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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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it's ticking. it's ticking? yeah. let's just keep it calm and back everybody up, okay? guys, we need you to back up, okay? please, folks. folks, will you please clear the area? central, 12 david. be advised, we have a suspicious package at union square park at 14th and oadway. have bomb squad respond at this time, please. do you have the appraisal? i have the appraisal. okay. what about the letter from the mortgage broker? i got the letter from the mortgage broker. come on, stop worrying. okay. maybe you should have worn your blue tie. why? it brings out your eyes. what? blue implies honesty, dependability, trust. danny: i'm asking him to refinance our mortgage, not marry me. i know. i'm just nervous, that's all. don't be nervous. we got this in the bag, okay? my job is secure, our credit is good, and we have been with this bank for over 20 years. isn't that right? mr. reagan. mrs. reagan. hi. how are you? please, right this way.
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(quietly): relax. (indistinct police radio chatter) man: what is it? what's going on? someone left an unattended bag. aw, man. is it a bomb? we're not sure what it is yet, sir. that's why we're checking it out. (crowd gasps) (people clapping)
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why's everybody laughing? it's a spanky. what's a spanky? the guerilla street artist, spanky. you've never seen his art around town? this isn't art. this is yelling "fire" in a packed theater. yeah. we did everything by the numbers with the appraisal. mm-hmm. even used the company the bank recommended. yeah. our mortgage broker says we're a slam dunk. slam dunk. slam dunk. (sighs) i'm sorry. we're not gonna be able to refinance your mortgage at this time. you what? why not? i suggest you check back with us in a year. a year? to a year and a half. no, no, no. you hold on to those, because there's got to be some mistake. okay, danny, danny... we got to work this out here. linda: you know what my husband is really saying here is that we have been very loyal to this bank-- 20 years
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yeah, so that much loyalty maybe deserves a little bit of a reward. big ward. we appreciate your business. we do. that's why i hope you'll check back with us in a year. to a year and a half. well, i think that you... man: listen up! (woman screams) do exactly as i say and nobody gets hurt! everybody down on the ground! woman: get down! everybody get down on the floor! man: get on the floor! (robbers continue shouting) man: heads down! heads down! everybody on the ground! danny, get down, get d... all right. heads down! get on the ground! man: keep your head down! let me see your hands! let me see your hands! heads down! man: bags, purses and phones!
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i need all wallets, phones and purses out now! you! (gasping) get up! move! hurry up! open the vault! woman: heads down! come on, open it. (gasping) (beeping, buzzing) (gasps) fill it up! get your head down! down! all right! (whimpering) come o all of it! all right. woman: cell phones and wallets! take it easy. give it to me! here! here! woman: give me the bag! man: let's go! hurry up! on t ground! come on.
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(whispers): aren't you gonna do something? you're a cop. shut up. tell him to do something. in, like, a year to a year and a half. woman: what is going on here? nothing. he was nervous. i just told him to-to relax and no one's gonna get hurt. sit up! what? sit up. i'm on the ground like everyone else. sit up! (whispers): it's okay. are you a cop? no, i'm not a cop! i'm just... are you a cop? no! time! we're out. now! let's go! now! now! you, on your feet! dial 911 right now.
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i need you to remember something, okay? okay. listen to me. okay. female, white, five-five, five-six. female, white. okay. southpaw. hair in a bun. male, white. okay. six-one, six-two. okay. okay. a scarred wrist. male, white. bandage on the... on the back of his neck, okay? yeah. don't move. everybody stay calm! i got it. i'll be back! okay. stay put. spanky? what kind of name is that? did his mother hate h? it's his nom de guerre. nom de what? pen name. he's an artist. no one knows his real ne. we're gonna, soon. a lot of smart people have been trying for a long time. the police? london and paris, yes. yeah, they call him an artist. 'cause i call him a terrorist. terrorist? let's not get carried away, chicken little. who you calling chicken? as in "the sky is falling." frank, you want to weigh in here? i don't think we need to move to code red just yet, sergeant. exactly. and i don't know anything about art, but i do know the law. and what he did was a felony, punishable by up to 25 years.
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you can't intentionally leave a bag that looks and sounds like a bomb in a public place. not in this day and age. but it wasn't a bomb. it was ticking. it was a balloon. that's not the point. the point is it was made to look like a bomb! that's a threat. that's intimidation. that is the very definition of terrorism. we call this guy a terrorist, and althat word implies in this day and age? we're not. but he is. you go out with that, lumping spanky with al qaeda, the boss becomes a punch line for the left and the right, from sea to shining sea! we're a police department, noan arts foundation! stop! you're hurting my head. he's not a terrorist. he's a person ofnterest in a felony hazardous act. and we do not arrest and charge on the basis of profession or profile, only on the law. now figure it out! without making it
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what are we doing out here? male white with the scars, he kept checking that window and looking in this direction. a lookout, hand signals-- from everything you've told me, they seem like a pretty sophisticated group. yeah, they knew what they were doing. which is why they would probably pick a building with the highest elevation and the most cover. perfect spot for a lookout. this building-- come on, let's take a look. perfect sight line to the bank. unobstructed view of the surrounding streets. baez: from up here, you'd know
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what are you looking for? mistakes. cigarette butt. well, you can't smokein these buildings. people probably sneak up here. it could be anybody's. yeah, but it's field-stripped. no middle-management desk jockey's gonna do that. or that. what do you got? boot prints. when i was in the military, it seemed like i spent half my time polishing my boots. call me crazy, but those look like military-issued boot prints. son of a bitch. sid, can i talk to you a sec? i got a big head, but i'm all ears. the commissioner likes you. you remind him of who he was as a cop. that's why you're valuable around here. that's nice to hear. but he's not a cop on the beat anymore, he's the commissioner. i know that. do you?
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so you can't light him up like that, sid. i didn't light up anything. you used the word "terrorist." if it walks like a duck... i don't want to get ck on that treadmill. the point is, it's our job to steer the commissioner to his best decision, not your first instinct. i'll take that as an insult. don't. then what do you mean? i just think, in the next few months, maybe it's best if you followed my lead. my instinct is what got me here, garrett. that's what cops rely on. to my point, you're not in the field. there's finesse, gradations, options and impacts to be considered. i'm not here to tap dance. i'm not saying you are, but... 'cause then the commissioner would have two of you instead of one of you and one of me. there's a learning curve, sid. and i'm on it. you want to be an asset or a liability? you really asking me that? (elevator bell dings)
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because i'm your favorite brother. says who? says the way you laugh at all my jokes. i'm laughing at you, not with you. will you come on? if you don't help me out, i got to fight through 13 rounds of department of defense red tape. that could take weeks if not months. well, i haven't spoken to holbrooke in over a year. well, this is a great excuse for the two of you to catch up. yeah, except i wasn't interested in reconnecting. just like i wasn't interested in a second date. i thought he didn't call you back. excuse me. i didn't call him. okay, well, look, what's the worst that can happen, h? you get a free cup of coffee out of the deal, right? what makes you so sure the guy you're looking for is military anyway? the footprint. besides the footprint of a boot that i'm sure i could get at any army navy store. filt from his cigarette was separated from the tobacco, the paper was crumbled up with no signs of weed remaining. i'm sorry, was that an answer to my question? it's military procedure. we're trained not to leave any traces of ourselves behind, okay? so you take your cigarette butts with you. i'm pretty sure that's what he was doing, but he must have dropped it. how do you even know that?
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look, can't you just have holbrooke run a test on the dna i gave you? i'm wrong, hey, i'll spring for the coffee myself. you're notrong. the dna on the cigarette belongs to red army sergeant joe raymond. you were testing me. yes, because it cost me more than a cup of coffee. i have to have dinner with him. well, lucky you. thank you. for the free dinner?
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joe raymond. detective reagan. this is detective baez. detectives, how can i help you? we're with the lost and found department, joe. and we found something you lost. i'm not sure i understand, detective. you dropped it on the rooftop when you were doing lookout for the robbery. i wasn't on any roof. i don't know anything about a bank robbery. we didn't say it was a bank. why don't you come with us. we're gonna have a little chat down at the squad? (stutters) wait, stop! am i under arrest? we'll talk about it at the squad. no, am i under arrest for something or am i not? this is real bad for you, joe. anything you do now in the way of cooperating
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yes or no, detective? technically, no. then have a nice day. we'll sit on his place, see if he goes anywhere or anyone comes to visit. we could do that. you got a better idea? raymond just made a call to a restaurant in the east village. you went up on his phone? i got a court order. i know. good work. wow. like that's never happened. that damn spanky's at it again. had to shut down the area around bethesda fountain. press conference? just a release today. try to tilt it in our favor. like i wouldn't? i know you disagree with me, but it's my call. i'm just trying to look out for you. for t office.
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we're launching missiles at a gopher. so this is about gormley. he's got a job to do, same as you do. i worry about him having your ear. well, don't. look, i like you; i respect you; in many ways, i genuinely look up to you. but i think you have a blind spot when it comes to how you view your command. do you, now? yes. and lately i think you put too much emphasis on how you're connected to your officers and not enough emphasis on how you're connected to, and perceived by, the rest of the world out there. it does matter. bring me the release when you have it, please.
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keep your eyes open for anything that doesn't look right. like that cobb salad? okay, folks, you ready for some chow time? (whispering): that's her. who? it's the girl from the bank. you sure? it's her voice. excuse me. we're ready to order. um, this isn't actually my section, so i'll get your server. please? we're in a bit of a rush. you were right. i am a cop. uh, i don't know what you're talking about. yeah, you do. joe raymond called you 40 minutes ago. yeah, how about you tell your boss you're gonna take a walk outside. danny. hold it!
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hold it! stop! move it! (screams) hold it! watch out! i think you're gonna need i.t. to take a look at our server again. i never got the e-mail on this meeting. garrett, i'm sorry. it's fine. i'm not mad, but we do need to fix this. garrett, no. you didn't get the e-mail for the meeting because you're not on the list. what do you mean?
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i see. i'm sorry. no, not at all. all right, angela cabot, who was your friend? why'd he do the hundred-yard dash when he saw us? i don't know. you'll have to ask him that, won't you? that's okay. i know who his. he was the one checking the window in the bank. i recognized the scar on his wrist. lot of people have scars. yeah, a lot of people don't run from the cops either. anything else? my boss is gonna start getting pissed. danny: yeah, i got something else. how long did you serve in the military? who says i did? well, the hand signals used in the bank says you did. nice try. you referred to lunch as "chow time." military jargon. coincidence? i did one tour. months in baqubah. there you have it. so you did a tour in baqubah,
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and also same, i'm guessing, as, uh, crazy legs whjust took off here. so want to tell us what the hell's going on with a bunch of former soldiers robbing banks? don't say a word. who the hell are you? my name is eli campbell. i'm her attorney, and this interview's over. it's not an interview, eli campbell, it's a conversation amongst friends. not anymore it's not. let's go. you called your lawyer? you got a problem with that? innocent people don't usually have their lawyers on speed dial. another word out of you, and i'll file harassment charges. have a nice day, detectives. he was with them. what? the lawyer. he was the one bagging the cash inhe bank. he had a bandage over his tattoo. seriously? son of a bitch. what theell is going on here? shop kohl's... this thursday through monday!... because yes2you
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