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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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(gasping) no! (groans) what, are you flying solo, reagan? my partner banged isick. what do we got? uh, victim's name is courtney thurman. she's a freshman at the college. she was on her way home from the library. next thing she knows, perp's got her othe ground, yanks her jeans, rips her underwear. and then the crazy part. he didn't finish the deed. yeah. this is the second sexual assault we had on campus tonight. send your kid to college to get an education, instead, you get some mutt collecting trophies. how's the girl? she's okay. she's a little shook up. she seems like a pretty good kid. she able to identify the perp? no, some goon with a stocking pulled over his face. she say anything about an suv? yeah, she said she was llowed by a black escalade. great-- panties, stocking, escalade. it's the same mo. we got a sexual predator on a spree. no, no, no, you got to go back the other way.
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yeah. right. (laughs) yeah. ow. (laughs) no, you're supposed to hit the other guy in the head. yeah, yeah. sydney: what about morgan hall? remember patricia's wedding? it was beautiful, wasn't it? sure, syd. i was thinking about going topless to the wedding. you okay with that? sounds good. did you see that? no. do it again. ah. yeah. getting there. i got to. erin: whatever you do, stay away from morgan hall. the food? the bad luck. (sighs) what's wrong, syd? you have your own problems. you don't need to hear mine. the only problem i have right now is in san francisco with my daughter. want a cup of tea? it's just... you know, i'm happy jamie's doing something he loves. it's nothing. a harvard lawyer put a ring on your finger,
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you have every reason to be thrown by that. no, it's not that, really. i'd marry jamie if he worked a booth in the midtown tunnel. just as long as i didn't feel like he loved taking tolls more than he loved talking to me. you can't take it personally, syd. it's not you. it's the job. it's like my mother used to say. a woman cannot compete with the gun and the shield. is that why you never dated any cops? geez. yeah. probably. instead, i married a defense attorney who turned out to be a sleazebag. so what do i know? (laughs) danny: anything else, courtney? can you describe his voice? he never said a word. what about his hands? were they rough, soft? did they have any distinct odor coming off him?i'm sorry. (sniffling) it just happened so suddenly, you know? i do. it's all right.
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hey, detective? yeah. excuse me. yeah. anonymous call to 911 just reported a female screaming for help eight blocks from here. you're kidding me. all right. this is so nick and nora. i mean, this whole place to ourselves? how do you do it? in this economy? i just called around till i found someone who needed business. no. that veal chop would have a line around the corner. well, maybe this is the night he closes. but he opened just for you. well, mayb someone saved his life once. well... someone saved his life once? robber had a knife at his throat, and then he didn't. well, this is a risk, frank. well, risk is the price you pay for opportunity. and what sort of opportunity? the opportunity of sitting across from you at dinner, thinking about later. hmm.
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(sighs) (heavy sigh) keep it off the air. i want the chief of d's there to brief me. same with manhattan north. am i going to see you later? i don't think so. anything you'd like to share? yes, there is. aughs) gee, thanks. i'm sorry about this. (sighs) yeah, get me the news desk. hey, it's kelly. listen, there's something happening manhattan north, and it's not on the police radio. danny: talk to me.
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she's beat pretty bad, not saying much too much. but i'll tell you this. the guy who raped her was a mean son of a bitch. hold on. he raped her? yeah. great. so this guy's been building up the courage all night to finally take what he wanted. the only good news is that, in the struggle, she grabbed at the perp's mask. got a glimpse of him before he hit her again. she able to i.d. the guy? caucasian, medium build. thinks he's got brown hair. oh. that's a start. woman: two students were attacked, and then there was an escalation to rape. we have a sexual predator targeting university co-eds. that's why you called me in? i felt it was important, sir. baker, you did good. where e we at with it? chief of d's had all surveillance video pulled from the area's argus system and forwarded it to major case manhattan north has doubled police patrols. get the names and numbers for the victims' families. they should hear from the nypd before the press breaks this. commissioner. kelly (on tv): yes, j, we are here live. it's a gruesome scene at morningside park
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can you turn up the volume on that one? on the scene, and unfortunately, they're aren't any suspects yet, but the police are canvassing the area, so hopefully, we'll hear something soon. pretty soon, they'll be able to report the news before it happens. (sighs) captioning sponsored by cbs there are a lot of ways to pack your breakfast with protein. but the most delicious way is to just add milk.
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(rustling sound effects, spooky music) did we put away all the food? define all... ahhhhhhhhh! (cheetos crunching)
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reagan, where are we? hey, sarge. we got the sketch artist over at the hospital with the rape victim. she's innd out of consciousness, but they're working on a likeness. all right, put it up in the media. put it up in the neighborhood. i'm on it. what do you got? nypd argus footage, and, uh, the university's own surveillan. hopefully, somewhere in here i get a look at this escalade. i think of my own daughter.
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patrols have been doubled on campus. additional foot-posts have been added. and anti-crime units will be running regular sweeps through the area. does nypd have any suspects? do you have any suspects? not yet, willis. wee in the early stages of the investigation. both: do we have a description of the rapist? white male, medium build, in his 20s or 30s. do you have any firm leads, commissioner? i think i already answered that question, miss davidson. thank you. that's all for now. commissioner! one more question! (monitor beeping steadily) danny: mr. ryder? (knocking) i'm detective reagan. they jusgave her a shot to help her sleep. we're gonna do all we can to get the guy who did this to your daughter, sir. they say the next 24 hours are itical. look, i know this is uncoortable for you, but i do have to ask you some questions, sir. your daughter, um--- any reason to think she was targeted? ex-boyfriend, problems with a stalker?
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she-she would have told me. we speak every day on the phone. she got an a on her biology test. she's, uh, premed. (sniffles) did she do any work outside of school? part-time job? no. she's on scholarship. i give her all the pocket money she needs. i just keep thinking about how... scared she must have been. i'm really sorry, mr. ryder. yeah. please. walter. walter. see, it's just been the two of us. we, uh... (sniffles) ...lost her mother 15 years ago to cancer. not a day has passed that i don't wish that she was still here with us. until today.
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shouldn't be doing something? we are. besides contributing to your high cholestol. why don't we recanvass those electronic stores? you know, maybe that stickup guy hits again. let me tell you something. lots of cops burn themselves out chasing down every half-assed lead like it's the french connection, but never learning the secret to being a good cop. is that extra mayo? hey, i make the jokes around here, rookie. all right. i'm talking about the art of doing nothing. it's amazing you don't have your own command by now. i'm serious. nypd will spend millions of dollars of hours and manpower setting up stings and takedowns, but if they just taught more cops the art of observing... what, nannies, skateboarders? well, for instance, that yupster over there in the mandals, eleven o'clock, what do you think he's doing he's reading the newspaper. no. that's what he wants his wife to think he's doing. what he's really doing is checking out those blondes doing tai chi.
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okay, wiseass. you see that? what? the guy in the suit-- look at him. see him touching his hip like he's looking for something? what, checking to see if his wallet's still there? you wear your wallet on your hip? huh? that guy's got a gun, reagan. he does? well, let's go toss him. no. why not? what, a gun collar? are you crazy? why not? 'cause he's a cop, reagan. mike respoli. works out of the 2-5. he plays on my softball team-- center field. okay, so i knew... but you didn't. all right. i wish i could be more helpful. he was bind me, i never got a real look at him.
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it was horrible. was there anything else you might have forgotten, any small details you might have left out? i heard about the other girl. i guess i was lucky. hard to say it was luck, what happened to you. hey. uh, they didn't have tomato and rice, so... it's vegetable, okay? perfect. this is my best friend renee and my boyfriend blake. this is the detective i was telling you about. he just wanted to ask me some more questions. should we come back? danny: no, no, actually, uh, maybe you can help. take a look at this sketch, see if it reminds you of anybo you know, or anybody you might have seen around. sorry. not really. okay, i'll tell you what. if any of you guys remember something-- i mean, anything at all comes to mind-- i want you to give me a call anytime. we'll get this guy. blake: you just hear about this stuff. never think it's going to happen to you. you take good care of r.
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hey, sarge, i'm back. how'd you do? yeah, you know, i put the sketch out there. it's pretty generic. you have any luck? a ground rule double. video footage captures an escalade matching the description in the area. we got a nice picture of it rolling down broadway, but we only got a partial license plate. anything pop at the dmv? yeah, we got two real strong possibles. we got a vincent harrah of west 91st street and a sofia calso of park avenue. west 91st street is about 15 blocks from the last attack. yeah, mr. harrah has also been a contestant with us before. yeah, i see, uh, he has two priors-- possession of ecstasy and domestic abuse. yeah, i put out a finest message. get every rmp looking for these license plates. all right. i'm gonna go visit mr. harrah and ring his bell. you have a problem, man?
11:17 pm
hey, where you going? hey! (groans) good, now stay there; i'll bring you some ice. hey! if i catch you, i'm gonna break your other leg! (grunting) come on. may i? where you going? come here. (grunts) you arresting me? what did i do? shut up and get your hands in front. i didn't do anything. is that why you jumped out a window, huh? is that why your car was at the scene of a rape last night? rape?! i didn't rape anybody. i was at the yankee game last night.
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(katz's employee hey!!! hey what's up? hey can i pay with my phone? you mean like apple pay? we don't got that. no like samsung pay. kind of works everywhere. even on this janky old thing. he wants to pay with his phone. whadda ya want hannibal? i want to pay with my phone. don't look at the cameras mike. it doesn't work. watch me. boom! ! samsung pay is here and pretty much everywhere else. no, no, no, we just collared our guy. reagan. yeah. yeah! we gotta cut him loose. who? who? vincent harrah who. from the jumbotron video of last night's ball game at yankee stadium. your perp's alibi just checked out with 35,000 eyewitnesses. says he only rabbited 'cause of the drug priors.
11:23 pm
what, no reagan riot act? i guess it's your lucky day. i just hung up with the 17th. two uniforms just pulled over the other suv with the partial plate match. finally, captain, thank you so much r coming. these idiots have been keeping us here. sofia calso? yes, do you have any idea what the traffic is going to be like going out to the hamptons now? no, actually, i have no idea. um, is this your vehicle, ma'am? yes, it's my vehicle. would you mind telling me what's going on? because they wouldn't. yeah. were you using this car last night? i was at the metropolitan museum of art for a charity auction. i took a town car. would you happen to have the name and number of the car service you used? this is outrageous. do you have any idea who i am? sofia calso. my husband is the deputy counsel of argentina. i have diplomatic immunity. you have no right to stop and detain me. is that what that little... yes. ...emblem means? yes. exactly. nice. precely. well, look, a vehicle matching yours in make and model with a similar license plate
11:24 pm
don't be ridiculous. would anyone else have had access to this vehicle, ma'am? i've had enough of this. i'm not talking to you people anymore. some pretty fancy mper stickers back there. your kids must go to some nice schools. yes, my daughter's a freshman at brown, and my son is in college here in neyork. are you finished? yeah, for now. thank you. thank you. have a great day. sebastian calso? barney miller? ha. yuk-yuk. that's good. hey. guess who's been tapped for open mic night at central booking. hey. i'm talking to you. i'm kind of busy with classes right now. so i think, like, never, maybe. i think, like, now, maybe. i'll let my dad decide. your dad? officer? it's "detective," actually. oh, of course. the business suit. claudio calso, deputy consul of argentina. well, mr. deputy consul,
11:25 pm
about his whereabouts last night. his mother told me you might be stopping by. but i'm afraid it would be impossible for you to question him. why is that? i am asserting his diplomatic immunity. well, look, a violent rape was committed within the proximity of the school grounds. we know sebastian's escalade was in the area, so i just wanted to see if he'd seen anything. sebastian? apparently not. okay, look-- a woman was beaten and red. and sebastian shrugs his shoulders, and that's "apparently not" i do not like your tone, detective. well, forgive me. i never made it to finishing school. this conversation is now over. sebastian-- take you out to lunch. yuk-yuk. gormley: lab report came back snake eyes on the rape kit. they got a sample, but no matches in the system. i gotta tell you, sarge, i'm really liking the diplomat's kid for this. well, right now, your case is weaker than the mets bullpen.
11:26 pm
you got a parking sticker on a car. you got a rough sketch, and you got a suspect with diplomatic immunity, which, as you know, is absolute. it's not my fault i can't talk to the kid. you got to take it up with one pp. they just called down. the commissioner has this. sarge, if i could get in this kid's apartment-- the mmissioner has this. let those four words be the gospel according to gormley, okay? get some sleep, reagan. i like it better when you fight back. yeah, yeah. (guffaws) deputy consul. commissioner. thanks for coming. please, sit down. i was having some coffee. would you like some? yes, thank you. actually, this isn't the first time we've met. it was a few years ago at gracie mansion, back when i was chief of department. oh, yes. i was a police officer for over 30 years before i became police commissioner,
11:27 pm
as a father first. raised four kids. and i always let them know that they came before the job. your coffee, sir. but i also let them know that if they had done wrong, that i would be as firm with them as i would any lawbreaker on the street. that's admirable, commissioner. what i'm about to ask of you is unimaginably diicult. but it is the right thing to do. i want you to waive your son's immunity. commissioner, i've spoken with sebastian. my son did not commit these crimes. then allow us to rule him out as a suspect. permit my detectives to talk to him and take a dna sample. i'm sorry, commissioner, but it would be bad precedent for me to breach diplomatic protocol. i will not waive my son's immunity under any circumstances.
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uh, if you like good coffee, you should try some of my country's boutique blends. i will send you some beans. (door opens) take it down to the lab. they're expecting it. every morning with this one. eggs benedict, eggs florentine... i'm up to here with eggs. i got eggs coming out of my ears. jamie: whoa. stop the car. renzulli: what? there's something not right about this guy. i'shocked, reagan. shocked a harvard guy like you is mocking the vertically challenged. it's 85 degrees out. why is he wearing a coat? renzulli: and why is it bulging?
11:29 pm
(man grunts) all right. stop moving. stop moving. all right. stop moving. hey, reagan, you're not going to believe this. look what this clown just tossed. huh? congratulations, kid. you just caught your first gun collar. you hear that? let's go. this just in from the lab at one pp. (groans) you know, i'm not exactly a science major, sarge. what am i looking at here? brave new world. it's the d obtained from the suspect's biological father. you know, from the coffee cup in the commish's office. it's a partial match to the dna from the rape victim, lauren ryder. okay, we got partial plates. we got partial dna. i'm partially happy. so what? it may not be the suspect's own dna, but it shows you've been barking up the right tree. we still can't bust the kid. he's untouchable. dna from the coffee cup?
11:30 pm
i try to stay in the game. so how do you think it's going to play out? i don't know. the mayor sent his partial dna match to argentina, and we wait and see if they waive this kid's immunity. that would be nice. if they do. so? what? lunch with my beautiful daughter has been a tradition since you've been at the da's. yeah, except for it's 3:00 in the afternoon, and not a wednesday. well, maybe i remembered that you second-seated a diplomatic immunity case once. i'll poke around a little bit. see if i can find a way into, around or over this thing. always good to have a plan b. mm-hmm. and a beer. mm. kelly (on tv): channel ten news has learned that the nypd does, in fact, have a suspect... the mayor went public with this? ...of university sex attacks, but he is likely to walk
11:31 pm
he has a get-out-of-jail-free card-- diplomatic munity. now, we've also learned that the mayor's office has approached aentina... first i heard about it. you agreed, mr. mayor, to sit on this until argentina considered your request. okayfor once, having 3,000 credentialed reporters in our city works in our favor. embarrassing argentina? that's a pretty risky strategy. no. i mean, if they deny our request, then they are a cold and heartless lot who don't care about the decent citizens of this city like i do. at which point, it becomes the state department's problem. all they can do is send him back. where he becomes their problem. the point is, he is no longer my problem. and the victim and her family? since when do we bat a thousand, frank? walter: diplomatic immunity? danny: it's complicated, walter. well, it shouldn't be. you know who did it, you arrest him. hey, i don't like it anymore than you do, okay?
11:32 pm
i so much as ask this kid for the time, and i get jammed up. yeah, well, maybe i should ask him for the time. hey, i gonna pretend i didn't hear you say that. my daughter is laying in a hospital bed. where's this kid? sitting courtside at the knicks? walter, i know it doesn't make any sense, but it's the law. no. you know what, detective? it makes perfect sense. the diplomat gets to protect his kid, not the electrician. well, if you can't do somethg about it, i will. i got a better idea. how about we round up every diplomat in the city and send them back to wherever they came from? i ever tell you about the time i had the russian ambassador's car towed to the south bronx? a little glasnost straight up his tailpipe. frank: that little stunt put you in the doghouse with washington for a year, pop. also put me in favor with the rank and file for life. yes, it did. great grandpa was in a doghouse? it's an expression, stupid. linda: okay, boys. frank: easy, jack. henry: jack. jamie: i'm with danny on this one. these people abuse diplomatic privilege. they don't pay their parking tickets, their rent. they scoff at our laws. danny: oh. i think that gun bust might have knocked some sense into this kid.
11:33 pm
i am. danny: so what, sydney? you think that spoiled dipstick should get away with it? of course not. rape is heinous. i'd like to cut off the jerk's equipment myself. i just think you have a naive view of things. oh, i'm naive , huh? not that that should surprise me. aw, syd, come on. what? he's the only one who's allowed to have an opinion at the table? whoa! and in this corner-- a newcomer in the ring-- syd the kid. oh, this is great. i get to spend another sunday dinner with some ivy league attorney trying to open my eyes to the real world. okay. more cranberries anyone? you back down now, he'll never let you hear the end of it. diplomatic immunity may not be perfect, but it serves a purpose. yeah. it helps rich kids get away with rape. so what about american diplomats abroad? they don't pay their parking tickets either. i'm talking about the female diplomat in the middle east who ends up in jail because she wears inappropriate garb and doesn't have diplomatic immunity. do you really want our ambassadors
11:34 pm trumped up charges, rown in jail, and used as pawns in a diplomatic game of chicken? the world's a lot bigger than the five boroughs, danny. yeah. i'm sorry i didn't get to spend my junior year abroad like you. i had my hands full in fallujah. frank: well, argentina turned us down. they're not going to waive immunity. frank: excuse me. (danny sighs) great. there are a lot of ways to pack your breakfast with protein. but the most delicious way is to just add milk. new nature valley cereals. at least 10 grams of protein with milk, and a touch of sweetness for three new ways to power you through your day.
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mmmmmm hey! what are you doing?!, go back to sleep! now...where were we, hehe. hehehe. lay's. one taste and you're in love. payless for style.


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