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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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(katz's employees) hey!!! hey what's up? hey can i pay with my phone? you mean like apple pay? we don't got that. no like samsung pay. kind of works everywhere. even on this janky old thing. he wants to pay with his phone. whadda ya want hannibal? i want to pay with my phone. don't look at the cameras mike. you ready? it doesn't work. watch me. boom! oh!
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(katie) i don't recognize anybody. anyway, they had a blindfold on me the whole time. how about when they came in the house? they had on, like, hats and goggles.
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we can do this later. no, dad, i'm okay. i tried to pay attention to things. if we got away. like voices. i heard two different ones. do you think you can recognize them? only the guy i was with when you found me. he took us to the bathroom. and i heard him talk on the phone once. he had headphones on me, but... i could still hear him. what did he say? it was just before was going to take off with me. i guess he was talking to the other guy. he was yelling at him for coming up with suc a stupid plan. and how it was his fault
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and then he took my mom out of the van. then i heard her try to scream. he came back for me. i thought he was going to hurt me. he just piled all of this stuff on top of me and said we were going away. connie. excuse us. that phone call happened right before mrs. conlan was killed. nick was already dead, so he was talking to somebody else. yeah, the genius with the plan. a mastermind. what are you willing to do for someone who helps you find this mastermind? your client is in no position to negotiate.
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his prints in the van and the pet store. simple explanaon. roy is second cousin to nick costas. he's been sleeping in the store off and on since it closed. came home after being away for a few days. he found mrs. conlan dead. he saw what he thought was a burglar-- "a" for effect, mr. tyrell. but we have a witness who can identify your client's voice. the young girl? you sure you want to put her on the stand so i can cross-examine her? katie conlan can handle whatever you dish out. all right. let's say you take no position on parole, and roy gets out in 25 years. roy gets out in 30, and only if he gives us the name of his accomplice. well...a name. a name. an address. some way of finding this person. you don't know who he is, do you, roy? it was nick's guy. and nick didn't tell you anything about him.
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lady, you can kiss my dumb muscle. (cutter) i'm sure you'll have plenty of takers where you're going for the rest of your life. good-bye, roy. mr. cutter, before you go there's a problem locating the warrant the police used to enter the pet store. i need it to prepare roy's defense. could you send me a copy? soon as i get your discovery motion. (rubirosa) i had a feeling that warrantless search was gonna come back and bite us in the ass. it might not. if we find the brains behind the kidnapping. the police have any luck tracing those phone cas? yeah, prepaid phone. brilliant. this friend ofofick just didn't flit through nick's life without leaving a trace. thanks. we vetted nick's friends, all three of them. we checked the phone records going back a year. no mystery man. well, maybe you should look for other distant cousins. (lupo) hey, check out all this stuff.
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these guys were in for the long haul. any guess what this is? [crank winding] see, they used it to crank open the door when t power went out. but the question is, why'd they take it with them? yeah, and why would conlan have two in his garage? the answer is he wouldn't, would he? nick and roy brought is one. they probably didn't leave it behind because they knew it could be traced back to them. and how did they know they were gonna need this thing to open the garage door in the first pce? exactly. someone matching nick's description bought this at a securi-door dealer in long island city two days before the blackout. they knew there was gonna be a blackout? neat trick. maybe this missing accomplice worked at the power company. you should ask them what caused the blackout. the official story is an overload due to peak demand. i bet the unofficial story is a lot sexier.
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(mccoy)i noticed you haven't answered barkin's discovery motion for a search warrant. you're tracking defense motions? you must have a lot of free time, jack. maybe you can he me update my phone book. funny. so there's a problem with the search warrant? no problem. no warrant. the judge wouldn't sign it. i told the cops to go in anyway. mike. there were exigent circumstances! how was i supposed to know nick costas had a cousin living in the pet shop with an expectation of privacy? soon as roy barton's lawyer learns there's no warrant, your whole case goes away. by the time he finds out, i'll have the missing accomplice. i can argue inevitable discovery. what do you do for fun, mike? juggle chainsaws? with my neck on the line? who said this is your prosecution? i'm happy to take the hit.
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(cutter) we talked to the power company, mr. declan. the power company said you went offline during a period of peak demand. that's what caused the blackout. they were forced to buy power from another supplier. what can i say? we had to shut down for maintenance. during 110% peak demand. machines don't know from peak demand. i had a recuperator that was about to blow. i had to take the power company offline to repla it. you still have the old recuperator? maybe. why? the fbi'll want to take a look at it to see if it was about to blow. the fbi? what for? it may be evidence in a kidnapping. and sie this is new jersey, and the kidnapping took place in new york, fbi has jurisdiction-- whoa, whoa, wh! kidnapping? they never said anything about a kidnapping. who didn't say? nobody, i already said too much-- who, mr. declan?
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they bought the plant six months ago. they told you to go offline? yeah, you want to hear it for yourself? (man) if you took down the plant, how long would it take to get it back up? (declan) it's not something you want to just turn on and off every hour, let's put it that way. (man) why don't you just go ahead and shut her down? (declan) right now? the grid's gonna crash. you'll put lights out all over new york. (man) boo freakin' hoo. grandma millie's just gonna have to sit in the dark with her freakin' cats. (declan) that's cold, man. (man) you think that's cold, wait till she gets her power bill for 300 freaking bucks a megawatt hour. the other voice belongs to paul kleist, the vp of energyne. a vice president of a power company involved in a kidnapping--come on. i agree. so what are they up to? energyne just buys power plants to let 'em sit idle? the plant manager can't figure it out either. whatever it is, we're gonna wish it was as c and dry as a kidnap-murder. you mean you're gonna wis this is the soup you asked to be in.
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(kleist on tape) grandma millie's just gonn have to sit in the dark with her freakin' cats. so excuse me for not being warm and cuddly. we own the facility. we can shut it down. turn it into a freakin' jellybean factory if we want to. i'm not warm and cuddly either, mr. kleist, and i'm not going anywhere until i'm satisfied you had a legitimate reason to shut down that power plant and cause a blackout. mr. cutter, we came here as a courtesy. but you have regulatory authority over an energy facility. but i do have the authority to charge mr. kleist here as an accomplice to a murder-kikiapping. you have 24 hours to comply with our subpoena. after that, the police will be arresting mr. kleist and transporting him to the tombs, where lights out is at 10:00. it's a long time to sit in the dark.
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i've gotten calls from the ftc, the energy department, the city public utilities commission. mike's hit them all with subpoenas. what the hell are you two up to? ask mike. i've been in court all day. this is all from energyne? (cutter) energyne. consumers energy watch. public utility hearings. anti-trust commission. i can't read this. well, i can. now i'm worried. mike, i hope this has some bearing on the conlan kidnapping. i'm not sure, but did you know that energyne twice took its new jersey power plant offline this summer for unscheduled maintenance? the fit time resulted in brownout. that's fascinating. yes, and they own another facility in pennsyania. they took that one down three times since june. that resulted in one blackout and two brownouts. you'd think energyne would be in the business of selling power, not not selling it. there's another company. delph-power. they own a power plant in connecticut. every time energyne took one of its power plants
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new york had to buy its electricity from delph-power at four times the going rate. the two companies are colluding to manipulate energy prices. this is from a friend at the sec. energyne and delph-power are owned by a consortium. the majority stakeholder in both companies is a hedge fund-- mattawin capital. oh! this is good news? well, not if you're the chief executive officer of mattawin capital. are you people crazy? we don't manipulate energy markets. it's illegal. then what did you and mr. kleist at energyne discuss on the phone three days before the blackout, two days before the brownout before that, and... two days before the blackout in july? and with his counterpart at delph-power on those very same days. my wife is dead.
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why don't you solve that crime? mr. conlan, the person who masterminded the kidnapping knew what you were up to. they bought tools and supplies in anticipation of the blackout. (rubirosa) it may be someone in your office. someone with access to your phone calls or emails. for the last time... the blackout just happened. nobody planned it. hey, katie. hi. dad, we have to get going. i'll be right out, sweetheart. there's a memorial service for isabel. how you doing? okay. went back to school yesterday. come on, honey. i wanted to thank the detectives who saved me, but i don't know how to get in touch with them.
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he's not taking us seriously. should i call ahead and have 'em warm up the subpoena machine? the pet store. they did aquariums? and terrariums. "bob kort aquasystems." nice try. galaxy o' petsss. excuse me. we were just admiring the aquarium. oh, yeah, the fish. yeah, the place that set it up, galaxy o' petssss. i think they went out of business. do you remember who they had servicing the tank? um, tall guy. rick, nick, something. who sits here? one of the i.t. geeks. marty. marty was friends with nick?
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marty's out sick? yes. since the blackout. he exchanged a few phone calls with nick costas. so what? costas was trying to sell me a scorpion fish. oh, yeah? how much dide want for it? you don't believe me. ask costas. oh, right. he's dead. (green) what about what's in your computer, marty? evidence you hacked into conlan's emails, voicemails, pictures of his family, his house. he's a rich guy. i wanted to see how he lives and how he works. how he makes money. maybe i'd learn something. become a rich guy like him. just harmless voyeurism. a simple misdemeanor at most. that's all marty's guilty of. right, he's innocent, but when we found him he wasiding under a car in his mother-in-law's garage. maybe we got this upside down, ed. marty here looks like the mastermind of nothing. maybe nick called the shots,
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told him to hop to. is that what it is, marty? you a little worker bee? you take orders from nick and rich guys like conlan. left by yourself, the best you could do is grovel in the grease under a car-- they're just trying to provoke you. we're finished tking. as dumb as it sounds, marty has a story, anwe can't shake it. he erased the actual emails he hacked from conlan. so there's no evidence he knew the blackout was coming. and no evidence to connect him to roy barkin. we need conlan to testify to what was in those emails. those was confidential internal communications. we're not obliged to divulge the contents. you sent those emails to mr. kleist just days before the blackout. we can guess what was in them. you guessed wrong. mr. conlan, unless we can prove marty dressler knew you were gonna trigger a blackout, we might not be able to convict him.
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can't you leverage him against dressler? we're not sure how much he knows about dressler. even then, the leverage against barkin might not hold up. what do you mean? you caught him. he had my daughter. he killed my wife. i'm gonna be frank with you, mr. conlan. there's a prlem with the search that led to barkin's arrest. on my authority, the police went in without a proper warrant. that's why we need your testimony to leverage dressler against barkin. if what you allege about the emails is true, i'd be admitting to fraud. i'd go to jail. katie would be alone. we can come to terms, mr. conlan, if you agree to testify-- it's not just you. it's the feds, the sec. you can't speak for them. they'd tear me apart. the people who killed your wife might go free. [approaching footsteps] [door closes] the movers are coming tomorrow. we have a lot to do by then. mr. conlan, please--
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to fix your mistake... i'm not doing it. but, hank, these are exceptional circumstances. no, i haven't talked to albany. i didn't see the point unless you were on board. i'm sorry you feel that way, hank. sure, good night. [hangs up telephone] so that's 0 for five. the feds won't consider giving conlan a deal. (rubirosa) they'd rather sting up a white-collar criminal than put two murderers away. from where they sit, the murderers only killed two women, while the white-collar criminal stole from 8 million voters. the logic unassailable. why not go after kleist and energyne? if they fold, conlan mht see the writing on the wall and testify. the lawyers are stacked ten deep around energyne. it'll be five years before that case even gets to trial. you can always hope roy barkin's lawyer doesn't notice the cops went in without a warrant. (rubirosa) too late.
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sometimes there's just one too many chainsaws. on the bright side, you can take credit for uncovering a massive frd against the citizens of this state. that's just about money. barkin and dressler killed two people. do you still havea subpoena pad? for who? conlan's daughter. i want her in court. people v. roy barkin and martin dressler on for motions. mr. tyrell, you're up first. your honor, this is a motion to suppress evidence seized during the warrantless search of the premises my client was domiciled in. for the record, defendant dressler takes no part in the motion-- you honor-- hold on, counselor. you'll get your turn to respond to the motion. judge, the people have an application that will obviate the need for defense motions.
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at this time, the people are unable to sustain the charges against defendants dressler and barkin. we move to dismiss the indictment, reserving the right to re-present at such time as the evidence will support the charges. the people's request is granted in its entirety. defendants are to be released and processed out forthwith. what are you doing? you're letting them go? i warned you what would happen if you didn't help us. let's go. d, what does he mean-- not now, sweetie. what does he mean? i'll tell you, katie. don't you dare! she's the victim. she's the one i answer to. i made a mistake, katie. and so did your father. and now i can't make a case against those men because your father is withholding a key piece of evidence. you stop now. they knew your father was gonna cause a blackout to drive up electricity prices. that's why they planned the kidnapping for that day. but your father won't tell the truth, because he's afraid of going to jail.
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now, katie... you're a good, decent person. you want to see justice done. dad, they killed isabel. they killed mom. katie, they'll take me away from you. they'll take everything away-- i don't care! you have to help. they killed mom. doesn't that mean anything to you? honey, it means everything to me. but if i'm in jail, there'll be nobody there for you. nobody to take care of you. katie, i'll lose you. i don't want to live with you if you can't tell the truth. i don't. you have to tell the truth.
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the emails you refer to contain my instructions to paul kleist at energyne to take one of his power plants offline. an action we both knew would cause a shutdown of the power grid in new york city. and why did you direct mr. kleist to take such action? because it would allow another power plant owned by my company to charge above-market rates. exorbitant rates. and mr. dressler stumbled across your illegal scheme to defraud the public. yes. what i did was inexcusable. it was selfish and greedy. many people were hurt. many people. i'm sorry.
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(cutter) thank you. no more questions. your witness.
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when the bomb went off. she was barely breathing when they put her in the bus. (lupo) what's her name? emerson. lori emerson. lori emerson. what's it look like? finding pieces of a pipe bomb. oh. right. can i borrow that? so... what is this? looks like it's from an alarm clock. that's old school, huh? i'm gonna need a list of the tenants and all the security camera footage from the lobby and the street, okay? the other guard went to the hospital with the victim. yeah, from what i hear he could end up being our only living witness. ugh, yoga classes. prenatal.


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