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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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crying yourself to sleep on your saggy couch. you know what? all i have to do is turn up the morphine and you'll be dead. [laughing] oh. ohyou kill me, and i'll haunt you till the day you die. when you wake up, you'll see my face. when you go to work, you'll see my face. and every time you kiss that $3.00 whore you call a wife, you'll see my face laughing at you. ha ha ha ha. laughing at you, as she lays there pretending to enjoy it, when we all know she rather be with the postman. [laughing] am i right? i'm right, aren't i? aren't i? ha ha ha ha! oh, you're right. oh.
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[screaming] daddy! daddy! daddy! daddy! sir-- daddy! daddy! daddy! sir--you've been in a coma, sir. just relax. just relax. just relax. [gasping] hey. sir. this is your lucky day. [laughing] [laughter echoing] [woman sobbing] she's screaming.
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i'll handle it. are you sure we should keep her? she's perfect. don't you agree, mr. conrad? what chapter are you on? the part where she's at the coal mines. say what you will about his writing, maeve, it's fascinating the way he weaves characters into situations, right? yeah, i mean, i'm not sure what i think of it. it's slightly obtuse. yeah, he tends to be that way. i probably should have warned you. he's not really anything like sir arthur conan doyle. [chuckles] still my favorite. guess what. what? i think the stalker's gone. the emails have stopped. really? since when? two weeks ago. why didn't you tell me? i wanted to make sure. no, i haven't gotten any. what about the phone calls? no more heavy breathing on the machine, no more hang-ups. you know, oftentimes when a stalker's advances are completely ignored, their erotomanic fantasies will be diverted to a more receive target. i went to the store yesterday.
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something deep inside my gut tells me he's gone. i think it's over, spencer. well, our instincts exist for a reason. they're definitely a response to specific... i want to meet you. ...environmental stimuli. did you hear me, spence? yeah, i--i-- no, i heard you. well, what do you think? i think it's time. let's get started. uh... sorry i'm late, guys. i had an appointment. yeah. ok. 3 days ago, bruce phillips was found dead with his blond hair dyed black. he had been put in a box and left on a busy street. rossi: a custom-made box. maybe our unsub was a carpenter. morgan: he stuffed him in there practically folding him in half. he had also been hung and restrained
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yesterday, justin marks and connie foster, who were dating, they went missing two miles away from the first abduction site. a couple? he's escalating. yes. this morning justin's body was found. he had been hung. he had been stuffed in a box left in an alley. officers say his brown hair had been dyed black. connie's still missing. so he probably still has her. why would he reject justin overnight but keep the first male victim for two days? something about him didn't work out. look at his neck. he was hung multiple times. the question is, what does he do with connie? he could make her watch him abuse the men or have asphyxiative sex with them. well, a brunette male and a woman are crucial to this guys fantasy. well, he's kept conn. maybe she's the object of his desire. well, our first order of business is finding her and then making sure he doesn't do this again. wheels up in 30.
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shh, shh. please, please, just tell me where justin is. shh, shh, shh. please, tell me what you did with him. please, just tell me that he's ok, please. connie, i can't do that. [whimpering] just like this... there, like that. there. there. just stay there. [sobbing] boo-hoo. boo-hoo-hoo. say cheese. [sobbing]
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[anthony] last year, i didn't go to h&r block. but this year, i can go to block and pahalf, what i paid my other guy. you can switch to block and pay half too. half price is a better price, when you think about it. so flow us, we're going to h&r block. [richard] switch to blocand pay half. reid: william shakespeare once wrote, "love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." all right, let's go ov victimology. both male victims had their hair dyed black, and the woman is a brunette. the guys are similar. same ages, same builds. they were also abducted outside their homes, which were all in the same area. so they were probably being stalked. was connie with her boyfriend when she was abducted? it looks that way. her purse was found on the ground outse of his house. so this involves some kind of ruse. it's difficult to lure most people from the security of their own homes. well, some people let their guard down. yeah, but stalking victims vary their routes home.
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they wear disguises. they don't talk to anyone in their driveway. they hardly talk to anyone at all. they're--they're terrorized. ok, so maybe they were followed, reid. i mean, bottom line is the unsub escalat. the first male was abducted alone, the second was with his girlfriend. well, what do we know about her? connie was in her 30s, baked cakes for a living, she never had a run-in with the law. assuming he kept her, what's the reason? she's a necessity. somehow she fits into h fantasy. and so far, that need may be what's keeping her alive. so what we know is that we have an unsub with a fantasy or a deep desire that requires the man to look a specific way. since he rejected justin so quickly, he's probably looking for a replacement as we speak. did you get it? yeah, i got everything. nails, wire. we still need a crank. we don't have a lot of time. tomorrow will be here before we know it.
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it has to be the right guy. someone with black hair, same size, and nothing less than perfect. gin rummy. [starts car] [banging] help! help! please help! help, please! oh, my god. please! oh, my god. yeah. you've gotta help! please, please, you gotta help. at happened? do you have a phone? yes. come in.
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the unsub wasn't trying to hide his victim. detective martin, is this how he was found? the crime scene's exactly how we found him. the coroner's office was pretty backed up due to a bus crash, so csi just finished working the scene. look at the box. it's like he's on display. how considerate. ok, so this was taken the day he was abducted. his hair was longer then. blake: and he painted his nails red. he didn't do that to the first guy. so what's going on here? he's trying to emasculate them. it's all part of the unsub's fantasy. [crying] please, somebody help me. uh! [gasping] what are you doing?
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please just let me go. how can i let you go? we haven't even started. what did i do to you? please... please let... let me help you. [whimpering] you know, you really should get some rest. you have bags under your eyes. did you kill justin? it wasn't right. the next one will be better. do you want me to set up? yes. yes, please, set up. [crying] now... i have to take your clothes off. no, no, please, get away from me. i'm sorry, but it's the only way i can work. no!
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[sobbing] no! hotch, our latest abductee looks just like our last two victims. his house is in the hunting zone? smack in the middle. roommate came home and saw blood on the window. wallet and keys are still here, too. what about hair color? naturally black. he might not be a surrogate. he might be the actual object of our unsub's focus. hotch, you might be right. you know what, let me call you right back. go, thanks. i think i got something. it's a little light, isn't it? that's not blood. i've been getting lame gsws, a few bus crash victims, but hanging? this is fun. think it was sexual? not in the traditiol sense. well, look. there are numerous ligature mar on the neck,
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the ones witut abrasions were probably made by something soft, like fabric. any idea how long it went on for? based on the different varying coloration of the bruising, i'd say about 12 hours. this ligature mark with the abrasion is the final one. there's an inverted "v" in the back. he was hung with a leather strap or belt, which is what killed him. oh, we also found ketamine in his system. well, ketamine acts quickly. so he must have used a ruse to get close to our victim. the bones were perfectly disjointed. could have dislocated from the fall aft hanging or when he shoved him in the box. well, actually, the bones were dislocated antemortem. oh. goody. overtime. can you check to see if the bones were dislocated in the same way? ah. yep. same way. this guy's sicker than my last girlfriend.
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reid: medieval torturing techniques have a long, dense history. skinning someone alive was commonplace. placing someone's hand in boiling water happened almost daily in the church. please, just tell me what you want. this is what i want. focus on the floor. aah! [sobbing] [cracking] from the way these joints were disarticulated, it appears as though we're dealing with either drawing and quartering or the rack. [sobbing] no! the rack was the most prevalent way to disarticulate the human body. [cracking] aah! yes! that's it! that's it! if our unsub's using it, he's beyond maniacal, he's a sadist. garcia at your service. can you find anyone in the area that might sell of rent medieval torture equipment? besides a friend of mine in knitting group?
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we're looking for a stretching rack. spanking the keys as we speak. don't worry, they like it. ok, i have cross-checked stretching equipment with s & m equipment and i found something that stretches something, but i don't think it's the something we're looking for. maybe he made his own. that would be pretty elaborate. i'm gonna keep looking. i'll get back to you soon. hotch: thanks. i just went to the latest abductee's home. not only did our unsub use fake blood as some kind of ruse, but the front porch security cameras were also disconnected right before the abduction. so he cased the site. it's residential streets, a lot of people coming and going. that's high-risk behavior. maybe the unsub didn't care. he needed him and it w worth the risk. why are they doing this to us? i don't know. mr. conrad: they're ready.
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eenie, meanie, miney, mo. catch a tiger by the toe. if he hollers, let him go. eenie, meanie, miney... [whimpers] mo. no. i pick... y...o...u.
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the box is wrapped this time. what is this, a gift? hotch: his natural hair color is black and still he kills him. and, look, no neck wounds. martin: then how did he die? maybe he bled out. or he fell from somethg. look at his hands. he bored holes through the hands that ripped, and then he moved them to the wrist. reid, check the feet. reid: stigmata? hanging and then crucifixion. so this has to do with religious beliefs. maybe he's found a new way to torture them? and still he's keeping connie. something about her is working. hotch, look. these are the exact same jeans
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bonner brothers. is that a local store? about 5 miles. half thrift store, half yuppie mart. i'll have jj and morgan check it out after we give the profile. due to the sophisticated nature of the crimes, we believe that we're looking for a male unsub who's at least 30, who's torturing his victims. we think that's he's trying to perfect a delusion at which he's failed 3 times. rossi: as with most fantasy based crimes, the reality never lives up to the perfection of what the unsub envisions. this fantasy involves the torture and stretching of his victims, including men that have had their hair dyed black by the unsub. before he kills them, our unsub fixes their hair and paints their nails. he's now escalated to crucifying his latest victim, driving holes into his hands and feet. historically, crucifixion is a sentence reserved for serious crimes. which makes up believe that somewhere in the unsub's past, he feels his victims have wronged him, so now he's performing some sort of inquisition.
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so that he will learn his lesson. what lesson? you know what i'm talking abt! i don't. yes, you do! ether he's getting his victims to repent or adhere to certain religious beliefs, he is hanging them as though they were victims of religious tribunals of the 1100s. but something in his fantasy is not working, because he keeps discarding the men. he kills them and then ritualistically places them in a box with tissue paper. which is odd, as his initial behavior dehumanizes them. that means he values those victims more when they're dea so far we believe he has spared the one woman that he still has in captivity. she's either witnessing these horrors or being forced to participate in them. crucifixion is sadistic, and watching it is the ultimate torture. consequently, we believe that the killings will continue to escalate as the unsub strives to achieve his perfection.
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adam? adam? they're ruining it. they're ruining it. i don't know what to do. i understand. there's something i need to tell you. what? what is it? you're ruining it. instead of taking command like an adult, you're sitting in here crying like a baby! are you a baby? how can you say that? do you want him to die again? no! then pull yourself together. you're running out of time. you need to find a father and a son.
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hi. may i help you? uh, yeah. we're looking for these clothes. we're out of these. i'm sorry. we're with the fbi. what's your name? tucker. tucker white. how may i help you? there's a victim in a case that we're investigating who was wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans from here. you mind if we show you a picture? sure. whatever you need. do you know this man? no. no, i don't. would you happen to have a record of who bought this stuff? um, if he used a credit card, maybe. but if he used cash, probably not. but i can look for you. right. we'd appreciate that. ooh.
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yeah, it sure is. well, at least his style is consistent. yeah, what's going on with him, anyway? [sing-song] oh, i think pretty boy has got a girlfriend. yodo? well, why hasn't he told us? i respect his privacy. no, you don't. you're right, i don't. but i'm not about to play twenty questions with someone i'm not sleeping with. what the-- what-- what the hell? hey! is this guy serious? this is agent jennifer jareau. i need to put an apb out on a brown chrysler station wagon driven by a tucker white going east on dover street. there you are. how's the geographical profiling going? and why are you doing it in here? it's going good. i'm just having trouble
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hmm. so what's with you today? is this about... phone booth girl? she wants to meet. wait. you guys have never met? aren't you curious what she looks like? oh, it doesn't matter what she looks like. i mean, she's already the most beautiful girl in the world to me. it's just--what if she doesn't like me? why wouldn't she like you? because i'm weird. i slouch, my hair's too long,my tie's perpetually crooked. your hair's fine. really? thanks. my mom thinks it's too long. so does my aunt ethel. well, you're not dating them. i just--i--i just wouldn't want to ruin something so special
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i think you're excited but afraid. seeing her will only make the relationship better. trust me. when does she nt to meet? right when we get back. do it. don't psych yourself out. we'll see. sir, i have a mom and dad. they're looking for me. shh, shh, shh. hold still, steph. this is gonna be great. my name is connie. what are you doing? this is the only way that i can make it stick. what are you talking about? wow. she's perfect. i know. i know. [whimpers]


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