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tv   Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 7:00am-8:20am CDT

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>>od mor. the final showdown. >> le4. michahelps and lochte grabhe top spots in the 200 m. for one last dual ithe pool tonight. katie ledecky digging deep for a golden comeback in the 400 meter free relay. in bcholleyball a close callor kerri walsh jennings and april . but escaping with the win. >> that is it! as the leaders of the final five, simone biles, and aly rais n get back to business for the shot at alaround gold, "today," thursda august 11th,
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>> the u.s. women gold i the 4x2. >> that was beautiful! >> that's a gold medal for kirsten armstrong. >> announcer: this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie ve from rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to a special split edition of "today." thursday, morning, day 6 of the rio olpics. i'm matt lauer along with ho kotb. savannah is ew york. we'll talk to her in a one second. >> you know wha we refuse to do back on copacabano beach. >> what is that? >> we refuse to do a show
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look at who we have today. that is alison schmidt part of that gold medal relay team in the 4x200 free and josh prenot is alongside her. >> congratulations. also here, there's more, michael hixon and sam dorman they teamed up and took silver in synchronized diving, and we'll ask what it is like to compete in what is a big story here. the green water in the pool. it's so much fun to watch athletes and the crowd get to hang out a little bi >> by the way, their parents are all hanging out over here taking pictures of them. by the way, you know who else is joining us on the beach this morning? >> who? >> it's going to feel a little like greenville, tennessee, because the band perry is coming down here to rio and they'll put on a live concert on the beach a little later in the show. savannah, back in new york and i know there's a lot going on in your world as well. >> exactly, guys. good morning to you. good to see you. the presidential race as hot as ever here.
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criticism yet that donald trump that's leveled against his opponent yet? last night, he accused president obama of founding isis and naming hillary clint ton as its co-find -- co-founder. and then a man scaling a building in new york, trump power. we'll have the latest on all of that coming up. for now, back to you in rio. from natalie. good morning to you. >> good in the duel in the pool. michael phelps and ryan lochte will go head to head tonight. wi swimmers, cyclist and divers racking up gold medals, team usa is on the cusp of a big milestone. team usa is approaching a major milestone.
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australia. >> adding to that is katie ledecky. ledecky turned in a powerful performance trailing which bun second when she hit the water coming from behind with incredible closing speed to win by close to two seconds before hitting the pool the team, which included alison schmidt and a stunning win defeating josh pernot. >> biggest shock of these olympic games. >> first ever swimming medal for kazakhstan. michael phelps and ryan lochte took first and second when they
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an event that phelps never lost at the olympics and lochte's final race of the games. >> we bring out the best of each other. we've been doing it since 2004. every time i race him, it's the best. >> for olympiansutside the aquatic center, it was a battle against mother nature. armstrong wins her third consecutive gold. armstrong now the oldest woman to medal in the s just one day before her 43rd birthday sharing an emotional and tearful embrace with her young son moments after her victory and drama in beach volleyball. americans kerri walsh jennings and april ross facing tough competition from the switzerland. the match taking a turn when one of the players smashed into the sand hurting her neck.
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>> that will do it. >> winning by just ten points. liaraame within striking distance in the last 30 seconds of the game. but superstars kyrie irving led the team to victory. and a quick check of the medal count. u.s. team still leading by a lot beating out china far and coming up today, events to look out for. golf returning to the olympics after 112 years. >> matt is excited. >> in gymnastics, of course, women's all-around finals. simone biles and harrison tries to make it back to back gold in judo and michael phelps and ryan lochte facing off in 200 i.m. >> busy day.
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team usa's latest medal winners. alison schmidt part of that gold winning relay and first time olympian josh pernot. how does it feel. you have a gold medal around your neck along with a silver, how does that feel for you, taking in the whole process. the journey has its ups and downs. and to have a gd around my neck again, an amazing feeling with three other girls. >> how much pressure were you feeling on the deck knowing it's your job in the relay to get that team off to a very strong start. >> knowing that you have katie ledecky there's not much
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laps to watch the other girls and wringing your hands making sure it works out. >> i had complete faith in the other three girls. like i said, having katie anchor our relay, i wouldn't have any other swimmer anchor our relay. >> josh, first time olympian. you sit there with the silver medal around your neck. is the way you played it out in your mind for the last ten years? >> yeah. it's absolutely a dream come country that well. >> kazakhstan got the gold. it was a touch. did you realize how close you were at that moment? >> that dude was super far away from me. i could only see two surrounding me so i had no idea. he's a good kid. i'm happy for him. >> as we were talking about families a second ago before we went on the air and just briefly talk about what this has been like for your families to go through this.
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last night i was able to see my family for the first time since being in rio, and there were a lot of tears. happy tears. knowing that everything we've been through together, they are there every step of the way. >> they are standing right over there. >> i feel like my family has been loving every minute of this. every day i get a text from mom or dad saying this is sick. we love being here. i'm happy for them. >> we would like to give you a chance to say hi to f home. you're from michigan? >> yes. >> josh? >> what's up, berkeley? >> guys, congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. now more on team usa's dominance in the pool and the big races to look forward to today. mike tirico is daytime host of nbc's olympic coverage. good morning to you. let's talk about the duel in the pool. what are you expecting?
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i live in ann arbor. how can you beat one more time phelps and lochte in the pool in this race. these two guys have either one gold or world championship for a decade in this event. one more time a showdown. >> they swim side by side. how do you think that affects the race? >> they have a great sense of where the other guy is at this point after competing in the same event for so long. you just look at lochte and you look at his career great. the problem is he's swimming in the era of the greatest and how will history remember him? in anvent phelps won three times in a row in the olympics, if lochte can get this, that will add to the specter of his greatness. >> let's talk about katie ledecky. >> magnificent. >> i used that one. >> give me the list, matt.
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a second down as she gets in the pool last night in the relay you were talking about. you had theense it was going to be no chance for anybody else from austria oradaan to hol tor off or catch her when she the lead. now the 800, we're looking at a great gold haul for her. >> we don't expect anything but that? >> we learned in sports there's no guarantees. that one feels good. >> i'll ask you and i'll lean back here and ask these two to weigh in could katie ledecky -- she holds thorld record in the 800 and as allison will tell me that's 8:06.68. could katie ledeckyome the first person to swim 800 mers unde minut in her career? >> that would be a lot given the toll of the week. >> in her career? >> why not? i'll defer to the person that's done it a few times more than
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ledecky. >> i'm not betting against >>oney holders here. what else are you looking foar to? >> you mentioned golfrting which we're excited about. over a century butstics wi great success of women we saw them with you yesterday on the show. thepportunityow in the individual to have their success. can you win the all-around the title americans have won before. biles is good but keep an eye on her. >> i like how that's the rivalry. biles versus raisman. u.s. versus u.s. >> it's a rivalry, but what they will tell you they can't wait to travel as a team around america anpired ins more dreams. >> america can't wait either. mike tirico, as always, thank you. you folks, congratulationsgain. we'll ve more on what to expect in th g competion coming up. you can catch the showdown between michael phelps and ryan lochte and much more during nbc's prime time coverage of
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savannah in new york. >> all right, guys, thank you. in the presidential race this morning, donald trump stirring new controversy as he labeled president obama the founder of isis and hillary clinton its co-founder. this as we learned more about the man who captured a lot of attention on wednesday when he scaled the side of trump tower. nbc's hallie jackson is in florida for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all eyes were on that trump tower climber on fifth avenue. here in florida, it's donald trump in the spotlight. now escalatingis aks by accusing president oba of founding isis. in florida late wednesday at one of his rowdier rallilddo ump on the attack with a new line ainst president obama. >> isiis honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. >> repornd oter: adefense for controversial comments suggesting gun rightadvocas could act against hilly
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>> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. althou the second amendment peop tleay you look athe power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to obviously. >> rorter: trump also pushing back against a report the secret service talked to his campaign about those remarks as for the first time hillary clinton responds. president and commander in chief. >> reporter: clinton under fire herself. an e-mail leak from a conservative advocacy has p critics questioning whether donations to the clinton foundation bought access to her state department. >> it's called pay for play. if emails were never invented, would she be happy? >> reporter: bill clinton has defended the foundation with hillary clinton's campaign telling nbc news the new e-mails don't relate to the foundation's
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all of it coming amid a skyscraper standoff in new york city. suction cups and all. police busting glass to try to 9 stop a man scaling trump tower. the climber quickly becoming a media spectacle on air and online requesting a meeting with donald trump before police him in. donald trump again hit clinton after the father of an orlando nightclub shooter attended one of her rallies. even as one of his attendees raised eyebrows in the sunshine state. disgraced former congressman mark foley sitting directly behind trump in his camera shot. foley telling nbc he is a trump supporter, the two, friends for 30 years and this new magazine out from "time" shows trump with theimple caption meltdown. savannah? >> hallie jackson on the campaign trail for us. thank you.
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25 people were injured and several others still missing after an explosion rocked an apartment building outside washington d.c. the fire in silver spring, maryland, started just before midnight. more than 150 firefighters were called to battle those flames. they were fueled by a natural gas line. firefighters were able to rescue several people who were trapped inside their apartments. nearly 100 people have been displaced by that fire. and what a bizarre story out of england this morning. police are investigating allegations that a british poisoned. gabriella taylor was midway through her quarterfinal match in the junior tournament last month when she became sick and was forced to pull out. her mother tells "the daily telegraph" that her daughter was diagnosed with a rare bacterial disease and she believes that it was not an accident, and police are investigating that she could have been targeted by a rival
7:17 am
we'll send it back to rio. guys, hope you're having a good morning. >> we are, savannah. nice to see you. >> well, the sea, she is less angry in rio here today. you're talking about a rare event back home. >> that's right. saw a tornado in connecticut yesterday. another one in long island. look at the video from connecticut. this is north haven. ef-0 torna going through knocking down trees and splintering trees and debris. a real mess. thankfulody ind nored an serious damage. still enough opr let's look at the heat we're talking about right now. we're talking 70 million people under some sorof heat advisory. 22 states stretching frothe midwesd plains all of the way into the northeast and new england. heat advisories for boston and new york cit look at the temperatures what th're gog to feel like today well over 100 thanks to this bermuda high pushing up aitemperatures near 100.
7:18 am
today omorinto tw northeast -atlantic states and the gulf coast as well. 'll get to your local fore coming up in the next 30
7:19 am
guys? >> al, thanks so muc ming up, we're going to geto the bottomf that big olympic mystery. why is the water in some of the pools turning green and we're going to ask silver medal nners michael hixon and sam dorman what it's like to dive into that. >> kerri walsh jennings opens up about going for a fourth straight gold medal in beach volleyball this time with brand new paner, april ross.
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i'm susan kim alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. dry slow downs on 894
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we're back now on a thursday morning. 7:30. take a look at the view. that's sugarloaf right there. hoda, remember, we were up there on the cable car. that's taken from a helicopter. let's see if we can pan over to the left. you'll start to see part of rio in the background now as the camera reveals the curve of copacabana beach coming up right now. and i want you to take a look down in the notch of the hill down below. >> that's us? >> that's our studio. >> everybody wave. >> turn around and wave, folks. that's studio 1a rio style here on copacabana beach home of the 2016 summer games. >> that's really cool. >> that was beautiful by the
7:31 am
>> we're getting ready for a live concert from the band perry here on that beach in just a couple of minutes. >> love them. they are right over there in the orange room hanging out. excited for that. >> we have a lot to get to in this half hour. let's go right to your olympic headlines. another night, another gold for katie ledecky in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. she was swimming last. she entered the pool in second place. guess what. she touched the wall nearly two seconds ahead of the competition. she's unreal. as for the men, michael phelps and ryan lochte qualified first and second for the 200 meter i.m. final, setting up one last duel in the pool, and that happens tonight. >> that's going to be a thriller. in men's gymnastics, japan repeated as gold medal winner in men's individual all-around. women get their turn today including the final five simone biles and aly raisman. we'll have more on that battle
7:32 am
>> and after 112 year absence, golf returns to the olympics this morning. it's a traditional 72-hole tournament over the next four days. team usa represented by pro golfers bubba watson, ricky fowler, patrick reed and matt kuchar. we look forward to that. >> that's going to be great. and remember, wednesday, we mentioned that one of the olympic diving pools had turned green and now other pools have done the same. what's with the color change? what's that all about? keir simmons has been checking into that and he is over at olympic park. hey, keir. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know whether to laugh or cry here. athletes spend years preparing for the olympics only to compete in water the same color as the paving here. olympic officials admitting they ran out of the right chemicals. it appears that allowed algae to spread to two pools now and now competitors are complaining that in trying to make it better they
7:33 am
>> a startsingling -- startling view today at the aquatic center. >> reporter: a stunning admission by olympic officials. the sightly color caused by their own water tanks running out of some of the chemicals used in the water treatment process. >> would you dive? >> you bet i would dive. this is the olympic games. >> reporter: and now new accusations from athletes that the water is being overtreated to compensate. team usa's water polo captain saying i could barely open my eyes for the final quarter. they are putting so much chlorine in the wateeople can't see. despite the irritation, competition moves forward. american divers sam dorman and mike hixon winning a silver medal in the green tinged water. to be clear, the not-so-clear water in outdoor pools normally blue like this instead it looks like this. >> i have no idea what the green
7:34 am
been in the pool for a swim. >> reporter: another pool used for water polo competition turning green wednesday one day after the neighboring pool used in diving and synchronized swimming did the same. the alkaline level causing the discoloration, according to the world governing body for swimming. >> there is absolutely no risk whatsoever for the health of anybody, especially for the athletes and anybody. an independent group confirmed our assessment. >> rte a joke, u.s. diver david boudia tweeted or are we celebrating st. paddy's day early in rio? olympic officials say the water will be back to blue soon. i tried te tak look this morning. i couldn't get in to check. the irish side on my family ar delighted, they are saying they have never had so much support at the olympics. >> that's your story and you're sticking with it. thank you very much. as he just mentioned, americans michael hixon and sam
7:35 am
green water. th won silver in the men's synchronized springboard competition. get this. this is the second time they've competed together in a major competition. michael, sam, good morning to both of you. congratulations. >> hi, guys. congratulations. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling great. >> we'll talk about the green water thing in a second. how have you guys managed to mesh so quickly and form this kind of chemistry with so little time together as a team? quality of dives and communication. communication has been huge. letting each other know how each other compete, what we need to do in the competition, and how to manage that. >> you guys have such different personalities. who is the gregarious one? >> outside of the ol i'm very energetic, but in the pool i'm very mellow, zen-like. >> and michael? >> 180 in the pool and outside of the pool. absolutely. >> do you have an unspoken thing
7:36 am
it's all about that quick 1. seconds or however long it takes to go from the boardnd into the pool. what do you guys do with each other? >> so say we're doing 109. walk up and say let's go. that's all the communication we have when we're competing. >> that'fo10. what about 109a? what is 109 c? >> 109 is o favorite dive. on. >> before your last dive, which is where i would imagine there's enormous pressure because you guys want a medal, there was this wait while the mexican divers challenged a ruling. they wanted to dive again saying you were distracted. to dive agg you were distracted. you waited for, like, five minutes. in football, that's how you ice a kicker. you make him more nervous by making him wait. what affect did it he on you? >> it was perfect. that was perfect for me at least because i needed distractio
7:37 am
amped up and thought too much on it and went over. going into that sitting in the hot tub prior and having that happen and distracting me and throwing me off completely was perfect to get my mind off the competition. for me i have to go into autopilot. >> probably the opposite. it built the moment up for me. there's a huge pause and crowd gets into it and really anxious for the next dive. i was loving to the moment. >> you get to the end of the springboard. you're looking down. used to crystal blue water and >> kermit the frog had a bath the other day. what can you say. >> did it bother you at all? >> it didn't. it's out of our control. we can't do anything about that? >> it doesn't affect depth or what you're thinking or any of that stuff. >> under the lights, the green water is bright so visual cue is even better. >> most positive two people i met in my life. no wonder you have a silver
7:38 am
congratulations. great to see you. thank you. we appreciate it. >> let's go to mr. roker for a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. a great group of folks here hanging out. a family over there. let's show you what we've got going on where you are right now. and we're talking about more wet weather along the gulf coast from panama city into new orleans and in fact rainfall amounts going to be tough over the next several days. some areas may pick up especially in new orleans about 8 inches of rain before it's all
7:39 am
>> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up next, beach volleyball superstar kerri walsh jennings and april ross escape a scare in the sand. >> we'll talk about their rowdy fans right after this. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage com? makes easy to know what you'eredre cov for and what you'rnot.
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>> announcer: "today's" athlete to watch is sponsored by citi. proud partner of team usa. proud sponsor of progress. we are back in rio with "today's" athlete to watch. this morning the faces of
7:44 am
>> we're talking of course about kerri walsh jennings and april ross. they were challenged by a team from switzerland last night they won it but it was a third set tie breaker. kerri walsh jennings is going for gold but this time with a new partner. >> kerri w j dominant force in beach volleyball history along with her partner misty may-treanor they ran as queens of the sand. follow the london games, misty decided to retire but kerri had other plans. >> i love what i do with all my heart and plan on getting better for the rest of my life. i don't have a shelf life. when i go to heaven, i'll keep
7:45 am
her third straight gold medal, kerri served up a big surprise to her olympic opponent, april ross. >> april goes back to serve. game over. misty and i win. we celebrate we do our thing and shake hands and give hugs to the opposing team. i go over to april. i give april a big hug. i say now let's go win gold in rio. >> it shocked me. that's not what i was expecting her to say obviously. yeah. let's do it. erased, april joining kerri on the same side of the net to form the next superstar team. and so far the duo has dug in not missing a step. >> she puts it away. >> going 3-0 in group play after defeating switzerland wednesday night in a three-set thriller. i caught up with them in rio where they've not only been taking care of the ball but also
7:46 am
look at this. we're a week into the games and still holding hands and arms. that's good. >> this is how we do it. >> any moments in the first couple matches for you. you got a little bit off your game or felt uneasy? >> i feel like we've kind of been -- our coach likes to say he likes to hold us back at the gate and once competition starts he lets us go. we get in the stadium and let it rip and let's go. >> who has more pressure on them you or her? >> i don't think we look at we made this choice to go for this dream and pressure stems from that. what a beautiful thing. so the pressure i think is equal because we're in this together. >> it's a team thing. >> this is what we've chosen to do. this is what we've worked so hard for for 3 1/2 years. it's up to us and starts and ends with us. >> i was at the game last night with your teammates on the women's side. they played brazil. just about every time lauren or
7:47 am
are you aware of this? >> i have heard smattering of this. they're afraid. >> have you allowed yourself to look down the road a little bit at what could be the gold medal game here? >> we have five more matches to win. we'll be ready. >> april ross and kerri walsh jennings come out victorious. >> when she said they're afraid, she talking about the fans they think are afraid of them winning again for a fourth time so they're trying to rattle anybody that competes against brazilians. >> tough road ahead. >> no question. we watched them play the other night. they're very good. very good. they're going to play again tomorrow. we'll have much more ahead including -- >> team usa's superstars before they became the greatest athletes in the world. >> and billy bush has the other thing that's changing color in rio.
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7:52 am
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7:57 am
du alaround today... women's ...and hopefully she got go "the fire alarm is going off but we got o meda (laughing)""update: we're alright. at least we got the medals man (laughs)"this is video biles posted on social media. you can see all the girls grabbed their gold medals. turned out to be a false alarm... so the girls and medals are nbc prime time cere tonight will at wthen's individual all-around... featuring simone biles and aly
7:58 am
tonight... a lot of action in the pool as both the men and women have more finals... including michael phelps. plenty of action ahead this morning on today's tmj4. at nine, women's water polo... team u-s-a taking on china. qalifying rounds in men's and women's 1-30, both men and women's beach
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
go hd >> we wel yaco a specplit s edi of "today"
8:02 am
back. deemer now i the beau sunshine. when we were there the other day, not so much. we have a monitor below the camera. here we go. there. welcome back to thebeach. we have copacabana. avpele banfus . it cal "liveforeve"'re going tot >> we havethertaithive us. camile alves.
8:03 am
barbecue. wait until we show you the troubl a baseball fan got into ing for aoul ball holng a nachos. >> savannah, thanks. t'et the morning's big olympicheadnes. nbc's peter alexander is up at olympic par with everything. peter, goomoing. to yo phelps, lochte, ledecky all in action tonight. most countries at this game a armstrong setti records a the oldest female cyclist and the only one to win the event three times in a row. the closer golden girl katie ledecky getting it done again. an incredible come from behind
8:04 am
>> the u.s.en wom winold and ledecky has her thirdold o these rio games. >> reporter: on the men's side, teammates who are also rivals. michael phelps and ryan lochte dominant and dynamic for more than a decade. two of the best in history. >> reporter: last night in 200 meet individual medley semi, the duo going one, two. phelps coming in just ahead of lochte. >> the stars have aligned once again. >> reporter: setting up what duel in the pool tonight. >> we've been doing it since 2004. any time i get up and race him, it's the best. >> reporter: in mnastics, the superman flying high. >> the legend goes on. >> reporter: wely considered the greatest male gymnast of all time. >> you want to have the routine of your lifetime here and that could have been his.
8:05 am
consecutive olympic gold.second in cycling, armstrong turns 33 today getting an early birthday present. a gold medal in her third consecutive >> thalast 5 k i knew it was close and my c you better decide what color medal you want day. >> reporter: in fencing the u.s. men's medaln decades. >> i'm happy i took the jump i wanted to and i'll be back next time for gold. >> reporter: an emotional victory for the athlete who captured gold in the double trap and the army officer taking the first ever gold for an independent athlete after they were dropped from the gramz.
8:06 am
a gub cris auniversitied. his clubs went missing because of an airline mistake. he ask for help on social ing where do you think my clubs are. his search had a happy ending. he tweeted this photo with his clubs writing i'm never letting you go aga until next flight. >> golf returning tohe olympics for the first time since 1904. those cbs weroundt the tournament teeing off this morning. team u.s.a., way out in front withore than 30 total medal well ahead of china, japan and rash. more than 20 medals to be handed out again today. kayla harrison is hunting for gold and that final showown
8:07 am
individual medlemedley. he has e more chance to go head to head this evening. >> that will be so much f to watch. thank you very much. let us go back to new york. savannah has other top stories. >> donald trump out with a new line of attacks against president obama calling him the founder of isis. he made that accusation at a rally w florida. he called hillary clinton the co-founder of the terrorist group. trump has previously blamed the president and clinton for policies that allowed isis to gain power. as for his overall campaign strategy trump said he plans to stick with ibecause in the end it's going to work oi'm going to have very nice long vacation. new york city police captured a
8:08 am
halfway up trump tower on wednesday demanding a meeting with trump. the commander. war against isis says the enemy is retreating on all fronts in syria and iraq. it is estimated 25,000 isis fighters have been killed since november. he did warn thatsis will remain capable of committing terrorist attacks around the batefields. rescuers searched through the nightor possible victims of an explosi and fe at an apartment building outside washington, d.c. part of that building collapsed. 30 people were injurednd several others wereeported missing. the firetarted just before midnight. it was started by a natural gas line. we have seen it's not a good
8:09 am
this is the latest from pittsburgh. that was a giant plate of chili cheese nachos. the fan wearing it all over his face and t-shirt but it was okay in the end as he got a free replacement t-shirt for his efforts. hate to see nachos go down like that. >> thank you very much. comp u next will ite cond in rio. what to watch for tonight. plus we have -- saw a leo like alike and now it looks like the duchess of cambridge has joined in on the action. > and we've taken our summe concert series on the road with the band perry.
8:10 am
these messages. ic!" a lot. i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. i'm a fine arts major. nobody really believes that i take notes this way, but they actually make sense to me. i try to balance my studying with the typical college experience. this windows pc is a life saver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient.
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but now ere sure kve been i ain't stg no mtime ??and , the citi double sh car
8:13 am
>> please welcome to the tees the players of group ten. >> welcome back to rio where hists bory ing made right now. >> as we med earer onimst in years??? n olympic spo and ov i'mit. ooiv at the on we're wai fors bub?an
8:14 am
char. whatre c >>hances wav g rechance. there was pat ree who lovlagnba. hehich is wh you nee to win a huge even like this. >> we haven't seen gf inhe olym for11 year whoes it meanor the sport t mot cae are so many
8:15 am
. ndivl peoeedai n tmlens fl me cu i t?hink forirheehe72-holeokepi migh be theaygo. t a afterthes olympics someing d rstimet's e a
8:16 am
an it ld. eevimeoter c nht wdisa for. m 1 on medal in the indivua aloundfils. tonight the women get theirp tur d by american siles a aly isman.
8:17 am
wis. r,
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
the o tte ea corn tastes gr eg>> ands trati
8:21 am
e, cor of mi e o - i on> and
8:26 am
>> jus a
8:27 am
onopacabana beh. 've got mor musicu< ead fro our road group this4f:%morng. >> the band per have five platin ngle ts ay are on the way tother one thr newest hit. it's called "comeback kid." guys, taket i ay.? they like to? ty l better w you're theren gr ? ? and upntil n i've ?he h? i bet they nev had broken heart ? ? but they sure know how to beat the hell out of one ? ses iometim think they do it just for one ? ? hey ? ? t, no, i'm not leaving even ough bleeding ? ? even thohhis nightmare
8:28 am
? eve though i hate it, i'm going to taket ? ? until i win ? ? ause i'm a comeback, i'm a comeback kid ? ? don't know why bad things happened but they did ? ? i don't think i deserve the ietad i ? ? it's not the end, no, it' not the end ? ? i'mcomeback kid ? ? down for a minute i'll get up agai ?e i breakingut it's just ?t's notver ? ? cause inhe end ? ? i'm a comeback, i'm a comeback kid? ? ing to finish what i started now ? ? you interrupted meh all your doubts ?
8:29 am
makes me wish i was dreaming ? ? even though i hate it ? ? i'm going to take it ? ? until i win ? ? cause i'm a comeback, i'm a comeback kid ? ppened but they did ? ? i don'think i deshe hurt i get ? ? but i'm made for it ? ? it's not the end ? ? no, it's not the end ? ? i'm a comeback kid ? ? down for a minute i'll get again ? ? looks like i'm breaking but it's just a bend ? ? it's not over yet ? ? cause in the end ? ? i'm a comeback, i'm a coback ki believe in what am ? ? i believe in what i was ? ?eever been given i much ? ? i belie it'snr, a yea
8:30 am
everything wt sou believe e wor evame out o myth ? ? i belie youd m don' havee i'm kid ?u i'm acoback, i'm ?own for aute i ain ? ?ooks like i'mreuti ?ause c in tea i a meba, i'm a ? i'm not leaving, i'm not leaving ? ? i'm not leaving, i'm not leing ? ?'m neaving ? ? i'm not leaving ? ? i'llave y a st at my b parade ? ? you're all iiteded on my comeback day ? ? i'll serve you ice cream and lemonade ?
8:31 am
>> hear more from the band perry and ll our summer concert artists at >> we have more music. we have more athletes. more medals. more fun from beautiful copacabana beach in rio de janeiro o a thursday
8:33 am
enjoying the spls of their new super-star status. especially simone biles. hopefully she can stay focused as she competes today in the women'individual all-around competition. take a look at this picture zac efron tweeted. it says "of cose i'm watching nafive domite the floo zac have shar a few tweets back and forth... after simone revealed on a talk show-- she has a big crush on the actor. biles looking to add to team usa's lead in the overall medal count. here's how we stack up this morning... the u-th gold. china has 10 gold medals for a total of 23japan comes in third with 18 total ls. russia and austa round out the top 5 team u-s-as celebrating all those medals... with some smores. the hershey company held a huge party for the athletes at the u-s-a house... complete with a concert from "the band perry." american
8:34 am
feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations
8:35 am
narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. michael phelps is going to do it again as they reach for gold. he did it! ?? a look from high above the olympicpark, the biggest hub of activity at these games and about 15 miles to the east another busy day on the sands at copacabana beach on day six of the rio olympics. and from our daytime home on the beach where the sunshine has returned, good morning, welcome along i'm rebecca lowe, now last night in rio, katy ledecky took


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