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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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hotch: the edinburgh's had a lot of attention right now because of the deaths, and that's not good for business. and you need to make the situation sound as bad as possible. yeah, but won't he panic? well, without jeopardizingyour safety, that's exactly what we want him to do. even with the spotlight of the invesgation, the club still needs to make money. and that means continuing to sell the drugs. thane's already on edge. somebody's probably pressuring him to make all this go away. which is why he'll be desperate to know what you said to the police. [no audio] thane needs somebody on his side right now, and the more that you can assure him you're a team player, the more he's gonna confide in you. how do you feel? fine. i'm read all right, good. let's do it. you're late, hotchner. sorry. sorry, i got held up by the cops.
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they called. they wanted to ask a few more questions oh, they did, did they? and what did you tell them, sean? uh...i told them exactly how it happened, jim. that girl started screaming about being too hot, thane and i got her some water, got her outside to cool off, and she collapsed. you're a good man, sean. you understand, we just don't want them shutting the place down. club like this one closed a few days, we're finished for good. look, fellas, i like my job. i'm not about to do anything to jeopardize that. why did they call you in and not me? i guess 'cause i'm the bartender. i don't know, they were... talking about some bad wine or something. i tell you, it's a good thing i got sober. i had no idea wine could do that to a person. i just wish i had known than linda had started drinking again. then maybe i...
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that couldn't have been easy for him. they connected that girl to linda? maybe you shou dump that wine just to be safe. yeah. hey, sean. come with me. give me a hand. he know anything? i'm not sure. yeah. start with these. you don't want to dump the whole case? uh, no, just-- just those two. something wrong? yeah. i, uh,
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i don't think so. no, i'm sure of it. um, you didn't notice anything missing the last time you did inventory? no. everything's here. no, i'm sure of it. there was... another case of the whiteland chard. i don't know what to tell you, thane, but if it's gone, it's a good thing, right? we'd just have to dump it. no! no, it's not a good thing. i need that wine. where is it? it's not here. it's not here! what did you do, thane? i spiked the wine, you idiot. 3 of the bottles were in that other case. oh, god. oh, god. jim is gonna kill me. why the hell would you do that? for a laugh. i thought it was x. girls love that crap. yeah, but it wasn't x, was it? no, i guess not. he's going off plan, hotch. get ready to move in. what was in the wine, thane?
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ll, where did you get it? what does it matter?! linda's dead because of you. you son of a bitch. she was sober and you drugged her. yeah, not as sober as you think. look, i wouldn't if i was you. you had that anna girl's blood all over you. you don't let it go, i'm gonna tell them it was you. what's that? you bastard. hotch: drop it! fbi. drop it. keep your hands where i can see them. you... let's go. ah-- you all right?
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caught her trying to get out through a grate in the office. was peters with her? not sure. jj and alex are searching the perimeter. [text message beeps]
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morgan: thanks. the crash didn't kill him. someone poured pmma down his nose and throat. the drug aside, this is a completely different m.o. he's no longer content to sit back and watch. why? the overkill seems personal. whoever did this had a definite grudge against peters. garcia's running background and financial records on sean. hotch, you don't think you're overreacting? he left the edinburgh for a reason. we need to know why. you can't actually think that he did this? i don't, but i can't eliminate the possibility until i know what he's hiding. maybe we should look at this another way. we know thane was responsible for dosing the wine. that was his own plan, not the unsub's. so how would a sociopath seeking recognition for his achievements handle someone interfering with his work? he'd put a stop to it. any way he could. that was after the hatchitt parentswere killed.
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so we were wrong. the unsub does care who dies. instead of targeting thane, the unsub went after peters. he held him responsible. he may hold peters responsible for more than thane actions. i'm gonna have garcia dig into his life. in the meantime, we'll use that to find out what we can. well, thane... it looks like we have a problem. yeah? what's that, then? well, someone's pretty upset. your club's been dosing nocent women. ok, that was thane's deal. he'd been dosing x for years. but recently it went wrong. i had nothing to do with that. you knew it was going on. that makes you an accessory. look, i think i'd like my phone call now. you could do that, sure. or, we could play a little game called "let's make a deal." i don't want to make any deals without my lawyer. yeah, this one you do. see, this is what somebody did to your boss. you see, thane, whoever it is that's out there, he managed to get to jim peters
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the person who did that isn't very happy right now. and he is waiting, just waiting to get his hands on someone else connected to your club's operation. and you know what we're gonna do? we're gonna let you go. you're what? what makes you think that if he was able to get to the big boss, he'd have any trouble getting his hands on you? so, like i said, we're gonna let you walk right out of here-- all right. i'll tell you what you want to know. just... you have to protect me. still no word from sean? we'll find him, aaron. how does a guy who has everything going for him make one self-destructive choice after another? and then when it seems like he's gonna get his act together, it all falls apart again.
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he was in first grade when i was sent off to boarding school. i was the screw-up making bad choices. but at a certain point, i realized i could either coinue to do that or i could get my act together. but this doesn't seem to occur to sean. i know he didn't show up for haley's funeral. right. and at that point i decided i couldn't make him a priority anymore. i was done. hello, my pretties. i have seen the wizard and he granted my wish. erik sullivan and catherine hatchitt both withdrew money from the same atm on the day that they died. that atm is located in a bodega two blocks from the edinburgh. what you want to bet that's where they bought their wine? good work, garcia. yep. we'll send morgan and reid. what'd you find? well, they didn't know names, but thanks to thane and liz, we now have a map of the distribution chain. the ecstasy was flown from canada into fnklin, a private airport outside the city.
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to 5 drop-off points, where the dealers pick up the product and then sell it to their clients. and the clients include local clubs and underground party venues. how many of those clubs were connected to peters? two. but only the edinburgh received the tainted x. all right, let's find out everything we can about the other club. how do you expect to stay in business if you open 20 minutes late every day? i got a hangover. what is it to you? we'd like to talk to you about ur inventory. we pulled your shipping orders, mr. beaird. it appears you're selling more product than you're taking in. don't you guys have anything better to do than to harass an old shopkeeper? yes, actually we do, so can we not waste any time? where do you get your extra goods? private donations. do those donors include employees of local establishments? look, sometimes a guy nicks a bottle or the supplies from his place of employment and brings it to me. if i can sell it, i take it off his hands at a bargain price. does that include cases of wine?
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funny thing. theuy came back yesterday and paid the full price for what was left. strange fellow. guys, i found something stranger than a time-traveling police box. what's that? i ran financial records for all the people who work at the franklin airport. there is a baggage handler named mike spires who's been making ridiculously large cash deposits to his checking account on a weekly basis. here's what's weird-- he's been dead for the last 4 weeks. so how's he still making deposits? [cell phone rings] right? [ring] aaron. hotchner. sean, you need to come in. we think you may be in danger from the unsub. he's targeting edinburgh employees. yeah, i heard about jim peters. look, i didn't kill him. i know that. i also know why you ran. of course you do. just come in so that we can protect you. it's time to stop running.
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spires has been dead for a month, he can't be our guy. why would the dealers keep paying him? they don't know that their courier died. someone must have taken his place. the unsub. he killed spires so he could get his hands on the drug supply. who else knew he was a courier? another package handler? sure. they must be on the take, too, paid to look the other way. jj: garcia, do any of the baggage handlers show a history of drug abuse? a few minor infractions, but nothing that sticks out. all right, widen the search. have any airport employees had a drug death in the family recently? uh... yeah. the daughter of larry feretich, megan, she died two months ago of a suspected ecstasy overdose. there's your trigger. where did she die? uh...the obsidian. it's the other club owned by jim peters. he's smart. he avoided dosing the obsidian supply so we couldn't connect the murders to him.
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at the airport. all right, notify morgan and reid. yeah. larry feretich? fbi. larry feretich, you're under arrest for the murder of-- he killed my daughter! he killed megan! no, he didn't. a drug killed your daughter. no, it was jim peters. i said so, but no one would listen. thank you. that was the canadian drug agency. they closed down operations at their airport. that's a relief. now sean can come out of hiding. he's exonerated. that's something.
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well, i don't know about you al but i'm exhausted. i'm gonna head back to the hotel and take a bath. i could drive you. i'm heading that way. thank you, alex. so i'll see everyone on the jet tomorrow. could you be any more obvious? i think i preferred you before you were a profiler. [laughs] really? [knock on door] here, buddy. [laughs] give me that. hey. hey. come on in. jack, do you remember uncle sean? hey, jack. it's been a long time. hi. and this is beth.
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yeah, well, it's not like we live in the same city or anything. huckles] jack, how about we go look at all that cool stuff you got at the museum today, huh? mm-hmm. ok. say goodbye to uncle sean, jack. bye. bye. i'll see you soon, huh? so how did you know i took the wine? i know what u sound like when you tell a lie. you said something to thane about the wine, and i could hear you calming yourself down. my brother the profiler. it has more to do with being your brother than being a profiler. what did you get for the wine? 100 bucks. i needed it for rent. sean, you and i need to do better.
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look, i know what i have to do. you know any good lawyers? i've made a couple calls. there are two officers waiting downstairs. yeah, i know. i saw them on my way up. i'll walk you down. hotch: "cruel is the strife of brothers." aristotle. [camera clicking]
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that's not right. why is that happening? what... what--what-- wait-- that's what the... that's what the replicator-- that's what the replicator said. where is he? how did he get in my-- how did he do it? how did he get in... how did he get in? hey!
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hotch: previously on "criminal minds"... morgan: someone's out there mimicking the crimes we've soed. [electronically altered voice] zug...zwang. reid: it's a chess term. it describes the point in the game when a player realizes he'll inevitably be checkmated. the original zugzwang taunt was directed at me. if it's directed at one of us, it's directed at all of us. hotch: first he was chasing us, and now it's our turn to chase him. strauss: this psychopath's message is clearly personal. you're victims now. that's not right. why is that hap... what... what--what-- wait... that's what the replicator...
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[horns honking] [coughs] ooh. [laughing] wait! kids! wait for me! [sound distorted] [indistinct chatter] do you really think your team is going to save you? i know they will. did you get everything you wanted? what? in life. did you? does anyone? we should. heh. that's the point.


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