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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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11:39 pm
what is it? it's a material witness order. your vehicle was used in the commission of a b felony. first degree rape, in this case. so, the city of new york says i can take you into custody now. i beg your pardon. danny: i beg your pardon. please don't make this any more fun for me than it already is. okay, sport? and my diplomatic immunity? oh, yeah. excuse me. yeah, that. mm. well, that actually went out the window the minute you divorced your husband, which of course, you failed to disclose to us. did she disclose that to you? so, now, you're gonna come down with me to central booking where you can hang out with the likes of the drug addicts and the prostitutes and the other unsavory types who tend to hang out there. until such time, of course, as you can get your son to come down and give me an interview. which i'm sure won't take too long, since you control his trust fund. shall we go? enjoy yo lunch.
11:40 pm
get him in the car. right away. what are you doing? hey! hey! what are you doing, walter? what are you doing, huh? no, i'm just sightseeing, that all. sightseeing, huh? yeah. if i pat you down, that bulge in your pocket's gonna be, what, a camera, huh? you understand that criminal possession of a firearm is a c felony, right, walter? you're a father. you try to imagine how little i care about what happens to me right now. hey, hey, hey. what about lauren? you care what happens to her? walter, if i put my hands on you, and that camera's not a camera, she's gonna be visiting you upstate for the next three years. you think that's gonna make this any better for her? so i'm supposed to do nothing? then what, detective? you tell me. huh? next semester, when she... she shows up for biology class,
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that can't happen. no, this cannot happen. now, you do yourself a favor. you walk down to that river, you find a nice, quiet spot, and you drop your little nine millimeter nikon into the water, okay? hey! you don't do tt, i'm gonna be locking up a good man here today. i'll take care of this piece of crap. go. go! whew... where are these people? it's hot as hell in here. (door opens) sorry to keep you waiting. a little shorthanded here. mind moving your jacket, please? as you know, detective, my client has agreed to this interview, but he is in no way waiving his immunity. right. that's fine. how about we start the interview with, uh, you taking off your sunglasses? how about i think about it? no. okay. suit yourself. i only have a few questions. sebastian: and i have one of my own.
11:42 pm
they haven't fixed that, have they? geez. yeah. it's been off and on lately. i've been complaining for weeks myself. i can see you have a lot of pull. huh. yeah. all right, let's get started. where were you on the night of the 16th? st. tropez. uh, no. wait. cancun. no, that was two weeks ago. (chuckling): i'm not really sure. bali? (laughs) he's funny. you think it's funny a young girl got raped, huh? no, i think it's funny that you think i need to get mine that way. i don't think anything. the evidence speaks for itself. your vehicle was at the crime scene, victim i.d.'d you, and i'd be willing to bet my salary, if you took a dna test, it'd be all over that girl. it's a good thing i'm smart enough not to take that bet. despite the temptation of winning a whole $40,000. hm. yeah, well, fortunately, i'm compensated in other ways. like when i get to see the look of love in a meat-wrangler's eye the day i make some spoiled rich kid his new cellie.
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that's a nice tattoo you got there. let's get out of here. help yourself. nice tie. oh. did it work? yeah. don't touch anything. he put his sweaty hands all over the doorknob there; he's got some drips over here and look at the table, too. puts a new spin on the term to sweat someone. yeah, but i got a question for you. why does the boyfriend of one of our victims
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mm-hmm. wolf and key can open up a lot of doors for me. look... i'm not brett favre. i had no future in professional football. come on, a girl like courtney? a girl like courtney. your girlfriend-- that's the part that i don't get. i' seen you two together. you look very happy. she's a very beautiful girl. but you knew sebastian. you knew he attacked her-- why didn't you come forward? (sighs) you'd protect a guy who'd attack your girlfriend? (trembling breath) i don't know, he... you don't know what? he attacked your girlfriend. he didn't attack her. what do you mean, he didn't attack her? if he didn't attack your girlfriend,
11:50 pm
hey. hey. who attacked your girlfriend? who did it?! i did. (sighs) (scoffs) wow. you attacked your girlfriend. it was just supposed to be a prank. prank? this year's initiation. you attacked your girlfriend as pt of a hazing? sebastian dreamed it up. the hottie hit list. the five hottest girls on campus. yeah. we'd ride around with senior members, and when we got their panties... we'd check their name off. so youantsed her. your own girlfriend. i thought at least i'd be careful and she wouldn't get hurt. right, 'cause chivalry's not dead with you. so now it's sebastian's turn. you and your buddies, you're all in the car. what'd you do?
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did you watch? you watch him rape that innocent... to verify. to verify what?! we didn't know he was gonna rape her! we didn't! he went nuts. he went nuts, and the rest of you sat around and you watched? that makes you all part of it now. that makes you all future masters of the universe accessories to aggravated rape. you know, kid, you wanted to be just like them. well, congratulations, you are. (sighs) danny: lock 'em all up. bring 'em all. let's go. any other day we lock up 50 degenerate rich kids, i'm howling to the moon. but with this mutt sebastian still on the loose... i gotta roll.
11:52 pm
get ready to start howling. hey! i'lle back for you! frank: i don't know, kelly. i just don't think we should see each other. (door opens) i'm sorry, i gotta go. five minutes-- i do not want to miss the beginning of la boheme. sit down. four minutes. as you know, your son came into the nypd for an interview. seems that our air-conditioning was broken... three minutes. frank: what baker was about to say, claudio, is your son dripped his dna all over the room. baker: forensics compared hisample with those taken from the victim as part of the rape kit performed after the attack. (beeping)
11:53 pm
commissioner, despite what your evidence may or may not show, it is immaterial. my son remains protected under diplomatic immunity. that's true. he is protected... here. baker: nypd forwarded sebastian calso's dna profile to officials in argentina. specifically, the buenos aires police department. it was run against evidence collected in the rape and beating of a 19-year-old buenos aires student last summer. i'm afraid that, too, is a match. oh, god. our state department will give your son 24 hours to return to argentina, where he will be tried for that crime, and he will be convicted and sent to mendoza. mendoza prison is your country's most notorious... claudio: i know.
11:54 pm
frank: of course, you could decide to waive your son's immunity, allow nypd detectives to take him into custody and risk a fair trial here. he is my son, commissioner. and the girl he raped is another man's daughter. oh, time's up. on your way to the opera, call your son and explain it to him. henry: so, what are you doing here with me instead of at home with your beautiful fianc\e? sydney's pulling an all-nighter at the law firm. ah. i don't know, i guess i just...
11:55 pm
(chuckles) so, how's it been, first few weeks on the job? every time i do something, my sergeant tells me how i should've done it differently. (chuckles) and then i think about what danny would've done, and that's something else. good cops are made by the world they police. i was the kind of cop i needed to be in my time, so was your dad, so was danny. now your dad runs the city, and danny's... adapting to the changes, and i'm a dinosaur. (chuckles softly) listen to your sergeant. become your own kind of good cop. i've seen that picture before. which? what's that pin?
11:56 pm
i told you about that. i didn't know danny was one. yeah, he joined. it was a different thing by then. different how? (sighs) in my day, we formed the templar for a reason-- to clean up the department. after the jowas done, it became just another club-- drinking and war stories. you know what? that's more dinosaur talk. let's see what happened with the jets. danny: step back. step aside. hold on. whoa, whoa, whoa. hold on, hold on. let's see, something's not quite right. oh, yeah, there we go. what's the matter, you got no jokes today?
11:57 pm
how's she doing? she's gonna be okay. he's not. henry: hey, francis. special delivery. where'd you get this? found it on the stoop. there's a card. erin: they're your favorite kind. who are they from? the mayor. ooh. don't mind if i do. erin: speaking of our civic leader... nry: uh-oh. oh, here he goes.'s a victory for the city of new york. i'm just happy that the government of argentina heeded my advice and did the right thing. (scoffs) a weasel. yeah. dad does all the work, and the mayor takes the credit? sounds familiar. if you're looking for a pat on the back, don't become a cop. aw.
11:58 pm
yeah, good job, dad. good job, son. (others laughing) don't smoke that in the house. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh (trains rattling on tracks)
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you reach out to me with this score, i'm thinking, there's no guy more right for this th my man kola. why is he giving me a beef about whether or not the stones are gonna be there? you tell him how far back we go? come on. i've known you my whole life, bro. no, man. it's just, he's a perfectionist. trust me. that kind of attitude pays off. i've been with this guy in some serious takedowns. montreal, detroit, chicago. he never blinks. here he comes. okay, one more time. i know, i know. never leave the truck. so i am boring you? no, man. it's just... (sighs) i get it. never leave the truck. you, three minutes means three minutes. not a second more. when we are inside... i watch the room. you watch the room. somebody wants to be a hero...
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woman: how are you, sir? nice to see you again. sorry, sir. the commissioner is not... 's my son, einstein. relax. commissioner... it's okay, bill. he's my father. (chuckles) hey, my old fitz special. you know, you'd get a lot more refiwepo rif you used an automatic. oh, these days, i'm surrounded by people who can shoot for me, pop. still, the thing's practically an antique. it was built to last. (laughs) that's exactly what your grandfather said when he gave it to me. i like carrying your gun, pop. fair enough. oh, i got my new i.d. i always thought it was silly how they stamped retired all over it. may as well say, "rest in peace." you're lucky they're still paying your pension. (laughs) yeah. what is this? it's supposed to be a camel.
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brave new world. i was lucky if i got a pine plaque from the poughkeepsie police. here. pastrami on rye. mrs. friggins' kitchen. what happened to your war on cholesterol? mm... let's just say it's a tactical retreat. (clears throat) jamie: hey, so we're set for shakespeare in the park tonight? danny: can't wait. i was sitting with grandpa the other night. we were looking at pictures from the old days. i remember seeing this pin on his uniform-- the blue templar. oh? at was some kind of fraternal group? yeah, back in the days. he said you were tapped for it, too. but if it was such a, such a back-in-the-day thing... you a cop or a reporter?
12:02 am
kola: if we work smart, by tonight we will be rich. renzulli: get out of here. you and danny bringing the girls to a play? you, mr. ivy league. but danny... yeah, shakespeare in the park. my cousin's a sergeant in central park. he hooked us up with the tickets. no waiting on line. danny reagan and shakespeare in the same sentence. yeah. it's the funniest thing i ever heard. i'm trying to civilize him. yeah? you and what army? dispatch: sect adam 10-52. family at four-six-seven west five-two. ah, nah. not today. dispatch: please respond. you know this job? do i ever. it's a chronic domestic job. every three months, these two knuckleheads go to war over something.
12:03 am
the only thing good about this friggin' job is it keeps my marriage in perspective. john ganley is a pig! he sleeps with women not his wife! he's a lothario! alice... you changed tactics. shows initiative. a pig! renzulli: alice, you can basically say whatever you want, but the bullhorn and the pig, they gotta... penelope stays. you nad it? john: hey, renzulli? yeah? you see what i'm up against? i read the constitution. freedom of speech. counselor, you want to help me out here? abundant... (bullhorn squeaks) abundant case law supports restraint of speech when it infringes on public order. where'd you find this one, renzulli? hey, you wouldn't believe me if i told you. alice, you can stay, but the bullhorn and penelope-- they got to go. officer, deflate the pig.
12:04 am
okay, three minutes. (beep) woman: yeah, i can talk, mom. i'm on meal break. yeah, no, john has not told me anything.
12:05 am
so i'm kind of looking forward to that. (gasps) (panting) yeah. at the end of the day, i'm nogonna force him. three minutes now! (door slams shut female officer: thank you so much for letting vincent stay over. alright. bye. police! don't move! (gunfire)
12:06 am
(tires squealing) (people shouting and screaming) i'm sorry, sir. we have an officer down. where? when? how? a uniform assigned to manhattan south task force. she happened on a 10-30 in the diamond district. who is she? police officer michelle martin. on the job since '04, married, one child. a boy. six years old. likely? not likely? she was pronounced en route to bellevue, sir. we're withholding that information so it doesn't get out over the airwaves.assemble all the super chiefs and chiefs in the command center, forthwith. yes, sir. hogan? sir?
12:07 am
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(siren wailing) inspector? hey. this is my new partner, detective jackie curatola. we worked manhattan north narcotics back in the day. tough first day in the command. no joke. so, what do we got? bad news, danny. kid was on the job six years. she was in my command when i had the 3-4. she was real police. these guys knew what they were doing. they were in and out in three minutes. the take is north of five million. so, this officer-- she just happened upon this? yeah. according to her sergeant, she was on duty, but out to meal. she swung by the block to get her wedding ring resized. damn.
12:12 am
the witnesses are all over the map with their descriptions of the perps. the only thing they all agree on is three male whites, one tall. tall one's the shooter. so the tall guy shoots her, she fires back after she's hit, and nails the small guy. (sighs tough kid. all right, so, they come out, small guy's hit around here. stumbles over to the van. this is probably his blood, so we got a bleeder. i want to check out hospitals, doctors' offices, veterinarians. anywhere he might have gone to get some help. all right, good, okay? at this time, we have over 300 members of service deployed on canvass, extending 1,000 feet out from the location. add another hundred uniforms, go river to river. the con electric truck. nothing yet, sir. i want it found. yes, sir. department should be advised that the feds are on board.
12:13 am
to expedite any paper we might need on warrants. any questions? let's get at it. sir, the, uh, family and the husband of the deceased are waiting for you in your office. okay. linda: sorry i'm late, sydney. this is so terrible. i can't believe another cop has been killed. it's been all over the news. yeah. that poor girl. i guess this is no night to go to a miummer night's dream.
12:14 am
shakespeare can wait. always starts the same way. what do you mean? well, the fanfare, the damn media'll be crawling all over this story like a pack of rats. yeah, front page coverage for about a week. but, then you know what happens. i hope i never find out. the whole world moves on, and the family is left to suffer in obscurity. i can't imagine. they said she had a six-year-old son. yeah. you know, the department will do what it can. the family will get a nice pension. she'll makthe wall of heroes. maybe they'll name a street after her. but the hurt... well, that... that goes down the generations. how do you deal with the day-to-day,
12:15 am
every time i hear a cop has been shot... i hold my breath until i know danny is okay. and even though i feel awful for the other family, god forgive me, (sniffles) i'm so relieved it's not my danny. (siren chirping) (chuckles) (chuckles) all right. thanks for coming in. your fence give you anything good? no, ice came out of the clear blue sky. not a whisper in the gemstone community. his guess? stone's going out of the country. there's an argus camera with a perfect view of thcrime scene, only it didn't get anything. come here. look at this. it's at the same exact time as the 911 call. yeah. ba. that up hold on.
12:16 am
that can block our camera view of the crime is being fixed? this guy just happens to come along ten minutes before the heist to fix it? you think it's a coincidence? no, no, there's 330,000 street lights in new york city. how do you know that? i dated an electrician. local three guy. long story. enlighten me some other time. i don't believe in coincidences, do you? no. not on that scale. how does that happen, huh? 330,000 street lights in the city of new york, and you just happen to be fixing the one that messes up my day? what are the odds on that? you're a gambler. who told you i gamble? well, let's see. your computer, your phone bills, your text messages, your e-mails, your credit cards, and your bank records-- look, i know every asinine thing you've done since the second grade, so don't play with me. i'm just a street light guy. really? says he's just a street light guy, this guy. oh. those are my kids. uh-huh. go ahead, touch it. touch it. come on. touch it. how's it feel? feel good? well, you better learn to love it. why?
12:17 am
to touching your kids again. don't touch anything. you know what cop killers get? they get maximum security, which means no physical contact, so you don't touch anything. cop killer? all i did was park my truck. really? they killed a cop. and you helped them, so that makes you a cop killer, too. in fact, don't even look at me. turn your head away from me. now! disgusting. i was in over my head to my bookie for 50 large. he said if i don't help him and his guys, he's going to kill me. i swear on my kids' eyes. these guys are savages. and? who's your bookie? i give you these-- don't look at me. i give you these guys, my life is not worth a plug nickel. who's your bookie? pick better friends next time. i talk, i want witness protection. yes! yes! what else can we do for you today, andrew? hey, jackass! tell me who your bookie is! ricky vintano. danny: ricky vintano? happy jack vintano's kid?
12:18 am
all clear! we just missed him.
12:19 am
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hey, i want you to get dumps on these computers forthwith. you got it, danny. go. i bet you ricky winds up at his daddy's. big tough guys do. frank: detectives. commissioner reagan. vintano lee anything behind that would tell us where he's going? we seized two computers. ccs will acquire the hard drives. we'll see what kind of trail this guy left us. we're also thinking of giving his old man happy jack a shake. okay, well, i have three words for you: call my lawyer. put him under 24-hour surveillance. the kid makes contact, we'll know abut it. yes, sir. they found the con electric truck abandoned in a parking lot over on west 51st. crime scene garage going to start processing it. let's see if this tells us anything. family was in my office, danny. i got to get this son of a bitch. i'll kick down every door this punk's ever walked through, dad.
12:24 am
jackie: sarge, we finally got somewhere on the camera footage. danny: this video came from a camera located outside of a nightclub on 5-1. it's halfway between the crime scene and where the perps dumped the con electric truck. danny: that is our boy ricky vintano making his getaway with the diamonds. splitting up part of the plan? we're thinking ricky he might have called an audible, went into business for himsf. well, either way, we still have to nail ricky and his two pals, whether he's with them, or against them. yeah, well, we've rounded up every heist guy left walking. we've torn through every known associate of ricky vintano. so far, we got squat. and we checked all the hospitals for a bleeder. we got nothing. hey. you should check this guy out. we snagged him from one of ricky vintano's gambling joints. this is is billy leo. he tends bar for ricky vintano. now, the problem with billy is, he's on parole, and we found an eight ball of coke in his sock. then... two ounces in his car. tell them what you told me. (sighs) about a week ago, i'm closing up. ricky comes in with two guys.
12:25 am
and the other guy it took me a minute to recognize. why's that? it's been about 15 years. he's older. looks like he's been gobbling steroids, but he's still short. it's jimmy c. jimmy costello. danny: johnny fat's kid? yeah. him and ricky vintano, they've been best pals since growing up. two brats with major mob guys for fathers. okay. this other guy with costello, he's short, kind of stocky? no-- tall, six-two, built, foreign accent. seemed like a very heavy guy to me. is that it? that's all you got? i give you something, you going to throw me to the wolves? these guys scare me just sitting there and drinking, and i don't scare easy. (clears throat) we can't help you. come on! i can't do the kind of time that comes with that weight. hey, you think you're scared of those guys? they just killed a cop. you don't know how scary that can make me. you want to walk on the coke? i need more. i need something real. i need something real and you ain't got nothing. when they left... i went to lock the door behind them. they got into a black caddy. a rental.
12:26 am
'cause when the guy sat down, he put his keys on the bar. it was a car rental keychain. you know how many caddies are rented in new york city right now? this is baloney. wein't got time for this guy. it had new york plates. started with m-a-l. you always remember license plates? nah. it's my mother's initials. jimmy costello. another wannabe son of a real gangster. he stabs a kid outside a bar up on fordham road. his old man sends him up to montreal. yeah, i remember that case. didn't the witness to the stabbing od on heroin? uh-huh. but jimmy stayed up in montreal anyway, right? i guess word was happy jack banned him because he was too wild, but mostly just wanted to keep him away from ricky. how ironic. well, this costeo caught at least one bullet, and nothing's come up in our medical canvass; i doubt he's in any condition to travel. yeah, well, if ricky split with the diamonds, jimmy and the albanian are going to be looking for him, so he's probably still here. so we i.d.'d two out of three. we got ricky vintano and jimmy costello. just need our shooter. let's track down that black caddy. see what it says. all right.
12:27 am
hey! nicky! you got your hair cut. now i can see your beautiful face. thanks, grandpa. i missed you so much. i missed you, too. how was the coast? san francisco was amazing. plus, we went to the aquarium in monterey. it's so much cooler than the onin coney island. best time of my life. that's great. of course, she's two weeks behind on her schoolwork. what? hey, you're a rean. get in the kitchen. hit the books. go on. she's been dying to see you. yeah? i think you're stuck with the role of bad cop. (laughs): yeah. which is ironic, since i'm the only one in the family who isn't one. hey, francis. yeah? happy jack vintano's kid is the main suspect? well, he ain't no hap jack. jack used to run the numbers between bay ridge and riverdale. transports you, does it? should i put on some sinatra and nat king cole? (chuckles) different day, different way to do business. "business," he calls it.
12:28 am
"the good bad guy." i'm sure his victims feltifferently. give me some help here. hey... you know the way the city used to be. i never had your appreciation for the gray area, pop. well, let me tell you something. happy jack wanted to hurt you, you probably had it ming. he was strictly a numbers and sports guy. no guns, no girls, no dope. a regular mother teresa. how was he with the lame andowntrodden? (stammering) the guy was a marine in rea. we were in the same unit, six months apart. he gave the commissioner a run for his money. he was a worthy adversary. but on a case like this, cop killed? happy jack vintano was on our side. you remember when they killed jimmy farrell? yeah. nice kid. airborne ranger back from 'nam. chest full of medals. i went to see vintano off the books. the mutt who killed jimmy farrell? two days later, he showed up dead. wrapped in a bow. well...
12:29 am
good old days. henry: maybe not. but let me tell you something. unlike today, everyone knew where the line was... and what it cost... when you crossed it. (sighs) you know, officer martin joined the department right after seeing me speak at syracuse. you know, sometimes i think you blame yourself for joe. anytime a cop dies, it's like losing a member of the family. don't forget he jumped out of bed every morning he was on the job. and everything i've heard about officer martin says she was the same way. price of leadership inspiring people to their doom? no. you inspire people to do the right thing. the price is what we sometimes pay for the life we choose.
12:30 am
this the surveillance video on happy jack vintano? yeah. this guy is the pork store, the cheese store, the bakery, the fishmonger... that's why they call him happy jack. he should have his own show on the food network. makes me want to move to the bronx, all that good food. he's a man of habit, but no sign of prodigal son ricky. i almost feel bad for the old man. that's a maximum "almost." i'm just saying, he was king of his own world. now it's all passed him by. hey, that caddy, turns out it was rented outside of buffalo by jimmy collins, aka costello. nothing popped up on the lpr's, but it did pick up a ticket last night on bruckner boulevard. want to check it out?
12:31 am
so the food is lousy in brooklyn these days? brooklyn ain't what it used to be. not much is. i see that kid of yours made out good. matter of perspective. the kid now has my old job. it's better him than some creep off the street. you had a good run. likewise. come here, i'll show you something. this is beautiful. he grows the fennel and the chili peppers himself. he throws a little extra cold red wine into the mix. reminds me of the stuff my father made in calabria when i was a boy. grazie. we were, uh... we were talking about my kid. i need to ask you about yours, jack.
12:32 am
i'm coming as a courtesy. you know, all that time and energy we spent trying to outsmart each other-- who runs the numbers now? you go to 7-eleven, you bet a horse, the state'll take your money at the otb. we were the bad guys. you know things change. the funny thing is, i can see that, but my kid... he's blind to it. you made it this far, alive and free. i mean, that's a million-to-one shot in your racket. i did, but now my son. i was never one of those morons that wanted their kids around this life. i don't know, is this how it goes, the sins of the father? you know better than most, jack. a cop goes down,
12:33 am
detective: man, oh, man! you got danny reagan's cell phone number? danny: that's the partial plate. jackie: and there's the ticket. think we should wait for a warrant? nah. can't you hear that person calling for help? jackie: oh, yeah. ooh. pop the trunk. oh! think we found jimmy. jackie: yeah. too late. yeah. that officer martin was something else, huh? mortally wounded, and still had the wherewithal to put a slug in this creep. nice piece of shooting-- i just wish she would've gotten to him first. did he bleed out? i don't think he had time-- look at his neck. classic manual strangulation markings-- crushed larynx.
12:34 am
oh, don't tell me-- no honor among thieves. i'm shocked. and my mother complains about her retirement package. ricky better hope we get to him before his partner does. danny: as long as we get the shooter, i don't give a damn what they do to ricky vintano. asleep or awake? awake. fluffy. salad or panini? panini. hydrant. mr. decision, we need a decision. classic cheddar & sour cream or the new smoked gouda & chive? mmmmm. this one. no this one. what just happened? we can't decide between classic and new flavors. try all four flavor swaps then vote to save your fave at you could win $250,000.
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