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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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shahir, how's your latin? excellent. wanna bet on it? mm... no. um... (machinery beeps) fidus ultra finem. "fyohel bend t end." why? oh, no--no reason. just curious. mm. latin was an easy "a" for me in high school. i can't leave her. she needs help. shahir, i want to put the bone back. charlie, we just took it out. no, no. i-i wanna do an allograft. we'll mulch the bone and use it to stabilize the rod instead of using bone cement. i'd much rather graft a piece of her own bone. w-why cut her up more than we have to? her own body didn't reject the skull. so why should we? it's highly unorthodox. it is, but it'll work. just trust me. start mulching.
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(machinery beeps) (seth) so take me back even further. further than high school? yeah. what was alex reid doing grade 4? oh. (chuckles) um... oh, playground monitor. you finked on the bad kids. mostly my brothers. what about you, joel? get in on this. what were you doing? um... grade 4. let me think about that. i was 9 years old. i was probably writing letters to my father, beseeching him to rescue me from my mother and her cooking. where--where was your father? he was cheating on my mother. so it was just you and your mother? prettyuch. yeah. but unlike his father, joel is one of the more honorable guys i know. you come in a close second. i'm relieved to hear this. (joel) why are you relieved to hear this?
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i think she's trying really hard to trust you. yeah, it seems like it. better live up to it. 3.0 prolene. guys, i don't know how much more of this i can take. joel, can you, uh... so, seth, is it true that you're divorced? 12-year relationship. she moved on. i didn't. sorry, man. that's pretty harsh. almost finished. but you know what? can't look back. well, maybe you're right. what's going on? nothing. zach said that you were getting a blood test. cytomegalovirus. i may have been exposed. well, why didn't you tell me? i would've come with you. exacy, and worried. (monitor beeping steadily)
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and then i am done. what about you, joel? are you almost done? i'm afraid not. said the strings to the bartender. (joel and alex laugh) no. i need at least another hour, mate. guys, i don't like very good. (machinery beeps) uh he's in a-fib. what? you've got to be kidding me. what are you seeing, baumann? i don't know. could be because of his heart murmur. 5 mgs metoprolol. hurry. (baumann) i'm on it. alex, what's happening? seth, tell me the joke. what joke? uh, your strg joke. you said a-a string walks into a bar, says to the bartender... it was really funny. okay. i can't remember.
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kellogg's raisin bran with cranberries. control. i'm trying. he's not responding to the metoprolol. like i said, he's got a heart murmur. on top of everything else. okay, well, we've gotta be missing something. um... he's got weak aortic tissue. the murmur could be mitral valve prolapse. but he has long fingers. could it be marfan's? you know what? that is completely consistent with marn syndrome. okay, so let's, uh, run a blood panel, okay? yep. (machinery beeps) he's--he's back in sinus rhythm. that's it, my man. good. seth? seth, you're gonna be just fine. okay. do you believe in fate? i believe in getting you out of this o.r. in one piece. i believe in that, too. big time. let's close. (instrument clicks) thought you said jason was
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well, he's delivering babies and doing other heroic things. but i'm sure as soon as he gets the results, he'll come and tell us. and can you stop calling him "jason" like that? that's what you call him. you jealous? you want me to be? can we just wait for the results and not get hysterical? okay, we're gonna have to talk, 'cause we can't get through this acting like a couple of angry strangers. when i talk, it scares you. and that scares you. don't shrink me. y-- (sighs) okay, how about this? you shrink me. give it a shot. tell me what you think's wrong with me. can of worms, gavin. open it, maggie. it's like you think you deserve some sort of medal for being so patient and understanding all of the time. it's like a martyr complex. my turn. (exhales deeply) you think that you're alone in the world, and that's actually really selfish because you're not alone.
11:44 pm
i'm not close with my mother. i'm having this baby, d i don't even have a family. we... you are so wrong. we are a family. i'm your family, maggie. bone? i know it's a lot to take in, but, um... yeah, we call it, um, biological shrapnel. it's not my bone. no, it's someone else's. an.. you put it back on my spine? not exactly. we used it to, um... strengthen the hardware affixing your spinal fracture by turning the bone into a paste, like a cement. i think i know what it is you're going through. (voice breaks) you do, huh? i think you were in an explosion,
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we all saw people die over there. well, this would've been a powerful explosion, an i.e.d. or-- no. it wasn't an i.e.d. she saw my head get blown off. he was in an s.u.v. with me. we were boogieing through kandahar when a sniper caught us. just me. i wasn't supposed to be driving. mccreary let me. he was in the passenger seat. (voice breaks) should have been me. (sniffles) mccreary... (inhales deeply) he was a nice guy.
11:46 pm
so how sick is that? he let me drive, and he... (crying) you don't have to hold on to this guilt forever, fran. yeah, i do. i'm the one responsible. the least i can do is hold on to his memory. it's the least i can do. you need to start talking to someone about this. someone professional. (grunts) (sffles) it's not just gonna wipe the slate clean. i can't just start over. no, you can't. you can't start over. but you can find a better way to live with this. you're telling me i should see a shrink.
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at ease? yeah. if he had to steal a condom... mm-hmm? probablyasn't gonna pick up the dinner tab either. (melanda) mm-hmm. no one can deny, however, that being prepared makes him a responsible sexual partner. and it makes him more presumptuous. what, sex on the first date? he was looking for a booty call. thank you. hey, lady. how's seth? well, i repaired his aneurysm. he went into a-fib. i fixed that. waiting to see if he has marfan syndrome. it would explain a lot. so you gonna go out with him again? (sighs deeply) no. but i'll have to admit, he's kinda grown on me. 3:00. why are you fish-eyeing me? really? yeah. hi. charlie. hi. so... (sighs)
11:48 pm
if it makes you feel any better, i didn't know it was a date. (exhales deeply) (siren wailing) it makes feel better. at this one point, he said something about being a one-team guy. and i thought about... (chuckles) being on his team, having a couple of kids, a backyard rink. you're killin' me. (laughs) it didn't work, charlie. he's not you. i miss you. i am not okay without you. me, too. then whyre we doing this? (sighs) because i don't want to drag you through any more of my crap. well, i am not giving up on us.
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and... i think you know it, too.
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(sighs) okay. where's kalfas? exam room. is he with a patient? i don't know, but he's been in there for a while. jason? oh, hey, beautiful. (chuckles) uh, what time is it? i've been waiting for my results. results. right. (exhales) right. diyou even take my blood work down to the lab? i'm on it. are you okay? yeah, it's just, um... you know, late night, late shift, right? just--just resting. mm. deine. are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah. no, that's just... uh... you know, long night, long shift. i just--i was just sleeping. i'll deliver the blood work myself. yeah, ok. great.
11:54 pm
(clears throat) mm. (grunts) (exhales deeply) (monitor beeping steadily) those fingers are pinking up nicely, which should make you happy. (chuckles) it does. so you and alex used to date? a long time ago, i did. yeah. does sonja know about that? yeah, that's actually why i asked alex to join us for dinner. oh. to prove to her that you and alex were done? kind of an issue there, yes. and then sonja invited me so that alex-- yes. exactly, seth. oh, it was a very complicated dinner. yes, but you still have all your fingers. true. mm-hmm. (knock on door) (joel and seth) hey. hi. so your blood work came back. you have a condition called marfan syndrome. awesome. more bad luck. no, actually, it's proof that you're not unlucky. you have a connective tissue problem, seth. but with regular monitoring, it will be completely manageable.
11:55 pm
bad heart. tubed aorta. where's the plus? you have big hands and big feet. you can put that on your profile. ooh. (knock on door) (sonja) hey! hello. (singsongy) i brought breakfast! which you probably can't eat. i probably can. well, it's just bagels, babe. yeah, that sounds kind of perfect. (whispers) okay. uh, kyle--he made you a card. oh, sweet. it's rink man! yeah. it's gonna be a tough time living this one down, huh? man, everybody's seen that commercial but me. what? (joel) honestly? oh, come on. rink man, rink man all you need is a... hose hose god, i wish i had a jingle. oh, i-i-i could write you one. really? yeah. yeah. awesome. um.. bone man, bone man all you need is a... osteotome or just a drill, joel. just a drill. okay. i have got to go. oh! um, are you sure you don't wanna just stay for a bagel? no, really, i-i can't.
11:56 pm
i-i mean, i'm just saying that the rink business is very lucrative. why don't we quit while we're behind? and just, uh... mm. (mutters) i understand. just... it was nice to meet you, alex. nice to meet you, too, and good luck. good luck. that was supposed to be a peace sign. i'm not flipping you the bird. (chuckles) bye. wow. wow. do you want to try some of this? (apparat's "a violent sky" playing) i've seen you on the road (speaking inaudibly) i've seen you on the road the place they called it home coming down beneath the violent sky
11:57 pm
coming down beneath the violent sky coming down beneath the violent sky hey. hey. you, uh, you headin' home? yeah. end of my shift. i need your he. again. corporaleymour? you know, i think i might've just rounded a corner with her. (sets down folder) or... another patient? um... i, uh... made a medical decision today based on a hunch i had.
11:58 pm
i'm not being clear. y--okay. sorry. i'll let you explain. i let a ghost convince me how to treat my patient. you let a... a...
11:59 pm
(jackson) time's running down. everything is on the line. it all comes down to this, folks. he croes half-court... (computer beeps) he's up, and it is... (thuds) ugly. good! that shot is good. thisame is over, folks. (imitates crowd cheering) it wasn't even in. listen to this crowd. listen to thcity. touch 'em all, jackson-- running bases now, huh? touch them all! night, you guys. (maggie) night. wow. lookt you. tough shift? tough week. you should treat yourself to something nice. i intend to. no, you don't. ouhow do y know? maybe i have a whole evening planned. home, shower, glass of wine, studying notes, and if you're feeling really crazy, second glass of wine. am i close? mm, not an attractive quality, you know-- the smugne? i don't know. i feel like it's a little bit of a turn-on. (woman speaking indistinctly over p.a.) (sighs) hey.
12:00 am
theryou are. i thought we had a session this evening. was that today? y--ten minutes ago. oh. sorry, gavin, i-- i meant to cancel. it's no longer necessary. yeah, that stuff you got me on-- the, uh... (pills rattle) whatever it is-- it's, , working like a charm. olanzapine. yeah, if i'd known, i would have-- i would have gotten some of this ages ago. hallucinations are totally gone. well, i'm glad that you're seeing se progress. yeah. no spirits, no ghosts, not even so much as a chill down my spine. so... thank you. i think, uh... i think we're done. (pats arm) okay, here's a thought. how about just for a second you pretend like you're not four times smarter than me, and that i might actually know what i'm talking about. what do you say? you use that tone with all your patients? nope. those meds are part of your therapy, and talk is the other part. and we have 40 minutes left.
12:01 am
fine, but i don't like your office. okay. the couch smells, like onions... and shame. then we'll walk. fine. (siren wailing in distance) (door creaks) (whispers indistinctly) (gasps) je-- oh! i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. no problem. wow, you're gorgeous. thank you. no, no, no. hang on, hang on. sir, it's been a long day. you work here? you're-- you're a doctor? a very tired one. so if you'll just excuse me... no, i-i've managed to creep you out in record time. i'm... (alarm chirps) not actually a creep. (hiccups) mm, you might not be the best judge of that. (chuckles) no, no, see the thing is i could... sort of use some help. i'm a little lost. i... (chuckles) i can't find my car. (sighs) what does it look like? it's, uh, that awful car color--
12:02 am
is what they call it, if that... helps. have you tried using the remote... following the sound? see, that's smart. that's-- that's doctor smart. you must be used to that. always having the right answers comes with the job. (chuckles) (clicks button) huh. wrong level? maybe. but at least... i have a plan. thank you. (footsteps retreating) do you think you should be driving? are you offering me a ride? not even a little bit. have a good evening, doctor. (sighs) (sighs) (clicking button) sir, i really don't think you should be driving. is--is there anyone you can call? there's two types of people in this world, doctor...
12:03 am
(thuds) (gasps) oh, my god. (alex) sir?! (woman gasps) oh, my god! sir, you're gonna be fine. (speaks indistinctly) i dn't see him. oh, my-- no, no, no, no, no! sir! did you see that? he just came out of nowhere. i mean, he just came right behind that pillar. (panting) you know what? maybe you shouldn't touch him. i don't think you're supposed to touch him. there's a phone in my purse. get it! what? phone, purse, now! over there. okay. go in my contacts. shouldn't i call 9-1-1? no! this is faster. i really think i'm suppod to call 9-1-1. you need to stop thinking and do exactly as i say, okay? okay. password? 5-1-5-1. go in my contacts. zach miller-- call him. (panting) oh, my--you saw the whole thing, right? i mean he just came out behind that pillar. i mean, you witnessed it. there's no way i could ve avoided him. yes, hello? put it to my ear! put it to my ear! zach, i need a code team to the parkade-- level p2, south side. i've got a man hit by a car,
12:04 am
okay, what's your name? denise. denise, my name is alex reid. i'm a doctor. do you know him? no. i've never seen him before. i'm heren business. there's an orange plastic case in my purse. i want you to take it out. it's a breathing mask for mouth-to-mouth. have you ever used one? no. okay, i'm gonna walk you through it. you know, i-i really can't get involved. (clatters) i hate to break it to you, denise, but you're very involved. no, i just mean that if--if this man's hurt, i can't--i have to protect myself legally. he's not hurt. he's dead. and yoand i are going to do everything we can to cure him if that. okay? i can't. i'm sorry, i can't. i can't do that. (panting) i-i'm... i... (rustles) i can't believe this is happening right now. (voice breaks) i mean, you just--i mean, you saw it. i didn't know that he was-- he just came out behind there, and i didn't--i didn't-- i-i mean, i could have been going slower. i-- okay. my dad's gonna kill me. denise! denise! try to remain calm. okay, denise? now we need to find out who this man is. can you do that? mm-hmm. okay. good. check his pockets. (exhales dply) (whispers) two, three, four.
12:05 am
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12:09 am
no, i was talking to him earlier. he was disoriented. might be drugs. okay. here, give me some room. give me some room. okay! all right, let's get naloxone when you're in. got it. (jackson) okay, that's 30. all right, let's pause. bag. do a rhythm check here. (device beeps) all right, he's in v-fib. back on the chest/. everyone else off. i'm charging to 160. (defibrillator whines) (grinds) (grunts) and... (beeps) off the ches ready? ready! (paddles thunk) okay. (monitor beeping rapidly, equipment clattering) counting 30. (denise) did it work? all right, i got it. you grab the spine board. pushing 1 amp epi. (denise) did it work? what's happening? don't know yet. what--what do you mean you don't know? just try to let us and pushing 1 amp naloxone and saline. and... (click) 30. everyone off. slow breaths. (air whooshes) let's get him on this board. okay. you got the neck? (maggi i got the head, yeah. here we go. ready? (strained voice) okay. (board slides) (grunts)
12:10 am
yeah. yeah. on three. one, two, three... (all grunt) (zach) let's package him and get moving. let's go! (grunts) (jackson) there you go. (rail clicks) (rail clicks) okay, let's make room for this in here. (clatters) (zach) hop aboard, lin. okay, good. here we go. (alex) look out. go, go, go! what can i do? call the police! (wheels clacking) i can see the chest rise. (jackson) i'm on the airway. ready to get t next breath. (zach) all right, i got the door. careful around this corner. good work, lin. stay on him. stay on him! his ribs are starting to go. that's all right. keep going. break 'em all if you have to, lin. cycle. okay, vent him. (air whooshes) (whispers) come on. (elevator bell dings) why don't you tell me what you want me to say so i can stop guessing-- out! get back.
12:11 am
(man) come on, let's go. here, here, here, here. it's almost three cycles. (beeps) here, cycle her off, jackson. here we go. charging to 250. changing in three... (jackson and maggie) two... one... (beeps) now! (paddles tnk) (beeps, defibrillator whines) (zach) charging to 200. (maggie) got it? come on, come on, come on. i got it. and... (beeps) off! everybody off! (paddles thunk) resuming. (gurney rattling) okay, let's see what we got. no, this does not end in an elevator. okay, then you're up. okay. (man) here, here. right here, buddy. (bell dings) (alex) ready. (maggie) stay back. (zach) here we go! you all right? you okay? (alex) get out of the way! h. (whispers indistinctly) (alex breathing heavily) let's talk timelines.
12:12 am
you said your visions appear a couple of times a week. am i right? uh, it varies, or varied, but yep. and the last one you saw was... what, ten days ago? see, i knew you were gonna do this. what? you're gonna tell me that, uh, this could be just a lull, that maybe i'm not cured after all. i'm not sure it's useful to think in terms of cured. that's because you're not the sick one, gavin. tell me about the last spirit that you saw. (sighs deeply) gavin. they're gone, okay? they were, uh, a trick of my mind, and you fixed it. can't we just be happy with it? (doors bang) coming through! out of the way! whoa! ach) look out! you good? yeah, got it! (jackson) having trouble bagging. veins are distended. shifted trachea. (jackson) tension pneumothorax. john doe, 20s, hit by a car, v.a.s., 1 amp of epi,
12:13 am
shocked him at 160 and 200, no r.o.s.c. let's intubate him. let's go. on three. (zach and maggie) one, two, three! (all grunt) (thuds) okay? (zach) get a chest tube in him. on it. swab him! lin, let's run a f.a.t. (maggie) yeah. how about sharp? sharp out. (zach speaks indistinctly) (beeps) (monitor beeping erratically) (jackson) back on. (maggie) we in? get the tube ready. pleurovac. (monitor continues beeping erratically) (beeping) f.a.s.t. is negative. (zach) great. okay. matt, let's charge to 360. let's go. almost there. (beeps, defibrillator whines) here we go now. clear. come on, alex. let's go. let's go. okay, go, go, go! okay, clear! (all) clear! (paddles thunk) (flatlining) counting 30. all right, 1 amp of epi. let's go. (maggie) on it. (flatlining continues) let's keep going. again. all right, all right. you take carotid, i'll take the femoral.
12:14 am
epi's in. (ventilator whooshes, monitor beeps) i think i've-- i've got something. just--just wait. (monitor beeping rhythmically) i think that's a pulse ox waveform, folks. whew! (sighs) good work, team. guy got schmucked in the right parking lot. (sighs) welcome back. whoa, whoa, whoa! hey, hey, hey! no, no, no, no! we're not out of the woods yet. the clock stays on. it's bad luck. sorry. hey, zach. this look a little oozy to you? a little bit, yeah. anticoagulants. the guy's barely 30. yeah, but he's got a big scar, he's got a bunch of miles on him. we'll find out more when we put him through the scan. all right. isn't your shift over? ugh. half an hour ago. ugh! such a keener. thanks for that. all right, let's get a foley catheter in him and get him to c.t. i'll catch up with you guys. hey.
12:15 am
is he okay? did he make it? (sighs) he's hanging in there. (sighs) oh, thank god. um... wh would you-- what should i do with these? are these his keys? mm-hmm. i got 'em. jackson. yeah. can you find his car? let's figure out who this guy is. (keys clatter) you want me to let myself into a total stranger's car, go through his stuff? yes. cool. did you call the police? yeah. yeah, they're on their way. am i in trouble? they're just gonna need a statement from you. okay, so what should i tell them? (siren wailing in distance) the truth. right. um... i don't know how you do it-- stay so calm. it's just my job. i'm in linens. it's a family business, and my--my dad's my boss. and actually he, um, he told me tt whatever-- whatever i do, i'm not-- i'm not supposed to talk to the police right now until he gets here with our lawyer. and...
12:16 am
i don't know. oh. i think i'm gonna throw up. would you like to sit down? it's just, you know, he's not gonna make it... okay, wait. just hold on, all right? when i know something, i'll come and talk to you, okay? (baby crying in distance) (whispers) okay. (door closes) (whirring) (woman, filtered voice) all set. here we go. (machine beeps) (whirring continues) (clank) (monitor beeping rapidly) zach. tachycardic. no. no, no, no. (flatlining) come on. code. call the code. shut it down! get him out of there! (receiver clatters) we have a code blue-- c.t. room 1.
12:17 am
all right, ready? on three. one... two... three! okay, get up on his chest, start compressions. (woman on p.a.) code blue, c.t. room 1. get outta my way. (alex panting)
12:18 am
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when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, you can be a business boy wonder! fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. foley's dry. zeroutput. well, put another line in and flood him. how we doing? cuts only go down to his collarbone. (alex) come on, zach. what do you got? just give us some good news. we didn't get the scan. (maggie) v-fib again. clear to move. belly's distended. it's a bleed. he's hemorrhaging. we need to do a thoracotomy now. no, we need to get his volume up, do an ex-lap. (zach) put your knives away. we don't even have a tox screen. you were looking at the monitor. he's hypovolemic. he has cardiac history. dry foley, distended belly. what do you want, a big red arrow? i'm looking at one right here. enough! (alex) whoa, whoa! slow down! (clatters) (screams) whoa! everyone, stop! (monitor beeping rapidly not you. are you okay? (breathing heavily) now the rest of you, take a breath. now i'm running this code. you will take direction from me and me alone, understood? yep. (alex) yes. now let's go. we restart the code sequence from the beginning.
12:22 am
sorry. (zach) we need a crash cart over here right now. charge to 360. lin, run a f.a.s.t. yep. (mhine beeps) (beeps, defibrillator whines) okay, everyone off. everyone off. (beeps) (paddles thunk, beeps) ok, back on him. f.a.s.t. is... negative. mnh. no, no, no. it's, uh... it's, um... more words, dr. lin. it's muddled. it's fluid. i mean, isn't it? (beeps) (zach) yes, it is. okay, everyone off. pause for rhythm checks. slow breaths. (beeps) (monitor beeping steadily) and we're back.
12:23 am
all right, let's get this guy in the o.r. (monitor continues beeping steadily) scrub , reid. looks like you're gonna get your ex-lap after all. give me this. good call. someone page dawn bell. this guy's really starting to piss me off. come on. you're not here. come on. come on. come on. come on. (alex) incising. knife. (maggie) retractor. whoa. scissors. (machine beeps) whoa. yeah. that is fluid. well, let's move it, alex. find that bleed. let's open another channel of saline. full blast. (suction gurgling) (machine beeps) talk to me. eviscerating the bowel and acuating.
12:24 am
let's go. keep 'em coming. (machine beeps) (suction continues gurgling) oh, boy. (sighs deeply) okay. all right. liver is okay. pelvis okay. find something. uh... upper left quadrant. spleen? maybe. (machine beeps) no, no, no. give him more blood. oh, you gotta be kidding me. we're at 20 minutes here. (monitor beeping erratically) you got somewhere you need to be, zach? (scoffs) right on his chest, lin. let's count a cycle. let's go. okay. hey. ah, whoa, whoa, whoa. give him more blood. keep it under pressure. (machine beeping, flatlining) give me more sponges! (whispers) ugh. jesus. (sighs deeply)
12:25 am
(dawn) what do we have? john doe versus car. he's all over the map. got r.o.s.c. after tensn pneumo. took him to c.t., crashed halfway through. got him back, positive f.a.s.t., started an ex-lap, he coded again. let's get this crash cart in there. is that clock accurate? yeah. he had circulation. for how long? (alex) 4 minutes, maybe 5. out of 22? he had good compressions the rest of the time. i was there when he went down. okay, shocking to 360. everyone off! (machine beeps) (alex and maggie) clear! (paddles thunk) (monitor beeping steadily) back on. dawn, i'm close. i can find it. okay, well, it's a good thing his heart stopped 'cause he probably would've bled out in the meantime. so we cross-clamp the aorta, stop the bleed, and keep his brain perfused. how many times you hit him? five. what meds? epi, naloxone, vasopressin, an ocean of lidocaine. can someone say something that makes this not a lost cause? if we can get his volume up, he'll go. he's still here. he wants to go. can someone say something medical?
12:26 am
(whispers) what? and holding. flair for the dramatic. all right,'m starting to see what you guys see in this guy. page dr. kendall. dr. reid, put your toys away. we're gonna do a thoracotomy. (maggie) retractor. (sighs deey) cutting it awfully close, my friend. okay. well, this is where i tap out. hey, reid, make me a promise? what's that? if my heart ever sto, be nearby. (alex sighs) that sounded vaguely romantic.
12:27 am
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12:30 am
excuse me. uh, doctor, can i talk to you for a sec? we sorta met earlier. (lowered voice) in the elevator? oh. right. i'm, uh... sorry your family had to see that. (sighs) is he, uh... is he gonna make it? you know that guy? no. w-we're here for my--my son. uh, bone marrow biopsy. i'm sorry. yeah, they're, uh, talking about leukem. we're praying for the best. anyway, he's been asking about that guy, you know, and i... just... i'm afraid i can't talk about other patients.
12:31 am
you know, it's just... yeah. (woman) swtheart? y--um... we're going in. i--okay, i'll be right there. just give me... (whispers) i'll be right there. it's just... (sighs) when he saw the tattoo of the planets on the guy's arm, he decided that he must be an astrona. so... (indistinct conversations) (sighs) this whole thing's been hell, you know? test after test. me and his mom at each other's throats. right? and seeing the guy laid out like that. it was just... (inhales deeply) i don't know. i was just really hoping that you could tell me so i could tell him that the guy's gonna live. wish i knew. i can tell you he's in good hands. thanks. scalpel.
12:32 am
(dawn) rib spreader. (clicking) heads up. sharp bone. chest cavity looks dry. locating inferior pulmonary ligament. why, lin? to free up the lung. exactly. to free up the lung. and how do i know when i've found it? um... exactly. i don't. it's a blind... cut. (machine beeps) but being really good helps. (beeping) pericardial adhesions? from his previous surgery? looks like it. scalpel.
12:33 am
okay, let's hope there's no blood in here. what do you say, reid? ugh. knowing this guy, count on it. got a nice color. heart looks... pretty good. all right, kids, now we're in the deep end. (gavin) let's switch gears for a minute. (charlie) okay, now. i wonder if you can tell me about the positive side of this experience. of the hallucinations? would you describe them as helpful in any way? oh, yeah. sure, they're-- they're great for getting rid of unwanted self-esteem, alienating people, things like that. were they ever helpful to you? (sighs) this is where you tell me my neuroses are my tools, right? you had a traumatic experience. you created strategies to cope. i don't bite my nails, gavin. i saw things that weren't there. still, sometimes people find it difficult to let go of those strategies. hence, why we're here. what i mean is that sometimes you discover that you don't want to let them go. wrong.
12:34 am
try to stay with the tour here, doc. i walked away from the woman i love because of this. best thing that ever happened to me, hands down. i pushed her away. okay. well, it's just that you told me that you see these spirits when people are near death. yeah. mostly in the o.r. or in emerg. yeah, where the dying happens. and? and you've led me on two laps of this hospital, but carefully avoided those areas. which makes me think that maybe you're not sure that they're gone. and maybe you don't want to test it 'cause you're not sure that you want them to be gone. vitals are stable. okay, good. all right, i'm gonna need you to-- hey, is this the parking lot john doe? you shouldn't be in here, officer. yeah, is he gonna make it? as soon as we know, we'll come and tell you. yeah, how 'bout a hint? please, sir. look, if this guy dies, i'm here all night. okay? but if he lives, i get to eat breakfast with my kids. get out of the operati room! now! uh, you seem busy. i'll check back later.
12:35 am
(machine beeps) what? nothing. insert a gastric tube. no, tell me. just an observation. in here, you're bold and command the room. out there, not so much. (beeps) what's that supposed to mean? there's alex reid the doctor, and then there's alex reid the person, and she's more the "wait patiently, hope for the best" type. what do you know? we seem to be talking about charlie. word gets around. (sighs deeply) he needs some space. we'll be fine. i remember telling myself the same thing. i wish i'd been around to get in your business. best tool for dissecting aortic pleura. lin? (man) the blood work's in. what are the headlines? just one. there's an i.v. contamination. your sample's useless. what? (groans) you pulled from his i.v. side? there was a lot going on. there were lines in everywhere. get a fresh sample, take it up yourself. now. (maggie) yep. fingers, by the way.
12:36 am
have the clamp standing by. (clicking) okay, aorta is clamped. no blood going to the lower organs. no time to waste, reid. find your bleed. all right, retractors. (clicking button) come on. you're kiddin' me. (car alarm chirps, doors unlock) gotcha. there you are. wendy simpson? (sighs) come on. there's gotta be something in here. there's no label.
12:37 am
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