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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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ryan's congressional office. he says he believes the speaker of the house is disingenuous with wisconsin voters and does not think in their best interest. kneeland has said he wants to bring jobs to wisconsin and build manufacturing. he brought up the importance of securing our borders. house speaker paul ryan kept his message on job growth in our state today, answering questions from workers at and racine, he believes lowering taxes, and better trade deal will grow manufacturing for businesses like this one. >> their top tax rate here is 44.6%. you know what the companies we compete against in other countries are taxed at? like the canadian companies that produce the same kind of stuff? they're taxed at 15%. >> i'm working on behalf of american workers. paul ryan is working on behalf of chinese workers. paul ryan should be the review
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they're scared to let my message get out. >> paul kneelland points out what he believes the speaker's waivering views on tpp. he was always against it being ratified. ryan spoke about it saying there is problems with its provisions now. kneeland has hammered on ryan for this issue. he believes ryan has championed this e. the polls show that ryan has a very strong lead. reporting live in janesville, julia fello, today's tmj4. >> thank you for that update. democratic u.s. senate candidate russ feingold was also in our area. he talked about the economy, and his expected match-up with senator ron johnson in november. >> i am very eager to obtain the nomination of the democratic party tomorrow night.
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hard fought battle to win this u.s. senate seat on november 8. >> feingold faces a challenge from scott hare bach, a private investigator from kenosha. senator ron johnson is running unopposed in the primary. johnson held the seat since 2010 when he defeated feingold. >> 16% of wisconsin voters are expected to cast a ballot in tomorrow's primary. polls are open from 7:00 a.m., to 8:00 p.m., you do need an i.d. to vote. there's ain what's on your ballot, and where your polling place in the decision 2016 section, you can find all of that in that section at new at 6:00, the family of brandon johnson is suing over his death, johnson dye, from complications of a broken neck in 2012. days after being taken at the mental health complex in wauwatosa. no criminal charges were ever filed. >> i want to know what happened
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injured his neck, or -- i don't know. >> the federal civil rights lawsuit filed today named staff members and milwaukee county as a defendant. the lawsuit accuses the staff of unconstitutional customs, policies, and practices, leading to johnson' death. >> a sheboygan falls woman accused of killing her 2-year-old son is charged with first-degree intentional homicide. 27-year-old katlyn kinateder, made her first appearance in court da the child's body. the criminal complaint against her gives new detail on what happened, rickie mitchell has been going through it, and she joins us at the sheboygan county courthouse. rickie? >> charles, shannon, this says caikatlyn kinateder told policee had lost her mind and stopped
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katlyn kinateder only said two words to the judge. she was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, and moving or hiding the corps of a child. she placed his body in a cardboard box in a closet. >> the question is does she understand she was doing in. >> the at of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. >> it has to determine that she does something...and in addition, that that particular condition be the time she did this from knowing right from wrong. >> according to the complaint, she told police she stopped taking her medication thinking she could, quote, handle it. >> adults are supposed to
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>> and kinateder is held on a $750,000 cash bond. as for the child's father. the district attorney said he lives in janesville, and he was notified of the child's death, but he is not part of the boy's life. in sheboygan, rikki mitchell, today's tmj4. speed is not believed to be a factor in an accident that killed a 3-year-old milwaukee girl over the weekend. this is according to a newly are somed medical examiner's reportn she was hit on her birthday. she darted out in the street to greet her grandfather. delta flights are back in the air. the headaches continue for passengers. computer problems caused hundreds of cancellations and delays nationwide today. veronica macias is live at mitchell international airport where passengers are dealing with the delays, and hopefully they have packed some patience. >> reporter: yeah, delta says
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their headquarters in atlanta that caused this global systemwide failure. while others are saying it was a problem with delta's it department. whatever caused this computer glitch is definitely still causing some delays and makes here at the airport. >> today, delta passengers were forced to wait. there was nothing else to do but stand in a long line moving at a turtle's pace. >> very, very, very slow. >> a computer glitch sent yesteryear when attendants were forced to manually check passengers in. it had lasting ripple effects. passengers scrambling to catch flights. >> we're planning on staying the night. >> delta passengers posted about
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snafu. >> this happened to southwest a couple weeks ago. >> delta flyers could have rebooked for another day, but no alerts went out this morning. >> i got one about ten seconds ago. >> when people arrived, screens flashed "on time" and not cancelled or delayed. >> there's nothing you can do about it. you got to flow with it. >> now, delta says they are refunding people's tickets for cancellations, and for people who faced significant delays, they're time is. reporting live at mitchell international airport, veronica macias, today's tmj4. >> all right, veronica. thank you. day five of the wisconsin state fair and "storm team 4" says today's the best day of the week. jesse ritka is there live with today's tmj4 storm chaser, and another cute guy standing by. >> we are loving the weather.
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this beautiful weather. let's switch over to our weather graphic. i'm with my friend future forecaster, tanner. where are you from? >> richfield. >> anyone you want to say hi, to? >> my parents. >> tell me the temperature. >> 78. >> and how about the breeze? that feels nice. >> it's a nice breeze. >> let's speak about our forecast. the rest of the evening, a few folks are going to be coming out. it is the state fair, and everything is on a stick. what is the forecast. >> sunshine. >> sunshine on a stick. and what are these? >> clouds. >> what do they remind you of? >> cream puffs. >> cream puff clouds we'll call them. hey, conveniently enough, we have a cream puff. should we eat this as we say good-bye? >> yes. >> let's dig in. you can have that half, i'll get the cream.
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chasers, jesse ritka. >> it is the first full week day of the olympics. here's a live look at the olympic cauldron in rio. it's a big night for swimming. you can watch team usa go for the gold right here on today's tmj4. lance allan talked to a former olympian about what it is like to be part of one of those teams. just ahead in sports. also up next... >> we'll show you how mitchell international airport is
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. always something new popping up at mitchell international air airport. check this out. an area for service animals has been transformed with synthetic grass with a flushing system. the area is required under federal law. >> we even have a fire hydrant in there. we have the waste bags, and a receptacle to place those bags. it is very user friendly. and there's sinks in there for
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>> this offers you an outdoor pet relief area located near the ticketing and baggage claim. >> a germantown man blames the state of wisconsin for his second owi. according to the washington county sheriff's office, the 23-year-old crashed into a power pole sunday morning. he had refused the breathalyzer test. and as he was being arrested, he blamed the state of wisconsin, because the drinking culture gives him no other choice, but to drink. donald trump's running mate is talking about the gop presidential nominee's decision to hold off endorsing paul ryan. find out yes says it took so long. >> we'll take you back out to the state fair. chief meteorologist john malan is live with the healthiest food on a stick.
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. our decision 2016 coverage continues. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is explaining donald trump's belated endorsement of paul ryan. telling wtmj's charlie sykes, trump and ryan are getting to know each other. >> it takes a while for people to get to know each other, particularly people of great significance. i have every confidence that the speaker paul ryan, and a president donald trump are going to do extraordinary things to the united states. you're going to continue to see that relationship personally and politically grow stronger every day. >> trump endorsed paul ryan friday night at a campaign event in green bay, after initially refusing to do so. >> trump also making news as he unveiled his tax plan in
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in business, and make childcare expenses fully tax deductiblement hillary clinton is expected to lay out her own economic proposals on thursday. clinton leads trump by ten points in the new nationwide cnn poll of polls. it combines results of 6 major polls, all done after the party conventions ended last month. it's an average of 49% of support for comploint compared to 39% for trump. let's talk about the weather, a lot of p on at state fair. and john malan is the winner, the number one guy at state fair. >> hanging out with a few friends, i see. >> we got lots of friends out here, i'm taking my life in my hands, i'm right in the middle of a walkway, i want to point out how much food you can get in one short block around central park. you go back here, you got hot dogs, burgers, hot chicken wings, roasted corn, cocktails, jumbo malts, you have hot dogs,
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barbecue, chocolate sundaes, malts, all kinds of food, but nothing on a stick except for the healthiest food on a stick, and we have it right here for you folks. now, you come out here, you got all the great foods on a strategic. -- stick. what is your booth called. >> we're called the grilled cheese fans. >> what's your name? >> abel. >> who is your mom. >> kathleen >> she's like the head of the whole place, isn't she? >> yeah. >> kathleen, remember this, now. what do you got? show -- bend it over to the camera, so they can see it. iceberg lettuce. >> yeah, tomatoes, and peppers, and cucumbers, and mushrooms. >> you guys grab one of these each. and chow down. i want to see how good it is to have healthy food. and how much does that cost? >> $4.
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it. i want to see some eating going on here. >> there's plenty of different options of salad dressings. >> okay. >> yes. and it's just -- i love it. >> let's ask if they love it. do you love it? >> of course. >> you look like a healthy person. >> it is nice to have something healthy to have out here. >> and you, too. >> right. >> take a bite. but it looks healthy to me. thank you so much. say hi, to your mom from all of us. i tell you what, if you want the healthiest food on right over there, right there at that booth. >> and then you can kind of like wash it down with a lemonade and maybe fried snickers on a stick. >> that would help unbalance the healthy stuff. >> i would like to see that dipped in boiling oil deep fried, then it would be a fair food. >> it looks great. of course, the big cheese from our department is out there right now, john, and he's enjoying, like all the folks
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blue skies. i hope you've got a chance to enjoy some of it today. and if you haven't yet, there's still time before the sun sets. a nice evening to go for a walk with your sweetie. beautiful blue skies, this is from our kenosha tower cam, to the northeast overlooking lake michigan, just a spectacular picture post card scene there. in your weather headlines, get ready for more dry days ahead. readings on the rise, as the muggies move in. it's going to start to feel oppressive by mid ek comfortable day of the work week. outside now, pretty close to 80?, just all around the viewing area. 80 on the nose in burlington and kenosha. 78 in racine and milwaukee. a degree warmer, flirting with 80? in waukesha, and a pair of 7s from west bend, through sheboygan. the dew points either side of 60. and when you get dew points in the 50s to low 60s, it is relatively comfortable, you get the idea to the west, dew points starting to climb a little bit, and that's why we're going to
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more humidity beginning tomorrow. here's a look at our winds. winds have been off the lake, which have kept things slightly cooler. with so much sunshine, not much cooler near the lake. as we widen out the view, it is steamy and sizzling off to the west. 95? right now as far north as minot, north dakota. pretty close to the canadian border. 84 degrees in that sizzling system will be approaching us from the -- steam will be approaching us from the west. on the satellite radar combination, for hundreds of miles arounds, nothing going on. really no precipitation for many hundreds of miles. perhaps 1,000 miles, or so. and that's courtesy of high pressure. this big dome protecting us in the atmosphere at the surface and a ridge building in the upper levels of the atmosphere, should hold off any storm systems for the next several days. dry air in place is going to
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for days to come. continued in southeast wisconsin, barely a cloud to be seen. as we go through the night tonight, pretty quiet conditions, with plenty of stars. tomorrow, though, i think just a little more cloudiness on the way with that on-shore breeze compared to what we saw today. so your storm team 4cast for tonight, looks like a winner, mainly clear skies, our temperatures mild, down to the mid 60s overnight. then for tomorrow, look for mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. very warm, and more humid with temperatures going all the up to near 86?. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, get ready for even more heat and more humidity, muggy conditions by wednesday, near 88?, touching 90 on thursday. with heat indices approaching triple-digits on thursday. most of thursday looks to be dry, although i expect we could see a late-day shower or thunderstorm coming our way late thursday into thursday night. and our best chance of steady
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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welcome back. interesting twist of fate. after the packers first pre-season game cancelled in canton, their next first game at lambeau field against an ohio team located not that far away from the hall of fame, who named robin griffin the third. the only refund fans will get for the field fiasco will be for the ticket itself that you purchased. the paint middle of the field was hard in spots, thick and spongy in others. cancellation will give the young players less opportunity to show their stuff in game conditions. >> you have to adjust, i think we all know that. really, just with the unusual flow to training camp, we still have insulation, practice number 8 will hit tuesday night, and we'll shift gears in cleveland, once we get past cleveland,
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schedule. it will be a minor adjustment. we'll just go with it. >> usa gymnastics could double. the women's team with a strong start. barring a major upset, should bring home the gold. chelsea memorial said it is an individual sport, the team can lift you to golden dreams. >> you need to be a team. a lot of them are really good friends, you don't need to be best friends, but y great teammates to each other, especially for hard days, because it's going to get long. and there are going to be those days for those girls where it seems can we just compete already? but -- and i just think it's more fun when you're competing
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tonight on the olympic zone, four years ago... this partnership ended with a third straight gold medal. but while her partner headed off into the sunset, kerri walsh jennings has returned... with a new teammate... and a renewed commitmento plus... on a team of olympic champions, this newcomer has the talent, charm., and charisma to light up rio. >> i'm definitely a crowd pleaser, so i'm excited, i'm definitely excited to compete. >> meet laurie hernandez... a/k/a "the human emoji." and... >> touching the wall first, it's nathan adrian with the gold!... >> he won gold in london by the smallest of margins... now, nathan adrian is tapping into


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