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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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will you cut it out, already. ok. keep your super secrets to yourself, 007. look, just do me a favor. find out how many of flynn's uberfans live in seattle. then i want you to narrow it down even more by cross-referencing with people with anger management issues. yeah, derek-- thank you and goodbye, garcia. hello? what are you doing here, carl? uh, i was missing a personal photo. thought maybe i left it here. your cubicle was cleaned out when you were fired. what do you really want? you made a big mistake when you fired me. i mean--i don't have a gun, it that's what you're worried about. and i just wondered why you did it. oh, come on, you know why. i was getting complaints about you. customers are never happy. you yelled at them. and you scared your co-workers. they thought you were seeing things half the time. just like you are now. what are you even looking at? it's unsettling. we were worried about you.
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but this just isn't the right place for you, carl. i'm sure there's another job you'd be much happier doing. you've always been envious of me, haven't you? i threaten you in some way. ok, whatever. look, you're gonna have to go. he came forward when he saw our statement to the media. someone paid him 200 bucks to bring barry flynn out of the bar into the parking l. what happened in the parking lot? i don't know. i told flynn to wait for me, that i left my keys in the bar and that i'd be right back. was that part of t plan? yeah. but i never came back outside again, so-- now, you said the guy that paid you was a little weird. how so? he couldn't look at me when he talked, and he kept yapping about a magnificent light. [breathing hard] i got 'em.
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and the customers' addresses. let me go. you gotta let me go, carl. oh, no, no, no. [laughs] no, we're just getting started. do you remember how i sa how i felt alive, like electricity was coursing through me? well, i felt this way once before when i was 10. i had this dream that i was a superhero, and i had this partner, and together we killed evil people with this powerful knife. well, i'm going to kill these evil people. [indistinct chatter] help! somebody, help! aah! damn it! why do you keep resisting me?! you awoke this gift in me. u of all people should understand that we have to do this mission together. why was there so much overkill on the two victims? they were threats to the unsub's imaginary relationship with flynn. they hary knew flynn. i mean, at least 4 other people had private meetings with him. he gave autographs to at least a dozen others. why those two? well, it's not reality based.
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maybe he's not driven by jealousy. wh if the overkill was to make doubly sure that they were dead and couldn't come back to life? the way you'd want to kill a monster in a horror movie. exactly. maybe he saw them as evil. that could explain the messages on the wall. where are we? janet dodd's house. she's evil and we need to stop her. carl, you're making a big mistake. i'm just doing what you told me to. i'm taking action. you misunderstood me. now stop this before it's too late. you do not want bloodon your hands. [laughing] what's so funny?! you are. i've already killed two already. it's been in the news. [takes deep breath] ok, she's alone now.
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no, no, no. the police won't do a damn thing. no, i was in a bar once and i saw a guy who was the epitome of evil, and i called the police to tell them, and they hung up on me. and then 6 hours later, a mother and her baby were killed wh someone tried to carjack them. and i know it was him. i could have saved them. don't worry. you just watch. ready? you can tell me i'm not the one i know the sun is shining somewhere on someone, it's only me, baby... [muffled shouting]
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[indistinct police radio] "hear your red, see your red." well, somehow it makes sense to him. the unsub is clearly devolving. yeah, the letters are shakier. this message is less controlled than the others. i agree. the word "evil" was replaced by "red," which means "red" could have been from his unconscious, a freudian slip, so to speak. but what does it mean? is it something specific to this victim? janet dodd. got divorced two years ago, she lived here alone, worked as a paralegal. any known enemies? perhaps the ex-husband?
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any connection to flynn? doesn't seem to be. in fact her sister was trying to get her to move on with her life, but janet seemed completely unmotivated. the unsub didn't pick her because of her connection to flynn, then. then why did he chse her? somehow their paths must have crossed. well, she didn't get out much. only went to work and then back home. we're pulling her phone records, see who she talked to last. she's got a lot of overdue bills. uh, yeah, her sister said she was struggling financially. she cut up a credit card that wasn't expired. why? people often do when they're trying to rein in their spending. psychologically it's hder to part with cash. the phone logs. a lot of calls recently to the same 800 number. [dialing] [line ringing] woman on recording: welcome to luxor bank cards. ooh! ooh. hey, watch it, ese. what's your problem, man?
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huh? you're lucky i'm busy today. ok. there we go. there. take a sip. come on. no. come on, you'll feel better. come on. what do you want with me, carl? isn't it obvious? we're partners. we're destined to fight evil together. we're not p... when does the mission end? mm. never. this is only the beginning. i don't think i realized how serious you were, carl. you really want to change the world, don't you? you have the conviion of a superhero. i believe that now. come on, uncuff me. i won't run. i promise. when we got to our next target. [exhales] i knew you'd come around. [engine starts] go ahead, garcia.
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with people who had anger management issues and luxor bank got one hit. carl finster. he worked as a customer service rep at the call center there. he was fired 4 months ago. what are the chances that he spoke to janet dodd on the phone? oh, the chances are 100%, because she called that nter at least 20 times in the last year, and carl answered at least 3 of those calls. jj: what was the anger management issue? oh, apparently one of his co-workers filed a complaint after carl got super mad at her over god knows what d threatened her but good. he was fired a month later. i am sending you his address now. ok, so getting fired was his stressor, and barry flynn's seminar was his trigger somehow. if he's stalking credit card customers, we need to find out who he spoke to. a good point. take blake and reid and go to the workplace. the rest of us will go to the house. let's go. some of his co-wkers thought he was mentally ill. when someone suggested he get help, he went off, practically threatened to kill her. what did you think? something wasn't right. i mean, you'd be talking to him and he wouldn't even be looking at you. he'd be looking around you. was it like he was hallucinating?
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and going off script, and, you know, i had fire him. going off script in what ways? [sighs] we have a set algorithm of questions depending on what the customer's calling about. we review transcripts regularly, and carl was perfectly fine with some customers. but with others, he'd be verbally abusive for no reason. clear. it's clear! there's nobody here. hey, you guys, look at this knife. is this who carl finster thinks he is? man: why does my card keep getting rejected? i've been paying the minimum balance on time. carl: you were 5 days late in your april payment, so you're a liar. man: what? did you just call me a liar? carl: i know who you are, howard jephson. i can see your words. ok, you know what? i want to talk to your supervisor.
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see what i was dealing with? carl was attacking certain customers for no reason. why did he come back last night? well, at first i thought he came here to shoot up the place. but now i think it was to steal the recordings of his calls. we confirmed he downloaded a file. wait a minute, guys. he told the caller he could see his words. and you said he acted like he was hallucinating? i think i might know what's wrong with him. he has synesthesia. it's a neurological phenomenon in which two or more senses are triggered simultaneously. for instance, someone might associate specif numbers with colors or even be able to taste music. i think carl has the form of synesthesia in which he can literally see the words that people are speaking. hence the message he left-- "hear your evil, see your evil." it looks like he transcribed coersations he had with people in different colors of ink. green, orange, red. well, these are not happy conversations. reid, we can see here that each of the colors mean something different to him. white words mean the speaker is good. it looks like the orange ink means the speaker's a liar. you know, maybe he sees people's word in different colors
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what's the content of the red ones? oh, they're angry. he accuses them of being evil. and so he sees their words in red. "hear your red, see your red." he might believe it's a super power. it looks likhe tried to stop the synesthesia by wearing tinted glasses. the fact is, we know his latest victim was a customer he spoke to. his old boss says he ce in last night and stole a copy of the recordings. the only reason is to compile a list of people he considers evil. exactly. the hit list. and he's got all their addresses and vil information. [cocks gun] get in the house, now. oh, my god. you're the guy on the news. do as he says. get in the house! shut up! aah! howard jephson, i know who you really are. i'm not howard jephson. no games. not if you want your family to live.
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my name is stephen caldwell. we never even met howard. we just saw his name on the lease agreement. we made a mistake. let's go. look, if you leave now, we won't call the police. [sobbing] ohh! carl, what the hell! he lied to us. his words turned orange. now, hand me the knife. it's the wrong guy. i said hand me the knife! ok. give me the gun. wait. say that again.
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ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim his innocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know.
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he's got 150 names in the seattle area. he could be going after any one of them. garcia, any way to narrow it down to callers in the city. ok, that gives us 32. was janet dodd the first name alphabetically of those 32? no, she was the ninth. so he's not going alphabetically. how else would you organize a hit list? maybe time a contact. he started with the first person he spoke to. , because he talked to janet dodd the last day he was employed. he's going in reverse order. the ones he talked to mostecently would be freshest in his mind. garcia, take the last callers and find out which ones live closest to janet dodd. ok, i got two names that are about the same distance from her. ranga patel and howard jephson. all right, you two take blake and go to howard jephson. the rest of us will go to the patelouse. how did you do that? do what?
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for so long? enough, carl. listen to me. listen to me carefully. you are not a victim of circumstance. you are a creature of free will. take the right action. let this family go. [sobbing] no one goes anywhere. i know that you don't feel in control right now. you don't know how you ended up here, and it feels like there's no way out. but there is a way out. i can help you. you think i'll believe anything you say anymore? you and i have a special bond, carl. i know this isn't you. you don't know anything about me. aah! aah... fbi! drop it! he's evil! i can see it. all right, come on, let's go. we know what's going on, carl.
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it's my gift. barry flynn here unleashed that, carl. how can you hurt a man who's given you so much? he changed! i saw red. what do you see when we speak? we know that you called the poce last year, and you warned them about a man. they ignored me. they ignored me and then he killed a mother and her baby. it wasn't him. the man you warned them about was questioned, but it wasn't him. they found the real killer a week later and he confessed. carl, your gift is not reliable. it's just a reflection on how you feel about other people, but, carl, it's not who they really are. if you kill this man, you'll be destroying a magnificent light. think about it.
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[groaning] morgan: "the mystery of human existence "lies not in just staying alive, but in fding something to live for." fyodor dostoevsky. hey. i encourage you not to be mad at me. i did a little research about jason ryder, and i found out that he was your fath's old partner at the chicago p.d., so i'm assuming that there was somsort of falling out? no, garcia. jason moved to new york after my father died he was a hero on 9/11. that's why he's being honored. so what's the problem? years ago, i was supposed to talk about my father
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i got up to the podium, then i froze. you had stage fright. no. it wasn't that at all. well, there's the obvious remedy, which is imagining the whole audience naked, but you could imagine a whole audience full of unsubs. you're really good at talking down an unsub. baby girl, it wasn't stage fright. i wasn't ready to discuss my feelings about my father in public. and you think talking about his partner is going to bring up those feelings? how can i honor jason ryder when i couldn't honor my own father? it's disrespectful. ok, this is gonna start out sounding really harsh, but you need to get over it. you need to let it go. that is so far past. you've gotta stop beating yourself up about this. that's not gonna happen, is it? ok. well, then this, uh, this gift is totally pointless.
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i talked to himabout your issue, and he gave you another incentive as a thank-you. you only have it for 24 hours. so... mm-hmm. a policeman pulled over a man, and he said to him, "sir, your eyes look bloodshot. have you been drinking?" and that man replied, "officer, your eyes look glazed. have you been eating doughnuts?" [laughter] you see, that right there was the last joke that my father ever told me before he died. a special gift in my life are the 11 years that did have with him.
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my dad gave me unconditional love. he taught me a sense of duty. and he gave me a reason to keep working hard. because each and every day, i do all that i know how to do to make my father proud. now, my dad was taken from this world way too soon. but if he wasn't, i wouldn't be the man that i am today. now, you may be wondering why i'm talking about him here. it's because my father, the man that i admire the most... looked up to mr. jason ryder, who we honor here tonight. jason was the most important person in my father's life outside of his family. he was his partner and his best friend. like my father, jason strived to be the best he could be. he inspired me to be fearless and to go out into the world and find my inner light.
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[applause] no, please. please don't. please don't! please! no, no, no! no, please! please don't! please! captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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every time i wake up... i'm disappointed... i didn't die. the crappy food, the bedsores... it's bad enough being stuck with coma boy drooling all day, but every time i see your face, i feel sorry for the woman who's gotta look at it. mr. james, that's enough. [chuckles] you probably go home, all alone, with a sleazy magazine
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crying yourself to sleep on your saggy couch. you know what? all i have to do is turn up the morphine and you'll be dead. [laughing] oh. ohyou kill me, and i'll haunt you till the day you die. when you wake up, you'll see my face. when you go to work, you'll see my face. and every time you kiss that $3.00 whore you call a wife, you'll see my face laughing at you. ha ha ha ha. laughing at you, as she lays there pretending to enjoy it, when we all know she rather be with the postman. [laughing] am i right? i'm right, aren't i? aren't i? ha ha ha ha! oh, you're right. oh.


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