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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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>> this is a live picture from rio de janeiro. olympic competition went includes gymnastics. nbc's coverage of the 2016 summer olympic games continues in about one hour. the green bay packers opened the preseason tonight against the indianapolis colts. there you see clay matthews and good to see him there in the fields. they are playing in the hall of fame games. this is the first of five preseason games for the packers. brett favre is there with the
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continue this afternoon. lance alan live in canton, ohio wmore on that. hey, lance? >> hey, katy, it started with brett favre being a part of a round table cushion will discussion with all of the hall of famers and one of the stories who came up, who was the greatest trash talker and it was seth with the legendary story. >> we started with a new l and the guy ended up being a great player and joanne droos, it was his name and no one knew, you know, what joe was going to do and how great of a career he would have, but he was starting his first game, first monday night game ever in the stadium and the place is electric, and blowing the canon out of the firing chip, and all this stuff. we walked up to the line and did
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joe is right here, and warren seth lines up right across from him and gets down on the knee and looks up at joe, and he says -- says, joe, you picked the wrong night to make your first start. >> yeah, oh. >> and when i said hut, joe still in the stands it's going to be a long night. >> oh, i love the stories from two decades ago and you see mike mcarthy there but they're doing a lot of work there -- and field conditions here have been -- for two hours. packers and colts. coming up in sports -- and including the current name down the road. we're live in canton, today's
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>> thanks, lance. we'll check back with you. meteorologist scott steele is here with the first check of the forecast. hey, scott -- and a lot of folks would have liked today and time is everything and at least we're starting to see some clearing and there's a live look here and the back edge of the clouds starting to move southeast wisconsin -- and through the way of the evening hours. awesome is your weather. we've got more great weather ahead to kick off the new workweek and it's rather pleasant. 73 degrees with sun breaking in the clouds and it makes it very comfortable, and the winds out of the northeast will begin to die off as that sun sets and if you're heading out of the town tonight, becoming mainly clear and warm and temperatures holding mainly in the 70s and
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string together dry in just a few minutes. katie? >> thanks, scott. more local news now. the milwaukee area's sikh community remembered the six people shot and killed in oak creek. that memorial continued with a worship service today. veronica macias is live in oak creek with that story. veronica? >> reporter: katy, i'm told as a -- it's a community meal and you can still smell the wonderful aromas out here and members of this today in this community run touche bring people from all over oak creek together. now, this was followed by a 48- hour prayer service that was to honor 9 six victims on august fifth, 2012. a gunman entered the sacred place of worship. today members said they brought people from different 5/8 and backgrounds together. members of the temple say there is no resentiment here. on the contrary, they want to
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tragedies by unifying people. it's not just about us, it's about bringing the community together, whether it's the run and walk event. it's all geared towards the same goal, which is educating one another, getting over this whole concept of hate but at the same time running the race for love. >> members of the canning grasgation tell me that the minds, which makes things very challenging, which is so important why they hold these events each year. reporting live in oak creek, veronica macias, today's tmj 4. >> thanks for that report, veronica >> a memorial is starting to grow for the three-year-old girl who was hit by a car and killed as she celebrated her third birthday. it happened on 84th and marion on milwaukee's northwest side and witnesses told police she saw her grandfather coming
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between two cars in the streets. paramedics were unable to save her. neighbors are stunned. >> i went and prayed over there, over the area, and i'm that sorry for the lauls. >> if you look at it, it's like i see all my kids and all you can think of it. that was my kid, and it just breaks my heart it and just brings me to tears just thinking about it. >> the driver did stay on scene and is cooperating first brought you nearly two years ago a.young milwaukee man living with brain cancer recently lost his battle with the disease but as julia fellows shows us, his fight to share a message of hope is far from over. >> he was in the fight of his life. he was just given a doctor's prognosis of about six months to a year to live. he ended up living two more years after that, and now his
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message of hope. >> noah looked at me and he said doe don't worry about this, dad. i got this. >> when we first met john's 22-year-old son noah, it didn't appear he had stage four cancer. >> these are my bills. >> a golf-sized tumor was found near the center of his brain, called 50o blastoma, the -- glio blastoma. noah respecteder his was different. >> i'm fighting till the last breath and that's all there is about it. >> his father and sisters let us back in to show the journey to extend his life. >> noah's message was a message of hope. >> noah travelled to tijuana area in mexico for treatment, not approved in the u.s. called immunotherapy. it's designed boost the body's natural defenses and part of it is to use the polio virus and it
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weeks, which is incredible. >> unfortunately the cancer spread to the front of his brain. >> i think that's what gave us the extra time with him. >> he passed away at 24 years old but his message will live on. >> and you'll fight, not just for life, but for the possibility of a cure some day. >> reporter: if would you like to learn more about noah's cancer treatments, entry more information for you right now at tmj 4 reporting in milwaukee, fellow -- fello, today's tmj 4. >> he hopes to communicate with other families who have a loved one battling with cancer. >> how athletes had fun while helping some students reach their dreams of going ooh college. >> as we go to break, here is another live picture here. lance alan joins fruts packers'
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>> tuesday is prime air eelection day in wisconsin and voters will decide who will be on the ballot but just 16% of eligible voters are expected to go back to the polls on tuesday. it shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump has grown. the "washington post" abc poll has clinton with an 8 point lead
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>> so does that mean there was no winner -- >> no, katie, there definitely was a winner but the one being celebrated is the one who actually improves the lives of our children. for instance, if life as game, we all need a very good coach. a group of youngsters who lived at 29th and milvina, formed a basketball team to keep themselves distracted from violence. now, 30 years later, those alumni now run an association and today, they community involvement award to andre lee ellis who, like them, wants to keep kids away from the violence. he runs a community -- at 9th and ring. >> these streets are rough out here in milwaukee and young black by boys have a hard time and many of them are fatherless so those of us that can bring some nurturing and some love, and some respect into their lives. >> now, tonight after the
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introduce to you some of the success stories, including one 12-year-old who has been working at that garden. he saw the drugs and violence first hand, and was because of this, he learned to find the strength to resist that pear pressure. we're live here jonah kaplan, tmj 4. >> as a beautiful weekend comes to start to a close. warmer weather is on the way.
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>> welcome back. tall ships are getting ready to set sail from green bay. the sail show fest -- festival, they were i shows those ships and they were only one of nine ports to host that ship festival this summer. beautiful weather to check out those ships or just be out on your own boat. meteorologist with the forecast of the start of the new week. >> ahoy -- i'm glad no one asked the weather guy to walk the planks today, and certainly more cloudiness than we saw yesterday, and more than many of us would have liked but the good
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already, and here is a live look from our tower cam, so we're starting to see beautiful blue out there and on this olympic sunday, clearing skies all across southeastern wisconsin, so if you're still seeing clouds don't worry. a ton of sun on the way tomorrow with muggy conditions and guy mid-week. 73 in west bend and a bs with more sunshine early in the day. 79 degrees in fond du lac and also in resin and officially in milwaukee's -- and on the downturn in temperatures and we're going to hit the reverse
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we go through the next couple of days. and also on the rise will be the dew points but enjoy what's out, there mid-50ty low 60s dew point which is which means a comfortable level of humidity, and one of the components of that the easterly wind, and keep things a little cooler right along the rain, and winds anywhere from 15 to 17 miles per hour, and once that sun sets. look at the wider view of temperatures across the area, and so 70s around here, but 80s off to as north as nigh not -- mai not, north dakota -- minot, and satellite radar combination, showing the clouds that we have overhead right now, beginning to move out and a little mid-level of the atmosphere wave, sending those clouds through our area, but the best departing as high pressure pushes in should lead to a marvelous monday and across southeastern wisconsin, future forecast indicates once we get those clouds alot of stars, and
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for mainly clear skies, eventually, after the crowds get here, and for tomorrow, should be a very pleasant day. plenty of sunshine abit warmer, up to 80 degrees. here comes your storm for the seven-day forecast, and then things start to change. more humid on tuesday, mid-80s and very warm and muggy on wednesday but still primarily dry, up to 87 degrees, near 90 by thursday and that is our next best chance of precipitation with some scattered showers and thunderstorms moving back into the picture, and i think that risk remains on friday, and then next weekend, things could clear out and have actually pretty pleasant saturday and sunday. katy, you know what i'd -- i like to say on sundays -- >> it's never too early -- >> you see, i know. thanks, scott. >> you bet. >> coming up in sports, we'll check in with lance at the hall of fame game in canton, ohio,
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>> the packers will kick off their game with the indianapolis colts, and more on the game there with lance alan, and it was pretty funny when he said he s mcarthy to see if he could play on the first series of the game today. >> yeah, they might need him, rod with callahan spected to make the start, he should probably get some game time as well with aaron rogers and brett huntly, likely to 1i9 this one out. and brett favre was part of a hall of fame round table and he was asked, what current player is most likely to make the hall of fame in the future. >> aaron rogers is -- [laughter]
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>> i don't even know how much he needs to do and i think whatever he does from here on out is just you know, icing on the cake -- >> another new hall of famer, former packers coach kevin green mentions j.j. waunt and another packner clay matthews. >> i know we had our hand on him but he just came out on the gate hitting on all cinders, just athleticism that young man has, and the vision that that young man has begun to develop as a player and i think he's absolutely tracking. >> now, we do have a little bit of a breaking news situation going on right here right now. you see the large guy in the blue coat. that is hall of fame president don baker, mike mcarthy, along with arthur mckenzie from the packers, testimony thompson as
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they have been working on the middle of the field for quite a long time, put don't you know more rubber pull et cetera. they have had some field issues here in the past. it is a new field from -- feel from last year, but obviously a long discussion. we don't know exactly what was said, but it was clearly due to the field conditions here and they're still getting ready out there, repainting and putting those pellets down, and rob, we'll definitely keep you updated here. back to you. >> his 36-minute speech as he was inducted into the hall of fame yesterday. here is brett favre. >> what i'm on most proud of, what i think about most, has nothing to do with statistics, although who would have never thought that a young man from mississippi, whose father ran the -- would hold every passing record in nfl history at one time.
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me but what makes me most crowd is -- proud is how i play the game, being real, authentic, and spontaneous, and loving the game to me it's what it was all about. >> a day after collecting 19 hits in a 15 to 6 win, yesterday the crew looking for a series win, and nelson on the bump and brewers would score first in the first inning on a wild pitch and it bounces up to and johnson -- 1-0 brewers and that's in the third inning and that's where he shows off some of that power with the solo shot that goes over the wall with the center, and crew up 2-0. bottom of the third inning, nelson gets -- to get out of the inning and the diamondbacks to score three runs in the fourth, and capped by destroying there by nelson after he missed first base on a wild throw and now the
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crew. the yankees' alex rodriguez announced that he will retire from baseball after friday's game and rays win a 2222--year career in baseball and plenty of controversy and rodriguez will stay with the team. here he is on that decision. >> no athlete ever ends his career or a career the way you want to. we all to want i accept the end, and it's part of being a professional athlete and it may be the hardest part of the job, but that's what i'm doing today -- >> and in golf, kelly finished
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tonight's jackpot is back down to $10,000. but nobody won last night's power drawing. wednesday's winning numbers are worth $67 million. >> no stretch on this sunday evening and if you're heading out in the town tonight, expect mainly clear skies, after they depart temperatures in the 70s and tomorrow's state fair looks terrific abit warmer near 81. >> i'm live at 5:00.
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't
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competition over doping while on day two here in rio wild weather and among the medal leaders of the must-see events ahead. he's out. the end of a tearful alex rodriguez announces his retirement. walking away with millions. in the lead, hillary clinton increases her advantage over donald trump in a new poll. how his campaign is planning to reverse the trump slump. safe haven, in the middle of a crushing war zone, a place where hundreds of kids can be kids. and hit hadding


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