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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[loud boom] [groans] hey! bro! thanks for the referral.
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hey, it's me. heads up. someone's got eyes on us. i need to come in. [telephones ringing] synalock. may i help you? [indistinct chatter] he's on a conference call, but he should be off in a few minutes. mr. werner's not available. can i have him return? thank you. what? you changed your hair. no. not really. hey. just give me a second. what do i have this morning? ok, move london to 12:30 and reschedule lunch with caldwell.
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i don't know. you tell me. [gunfire] [screaming and shouting] man: don't shoot! it's today? i can't. i've got a big meeting. fine. put her on. hi, sweetheart. i know. ok. wellmom's gonna record the pageant. i know. i wish i could be there, too.
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hey, good morning. oh, look at you spoiling me. thank you. where's yours? oh, i quit caffeine. trying to relax more. well, don't relax too much. you got 10 hours of takedown and arrest procedure training to recertify. since when? since the hearing. am i the only one? prentiss, you've been away. oh, yeah. i guess i can't complain. well, especially not to your trainer. oh! you're doing it? don't get too excited. i'm about to put you through the wringer. you can believe that. workplace massacre this morning at synalock incorporated. that's in charlottesville, which is practically our own backyard. that's a high body count. yeah, 8 victims in total. all employees, including the ceo. 5 were shot, 3 were stabbed to death. a gun and a knife. that's highly unusual. it could be two killers. that would be the first time for a workplace killing. their business is internet security for corporations. they didn't have video surveillance? they just moved into a new building. they didn't have time to set up their system yet.
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this killer was prepared. highly organized. this was premeditated. he kept his emotions contained. pretty hard to do forthe typical workplace killer who's mentally ill or outraged about some perceived injustice. the high body count indicates a hell of a lot of rage. one employee, john owen, was mia. local p.d. haven't been able to locate him yet. any unhappy clients? or a domestic situation among the employees? don't know, but your friendly neighborhood genius girl will find out. bottom line is a mass killing is a classic show of force. it's a way to become known. whicis why suicide, often by cop, is usually part of the plan. so where's the unsub? rossi: he has a reason to stay hidden.
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the yogurt made from ur milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. never underestimate the power of energizer. our longest lasting energizer max ever. reid: "men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds." franklin d. roosevelt. agent hotchner? i'm trooper long from the bureau of crime investigation. appreciate you coming so quickly. absolutely. these are agents rossi and jareau and dr. reid. so a fed ex carrier called it in? at 8:03, on his early route. no one expect to go to work and never come home,
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after the news broke, half the town called in sick. understandable. the media's in a frenzy. a press briefing from you guys would calm them down. of course. as soon as we make our assessment. so what do we know about the missing employee so far? apparently he's a programmer. we have an unconfirmed report of a neighbor seeing his car near his home this morning. you said the ceo's office was ransacked? yes. adam werner's office. jj. this is the first victim we found, nathan munz. the position of the body suggests he was one of the last ones killed. he tried to escape and almost made it to the exit. jane burney and vinia dev were here. jane tried to run, vinia didn't. how do you know? she's half under her desk, which means she tried to hide and the unsub found her. so these 3 were stabbed and the rest were shot to death. have you considered two killers?
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all seem to come from the same pair of shoes. given the violence, if there were a second ller, he'd be hard-pressed to get away without leaving tracks. if there was only e unsub, he used his gun first, emptied his magazine, didn't have a replacement, and resorted to using his knife. he'd have to be physically fight or at least intimidating enough to subdue so many people. if this were highly premeditated, he would have brought enough ammunition to kill everyone. unless he had a single target. he killed the rest of them because they were witnesses. we need to figure out who his first victim was. these are contracts synalock had. what washe unsub looking for? maybe he was a client searching for his own contract to hide any connection to synalock after the murders. ah, everything's digital these days, though. the hard copy's just a backup. so the unsub's looking for an object, an old record, something not on a computer. huh. rossi, check this out. so, uh, werner was worried enough about his safety to be armed. and he didn't have time to go for his gun or didn't perceive the threat to be immediate.
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he was a veteran. a naval officer by the looks of it. a decorated one at that. he was awarded the navy cross in 2000. something else used to be here. another picture frame. blood splatter overlay patterns indicate victim number 3 was over here. victim number 2 right here. and finally victim numr one right here. looks that way. adam werner was killed first? which means the unsub made it all the way in here without alarming anyone. he wasn't threatening. that's why werner didn't pull the gun we found in his office. he could have been the missing employee. he may have taken that photo from his office if he was in it. why would an employee be interested in synalock's contracts? maybe this is about one client. he could be after specific company information. he had another motive besides killing. [line ringing]
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hello. dad, it's me. hey, luke. your mother and i were just talking about you. dad, listen to me. has anyone called you, asked you any questions? about what? about me. no. what's this about? there's a situation. what sort of situation? i'll tell you about it when i see you. in the meantime, don't answer your phone or your door, ok? why? i'm on my way there now. [dialing] [line ringing] you've reached jenna. leave a message. hey, it's luke. uh, look, i know you don't want to hear from me. but something's come up and i need to know that you and ally are safe, ok? call me. bye. it was clean and fast. he sliced through the left carotid and abdominal aorta, major arteries that would bleed out quickly. killed with an economy of motion. yes. and all 3 stab victims had similar wounds. what about the shooting victi?
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except for adam werner. he took 4 body shots and one to the head, execution style. definite overkill. somebody was angry with the boss. somebody with hunting skills. or a law enforcement background? thank you. mom? dad? hey, luke. there you are. mother's upstairs. she was worried that something happened. it's good to see you, buddy. dad? what have you done to my father? what are you talking about? i'm right here. i'm right here. what's wrong? is this about the mission? what mission? what's wrong with you? aah! what have you done to my father? [gasping]
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well, since you know how to rub my lamp, your wish is my command. i checked the synalock client list, d the defense intelligence agency is new to them, so there really isn't anything to report, and everyone else is crazy happy with their service. no complaints logged online? zero. i'm talking every high-tech blog, every chat room, glowing accolades. no one had anything contrary to say abo synalock. any employees have a history of domestic disturbances or stalkers? not that i'd violate privacy laws to check, she says, but the answer is no. so synalock is clean. mm-hmm. as a whistle. which reminds me... you know how to whistle, don't you? you just put your lips together and blow. i love it when you tk old movies. later, baby girl. with all the overkill on werner, there's got to be a personal connection. we've located john owen, the missing employee. he's been at a doctor who convention in san diego since saturday. it was a scheduled vacation. lucky guy. i'll say. that's supposed to be an aweso convention.
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who is it? you know, given the precision of the kills, it could be someone with a military background. or a professional hired by a business competitor. a hit man would just kill werner. killing the entire office seems unprofessional. hotch: werner was a navy veteran. he had d.i.a. contracts. he had close ties to the military. it could be someone from his past harboring an old grudge. trooper, issue a be on the lookout to law enforcement for a physically fit male in his 30s to 40s, possibly a veteran. he appears nonthreatening and blends in easily. he's armed and extremely dangous. he most likely will kill again, either himself or others, very soon. [loud heavy metal music playing] [turns off music] uhh! what do you know about dorado falls?
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what did you do to jenna? luke, please, stop this, i'm begging you, your mother, her heart is weak. whatever's wrong, we'll help you. this is your last chance. you tell me where mark and mary dolan are. i'm mark dolan. i'm your father. for the love of god! please, luke, we're your parents. [crying] luke... luke, please! for the love of god, please. please, luke! i'm mark dolan! i'm your father! for god's sake!
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are we sure the unsub is their son? luke dolan called synalock early this morning. garcia confirmed it. know many 60-year-olds with a boom box? [heavy metal plays] [rossi turns off music] trying to mask the sound of the gunshots? could be. or he was torturing them with sound. why were they bound and gagged in the closet? why not just kill them right away? maybe he was trying to get information from them. about what? [cell phone rings]
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ok, luke dolan was in the same navy unit as our ceo adam werner. that would be the 212th. they were both communication clerks at camp patriot in kuwait. i'm sending all this information to your emails now. any other family? he has a wife, jenna. they've been separated for years. she lives in bethesda with her 8-year-old daughter. we need to bring her for protective custody and to interview her. send local p.d. and have our nearest unit meet them. garcia: donend done. ok, it looks like he served 13 years, honorable discharge in 2005. and now a vp of a biotech company. he was never a synalock employee. so, what happened to this guy? he was separated from his wife about a year ago, but that's a bit far back to be a trigger. well, he's unstable. he's on a rampage of some kind. what if mentally he was reliving a combat situation? it could be post-traumatic stress. everybody could look like an enemy. prentiss, this was a close-knit family. look at them. they couldn't have been more proud of their son.
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to make him kill his own parents? reid: post-traumatic stress disorder rarely turns people into killers, but soldiers with pt have been known to strangle their wives in bed while having flashbacks or nightmares, believing they're on the battlefield. in 2005, an iraqi war vet assaulted two people in las vegas, believing them to be enemy combatants. so dolan's having a sustained flashback. pathological disassociation is one of the markers of complex ptsd, although dolan has been stateside for 6 years. an escalation of the symptoms is possible, but it would be rare for them to appear out of nowhere. well, he seems to have made a successful transition to civilian life. well, at least on paper it does. we should find out if he's had any symptoms since he left the navy. it could have been the catalyst for the separation. i'll have garcia check his records. hotch, dolan's been going through this. look, old mementos and journals from his days in the service.
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he's on some sort of mission. the car's washed, spotless inside, there's no paint separation or rust. this accident was recent. i agree. the navy's in his blood. he would never let that go without getting it fixed immediately. it mig have triggered his condition. i'll have garcia run the plates, check for any recent accidents. so, dolan left his sedan and didn't take the parents' car. he was smart enough to know it'd be tracked. he's either on foot or he's stolen another vehicle. if he's capable of doing this, he's rational and clear-thinking enough to evade his perceived enemies. so despite any mental incapacity, he's still performing at a high level. just got word the local p.d.'s at the wife and daughter's house. dolan's unpredictable when he's on a rampage. we need to go wide. we need to get the profile to the press. luke dolan is a navy veteran we believe is suffering from ptsd. a recent trauma may have triggered this. he is experiencing pathological disassociation and may believe he's in a combat situation. what this means is, to him,
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do not underestimate him. despite his mental state, he has extreme survival skills. right now, we believe he's within a 250-mile radius of roanoke. he is armed and extremely dangerous. it is important that you do not approach this man. he believes that he is on a mission, and if threatened, he will kill. so if you see him, stay away
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sir. sir! dispatcher: all units, suspect is a navy veteran... sir, excuse me. sir, i need you to stop right there. dispatcher: 14, what's your status? this is 14, shutting down linley road now. sir, this road's closed. you'll have to turn around. what's going on, officer? official pice matter, sir. rossi: one thing that's been bothering me is the first victim,adam werner, was given the navy cross in 2000. we weren't at war. exactly. you have to show extreme sacrifice, risk life and limb to win the second-highest medal of valor. so what did he do during peacetime to deser it? so, garcia discovered part of dolan's military records were encrypted. i just go the complete file from the pentagon. he wasn't a clerk. he was a navy seal. let me guess. adam werner was, too. yeah. werner was the seal team leader, dolan was his number 2. their unit was part of jsoc.
5:27 pm
which missions were in 2000? uh, only one. operation dorado falls. see what you c find out about it. will do. definitely. that changes the profile. how so? navy seals are screened carefully for vulnerability to ptsd. they're resistant to it. so why would a trained navy seal kill his commanding officer and his own parents? i don't know, but it's gonna be a lot harder to find him. very few people on this planet are capable of stopping him. luke dolan just evaded a roadblock near his wife's house. they searched the surrounding area. there's no sign of him. did you notice any recent changes in luke's behavior? i saw him friday afternoon when he dropped ally off. he was fine. did he ever mention dorado falls? no. what is that? a mission he was on. he didn't share that part of his life with me.
5:28 pm
is that why you two separated? he's a good man and a wonderful father, but i always felt he was more married to t navy than me. you weren't a priority to him? somebody once told me all navy seals had a bolt hole, a secret location outside the country where they had another identity and bank account set up. and i asked luke about it once and he didn't deny it. the fact of the matter is, he was ready to leave in an instant. he had an exit strategy. yeah. that didn't include us. is daddy gonna be ok? oh, honey, come here. ok, so it turns out 6:20 friday night dolan got in a car accident in bethesda. that must have been after he dropped off his daughter. he suffered minor injuries, he refused medical treatment. well, his wife said he was fine when he left her. what was his mental state after the accident?
5:29 pm
morgan: that wouldn't rule out drug use. i'd consider schizophrenia, except he's the wrong age for the first psychotic break. it could be an aneurysmor a brain tumor. well, one thing's for sure. he's having a mental breakdown, but what are the specific features it? he's not living in a past time and place, he's living in the present, with the capacity and intelligence to evade law enforcement. [tv playing] honey, grab me a soda, will you? honey, the movie's starting. you're missing robert mitchum.
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