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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in deviance: the secret desires of sadistic serial killers. signed copies of agent david rossi's 10th anniversary edition of hisestseller are on sale tonight. i find your career so fascinating. what's it like to interview serial killers? well, it's never boring. is that what you enjoy most about your work, looking evil right in the eye? no, it's putting killers in jail. you know what gets me are the wives who swear they had no clue their husband was a serial killer. how can you be married to one and not know? theresa, would you mind calling up my car service? not at all. , you'll excuse me? sure. agent rossi. hi, uh-- hi. hi. i'm a big fan. there's not gonna be auiz. i saw you taking notes. oh, no, it's just for my own edification. agent rossi, are you or anyone in your department
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not that i'm aware of. there's been an uptick in homicides by 11% this quarter, the average uptick hasn't surpassed 5% in the past 10 years in cleveland. i'm guessing you're studying criminology. i am. [giggles] sir, i think there's a serial killer here. well, have the police issued a statement to corroborate that? i filed an inquiry downtown. um, nobody's called me back. but, uh, i know that the coroner's office hasn't been as busy since, like, the butcher of kingsbury run in the 1930s. well, what kind of homicides are we talking about here? ok, um...a man was shot in a park, a prostitute was found with her throat slashed, a couple was found shot in their car, a woman was killed in a burglary. do younow what 3 things profilers look at to link serial cmes? victimology, modus operandi, and signature. good. so were the victims similar? no. was the m.o. consistent? no. was the signature consistent? not that i know of. then there's no obvious reason
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i see your point, sir, but i really-- you're bght. you obviously have a passion for this, and the bureau is always looking for good people. so if you get a reply from the police, or even for career advice, i'm available. ok, thanks. it was an honor to meet you. keep studying, and don't stop until you find all the answers you're looking for.
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[rattles doorknob] excuse me. get back! it's ok. get back! uh--oh, hey, it's ok. it's ok. look, i'm not gonna hurt you, ok? i live in the neighborhood. what's your address?
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look, if i was gonna hurt you, i wouldn't have said "excuse me." ok? are we cool? [sighs] what the hell, man you scared me. i'm--i'm sorry. what are you doing here? i was just walking home from the liquor store and i saw you snooping around. what about you? so you heard what happened here? yeah. poor woman. all the neighbors are freaking out. i can't believe i didn't even know her name. kayla james. she was raped, too. can't believe this happened on my street. no, it's not just your street. there's been a lot of murders lately. really? yeah, it's uncharacteristically high for our city. you with the police something?
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gosh, all of a sudden, all these random, violent murders. something weird is going on here. what do you mean by weird? [cell phone rings] [ring] agent rossi. yes. i'll be right down. agent rossi? [siren] i'm detective dan brady. we found your card on the victim.
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i just talked to her last night. i never asked her name. zoe hawkes. that's her car right there. these keys were still in her pocket. car alarm was still activated. there was no sign of a break-in. she had pepper spray but didn't use it? i don't know, maybe she didn't get the chance. nobody saw or heard anything? no. we went door to door. there were no witnesses. there was blunt-force trauma to her head, signs of strangulation. murderer asphyxiated her with the scarf she was wearing. do you have any idea what she was doing snooping around this case? you keep talking like i know somhing. what case? the resident of this house, kayla james, was murdered and raped 3 days ago in a burglary-homicide. i think there's a serial killer here. and don't stop until you find all the answers you're looking for. i won't. this is henry wearing the booties my mom knitted him. i can't get over his cuteness. [chuckling] oh, and this is him wearing the customized leather jacket auntie penelope got him.
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[telephone rings] is this david rossi, the famous bestselling author david rossi? morgan: what are you doing? you're not supposed to be calling when you're on annual leave. i think my a. just ended. what do you mean? garcia, cleveland police is sending you some files. gejj to distribute them to the team right away. yeah. what are we looking at? i don't know yet. just see if the team can find a connection with these crimes. i'll call you back in a few hours. yes,ir. she had a notebook with her last night. i saw one in her car. can i take a look? it may be evidence, but i don't see why not. have you been her house yet? i'm headed there now. i have to notify the next of kin. now, if you get a reply from the police, or even for career advice, i'm available. thanks. it was an honor to meet you.
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sheila hawkes? yeah. hi. i'm, uh, detective brady with the cleveland police department. this is agent rossi with the fbi. may we come in? why? it's about your daughter. that--that's-- that's one of her journals. has something happen? yes. she was murded. i am so sorry. mrs. hawkes. here, let me help you. [gasping] oh, no! no! where did you find her? she was in a house in east cleveland. we thinkhe may have been visiting a crime scene. god... i told her to stop doing that. i told her that was too dangerous. where--where is she now? she's at the coroner's office, and i can take you to see her when you're ready. ok. now.
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mrs. hawkes,ould you mind if i stayed behind to look in her room? [takes deep breath, exhales] she was so excited to meet you. you're like a... a hero to her. mrs. hawkes. let me take you downtown now. come o
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the crimes are within a 7-mile radius. well, that's something. yeah, but the neighborhoods are all completely different. they range from poor to rich, industrial to residential. the physical locations are dissimilar, but the operating zone's well-defined. ok. i'm in. i see you. in your web browser for search history. check out her home page. all right, so the first thing she looks at when she opens her computer is a crime column. morgan: probably to stay current on her studies. can you see what she worked on last? voila. these are the most recently opened documents she created. reid: looks like she was compiling empirical data about homicide trends in cleveland. do you think she knew the killer?
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hotch: well, dave, she's a criminology student. she's been taught to analyze statistics and apply theo, not investigate killers. let's talk about what we know. all right. victim one-- travis bartlett was last seen at a gay bar. he was shot at night in a park victim 2, lily nicks, a 34-year-old prostitute, her throat was slashed. victims 3 and 4, ju appleby and troy wertsler, were shot in their car at a parking lot outside of a movie theater. and victim 5 was a 28-year-old single woman, kayla james, killed in her home. she was bound, suffocated with a bag over her head, evidence of rape. prentiss: and then the sixth victim was zoe. victimogy, weapons used, and c.o.d. are all different. it's hard to imagine it's ev the same unsub. it can't be a coincence that zoe goes to kayla james' house and gets murdered. all right, let's say it is the same killer. does anybody see a pattern? well, maybe. ok, the first crime, he shoots the victim. the second crime, he rapes a wan and slashes her throat.
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and the third crime, he escalates to killing two people, and the fourth, he escalates even more by raping a woman, binding her, and suffocating her. so if it is the same unsub, you could argue that there's a progression of violence with every kill. it could be an anger excitation offender getting more daring with each crime. i think i got something here. look at this. the slashes in the prostitute's throat-- they're all shallow unsure cuts. the kayla james crime scene-- telephone cord, rope, and duct tape were used. it's like he couldn't decide how to bind her. so without a gun, he's sloppy, inexperienced. the young couple shot in the car... that crime scene remind you of anything? yeah, they were shot with a .44 bulldog, just like the son of sam used on his victims, which were also young couples in parked cars. it might be nothing, but you're right, there is a parallel there. with the second victim, it's hard not to think of jack the ripper.
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kayla james was bound, tortur, raped, with a plastic bag over her head like btk. [gasping] what about victim number one? garcia, what neighborhood was he found in? at a park in the kingsbury run area. zoe reminded me last night that cleveland's most famous serial kler was the butcher of kingsbury run. he found his victims in gay bars, shot them, and dumped their body there. travis bartlett was last seen at a gay bar, and his body was found in kingsbury park. so these are copycats of famous serial killers? he's a serial killer studying serial killers.
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now with lightweight spf 30. hey, dave. guys. we're in that room. coffee's brewing. we'll get started on the evidence boards. detective brady's r point. i'll let you all introduce yourselves. jj. can you help me out with something? sure. this has to be confidential. hotch: i know it may seem farfetched, but copycat killers are not entirely uncommon. this one happens to be copying several different killers. but if he's trying to be the butcher of kingsbury run, why didn't he cut up and mutilate the victims like the real guy? that was 7 weeks ago. he was just getting started. beginning killers are often frightened of the crime itself. they're morinterested in getting it over with as quickly as possible and fleeing the scene. he was just using the butcher's ruse as a way to lure the victim to be alone with her. and by the time he killed kayla james 3 days ago, he'd progressed. he came very close to copying all of the btk's m.o. he's reading, learning, borrowing from others because he doesn't know who he is yet.
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maybe even a student. someone probably enrolled in criminologylasses. our technical analyst is going through names of local students right now. up to this point, changing his m.o. has prevented investigators from linking the crimes. that's why we need to work quickly. you're sure about this? it's not a coincidence that all of these random, violent murders in a localized area are copycats of serial killers. it's as if all the worst serial killers have converged on cleveland. every time he plans to kill, the muer weapon, the m.o., and the victimology will all change. detective, will you let your team know
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sure. i gotta go. hotch. i'm gonna ep out for this one, clear my head. ok. garcia found 3 male students enrolled in crimology classes with felony records. good. we'll interview them. don't think we need to. one of them is studying abroad, the other 2 are back in jail on other charges. tell garcia to check enrollment in online and correspondence courses, see if we have any luck with those parameters. you guys handle the profile? yeah. everything ok? everything's fine. we have 6 homicides in a 7-mile radius in east cleveland. now, this small zone indicates that's he's a geographically stable offender. this type of offender is characterized as young, socially immatur of average intelligence, with psychopathic personality traits. morgan: ey also usually live alone and have an antisocial nature. a serial killer's first murder is very telling. this unsub's first murder, he chose the m.o. of cleveland's own butcher of kingsbury run.
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as other famous serial killers, but he is a local legend. and because he picked the butcher to be first, we believe he's a native of cleveland and probably grew up hearing stories of the butcher. this is someone who is obsessed with serial killers. his computer will be filled with research on them. he'll have abundant images of murderers on his computer and possibly even snuff films. he uses these like pornography. the provide some sort of sexual release. i think he went back to relive his crime. when zoe showed up, she became a victim of opportunity. it's e same theory we arrived at on the plane. he strangled her with her own scarf. he didn't plan it. i think she surprised him. i told her not to stop until she found the answers she was looking for.
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her mom said it's something that she does all the time. she obably would have gone anyway. but it's because of what i said that she was encouraged to go there last night. dave, what are you doing? she came to me and i dismissed her. try not to personalize it. i was the last one she talked to before s was murdered. how is this not personal, aaron? ok. it's personal. that doesn't change how we go about finding her killer. we know that violent criminals develop a signature over a series of crimes. if he's young, he probably hasn't even figured out what his is yet. find the signature, we can link the crimes. herobably monitoring the news, seeing if the police have connected them yet. we can use that. we can utilize the media.
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i knew homicides were up, but nobody said anything about a serial killer. why do i get a visit from the b.a.u.? you're paula mcconnell, cleveland's number one source in crime news. you're detailed, you have a following. he's reading you. we need you to write that the police have found his signature. you can help us by explaining what his signature is in your article. it's a killer's personal stamp, his distinctive touch that he leaves at the scene of every crime. well, i've been doing this for 18 years. and i know what a signature is, honey. we just really need you to be detailed about this. we're speaking directly to him. through my column. he's doing something, a behavioral impulse he feels compelled to do but a need-driven act to get a sexual release that's specific to his psyche. this repetitive behavior at each crime scene will lead us to him. [cell phone rings] let me take a stab at it.
6:29 pm
uh, they just found another body. brady: they're bringing him up right now. teenagers found him a little over an hour ago. it's petechiae in the whites of his eyes. judging from the bruising, he was probably strangled with a wire. is this our guy? it's gotta be. a jogger doesn't get garroted every day. whatever signature he left was probably washed away in the water. well, who's he mimicking now? bike path rapist altemio sanchez comes to mind. he trolled bike paths near buffalogarroting his victims. it looks like he copied everything except r the rape. strangulation's a repetition of his last murder of zoe. first time he's repeated himself. zoe's murder was spontaneous, though. he didn't plan it. he acted on instinct and did what came naturally to him. maybe what came naturally felt good to him and he wanted to feel it again. if he's starting to repeat a pattern,
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