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tv   News Channel 3 News This Morning  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[music] voiceover: the key of david with gerald flurry. gerald flurry: greetings, everyone. revelation chapter 10 and verse 7 discusses the mystery that would be finished, and if you check your commentaries and bible study aids, you'll see that there is great confusion about how they explain that or don't explain it, and i want to explain it to you today and show you that this mystery can be removed and should be removed, although most people don't want that to happen, apparently, but there is great hope in this mystery. great hope in that verse and what it means if you see the context there. but how would that mystery be finished, or how
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verses in the bible if you understand that, and it is something that, that mystery is being removed in god's very elect today, and they are proclaiming that message to this world, but most people are not very childlike and they don't listen very closely to god, and this world is deceived, it says in revelation 12 and verse 9. it is deceived! but let's talk about how we can remove that deception and remove that mystery as god wants us to do, but we do have to be like little children, as the bible says, and be teachable and let god teach us from his own bible. notice what it says in revelation 10 and verse 7. "but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall
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should," or would be finished, is better, "as he hath declared to his servants the prophets". so this is about the seventh trumpet that's about to sound, and that's when jesus christ returns to this earth. what does that all mean? the expression 'should be finished' correctly reads: 'shall have been finished' or 'would be finished' so you have to make sure you get those words right and really understand this entire chapter, really. verse 7, i want to read to you from the new king james version. verse 7: "but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of god would be finished, as he declared to his servants, the prophets." so if you look at the context of this prophecy through
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we are in bible prophecy, where we are in bible prophecy. as i've mentioned before. revelation puts all prophecy into a timeframe or a time sequence so that we can understand where we are in bible prophecy; otherwise it would just be confusing as far as the timeframe is concerned. notice verse 1 of chapter 10. let's back up a little and get the background here. verse 1: "and i saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:" so this is an angel, but look at all that power, and his face looked like the sun! this is a fiery angel
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rainbow was upon his head; there's a rainbow around god's throne, so what god is showing us and making sure that we understand, that this is not from a man. it comes from the very throne of god! it comes from god! and we must understand that to give these words the proper respect. verse 2: "and he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth," so this message is for the entire earth; that's the point here. it's for everybody! and that's what's going to happen to everybody, that mystery is going to be removed! it's going to be finished! it's not going to be a mystery anymore very soon, and that's to the entire world. verses 3 and 4: "and cried with
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seven thunders uttered their voices. (4) and when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, i was about to write: and i heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not." so we have a booklet about the little book, and it tells you what those thunders are all about and what this lion-roaring message is all about. it is something that really ought to thunder to us if we're looking at it spiritually. it comes at us like the roar of a lion and it makes a big difference. verses 5 and 6: "and the angel which i saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven," to heaven, to god, "(6) and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth,
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which are therein, that there should be time no longer:" or the revised standard version translates this "no more delay." which you can see, and it's just about a great change, a downward turn in the course of world events. you can see it today in the terrorism and even the weather and the debt crisis and every imaginable way, you can see something is terribly wrong on this earth. something is not right. but this verse shows how urgent all this is, and how these terrible turbulent times are accelerating like never before. you've never seen events move so fast and so frhteningly bad in this world,
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prophecies that it would be just before christ returns! so it's all a sign of a great and a wonderful event, but some terrible suffering is coming upon this earth. so this urgency puts pressure on god's people to proclaim this message and get it out there. the little book is really like the magnum opus, or the greatest work of the last and seventh era of god's church, and it's the only book that shows us what is happening in god's church right now, in god's true church, and what has transpired in the recent times, and what christ is doing about
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perhaps, in god's church is today in this very end time when 95% of them turn away from god and away from this mystery, or understanding this mystery. they turn away from that. why? well, i'm going to send you the little book, and it's really malachi's message to god's church today, but also a little booklet that explains all about the little book and those seven thunders and those points that you need to prove this is of god, that it's from heaven and it's not from a man. that's what god wants us to prove. after all, why is it here? and you can read the commentaries and you know they don't understand this, but they should because god said he would reveal it in this end time
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minds. they would understand all about this mystery, and it's no mystery to them. now, in the king james version, verse 6 end with a colon, so that ans this urgency continues into the next verse and all these verses that i'm talking to you about today, and there is real urgency here. it's as daniel said, the crisis at the close of the age of man ruling man. let me read to you verse 7 again, this time from the new king james version: "but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of god would be finished, as he declared to his servants, the prophets." so we have a book that we offer quite a lot on this program, mystery of the
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bible. look, the bible is the most confused, misunderstood book on this earth. there is no book so misunderstood, and it's a mystery to man. it shouldn't be, but it is! and we have to be obedient and childlike for god to reveal the bible to us, but it certainly should not be a mystery to us, and this bible is filled with hope if you understand it. but if you don't understand it, well, it doesn't have very much value at all, in that case. but god says, you go ahead and you declare that mystery, even if it's just a witness to people. he wants them to have this witness against them and not blame god for not making it available. he's going to do that, but there are many
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understanding it, and the bible is no longer a mystery to them. let me read you a little bit of the history of herbert w. armstrong producing the book, mystery of the ages. now, again, i'm talking about two books here-the little book, and mystery of the ages. that's what this chapter is really about. here's what mr. armstrong said when he introduced mystery of the ages to people, god's people. he said: "dear brethren and coworkers with christ, since last december i have been working diligently on the largest and most important book of my life. i candidly feel it may be the most important book since the bible." now, that's quite a statement. he candidly believes it may be the most important book since the bible. well, why would he believe that? well, he says, 'look, it's a
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you study and have this book there with your bible, you're going to understand what the bible is all about! and it's the most wonderful book you could ever possibly have, and you ought to fall in love with it. i mean, really fall in love with it. mr. armstrong said: "i am now in my 94th year," when he finished that, "and i feel that this book is the most valuable gift i could possibly give to you." and he ran full-page ads in the wall street journal, the most prestigious business newspaper in the u.s., and here's what he said: "this book may prove to be one of the most important books of our day." now, in malachi's message or the little book, i have a picture of
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the little book-but there's a picture of mystery of the ages, this is all tied together, all tied together. now notice what we need to do with this little book. verses 8 through 10: "and the voice which i heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. (9) and i went unto the angel, and said unto him, give me the little book. and he said unto me, take it, and eat it up;" eat it up! "and it shall make thybelly bitter," it's going to be bitter because 50% of god's people are going to lose their eternal lives and another 50% are going into the great tribulation, and it takes that to make them repent, and that's
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in thy mouth sweet as honey." because it shows you what god is doing today and where we are in bible prophecy, and that this message from hean, from god himself, has been revealed to us and we know what's going on. we're not confused! the mystery is gone. that's the way it should be for all of us! it goes on to say: (10) "and i took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up;" just ate it up! "and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as i had eaten it, my belly was bitter." see, this is a thunderous, lion-roaring message if you understand the impact spiritually. that's what it is! the worst storm ever to strike this earth is just about to come upon us, and we need to understand that. there is a
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it's got so much hope and so much understanding and makes us realize what is going on on this earth and why is god allowing it to happen. all of that is explained to you in the material we will offer you today for free. all of our literature is free. notice verse 11: "and he said unto me, thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings." so there has to be a prophet, there has to be prophecy; that's what this is all about. so we're taking the message to the world, but you and i have to eat it up, and the little book helps us to understand why we have to prophesy again. why do it? if we prophesied before or if somebody
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terrible things happened in god's church. we have to proclaim the mystery of god. we have to really deliver a big book and also a little book; it's about two books, and that's what this verse 7 of revelation 10 is all about. but we'll send you a copy of the little book and god says you ought to just eat it up, and of course, also if you don't have mystery of the ages, you need this book because it is a synopsis of the whole bible and makes the whole bible understandable and inspiring to you beyond words to really describe. god says we are to turn many to righteousness, and if we do that, we're going to shine like the stars forever and ever! now, there's a real reward
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the church that was our mother church, d that so many turned away from, actually the leaders, destroyed the books they had of mystery of the ages, even burned some of them! they didn't want anybody to read them! and we had a six-year court battle where we fought to get access to th book, at least, but god even worked it out where we got the whole copyright, and now we're able to send mystery of the ages to you for nothing, and it's a full-length book! and the most important book on this earth next to the bible, i believe that with all my heart. and i believe if you study it with an open mind, you will agree with me. there's nothing like it on this earth. there's no other book or booklet or anything that takes away the mystery from the
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bible. all these different denominations, all these different beliefs coming out of one book? that's confusion! that's not clarity at all. revelation 11 and verses 1 and 2: "and there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, rise, and measure the temple of god, and the altar, and them that worship therein." so then there's more. (2) "but the courthich is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months." now you see, the word 'temple' there is really from the greek naos, and it means the inner temple where god is, but there's an outer court. it should be inner court and outer court. there is
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and that's not where god dwells. see, they destroyed copies of that book because they don't understand it themselves today. they did at one time, or at least professed to do so, and professed to love it, but they don't today. see, they're in the outer court, they're not where god dwells, and we want to be where god dwells. that's the only way we'll be able to remove the mystery or to finish the mystery, as far as our lives are concerned. this is again, the times of the gentiles. this is not a good time for the people of israel, but then after two-and-one-half years, god is going to deal with the gentiles, as well, and bring everybody to their senses. mr. armstrong even said, about six months before he died, to his own church, he said, "most of you don't get it! you don't get this message about
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casually approach. we need to study it and then study and read it again, and study and read it again, and really make sure we understand it because it has all the depth of the mind of god in it. notice again verse 7: "but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of god would be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." now, see, i'm talking about two books here, the little book and then a book about a mystery. mystery of the ages is the title of it, and i'm telling you, you can prove these things. i'm not asking you to believe me at all. we're going to provide you with all the proof that you'll need to see that this is biblical, it's right out of the bible. but look
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people's minds, about the bible. but you can remove all of that. i'm telling you, you can. and you can understand what the living god wants and does say to this world today, but most of them don't listen. but it's all leading up to the most wonderful event when that trumpet sounds, which is talked about there in verse 7 of chapter 10. notice what it says here in verse 15: "and the seventh angel sounded;" that's the one that verse 7 of chapter 10 is talking about, "and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our lord, and of his christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever." he's going to reign forever and ever! now,
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right here when jesus christ returns to this earth and begins to reign forever and ever! there's not going to be any mystery about the bible anymore. unless somebody just wants to turn their back on god and go their own way, but still, the mystery will have been known to them, and they will have to account for that. but god is going to make sure that every person who has ever lived on this earth, through a resurrection is going to have an opportunity to understand his word, the bible, the living word of god, that christ said we ought to live by every single word of it! and that's the old and new testament, and he's talking about thousands and thousands of words. so where itsays he shall reign forever and
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reign in the eternities of theeternities." that's your future! he's going to reign in the eternities of the eternities! it's just wonderful spirit being lives or sons of god are going to live throughout the eternities of eternities! there's no end to all of the life that god is going to give you! that he's going to give all of us! this is truly something that we need to be concerned abt! what could be more important than this? what could possib be more important than what i'm talking to you about today? and we need to remove the confusion. we need to remove the attitude of not really seeking this with all our hearts and applying what god says, so we can remove the mystery and see the hope and the joy and the
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positive! so here we're talking about two books that we are proclaiming to this world. after all, god talks about these books. somebody has to understand them here in this end time, just before jesus christ returns to this earth to rule it forever and ever. somebody has to understand it, and i'm telling you, you can prove that these two books are from god. they're not from a man! they're worthless if it's only from a man; they're of no value whatsoever, as far as the spiritual is concerned. when christ returns, all that mystery is going to be gone forever! but look, those who remove that mystery today and help get god's message out to this world as a
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getting the message out there, they're going to be the bride of christ, they're going to share his throne, and help him teach the whole world how to remove that mystery, and so everybody will understand the living word of god. until next week, this is gerald flurry, goodbye, friends. in the book of revelation the apostle john describes two messages to be delivered in the end-time. the first came in the form of an important book that unlocks the mysteries of the bible. the second describes how god's own people rebelled against the message of the first book. biblical prophecy is remarkably specific. learn how two recently published books can change your life. it is a story about god's church gone off track and what god did to correct the tragedy. request our free booklet malachi's message
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worldwide church of god after the death of herbert w. armstrong. you can prove that god allowed the church split to test the loyalty of his people. though god places most of the blame on the ministers of his church, each individual is responsible for his or her own salvation. you can discover where god dwells today-with a tiny remnant reviving the legacy of mr. armstrong and deliverin a warning message just before the return of jesus christ. malachi's message to god's church today makes it all clear. many bible commentators put forward their own theories about the "little book" of revelation 10. but god has revealed the truth about this book to one man in the end time. request our free booklet the little book to prove where this vital message is today. it is a literal book-you can hold it in your hands and flip through the pages. and its message is one that can change your life. to learn more about it order our booklet called the little book.
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announcer: the following is a paid announcement for the international fellowship of christians and jews. announcer: you're jewish. one of god's chosen people. a remnant of israel isolated in a distant land. you've managed to survive the holocaust, survive communism and now most of your $20 monthly pension must pay for medicine with only a few dollars left for food or electricity or heat or clothes. you're old and you're alone, you're left with nothing but painful memories and you wonder, does anyone care? (speaking russian) i wish god would be merciful and take me because it is
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than to live like this. shalom. i'm rabbi yechiel ecksteinf the international fellowship of christians and jews. i'm standing here in the ukraine in the former soviet union in an area called a shtetl. an old jewish village. i'd like to show what happened to the jewish community in the past but even more importantly i would like to show you what the jewish community is like today in the former soviet union. i think you will be surprised. announcer: a 100 years ago russia was the center of the jewish world with 5o 6 million jews living there. although russia's largt ethnic group, most lived in poverty and persecution. then came the bolshevik revolution. hoffman: the soviets systematically destroyed any kind of base for religious affiliation. they closed synagogues. they closed jewish schools, sent rabb and teachers to jail and
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and tried to convert everyone to their brand of materialist atheism. announcer: then came the nazis. between 1941 and 1945 soviet jews were savagely persecuted. subjected to every possible pain and humiliation and murdered in mass executions. eckstein: this is babiyar tside of kiev here in the ukraine. one of hundreds of killing fields from world war ii's holocaust throughout the former soviet union. there is a traditional memorial prayer of the dead that is recited when we come to visit this site. (speaking hebrew) lord full of mercy, remember those who died here. (singing hebrew) it was here in 1941
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hundred thousand jews were killed here by the nazis. holocaust survivor: they were all brought to babiyar and they were all undresd, everyone, and then they were killed. you can't, you can't even imagine, a lot of people can't imagine. announcer: those who managed to survive the nazis then suffered the post world war ii persecution, indoctrination and anti- semitism of the counists. jews were forbidden to practice their faith and were denied education and denied jobs. they lived in fear of the soviet people who were encouraged to roam the streets to find jews so thathey could ridicule and beat them. hoffman: the elderly jews were victimized throughout this century. and now tragically, by the collapse of the soviet system itself. right now, sacrifices are the order of the day. governments don't have
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to maintain social services. they are not paying pensions on time. today an elderly person has to get along in ukraine on about $20 a month. and half of that has to go for rent and utilities. eckstein: this is bela. she lost her entire family in world war ii, in the holocaust, all 13 members of her family were lost. today's wednesday and she tells me the last time she had a meal was sunday. she is elderly. she is alone. d she has no hope other than the hope we can bring to her. hoffman: the food box is oumost basic form of aid. it has a number of basic commodities in it such as flour, rice, sugar, canned fish, cooking oil and a few other items. this box is designed as a diet supplement. when the funds are available we would like to be able to provide a box on a monthly basis
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the monthly box. or perhaps you can do more. perhaps you can help more than one jew andor more than one month. won't you consider it? donor: it's their life, it's whether or not they get the next meal. it's absolutely vital to their life blood that they be helped. eckstein: it's a scriptural mandate incumbent upon all of us that we tend help to those less fortunate than ourselves. this is made amply clear in the hebrew bible and by jesus in the new testament as well. he stressed this obligation in the parable of the "good samaritan" and in other places that it's our responsibility to help those who are in need. how much more so to the children of israel? bela: without the food baskets and the hot meals i would starve. it would be like it was for my father when the nazis captured him and starved him to death.
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$15 to $25 per month. they go without food, medicine and the bare essentials of life. but through "isaiah 58" you can change that. $15 will provide a food box packed full of staples to help them through the month. joining our box-a-month club will provide a food box every month to an elderly jew who desperately needs it the most. for $50 you will provide three hot meals a week for a month in addition to a food box. what a blessing you can be to a jew who has suffered so much. what a witness you can be to the love of god for the scattered remnant of his pele. hagee: the bible says in genesis 12, "i will bless those who bless you and i will curse those who curse you". if you trace the pages of world history you wi find that every man and every nation that blessed israel, god blessed that man and nation. and every man and nation that cursed israel god cursed that man and nation. eckstein: i founded the
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christians and jews in 1983 and we're based in chicago. i really did so because i felt that there was a need and continues to be a need for a bonding between christns and jews. jews facilitating the rescue in china and sudan of christians who are trying to assert their rights to their faith. and we provide christians with a way iwhich they can bless the jewish people and israel by helping jews from the former soviet union, helping them with their food and medical needs. this is the ministry. this is the vision of the international fellowsh of christians and jews. (speaking russian) hoffman: as a jew i am greful for the aid provided by christians in america and other countries around the world. to our efforts hundreds of thousands of needy jews in the former soviet union. without your help, without
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support and our prayers. (singing hebrew) shalom alechem donor: this is the only food that they have. a bowl of soup and some other things that are provided by this ministry and it's really been a blessing to be part of it. announcer: the international fellowship of christians and jews launched "isaiah 58" as a way for christians to bless elderly jews living in shocking poverty without food, medicine or heat. you have an opportunity right now to reach out to this remnant people who are in desperate need. for only $15 you can provide a food box of staple food items which will supplement the meals of one person for a whole month. eckstein: this is one of the main food box distribution centers here in kiev serving the area in the ukraine.
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will make this work and this fellowship a part of your religious budget. donor: they are not feeling sorry for themselves. (speaking russian) needy jew: my husband and i wake up early in the morning each day before 6am to be the first ones on the street to collect empty bottles. donor: there was a time in their life when they were successful, they were good responsible tizens and you know in a wink of an eye that was taken ay from them. russian jew: in the current economic conditions it is a problem to find anyone to buy the bottles but i can wake up early. i can work hard. it is very difficult but i am not lazy. hoffman: from day to day the elderly don't have a idea what things are going to cost. they have to live on a fixed pension but prices keep
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prices keep rising. this takes a terrible toll on the health, on the morale, on the general physical well being of the elderly. shengl: it is very difficult to live on the pension they give. it is not enough to live on. i have received a warning that they will cut off my electricity. i have no money so they will just have to cut it off. (speaking ssian) eckstein: i am here with chava. chava has to make a decision that i wouldn't wish on anyone and she has to make it almost every single day. (speaking russian) chava: i must take my medicines but it takes the biggest part of my pension. i must pay for all of these medicines. for my lungs, my heart and my foot. eckstein: chava has to decide between these pills
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between that and food. as you can see she is bed ridden and she has a very bad heart condition. and this medicine alone keeps her able to breathe and it costs one third of her monthly pension. chava: after i pay for all of my medicines i have no money for food or for anything else. eckstein: we try to help people like chava not have to make that kind of decision. and so we bring her food. we try to provide people like chava a package once a month to help suppment meals during the week. and, secondly the meals on wheels program that brings cha and people like her a hot meal three times a week. the more funds that are available, the more hot meals brought to her, more pacges and the more people like chava will be able to be served as well. announcer: the nternational fellowship of christians and jews has launcd
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to mobilize christians to join their jewish brothers and sisters. donor: i just have to say that as a gentile i am so blessed to be a part of helping the jewish people in this country. it is the most wonderful experience that has every happened to me. announcer: together, we are fulfilling the divine call to provide aid and comfort to over 500,000 jews living in shocking poverty in the former soviet union. donor: so much joy could be brought for so little. and if people back he could realize how much could be accomplished with just so little, just a little bit of giving, it would be so unreal. announcer: through "isaiah 58" you can begin to repair the effects of decades of deprivation, anti-semitism and brutality. $15 provides a food box that will mean so much to someone who cannot afford food.
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food box, you can provide three hot meals a week for a month to an elderly jew. hagee: paul said in the book of romans, "if you, gentiles, have received from the jewish people their spiritual things you owe it to them to minister to them in material things". boone: soviet jews have faced persecution after persecution for centuries. but the situation thathey face today is an especially dangerous one. as christians, we are not going to have any excuse if we just stand idly by watching history repeat itself. bela: the people in ukraine who don't like jewish people, who hate jewish people they call us zhid. it is like in america. black people are called niger. it's like that, it's the same. kstein: the bible teaches us in isaiah chapter 58 (speaking hebrew) "from your flesh and blood you shall not avert your eyes".
6:47 am
avert our eyes from seeing the suffering and the pain soviet union and knowing that we could do something about it. donor: i'm a street boy. i left home when i was 12 years old. and i know pain when i see it when i look at people's eyes in the street and i see a lot of pain there. hoffman: we see in every jew we meet here a potential lost relative. and it increases our motivation to want to help them because we think, "there for grace of god go i". these people need to be fed hot meals. the monthly box just simply is not enough. eckstein: imagine what it would be like not to have food. to be home bound. not to have any family members that you can turn to and suddenly three times a week someone comes in, an anl,
6:48 am
this is what we call in the stes the meals on wheels program that is administered throughout the former soviet union thanks to your help. and thanks to volunteers who give of themselves and of their time and of their energy and their love to help the elderly jews who have no one else to help them. donor: the people that are doing this program are just touching the surface when they tell you how wonderful it is to be able to feed the hungry. because that's what we are doing, we're literally feeding the hungry. eckstein: your gift of $50 will help one person with a hot meal three times a week in addition to the monthly box. shengl: there is no way that i could live without this food. it is like the angels arriving every time this food arrives. eckstein: this is sngl. and as you can see she just
6:49 am
her for two days. shengl just haa stroke a few months ago. and she was telling me that she had to make the decision between food and the medicine that she needs to take. in fact, she cried to me just a few moments ago saying she doesn't know how she could have lived and how she could go on without our help. announcer: christians are now able to comfort shengl and many others of god's chosen people by providing food boxes, meals through soup kitchens, and meals on wheels. only $15 will provide a box of assorted food staples to augment the diet of an elderly jew who cannot afford to buy food. eckstein: for only $50 a month you can provide a jew from the former soviet union, someone in need, someone hungry and alone with no one to care for them. you can provide them with a meal like this though our meals on wheels program.
6:50 am
for a period of a month. for $50 you can help save a life. god teaches us in isaiah chapter 58 to divide our bread with the hungry. won't you share your blessings with those in need here in the former soviet union. won't you divide your bread with those in need here. announcer: when you call you will receive an "isaiah 58" prayer packet with pictures and information on individuals being helped by the program. become a partner in isaiah 58 now. robertson: i believe a blessing has been ordained by god for those who bless abraham and the descendants of abraham through isaac and through jacob and through the patriarchs and all the way to the current nation of israel. hagee: you will discover the prosperity of the lord. you will discover god's favor and a peace in your heart
6:51 am
knowing that you have done a mitzvah, a divine something, that blesses the heart of god. falwell: that is why i believe in the work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. it is exemplary of the kind of cooperation which is need between both communities of faith. needy jew: now non-jews are coming to help us again. tell this righteous people thank you. needy jew: thank you for bringing me the food box. in the ukraine now things are bad. we need food. if not, there is no hope. needy jew: food is a very big problem for me. i couldn't live without this food. thank you. thank you. hoffman: it gives us great satisfaction today to see so many of these things coming to fruition, so many of these people helped. together, we have all made a
6:52 am
lives of these people, in the lives also, of the jewish communities now reviving, now coming back to life in the former soviet union. (speaking russian) eckstein: this is maria. she is 88 years old and alone. and i think you can understand her in whatever language it is and its russian. maria is thanking me on behalf of all those here in the former soviet union who are helping people like her with food and with medical needs. people like her who are alone who have no one else to help them. and i pass that thanks on to you. won't you find it in your heart if you haven't done so already to pick up the phone and make a call to help people like maria and thousands of others like her. for $50 you can provide three hot meals a week for a month,
6:53 am
to people like maria. donor: i never met more wonder people in my life than them. they are so grateful that we as americans them that we love them too. it overwhelmed them but it overwhelmed us more. maria: tell americans that they are the best. thank you for the great help to us jews here. now jews don't feel ignored but we feel important too. donor: they think they were privileged but we know we were. because of who they are. i can't say enough about th and i can't say enough about how desperate their need is.
6:54 am
holocaust survivor: they were all undressed and then they were killed. hoffman: we have the infrastructure, we have the organizations. we know where the needy jews are. we've located over 170,000. what we are lacking today are the funds to keep this going. donor: you know in our scriptures it says, "to whom much is given, much is required". and, anybody who has a home, or a job, or a family and ose things have not been taken from them, then i'd like to have them know that there really can be no limits on what we give and what we do. eckstein: won't you call right now while it's on your heart? the bible says those who bless his people israel will themselves receive god's blessing.
6:55 am
blessed when we bless them. and, oh, we've been so blessed. eckstein: won't you now receive god's blessing. feed the hungry, clothe the naked, not avert your eyes from our own flesh and blood. the jewish people who have suffered and endured so much in this century here in the former soviet union, won't you make the call? won't you help them now and be blessed? donor: i'm a christian and i'm here to love you and i'm here to help you and i'm here to do for you. you see their eyes light up. it's a marvelous experience to know that i'm a christian and doinpart of god's work in helping the jews. announcer: for only $15 you can provide a food box of staple items, which will supplement the meals of one person for a whole month.
6:56 am
food box you can provide three hot meals a week for a month for one person. or $100 for two needy people. by pledging $15 or more a month you will join our box a month club and supply a box of food every month to an elderly jew in the former soviet union who might not otherwise have food to eat. donor: i'm talking to christians in particular that we do our part. now it's time for us to let the jewish people know we ve them. and they need us most now. announcer: when you call you will receive an isaiah 58 prayer packet with pictures and information on individuals being helped by the program. become a partner in "isaiah 58" can there be any greater blessing you can give to one of god's chosen people? please, call the number on your screen now. eckstein: from the former soviet union,
6:57 am
and the tens of thousands of others whom you are helping, thank you, spaceba, todah rabah and shalom. thisyes rabbi chiel eckstein. announcer: this program was paid for by the friends and supporters of "isaiah 58". the lord says come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome i will give you rest join heart of the nation forthe celebration of the catholic mass sunday 6:30 he on ion television. for more
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