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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 19, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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(clock beeps as it counts down) (keyboard smashes, keys clatter) (sirens wail) i think he was. barry: he's got robert at gunpoint in the burn house. ed: he say what his plans were? he told pete he wanted program four; that's a training drill. pete: he's barricaded himself inside and he's not letting anybody near. take me to the controls? pete: okay. how's this house operate? you design a burn sequence on the computer - a kitchen fire, bedroom, basement, whatever you're drilling. the fire spreads according to a set pattern. you control the fire. it's propane,piped into each room. levels, timing, motion, it's all set by computer. can we talk to him? there's a two-way intercom. i can get you a handset. jules: good. barry: gabe. jules: come wh me. when he was in the hospital, how did he seem? ed: spike, what do you see? spike: simon engaged a program that's gonna set f the fire sequence in the house in five minutes. pete: it starts in the basement,
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and he shut all the windows. i mean, the heat in there alone... i mean, they don't have any protective equipment, they don't have any air supply. can the program be aborted? spike: not from here. he destroyed the keyboard, so i can't talk to the computer. hard drive's still here, but the ports are smashed. spike: you got wireless? pete: no. what if we unplug thcomputer? is that gonna stop the burn sequence? you ha to use the kill switch. spike: the kill switch. and this is... (switch clatters) ...was the kill switch. there's gotta be a backup. there is... inside the burn house. so it's down to simon. raf: he wants to give the man a taste of his own. but he's got no exit strategy. jules: so when simon got here, he was very upset, said he was done talking. barry also said it's not the first time. the little boy that died in the fire, simon blames himself for that. sam: he's got every reason to wanna hurt this guy. this is sounding like suicide intent here. (sighs) i let him go. i had him there with me. i w the signs and i let him go. greg, this is about simon. now, we gotta get him to hit that kill switch
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jules: here's a walkie. he can hear us, but we have to get simon to turn on the intercom button so that we can hear him. raf: we got three minutes. les: boss. you take the lead, ed. what're you talking about? you take this. he's better off in your hands. ed: that's a negative. you have a connection with him, he needs to hear it from you. i already made one bad call today, i can't make another one. if i talk to him, i'm gonna lose him, eddie. he's safer with you. i'm done. guys, did that just happen? well, i guess the sarge made his choice today. i'm coming down. i got him. i'll talk to him. jules, take it. jules: i'll do the talk. sam: i'll take tac. there's got to be a way in. raf, barry... les: can you get e.m.s. here? simon, this is jules callaghan, team one.
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sam: all these windows solid steel? barry: that's right. raf: they lock from the inside? inside and out. sam: okay, we'll blast the hinges, make entry. no, our tools'll be better. what've you got? jaws of life. okay, let's do it. but there's a gun in play, we'll cover you. jules: simon, i know that you can hear me. i need you turn the intercom on so that we can hear you. simon, i need you to come outta there now. the burn sequence is gon start in a few seconds. why?! you watched us come back from those fires, you saw what they did to us. (flames whoosh and flare) simon, answer me, please. i need to hear your voice, okay? (pry bar clunks) (metallic creaks) simon: hey, back off! robert: help me! simon: shut up! robert: help me! stop right now or he dies! sam: barry... simon: right now! pull him out.
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"i'm done." that's how it ends? that's why we cross-train, eddie. we pick the best match for the subject, and todait's not me. you got a guy up there that needs you, greg. it's not me he needs. what do you think, now's a good time to walk out on the team? come on. this team is the best thing, it's the proudest thing in my life. but i just can't do it anymore, eddie. you put that man's life in my hands and he will die. the fire is starting, those men are in there, and he is not responding to jules. how hot is it in there? they don't have long. the trap door on the loft. can you blast the hinges off that? get me up a ladder, i can set it up right now. beth: no. the windows are creating an airlock. you suddenly get an opening, you get a huge rush of oxygen and... barry: backdraft - the trapped gases would explode, both men would fry. so no rush of oxygen, no opening windows or doors? spike: can we relieve e airlocked pressure by drilling ventilatn holes? beth: not with the time we have.
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jules: i'm trying. simon, you have been through so much with your team, you can't throw it all away now. any way we can bring the heat down in there? run some hoses? let's do it, gear up. guys! jules: simon, i know you can hear me. turn the intercom on so i can hear you. ed: greg, you're hearing the same thing i am, and i got jules doing everything right and he is not responding. it's you that he needs here. no, i'm the last thing this man needs. no, you gotta listen to me! listen to me! back off, eddie! listen to me! he doesn't need you because you're some genius of empathy. he needs you because you get it wrong, 'cause you don't always know what you're doing, because you make mistakes like he does. now,ou think this is your fault? fine. then it's your job to set it straight. and if this is the last thing you do as a member of this team, then that's what it is. but you owe it to him, and you owe it to us, greg,
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come on, buddy. let's go! (flames roar) simon, i need you to hit the kill switch right now. both: (coughing and gasping for breath) how do you like it so far? (fires gun) don't even think about it! screw you! how'd you think that kid felt? he shouldn't have been there! it was the middle of the night, where was he supposed to be? they should have checked their smoke detectors. jules: simon, i need you to hit the kill switch right now. feeling a little tired? why don't you stretch out in the bedroom? (flames whoosh) simon, listen. did you hear them, hmm? screaming... and yelling for help? did you hear that? frying in their own skin?! turn it off! you tell them that you're sorry. turn it off!
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eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! whole grain quaker oats. and off you go. simon, i know you can hear me. can you just turn on that intercom, buddy? i really need to hear your voice. come on, buddy, i just need to know you're kicking in there. please, if we force open a window, we trigger a backdraft. only you can stop this. if you hit the kill switch, we can talk.
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okay, i didn't know if i'd lost ya. i couldn't let that happen. 'cause when you let yourself care... simon: no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you don't get to do that! parker: you feel responsible. you're a leader, too. simon: you don't get to sleep your way through this, you son of bitch. wake up! wake up! look at me! look at me! parker: simon, what's going on? simon: get up! (grunts angrily) parker: simon? sam: they're gonna cool the walls, bring the temperature down. it buys us a little time, but there's not much else we can do. okay, beth, where arthey in there? they gotta be in the loft. and there's kill switch on every floor? beth: that's right. ed: okay, how long till the fire hits the top? not long. (flames roar, men pant heavily) (water spurts and sprays) parker: simon, i'm not here to argue with you about the guy in there - what he deserves or what he doesn't deserve. but i gotta tell you,
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then neither do we; that's not our job. simon: i crossed that line already. what difference does it make? parker: we both have to make tough choices, maybe some wrong choices. you get a split second to make them, and then a whole lifetime to regret them. i know what happened at that hospital. he's gone, gordie's gone. parker: i know. he went down a hero. he went do doing his job, saving lives. simon: yeah, but his life, that was on me! parker: simon, i know what happened and that it's complicated, and making choices - our choices - are never black and white. i can't take back what i did. parker: i know, i know. none of us can. and i'm not saying that it was right, but i am saying that setimes the most difficult decisions we make are about love and... and frienhip. it's just about doing what we think is best.
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and i'd like to talk about that with you. i'd really like you to come out so we can talk about that. beth: we're running out of time; the fire's reached the loft. how long's the programmed burn for? beth: doesn't matter. it's not survivable. can we do an extraction out of the trap door? beth: if you crack it open, you're gonna suck in the oxygen. you're looking at a fireball. we can't just stand here and watch. we can't go in there until the fire's out, and he's the only one that can stop it. boss, you can do it. you can do this. hey, simonyou remember what i said to you, back at, uh... back at the boat yard? i said that i know. oh yeah, i know. i know what it's li to have other people's lives
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i know how hard that is. and i know that what you're going through is not about gordie, it's not about you carrying that the kid out of that building. (simon coughs) parker: it's about all the years, it's about all the people and all the lives that slipped away when you did your best. when you doing your job just wasn't good enough. and the only way to keep the nightmares away is to drink... is to drink, or work harder, or... or to push the people you love away, so that you're awhere except inside your head, and seeing fathers fall as you hold their sons.
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no, no, no, we can't let it end here. we can't. we gotta have hope. we gotta believe that we have a choice. we gotta believe that we can change things and push the walls back, right? (choking up) right? simon: (wheezing) parker: you help me, simon, i'm gonna help you, and we can do this together. (raspy breathing) we can. but for that to happen you need to come out. please, simon. please! (water droplets patter) simon: (gasps for air)
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(gasps for air) (clapping) (ragged, short breaths) partygoers: hi. how are you? good. (low murmur of chatter) walking with you in these wind swept fields does not keep me honest, when honest does feel the furthest most reach from our fingers
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look tohe stars i don't remember this. you only came down once before you guys moved. i mean, my dad said your mom wasn't really into the whole police thing, but... yeah, i haven't told him... clark: what? my dad. i wanna be a cop. oh, man, no you don't. yeah, man, i do. ed: look who's here, guys. look who made it. the furthest most reach from our fingers and i... look to the stars and they look to your eyes... (parker's cell phone rings) yeah, i have to take this. for sely i know if i flee here tonight that i'd be alone... i understand. yes.
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that was the chief. (inaudible chatter) that's it? that's how you guys... that's... that's all? now if it isn't obvious, these two have been cleared by the chief to stay oneam one, despite what they decide to do in their free time. thank you. no, sam, thank you. we usually get to choose our teammates. but in your case, we had greatness thrust upon us. proud to have you here. there's nowhere else i'd rather be. jules, you're my right hand, you are my heart, and you teach me something everyday. raf... you've seen what the job can be, right? i have. parker: well, you're a fast learner
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wordy,a day doesn't go by where i don't miss you. you too. spike... ti voglio bene como e tue se force mio figlio. (touched) boss... look, you guys are my family... (choking up) i got it. i got it. what's going on? i walked away from my team, ed. i walked away from you, and i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. buddy, do the math on this. how many times have you been there for me? i have nothing but respect for you, greg,
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for anything. i've got no words for you, my friend. i've got no words for you. no words that can describe what you've done for me and who you are to me. okay, so what's the deal here? what's your decision? whatever it is, it's okay. what's that, your suspension papers? ye. here, you do it. what're you saying? let's keep the peace. (laughs) for surely i know if i flee here tonit
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a singular fright and i'm sure that i'd crumble and crease ithe weight it's safe in your arms, in your arms i will stay parker: where is michelle dalton?! (panicked screaming) michelle!!!
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jules: come on, let's go. raf: excuse me. (yelling) where is she?! wh-what's he doing? ed? ed: seconds away. michelle?!! mielle: james? (michelle gasps, scared) mom... (sirens wail in the distance) we carry machine guns; nine millimeters, cornershots. and we are trained to fire those guns... (gunshots pop) and then we are trained not to fire them. now, this job isn'tabout firing guns, this job is about getting into the subject's head. (low murmur of raf's voice) ed: it's about listening to what they have to say. raf: i'm gonna holster my gun... ed: you gotta connect... respect and protect. keep the peace. that's right. okay. (claps) you guys,
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good. good, good. my son, clark, he's got other plans; i can respect that. anybody else? (gunshots pop) now, in my case, my dad was a cop, my brother's a cop, and i started out walking the beat. and it was actually this guy's dad who convinced me to join this new unit - the sru. wasn't easy - not for any of us. hundreds apply, few make it in. first you take a psych test, multiple choice - what kind of cop are you? what kind of human being? - 1600 questions. and you get through that, then it's fitness tests and drills. we specialize in marksmanship... (gunshots pop) bombs, tech, psychology, negotiations. every day, you push yourself to your limit... go! go! go! go! ed: physically, mentally... so that you can handle the job when the job gets tough.
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because the job does get tough. but you work hard, you do your best. you do what you ink is right and you'll find peace in whatever you choose to do. (grunts of effort) aghhh! (exhales) woman: watch the corner. we're almost there. we are getting way too good at this. younger woman: seriously. oh my god. okay. woman: so i'll tell you what i'm thinking. after work, i'll buy a bottle of bubbly, bring it back here, and we'll crack it open and celebrate your show tonight. just the two of us. well, maybe not the first time. second maybe? i could suck. shut up! you shut up. you are may dalton.
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wise beyond your years, and you are the bravest person that i have ever known. and who do you think i got all that from? (chuckles) (phone chirps) i gotta go. bye. hey. tobias: hey, goddess. shouldn't you be working? i've gotleven posters left, and i do not plan on letting them go to waste. tobias, you're already late, and your boss is gonna- it's whatever. you're worth it. you know, it's killing me that you can't be there tonight. so sing for me now. what? tobias: please? i can't just- just sing it like you're up there and i'm the only one watching you. (quiet laugh) okay, just hang on a second.
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wings to carry me home my heart it sings, love our name is its song though valleys- (phone beeps) hang on. call waiting. it's him. not taking it. uh, that's good. that's good, that's good. you know what? i'monna um... i'm gonna come see you. i need my good luck kiss. (door buzzes) (voicemail) hi, this is may, leave a message. hey... it's me. (door buzzes) um... i just i wanted to call and give you this cell phone number. i had to get a new cell phone because the phone company... (door buzzes) all right, i just... i just want you to know that i'm thinking about you and... and happy birthday.
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and i would really like to hear your voice, okay? (door buzzes) dammit! the couple moving in's been more than patient. i told you, i can pay. you were supposed to be out a week ago- look, the new job, it's as good as mine- no way. two weeks - first paycheque, it's all yours. come on- i've heard it before. okay, look, take my watch. it's worth $300 bucks, all right? i don't want your damn watch- $300 bks, all right? you can have the ring as well. it's white gold, all right? i sure as hell don't need it anymore. take it. james... come on. all right, look... here. take this. it's real crystal. it's real. you gotta be able to get something for this. come on, take it. take it! (shattering smash) (panicd breaths) you're gone by tonight. don't make me call the cops.
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(overwhelmed breaths) how was class, ed? it was good. your kid's school, right? yeah. boss's kid goes there too. dean seemed pretty into it. oh, yeah? well, more tha clark did. that's because your boy's had seventeen years living with a cop. mine's just getting started. yeah, we'll see. spike: what's not to love about being a cop? the hours, the glamour, the girls... jules: the girls? spike: king street, saturday night? i'm just saying, i saw you. hey, i was just making sure the ladies got home safe. both ladies. (shocked laugh) raf. raf: yeah, boss. so, uh, coming up on a year next week. yeah, i know. so how is it goin'? you tell me.
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but it's a two-way relationship, you and the job. you know what i'm saying? i think so. after a year, you get a taste of how the job's doing for you. i hear you, boss. it's all good. good. okay so two girls, huh? raf: actually, it was three, but who's countin'? (techno music plays) david: yotobias! the new graphics look good. just finished programming. david: sweet! h's may? big night. she's gonna be awesome! won't be long till she's playing here. tobias: you know it! can i help you? hey, we're not open yet! james: i'm here for him. hey! we need to talk.


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