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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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the motorcycle hall of fame-- when he crashed near la crosse. we spoke with his wife... and a close friend. he's in pretty good spirits actually. he had a rough night. he's in a lot of pain. he took quite a spill off that bike. we talked and he says i'm really screwed up man this was a good one but he says i'll get through it wetzel underwent surgery this afternoon for a broken pelvis. he also has a broken shoulder... fractured ribs and road rash. while it will be a long procs. him to make a full recovery. a violent night in milwaukee. police investigating a double murder on the north ann sterling reports-- a young mother and her baby heard the disturbance outside their bedroom. friends and family break down in tears after hearing two men were killed at this home near 36th and congress. police say one man was shot. the other stabbed just after 330 this morning. yea, im shocked.rosa smith lives right down the street from the shooting. she
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neighborhood. yea, we were shocked. i was stunned. we walked around there and i was shocked.a family member says this young mom was sleeping with her toddler ... when she heard a scuffle outside the bedroom door.seconds later she heard several shots. when police arrived-- they discovered one man was shot and killed inside the home.the other man was stabbed and rushed to the hospital that's where police say he died. wow she had to go through that! her and her baby. that's sad. that's sad.detectives are still right now they are looking for suspects. rosa's lived in this neighborhood for 15 years... she says this community will rally around this young mom and toddler. there's a lot of kids around here and everyone watches out for everybody. everyone is loveing and caring and looks out for each other. ann sterling today's tmj4 another deadly shooting at 50th and clark.police say a man was inside his car and killed just before 8 this morning.witnesses say they
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right now, police are still investigating. decision 2016 coverage now -- it's primary day in wisconsin. less than three hours left to vote, and turnout is not expected to be high.julia fello has been monitoring the polls all day and joins us live. julia -- have there been any difficulties at the polls? no problems statewide so far.. we are at rufus king international school where at times we've seen lines for a closely watched ra senator lena taylor and mandela barnes. can you please sign in this box, sirmost of the poll workers you'll find today at rufus king international school can't even vote.not because of voter i-d.. because they're under 18. thank you, sir, have a good daythese sophomores through seniors have adopted this polling location. money they make will be donated to the school. senior kierra bowie feels inspired after the training.
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things i need to vote how to registershe's helped six people register to vote today. many still confused about voter i-d a lot of people ask us do they need it cause they feel like they dont need it anymore --but they do.driver's licenses, passports and even college id's are accepted at the polls. you do not have to have your current address on there, just your photo and may be the perfect day to ask questions. milwaukee's election commission only expects about 15 percent turnout among gi turnout is expected to be up to 87 percent.statewide.. about 16 percent of eligible voters are expected to turn out.while the voter turnout for the last presidential election was about 70 percent. voter angela hunt made shure to show her 2-year-old cousin her ballot before she voted.. to stress the importance of your right.regardless of the turnout he needs to be out there voting a lot of people think well its a primary and its not really important but
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photo id will be required in november. however, milwaukee's election commission points out a ruling that there may be a waiver to the requirement for people that have made an effort to get an i-d, but were unsuccessful. this still has to go through the appeals process, so nothing is certain. reporting live in milwaukee todays tmj four. here are some of the races speaker paul ryan faces paul nehlen in the republican primary.the contest drew sudden national interest in recent weeks thanks to republican presidential nominee donald trump who was heaping praise on the challenger, nehlen. trump, though, endorsed ryan on friday night. polls in wisconsin have consistently shown ryan hovering above 80- percent support. state senator lena taylor - who represents much of the north side and the north shore - is on the ballot against challenger mandela barnes - who's a state representative.
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county d-a john chisholm is trying to remain top prosecutor. democrat verona swanigan is running against him. there is no republican in the race. in the presidential race-- donald trump's running mate is headed back to wisconsin. indiana governor mike pence will be in la crosse and milwaukee on thursday. pence will be at the cartwright center in la crosse at 3 p-m and at the downtown hilton in milwaukee at 7 p-m. hillary clinton has widened her national lead over donald trump - to ten points. news / survey monkey poll. clinton's 51 to 41 percent lead is up from an 8-point gap last week. it's the biggest spread in the tracking poll since the matchup was first compared in early may. governor scott walker making a stop at the wisconsin state fair tonight. he's hosting the 25th annual governor's blue ribbon meat products auction. the best of wisconsin's champion specialty meats are sold to the highest bidder. buyers have raised more than
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the wisconsin 4-h foundation. thousands of people are at the state fair enjoying some of the best weather of the summer. jesse ritka is there live with the "today's t-m-j four storm chaser."
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check this out-- a nice gesture to support law
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officials. two girls sold lemonade today to raise money for the kenosha police and fire departments. the sisters said they thought it was a nice coming up-- confiscated. the unusual item the t-s-a found in a carry-on bag. plus-- not taking off----the number of delta flights canceled today and what the airline is
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more news now the delta outage problem continues today-- with another 250 flights canceled. a power outage grounded hundreds of thousands of passengers around the globe. experts said it will be at least tomorrow before the delta schedule will be back to normal. delta is offering
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canceled or delayed more than three hours. the transportation security administration has confiscated a firearm created by a three- d printer. the pistol was found loaded with live ammunition in a passenger's carry-on bag at the reno-tahoe international airport. the t-s-a says the passenger chose to leave the gun behind. t-s-a reminds travelers that guns, even replicas, are not allowed in carry-on baggage. wisconsin gets ready to host a summer games of its own. tonight -- our ia continue.. steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30. thanks george and carole.while most eyes are on rio, the senior olympics are right around the corner here in wisconsin.. tonight. we introduce you to a 68 year old competitor. we'll show you why he puts most of us, to shame. that's coming up on the olympic zone -- at 6:30. coming up-- john malan is live at the fair. find out how
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and warm weather-- and the new deal nbc universal struck with
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you.
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nbc-universal has a new deal to deliver custom episodes of some of its most popular shows on "snapchat". it will feature original and custom content from "the tonight show starng "saturday night live." the first entertainment offers will include "the voice" and "e news" from nbc-universal owned e! entertainment television. another great weather day to head out to the wisconsin state fair. chief meteorologist john malan is
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the heat and humidity are rising but we could see some much- needed rain this week. meteorologist scott steele in the weather center with the forecast.
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pressure breaks down and eases off to our east but an upper level ridge blocks the progress of any precipitation. the southerly wind flow is already boosting both temperatures and humidity levels and so during the next several days. readings will reach near 90 degrees tomorrow and thursday with dew points possibly surpassing 70 degrees. those numbers will
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indices of almost triple digits. this persistent pattern will finally begin to break down on thursday with the risk of a pop up shower or storm in the evening, but the next, best chance for showers and storms will be thursday overnight into friday as low pressure pushes into the region from the plains. any relief from the growing heat and humidity most likely will
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next in sports, lance allan gets us set for the usa women's gymnastics, going for
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the highlight of tuesday night, the golden girls, u-s women's gymnastics team the clear favorite to win gold in rio, and repeat their winning performance four years ago in london.silver medalist and former u-s-a team member chellsie memmel thinks after a spectacular performance in the prelims, the americans are ready for their golden moment. ((chellsie memmel says i don't ever want to jinx it...but i do, i think it would be shocking if we didn't come home with a gold. i think again, if everybody hits and does their job, we should get a gold medal.))one of the veterans on the team, u-s team captain aly raisman.((chellsie memmel says she's been there. she's done that...and i've loved her attitude this whole
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back. it just really seems like she's doing it for the right reasons. like she just wants to be there and still loves doing gymnastics.and i think she really will be and is currently a great leader for that team.)) a greendale runner has an amazing story. ariana hilborn is an olympic marathoner competing for latvia on sunday. ariana zvers as she was known in high school, only ran track for two weeks, and didn't like running.she was actually on the greendale panthers dance team! ((ariana hilborn says even you know, before high school...i took classes at milwaukee ballet. milwaukee ballet school and i think that, it just taught me a lot of discipline...from a very young age. you know, discipline towards i guess you know, your craft. and working towards goals, so i think that dance definitely has a strong foothold in that.))
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the u-s has a combined 22 medals. china has 13 and japan has 10 total medals. russia and italy round out the top five. tonight's primetime lineup, headlined by women's gymnastics. and swimming, with the staredown between michael phelps and chad le clos in the 200 meter butterfly and katie ledecky and missy franklin in
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breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said aboutil clinton, the second amendment and justice. and babies in critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. ferris wheel accident, children being hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. an american champion caught in a cold war against a russian


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