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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-6:53am CDT

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overnight.what officials think may have happened... and the number of people officials are still looking for... right then -- a barrier for pokemon go players? why people may notice this caution tape around the north point light house in milwaukee this morning. also ahead this morning-- growing danger.the high number of crashes caused by debris on roadways... and where officials say most of it comes from. welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. the humidity and temperatures were uncomfortable yesterday with highs in the upper 80s under a hazy skand just a little cooler along the lakefront. this morning is
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muggy with lows in the lower 70s and patchy fog. today is the most uncomfortable day of the week with highs near 90, very steamy humidity, and a heat index near 100?. clouds will be increasing today with scattered t'storms developing after 2pm, and t'storms are likely after 7pm and until before 2pm fridayith heavy rain at should get a half inch of rain with isolated higher amounts. dry incident freetraffic building on the roads right now starting at 11:30 tonight 894 northbound has a full closure at national ave until 4:30 the next morning as well as a rolling closure from 2 am till 4 am on a full closure at
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starting at 1:10 expected delays during the lunch rush hour and the begining of the evening rush hour alternate routes are bluemound road and national ave plan head police in shorewood are telling people to lock their windows -this -- after another burglary in the village. investigators through an unlocked window on the first floor of a home at frederick and shorewood around 3 a-m wednesday.the guy took offofficers searched... but could not this morning-- a spotlight on fighting crime across the country. police chiefs from major u-s cities-- including milwaukee are brainstorming ways to keep citizens safer. pete zervakis is live at milwaukee police headquarters downtown-- to explain cheif ed flynn's message. chief flynn was just one of
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that traveled to chicago for a crime and policing summit. the focus: how to cut violent crime in america's major cities. flynn and others looked at national crime trends... and problems many police departments across the country face. one of them: criminals carrying guns illegally. right now our criminal offenders find it more risky to get caught without their because the penalty on the street is much more severe - than any penalty we can marshall to deter them from carrying guns illegally flynn called for stricter gun laws at both the state and federal levels. the chief also said violent crime across the country tends to be concentrated in similar areas... namely those with high rates of poverty... unemployment... and abandoned
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breaking right now... firefighters are still looking for 5 to 7 people after a possible explosion at an apartment complex in silver spring maryland -- it's just outside of d-c.those missing include men, women and children according to our n-b-c affiliate there.even with the sun up firefighters are still putting out flames -- hours after this started. now a closup look at this new video just in -- 3 including several firefighters. several people were trapped on the second and third floors of these buildings. firefighters have not said for sure that the fire was started by an explosion.but take a look at this tweet from an n-b-c reporter who's there. you can see the debris in the foreground of the picture of the backside of the building collapsed.firefighters are saying those two things are what's leading them to believe that this was an explosion. we do know that several buildings are involved -- at
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community activists are hitting the streets ... with a's all to help kids in milwaukee.the 'peace for change alliance' will be holding a sleepover tonight and tomorrow at 3rd and north. they are asking people to drop off school supplies between 7 p-m and 7 a-m.the supplies will go to an m-p-s school in need. today, a top health official will give an update on the fight against zika.florida is the only state in the country to co by a mosquito bite... and there are now 22 cases in the state.president obama and hillary clinton are calling on congress to pass a funding bill to combat the virus delta airlines is still struggling with its computer systems this morning... but says operations are "largely back to travelers faced a third straight day of flight delays and cancellations since monday's meltdown.hundreds of flights have been scrapped. delta's c-e-o apologized for the problems.
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dangerous the roads can be. according to triple a: more than 200-thousand car crashes in the past four years involved road debris.these accidents led to 39-thousand injuries and 500 deaths. researchers say about two- thirds of debris-related crashes were caused by unsecured items falling from ... or out of ... other vehicles. happeneing today --a facelift for a historic milwaukee treasure.the lighthouse at lake park is getting fresh paint... ann sterling is live with more on the you'll notice in the park-- ann... crews are getting ready to fix up the north point lighthouse . it was built back in 1888. and is known to shine a light on the milwaukee shoreline it was restored to its early 20th century charm in 2007 but this is the first complete house and tower painting since it was restored back 10 years ago .the price tag of the project -- 23 thosuand dollars. it will include cleaning --
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where needed, plus -- painting the queen anne keeper's quarters and the lighthouse tower. the tower is broken into three sections from different time one point trees planted grew as tall as the lighthouse -- obscuring its lantern signal from ships on the lake . but now -- the base of the tower has been outfitted with a new led lighting system designed to bathe the tower in new lights.give the lighthouse a facelift is coming from a grant.. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--historic day.we are live in rio with "the mom" who pedaled her way to history ... and the sport making an olympic comeback after a one hundred and twelve year
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the american team continues to lead in gold.. and the overall medal count in the summer games -- thanks to a strong finish from 19-year-old swimming sensation katie ledecky.jay gray joins us now live from olympic park with details.. and a look at today's competition in rio.. u-s swimming back in the pool today -- which likely means more medals..while on land --
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pedaled her way to history here.. the road in rio was paved with gold for us cycling star kristin armstrong..a day before her 43rd birthday, armstrong won the olympic trial.. making her the only olympic cyclist to win three straight golds in the same event..americans sam dorman and michael hixon found silver in the green waters of the diving pool - the best finish ever for a u-s synchronized springboard team..the women's 4-by-200 relay finished strong..katie ledecky swimming the anchor leg for a come- from-behind australia.. we won a gold medal i mean that's a part of history."a bit of
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every time he dives into the pool.. later today he'll have one final olympic battle with teammate and friend ryan lochte in the 200 im finals.. katie ledecky is back in the pool as well - swimming in the qualifier for the 800-meter free -- she is the world record holder in the event.. and golf tees off today.. back in the olympics for the first
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i'm jay gray in rio.. now back to you. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--oreo's new creation.what the iconic snack is sandwiching between two cookies, and why it may be tough to get your hands on them.also-- bad behavior.the three most annoying things you might encounter on your next
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in today's money:ho slers report saving moon the commissi they paid to thei re esta ts.agena new vey nkey' sho report?2er of se discount.40 percent of ?buyers? say their agent gave
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contributiof more than 100 dollars what te of travelers bother you most on vacation?the majority of people rveyed say inattentive parents are the worst.72ercent of ?>people questioned by "expedia" say they were most irritated by parents not keepintheir chdren in line.the other top aggravations were loud hall-way guests... and in-room revelers a "fishy" new concoction from na to get your hands on.this is a look at ebay... where people are posting the new swedish fish oreo.the limited edition is only availakrer stores... so people are taking to the inte to y and them.a pac store... or somewhere behe shipping... on ebay.
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now to your weather and traffitogether... with meteorologt brian gotter. traffitogether... with were uncomfortable yesterday with highs in the upper 80s under a hazy skand just a little cooler along the lakefront. this morning is mostly clear, very warm and muggy with lows in the lower 70s and patchy fog. today is the most uncomfortable day of the week with highs near 90, very steamy humidity, and a heat index near 100?. clouds
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scattered t'storms developing after 2pm, and t'storms are likely after 7pm and until rain at times. most of us should get a half inch of rain with isolated higher amounts. despite clouds and scattered t'storms, especially before noon, friday remains in the mid 80s and very muggy. conditions finally evening with falling dew points and humidity. for the 3rd weekend in a row, the weher looks great with sunshine, lower humidity and highs near 80. next week looks sunny and warm with highs in the 80s. the humidity and temperatures were uncomfortable yesterday with highs in the upper 80s
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little cooler along the lakefront. this morning is mostly clear, very warm and muggy with lows in the lower 70s and patchy fog. day is the most uncomfortable day of the week with highs near 90, very steamy humidity, and a heat index near 100?. clouds will be increasing today with scattered t'storms developing after 2pm, and t'storms before 2pm fridayith heavy rain at times. most of us with isolated higher amounts. deite clouds and scat t'storms, especially before noon, friday remains in and the great with lower highs
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hillary clinton set to make a major economic speech in detroit todat questions still swirling about ties between the state department and her foundation.tracie potts joins us live from washington with more-- tracie... "friends don't let friends
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clinton, going after republican votes as she prepares for today's economic speech in detroit. "i am determined that we're going to build more and we're going to be able to te donaru lls her record world and it went ke this. the went down." "our jobs got suckedway om us."no conservativeousuggt e clinton fountion asked the state department for at hercaays ne happen. that's the old pa lly le are sk and tired of.d oka tho oor.clinton o disaws his pport... as
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founded isand the co trumps support is waning.his tacks arnot. while clinton talkabt jobs toy,to homebuilders in miami - both trying to convince voters they've got the right answers pos shington, now back ok at rio ispport.
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daayhe games... rit he on today's to add to its medal are ?some of the highlights:at
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meanwhile, s women's ter loisg for in london four years ago. n that's at 9:40.and at 1 p-m: mackenzie brown competes in early round action in women's archery.she's seeking the first u-s olympic medal in the . aly raisman and simone biles are gettg ready ompe individual oundaland theygot sum simo's celebrity crush.take a look efron says "of i'm wa thetchingfinal ve dominate the floo" si and zac have shared a few tweets back and rth. ? after simone revealed on a talk show-- she has a big crush on the actor. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4 --burglers strike again in a local police say the suspect got
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most clr, vy warm a6g muggy with lowse lower 70s and patchy f. today the most unortably of the week with highs near 90, ve steamy humidity, and a heat index near 100?. clouds will be increasing today with scattered t'storms developing 7pm and 2pm heavy rain at of
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a warning from police this morning-- after thieves target another home in shorewood-- in the middle of the night. this is the third break in in a matter of weeks.ann sterling is live with more. this time the intruder hit a home in the 39 hundred block of frederick ave.police say it happened this week at 3 in the morning when most of us our sleeping. and once again police say... the prowler is getting into
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to back.the first one on et k men-lo. the home owner woke up to find the intruder inside the home.police say the guy goscared and took off.the next one happened -- near shorewood and downer .the homeowner says the crook removed a basement storm wiow but didn't get inside. right now -- police are warning people in this area -- please make sure your windows and doors are locked at night. a local elementary school teacher and her husband will be back in court next week.. after they were arrested for alleged drug dealing.tracy wendt is now on unpaid leave from her second grade teaching position at lakeview elementary in the south milwaukee school district. caledonia police say they found marijuana, edibles, mushrooms and cash in the couple's home-- plus items to indicate manufacturing drugs. eakibr right now...a canadian man is dead -- after
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ide bomb plot there.this all unfolding overnight in ontario. authorities are saying the man had been previously banned from associating with isis extremists -- that includes not communicating with and not wearing or carrying anything with the i-s logo on it.police say they halted a possible attack after receiving credible information of a potential terrorist threat.the suspect was under surveillence for a minister justin trueau was aware of operation that was carried out overnight. what we don't know this morning is exactly who the suspect is or how he was killed.we'll stay on top of this for you and bring you more information as soon as we get it in. paying to park on milwaukee's lakefront could eventually be a reality. the county wants to add 15-hundred parking meters all along the lakefront.this is only one proposal for the county, which is under water by about 56 million dollars. alternatives including raising property taxes, vehicle
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a new look for the north point's getting a fresh coat of paint -- the first since it was restored over ten years may notice caution tape asrews work on the project over the next few decision 20-16-- for the third time in three weeks... the republican vice presidential nominee will campaign in wisconsin. mike pence is expected in milwaukee this evening. pete zervakis is live downtown milwaukee with a mike pence crosse this afternoon... before finishing the day with a 7 p-m appearance here at the hilton. pence has already made stops in green bay -- along with presidential nominee donald trump... and in waukesha... since clinching the republican v-p nomination. but new numbers released yesterday show the g-o-p ticket losing ground with voters in wisconsin. acrding to the
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democrat hillary clinton leads trump by 15 points in wisconsin - head to head - among likely voters. her lead is 13 points when polling included third party candidates ga johnson and jill stein. but political scientists believe pence's peated trips to wisconsin show the trump campaign still believes the badger state will be in play this november. live downtown...pz... tmj4 will speak about her commitment to fight for working families and improve the economy.the democratic presidential nominee will deliver the speech at an autotive and defense industry manufacturing facility in warren, michigan. the clinton campaign has said the speech will offer a "stark contrast" to donald trump's policies... which he outlined in detroit earlier this up nexon live at daybreak on
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... and snag tickets to the state fair or zoo for free. then -- what a mess!how this fan ended up with nachos --
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a face full of nachos at the ball game... and it wasn't on purpose.take a look at this.a fan at the padres pirates game spilled his beer and nachos all over his ?face... as he went for a foul ball.the guy didn't make the catch... but you can see he did give his neighbors a lot of an emotional announcement from former brewer "prince fielder." he just announced he's retiring because of two neck surgeries.he broke down when talking handling "they never allowed me to feel bad. 'oh, it's alright, dad.' they didn't even break stride from video games. they just asked me to come play video games. i'm so proud of them for being that ro f me at that time. they said, it's aight. we just went
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the 32 year old brewers first round draft pick recently underwent his second neck surgery in two years. the brewers are at home today -- taking on the atlanta if you want to go and still need to buy a ticket... there are a few deals that will save you money at the fair and zoo. first up-- the "brew crew and the zoo" to the game ?and an admission ticket to the milwaukee county zoo-- with an extra bonus... a free lunch there's also the "fair days double play" promo.for 15 dollars... you get a ticket to the game today -- plus a general admission ticket to the fair.first pitch today is at up next-- on live at daybreak on today's tmj4watt's workout. how the former badger got pushed to the limit in his hometown of pewaukee.then -- back on the ground.what's next
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at he says he wanted from
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beyond wisconsin-- a funeral will be held tomorrow -- r killed on a water park ride caleb schwab was riding the world's tallest waterslide sunday -- when something went terribly wrong.two other women suffered facial injuries. authorities still not explaining what exactly happened.the park has since reopened.the ride will remain the family of an 8-year-old ohio boy is grieving ... after he was killed by a lighting strikefriends say noah stutzman was letting horses 'back in' when he was hit by a
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was also hit, but should survive.noah had seven siblings, and was part of a large amish breaking right now... firefighters in maryland searching for missn, ing me women and children after a possible explosion at an apartment complex overnight. let's go in on the ground here -- you can see firefighters making their way inside this building.people were trapped on the second and third floors -- 30 are hurt, including several fiterefigh was explosion cause there's a debris field several yards from the building a the building itself is partially and this doesn't involve just one building -- as many as three could be damaged from the flames.the n-b-c station in d-c -- tweeting out...90 people don't have anywhere to stay and are being helped by the red cross. the man who scaled trump tower in new york is undergoing a psychological evaluation .. and will face charges.take a look...the 20-year-old
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ucti s cups -- before officers grabbed him and hauled him to safety through a window.he posted an online video saying he wanted a private meetinwith packers extrathe packers open up their preseason tomorrow against the cleveland owns at lambeau.the pack was suosplay the colts sunday in canton ohio, but the game was canceled due to poor game will air on-m-l-w. w's kif is at seven o'clock. the regular season sta september 11th. j-j watt is headed back to the otball field -- after a tough rkout with parfirefighteed hometoe depart traingciex uniform and t hito the test. diffent type of workout. m dahas beena firefighter for 28 years before he retired."
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heat campaign."it teaches student athletes the importance of staying &hydrated in the heat. noto your weatheand traffic together... with meteorologist brian gotter. the humidity the midity and wi hig in the upper 80 cooler along the jua lakefront. th morni stly ear,clery wand muggwith lo ie lower 70 d tchy fog. day
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will li afte7pd unafte2pm, ar 2pidayt ti us should despite clouds and tere&d t'stoo noon, friday remains in th muy.
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ner di dry incident freetrfi
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start a11:30 tonight 894 northbound has a full closure at national ave until 4:30 the next morning as well as a rolling closure from 2 am till 4 am on a full closure at thbraves this rnoon rs versus starting at 1:10 expected delays during the lunch rush hour and the begining evening rush hour alternate routes are bluemound road and national ave now it's time for your "four to know" this morning.we start with a bold crime-- close to the police department.ann sterling is live with more on the warning for residents in shorewood this morning--
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a 19-year-old after drowning at the washington park swimming pool. the pool was closed at the time... but police say the man and several of his friends hopped the fence.police say the man jumped in the pool... had trouble swimming -- and sank to the officer pulled him out and started c-p- r... but it was too late. a milwaukee man charged with drowning his three-month-old son is due back in court this morning for a preliminary hearing.sean flowers was officially charged with murder tuesday.police say the 25-year-
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argument with the boy's later today-- an effort to help local kids get ready to go back to school with all the right supplies.alderwoman milele coggs is sponsoring the "sleepover for education" with several area organizations.the group plans to hit the streets with a pillow... and collect school can drop off supplies between seven tonight... and seven tomorrow morning-- at third and still ahead on live at daybreak-- your olylmpic update, including the at rio at this morning.also coming up -- the false alarm that had u-s athletes evacuating their hotel overnight... and the gymnast who kept all her fans informed
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look at the medal u-s-a rey ads countries with 32 total medals medals foa total of 23japan comes inhird with 18otal medals.russiaaustralia round out the team u-s-a is celebrating all of its accomplishment.. with me smos.the hershey company held a huge party for the athletes at the u-s-a house... complete with a concert from "the band perry."
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the ev a fire ala at a hotel takes on a whole new meaning when you're an olympic gold'll understand after watching this video gymnast simone biles posted on alarm is ing off but we gire oumedals (laughing)"ate: we're alright. at the medals man (laughs)you can see all the girls grabbed their gold medals when the alarm went off. well - it turned out to be a false alarm... so the girls and medals are see you in 25 minutes for your next check on weather and
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>>od mor. the final showdown. >> le4. michahelps and lochte grabhe top spots in the 200 m. for one last dual ithe pool tonight. katie ledecky digging deep for a golden comeback in the 400 meter free relay. in bcholleyball a close callor kerri walsh jennings and april . but escaping with the win. >> that is it! as the leaders of the final five, simone biles, and aly rais n get back to business for the shot at alaround gold, "today," thursda august 11th,


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