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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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she's running point on the case along with detectives brustin and cooper. from the placement of that camera, odds are the only view they're gonna get is the back of his head. t's not be too quick to decide what we do or don't have. you mind telling me why i'm catching attitude from her? fbi brass has made it clear to her that if she doesn't bring this case home, she's gonna be reassigned. and you are at the top of the list to replace her. profile me. you don't wear a ring. and you were quick to flirt with me. so you're happy to let people think you are a player. but you love your wife, and you would never actually cheat on her. get out of the way! garcia! we've got an officer down, 16th west of union square. we think we might have a serious problem. we have multiple unsubs. they're disciplined, they're using countersurveillance, they know the fbi movements, there's a hierarchy. what does that usually equal? terrorism. they're ramping up to something, and they want us to know that they're watching us. creating panic ensures that they're see
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we need to hit the ground running.
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[car alarms blaring] [voice muted] hey, you ok? [ringing in rs] sir, are you o-- what? what's your name? what's your name? sam. call 911. yeah, yeah, i did. call 911, tell them there's been an explosion. sir, are you ok? you a cop? listen, kate. don't worry.e'll get 'em. i know. call 911. tell them... that a federal agent... ok, so you want me to say-- kate! kate!
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kate! kate! [gasping] kate? kate? [grunts] my purse! i can't find my purse. shh, shh, shh. don't move. aaron, my purse. shh. i don't think you had one. shh. i must have dropped it. sh shh, shh. kate, kate, kate, stop trying to move. aaron. aaron? at happened to you? what happened? i don't know. i don't know, a bomb. an i.e.d. i think it was an i.e.d. i.e.d.? i have to get up. no, no, no, no. lie down. lie still. you need to lie still. am i moving my legs? shh. what?
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[sobs] am i moving my legs? i may have to turn you and see where the blood is coming from. ok. do it. it might hurt. sorry., i'm gonna have to see... ah, ok. are you ok? yeah. you just need to, um-- i'm gonna have to see if i can... just pinch it off until they get here. sorry, i know it hurts. doesn't hurt. [crying] it doesn't hurt at all. kate, kate, we're gonna get you out of here, ok? we're gonna get you out of here. [sirens] they're coming, they're coming. officer down! officer down! aaron. here! they're not coming. we told them not to, remember? now, how does this work? the murders simulate a bombing.
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at which point they know when to bring a second bomb. the goal is always to take out the first round of civilians, followed by a second wave of emergency responders. [sobbing] shh... the first wave of responders are targets. [helicopter]
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i'm not leaving. officer down! we need some help! we cannot move! they're not coming. yes, your orders are not to let anyone in until the area is cleared. oh, man. but that's-- that's proper procedure. [helicopter] we're getting reports that an explosion has rocked the neighborhood in the vicinity of the federal plaza. authorities have closed down the entire area and are not going to give any informatioat this time. and with 8 suspicious incidences in as little as 3 weeks, we have no room but to speculate whether or not there will be more attacks. we have no word yet on any injuries, but with the explosion heard as far away as prince street, an unconfirmed repor said it was a car bomb. nypd's emergency services,as well as federal...
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thcell phone system is crashing. a car bomb. did they say where? no. can you recall every site where the shootings occurred? uh, hell's kitchen, murray hill, lower east side, chinatown. all right, if our profile is correct and all 8 murders were tests to gauge response times, we're looking at 8 suicide bombers who are about to hit every one of those lations. call homeland security. tell them to pour troops into all of those sites. actually, if we're correct, there'll be 16 suicide bombers. 16? yeah, we predicted that they'll hit the second wave of emergency responders also. breaking news now. we are just getting an update. the bomb is now reported to have been inside an suv. a black suv parked just blocks from 26 federal plaza. now, it is un... agent rossi? we heard there was some kind of explosion. rossi: where are you? we got this. i just walked into the cctv command post. can you see anything? i literally just walked through the door, sir. we got on the news it was an suv that exploded. a black suv within blocks of the federal plaza. oh, god. now, do you have eyes there? i, uh--yeah, yeah, i've got like 300 cameras right there. give me a sec.
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yes, sir. and, garcia... find them. ok. lisa, i need every feed of every camera for 20 blocks concentrically out from the federal plaza. get the best exposure from every angle you can you got it. and then back those feeds up. i'm gonna call the st of my team. [siren] [cell phone rings] yeah. i'm still here. yes, you are. thank god. i'm almost back at the federal building. what the hell's going ? all right, we're going over the closed circuit footage right now. who else have yochecked on? you're the first. rossi and reid called me. all right, well, keep me on the line while you check on everyone else. [beeping] is everyone ok? i've spoken to rossi and reid and morgan's on the line. morgan: emily, where are you? i'm following dective brustin to one of the nypd's critical incident command posts. yeah, after 911 they decentralized. one of them? they had way too many eggs in one basket on that day. has anyone talked to jj? she was headed back to the hotel. in an su i think so.
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voicemail: this is agent jareau, communications director for the fbi's behavioral-- morgan: what was that? what happened? it went dead mid-message. try here again. she's probably back at-- emily? [beeping] [dial tone] derek. derek? [dialing] i just lost all contact with my team. i found it. i've never not been able to-- what? garcia. i found the explosion. [sirens] move to marshaling area echo. there should be a team captain there. please repor to your team captain and identify yourself. move to marshaling area echo. there should be a team captain there-- shelly! do you know what happened? only that there was an explosion nearby. we had to evacuate this building. they're anticipating a second wave. have you seen hotch or kate? no. i was hoping you did. have you seen any of my team? sorry, i... all right, well me must be setting up a critical incident command center, right? uh...700 hudson, south of laight in the tribeca district. ok. you see any of my team, that's where i'll be. ok. move to marshaling area echo.
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oh, my god! they weren't inside. they-- weren't inside. right. play it again. right now. ooh! move this camera. i have to see where they ended-- where--where they are now. this isn't live, penelope. right. um... get me another angle. we have to see what happened to hotch and kate. wait! what are you doing? we're going further back. that explosion looked like it came from under the suv, not inside it, so i'm gonna guess that bomb wa't there when it was parked. that's him. the bomber. uh, get me another angle, at timecode 12:06:06. got him.
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sam, you need to get out of the area. i just want to help. if you want to help, get somebody down here. kate, i need you to wake up. stay with me. stay with me. [laughs] i feel cold. what? it's such a cliche, isn't it? i feel cold. li in the cinema. you've lost a lot of blood, but i think i've got it stopped. wait. that's not right. it's movies. um, you say movies, not cinema. shh. just try to relax. why--why would you have a different word for... [gasps all right, if they can't get down here, i'm gonna try to lift you and just-- they just told me to get behind the barricade. ok, here, i'm gonna try to lift her. all right, on 3. 1, 2, 3. no, i lost it. i lost my grip. all right, i need to find it again. need to find it. kate, stay with me. she's bleeding. she's bleeding! i think i've got it. i think i got it. she's not gonna die, is she?
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kate, stay with us, please. we're here! please! please! we're here! someone! [voice distorts and echoes] [indistinct police radio] [siren] hey! hey! who's in charge here? captain warner. ok, ok, let's get this area cleared as soon as possible. captain warner-- we got people down there. captain warner, i'm agent morgan, fbi. i'm looking for agent hotchner, aaron hotchner. go back to the federal building. there are evac marshaling spots check in to make sure they know where you are. i am not about to do that. get out of my face or i'll have you bodily removed, agent. hotch: please, we're here! hotch. hey! the area's restricted. that's my boss down there. my orders are what they are. i don't give a damn what your orders are. i get it, agent.
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so till the blast site is cleared, no one goes in. you're marine corps, right? right? please, go back to the marshaling point. i'm not doing . i'm not just gonna let my man lay down there like that. hotch: help us! damn it, we're here! never leave a man behind. you do remember that, don't you? hotch: we're here! please! ok. hotch! hotch! fast-forward it. he watched. that son of a bitch watched. get me another timecode. 12:29:13. oh, my god, that's the unsub. and he's walking right up to hotch. hotch.
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they're not letting any ambulances down here till they clear the scene. kid, you gotta get behind the barricades. let's go. go! go, sam. good luck. talk to me. can we carry her? hotch, can we carry her? no, i tried. morgan, she's gonna bleed to death if we don't get her out of here. we gotta do something. plse have service. please have service. please have service. please have service. [cell phone rings] garcia, i got hotch. but listen to me. you gotta get somebody down here right away, you hear me? right now. what? you're absolutely sure? hotch. the kid. he's the bomber. go.
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[siren] she's got an arterial bleed in her back and i'm doing my best to hold it closed. i just want to get her out of here. her pulse is weak and thready. i'm gonna need your help, ok? is the area clear? you were calling for help and i couldn't listen anymore. my partner was too afraid to come in here with me.
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we're on our way out of here. these are stills from all the murder sites garcia had us on conference and the system crashed. emily. oh, thank god you're all right. he's stuck at the airport. where's will? as soon as i heard, i went straight to 26 fed. they're evacuating the building. where is everyone? morgan's all right, but there's no word from hotch. garcia: the bomber! the bomber! what? derek's chasing after him. the bomb--it was in kate's suv or under it. hotch is out there with he he seems ok, but she looks really hurt. he hasn't moved her. where was kate's suv parked? 2 blocks east of federal plaza. 2 blocks east and they target kate's suv? rossi: have you i.d.ed the mber? lisa's ruing him and dead guy through vicap call homeland security. they should be at all the murder sites. see if they found anything. i'm on it. garcia, find out how can help morgan. yes, sir. p.a.: this is an emergency notification all train services are suspended until further notice. please remain calm and exit the station. hey! oh, my god! [shouting and screaming] out of my way! move! move!
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p.a.: this is an emergency notification. all train services will be suspended until further notice. please remain calm and exit the station. show your face, you son of a bitch!
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show me your face, you coward! you got nowhere to run, man. you hear me? there's nothing down here for you? is that all you see? huh? darkness? you listen to me, you son of a bitch. you get your ass off those tracks and you put your hands on top of your head. do it now. do it now! you will lose in the end. shut up. shut your mouth. you want to know why?
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get off the--no! no, no, no! uhh! on 3--1, 2, 3. got her. ok. ok, i'm gonna clamp that artery. when i say move, move yr hand and get as far out of my way as you can. yep. you got it? ok, move. ok. i need to get a bag in and start getting her pressure up. get the gurney from the bus. yes, yes, i understand. thank you. homeland security has poured tactical teams into all of those locations. uh, swat, bomb techs, hrt, hazmat, the works. they found nothing. reid. all except one. kate's suv-- none of the shootings were anywhere near it. maybe it's peonal. this death card they gave us-- they delivered on it. that's just it-- they haven't. with a cell as large as this one and multiple targets to choose from,
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where's the closest emergency room? where? st. barclay's. st. barclay's. and where is it? it's 4 blocks uptown, one block east. where's the emergency entrance? under the hospital. just follow the signs to the e.r. ok. hey, look who's back. hello. is she awake? is that aaron? are you aaron? yeah. kate, we made it. thank you. don't thank me. thank your partner. he did it all. [siren] hotch: what's this? secret service. we're directing all emergencies over to lenox hill. i'm ssa hotchner. i have ssa joyner on board. she was injured in the bomb blast at federal plaza. credentials.


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