, the maid of honor and i really want to have, like, the best body of my life. photos are forever. yeah, true that. the wedding's in a couple of months, so i'm kind of in a hurry. i'm thinking about getting a personal trainer. i don't know. i'm ceified. really? yeah, i could do a lot for your body. that'd be cool. there she is. how'd it go at the gym? well, i now have a personal trainer and-- fingers crossed-- a real shot at a buff boyfriend. well, dreams do come true. what's your play? we got to make a buy, right? yes, we do. and our best bet
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that's what they found in the cummings kid. good. you sure you're up for this? but t like that. not like what? well, she can buy the brand, but she can't buy that dose. if she buys the same dose as a college kid twice her size, she's gonna get made. i'll see what the smaller doses are. good. ...and the guys was waitin' for me and they started chasing me, you know, playin' around, i guess. and jamie... officer reagan started chasin' after us. i guess he thought i was gonna get beat up or something. a-and did he identify himsel as a police officer? i don't know. i mean, i was runnin' and... then i heard the brakes screech. and that's when ricky got hit. bushortly after the accident you gave a statement to detectives that... officer reagan did in fact


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