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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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more breaking news-- a cudahy dispatcher has resigned. officials tell us she was taken into custody on tuesday for misconduct in public office. she's accused of stealing from the police department by taking cash from people that was paying their parking tickets. we're not naming her because she hasn't been officially charged. also breaking ... the archbishop of milwaukee rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction. in a blog post ... archbishop jerome listecki said he has been suffering a sinus infection, and on monday, he accidentally took medicine acetaminophen, which he's allergic to. he spent a night in the hospital, but has since fully recovered. a prescription pill thief, caught in the act, stealing from a couple's apartment in a senior living center. but it's how he was caught that has police amazed. michele fiore joins us live from the racine police station. george and carole, police became familiar with the case about a year ago. a maintenance man let himself
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pills went missing, but no one could tie the maintenance man to it. that is, until the victim did a little detective work. the victim carries some fear, after his home was broken into a number of times, so he wants to remain anonymous. "you feel violated, especially a fellow you trusted. " he and his wife of 53 years would often say hello to the maintenance man, who's now accused of stealing the couple's prescription pills. he happened at least seven times over the last year. "and i've been trying to think of a way to, we had suspicion but i was trying to think of a way to prove it." to prove someone was entering his apartment while he was away, he used an old trick. "so he put a toothpick in his doorway to see if that would move from the time he left to the time he came back." the toothpick fell, but nothing was missing, nothing except the couple's pain pills, but those were in a locked cabinet, so he didn't see how anyone could steal
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might be losing it a little bit because he's up there in age." finally, the man came up with a plan, setting up his cell phone and pressing record. ten minutes after they left, the video shows the thief walking in. "the thief came in the front door about ten minutes after the couple had gone to lunch. he immediately went to the medicine cabinet." "it took him just two minutes to move the locked cabinet." "and unscrew the backside." "preying on elderly people is just vial." "it's a great relief to know that he is caught." coming up at six, what the resident tells us management's doing to hopefully prevent a copycat. live in racine, michele today's tmj4. several local businesses are accused of defrauding the government nearly 270 million dollars. this comes after the f-b-i raided the businesses last week on milwaukee's northwest side. rikki mitchell has been going through a 50- page search warrant and joins us now with more information.
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companies -- who according to authorities -- illegally became part of government programs -- to collect taxpayer money for themselves. according to federal court documents -- four milwaukee construction companies are under investigation -- sonag companynuvo c3t and pagasa. search warrants executed also identify six people who investigators say defrauded government programs meant for minorities and service disabled veterans. the documents allege that the owners of these private ns certain people as president -- who they knew would qualify for those government programs. but those people didn't actually run the day-to-day operations. in fact -- one company's president actually lived in minnesota. according to the search warrants -- "to create the illusion [he] was controlling nuvo an office was maintained for him in the building with personal effects and papers on the desk." a confidential source who worked for the company told the f-b-i that he didn't know anyone at the company who had ever met
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documents show that he still received compensation from the company. the complex scheme allowed the companies to receive government contracts that they weren't entitled to from agencies like veteran affairs and the u.s. army. authorities say this went on for more than 15 years -- and ultimately -- the companies illegally obtained 268-million dollars in taxpayer money. the fbi did note that it believes lower level employees at the company were not aware of the fraud. we are still waiting to ar involved will face any federal charges. decision 2016 coverage now-- donald trump's v-p pick mike pence is back in wisconsin. not giving up on the badger state, pence holding an event in downtown milwaukee. this is a live look at the preparations underway at the hilton hotel. the event starts at seven. pence also made a stop in la crosse this afternoon. trump is campaigning in florida today. he has an event in kissimmee. trump has again
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hillary clinton are "the founders of isis." trump also reacting to clinton's economic speech-- calling her a tax and spender.. while he vows to slash taxes and regulations. hillary clinton in warren, michigan today-- speaking about her commitment to fight for working families and improve the economy. the democratic presidential nominee delivered the speech at a manufacturing plant-- clinton is expected to release her 2015 tax return as early as tomorrow. her v-p pick tim e returns. trump has yet to release his taxes. trump says he would make his tax returns public when the "routine audit" they are under is complete. the milwaukee police department is now hiring-- looking to fill more than 30 vacant dispatcher positions. m-p-d is hosting two open houses. the first one is saturday from 12 to four. the second is august 23rd from four to eight. the open houses will be held at the emergency operations center on the 3rd floor of m-p-d district three-- that's at 49th and
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dozens of police chiefs from across wisconsin have gathered in green bay to share new ideas and initiatives. community policing is a big focus at this week's wisconsin police chiefs conference. some ideas come from the federal government and the presidents task force on community policing. "it's a great opportunity to get together with chiefs from big cities, small cities, kind of borrow ideas from each other and see what's working for other areas, and it's very helpful for all of us." many of the police chiefs say the programs they've been trying -- including citizens academies or partnering with mental health workers -- have been making a difference. packers extra now-- the department of transportation has issued a travel advisory for the packers-browns game tomorrow. highway i-41 and nearby roadways in brown county are currently under construction. barrier walls, orange barrels and narrow lanes will affect travel. the heaviest congestion is expected three hours before..
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the packers open up their preseason tomorrow against the cleveland browns at lambeau. the game will air on w-m-l-w. kickoff is at seven o'clock. the regular season starts on september 11th. coming up-- the latest company that will soon start accepting payments through a mobile app. and-- the charges a 19- year-old man is now facing after climbing the trump tower
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more news nowthe man who scaled trump tower in new york is undergoing a psychological evaluation. 19-year-old stephan rogata climbed 21 floors with suction cups -- before officers grabbed him and hauled him to safety through a window. he posted an online video saying he wanted a private meeting with trump.
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trespassing. you will soon be able to start using your phone to pay at the nation's largest drug store chain.c-v-s announced today it will start accepting in-store payments through its mobile app. the drug store has already has credit card and debit card payment options. it will go live nationwide by the end of the year. decision 2016-- republican presidential candidate mike pence campaigning in milwaukee today. his event is being held at the hilton hotel in downtown milwaukee. it starts at seven tonight. two topi donald trump's statement seeming to urge violence against hillary clinton should she be elected.and clinton saying undocumented workers add 12-billion dollars a year to social security coffers. politifact putting the pair of claims to tonight's truth test. @ :50 ((if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know))donald trump igniting a firestorm this week
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use violence to keep their guns in the event of a clinton presidency.the clinton camp immediately condemned the statement. for its part politifact maintains trump's speech when considered in its entirety is difficult to assess with a truth-o-meter. ((trump's words are just nebulous enough that you can't pin down what he means)) trump's campaign released a statement saying in part: "...2nd amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power"((he certainly left enough room for interpretation uncertainty whether he really meant that at the rally)) hillary clinton talking about immigration reform this week.. said undocumented workers actually help pad social security's trust fund. @ 19:35 ((people who go to work, help support this economy, pay $12 billion a year into social security))that figure cited by clinton from the social security administration. but politifact maintains other studies cite a smaller number. we also found another estimate that put the specific worker
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clinton's 12-billion dollar claim as... half true he's an olympic cameraman with a special connection to the olympics. steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30. thanks guys.his work, has been captivating audiences for the last seven olympics. but there is one sport the camera man struggles to keep focus on.. why it actually brings tears to his eyes.. that's coming up on the olympic zone at 6:30. still ahead-- we could see some storms tonight. john malan tells us what we can expect. and-- school bus lights. the new regulation that starts soon and what it
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible for the content of this advertising. sleeping outside for education. tonight-- tracey dent and like minded education advocates will spend the night
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seven p-m to seven a-m, on third and north avenue. they're collecting school supplies to donate to a milwaukee public school in need. starting next week-- a new school bus warning light regulation goes into affect. the goal is to encourage drivers to not pass school buses. its an amber-colored light-- and means the school bus is about to stop-- so drivers can pass with caution. but once that light turns to red... drivers should stop. failure to stop-- will result in a 326 hundred -dollar fine. storm team 4 now-- hot and humid, with a chance of some storms. but will it impact people at the wisconsin state fair? meteorologist brian niznansky is live at the fair with today's tmj4 storm
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a cold front is on the way to bring some relief but first it will be a warm and muggy night developing after 2am, this will keep us cloudy and not give us a viewing of the perseid meteor shower. scattered showers and storms are possible on friday before
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in the evening to bring in the drier and cooler air for the weekend. highs will be in the mid-80s despite mostly cloudy skies and the rain chances will keep the mugginess around for one more day. start out warm and a bit humid but the dew points will be dropping throughout the day and we'll see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and cooler temps in the low 80s. sunday
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sunny skies, less humid with highs near 80 degrees, a great weekend to close out the wisconsin state fair.monday will be the coolest day out of the week with a high of 78 next in sports--a local olympian, hoping for smooth sailing in rio--lance has
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some athletes are very superstitious, to get that little edge they need. count annie haeger among them.the east troy native is in medal contention in the women's 470 two person dinghy event. and along with partner briana specific quirks. ((annie haeger says we are sisters, i always call her my water wife...because you always say happy wife, happy life.we're quite different but quite similar.her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa so she's my best friend, friend for my whole life. at college...both of us knew we were superstitious. we melded
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for the first time in more than a century, golf is back in the olympics. we'll show you the first hole in one, at the unknown like an ace, sparking interest. ((david feherty says 1904...around the world.)) here's the latest medal count: usa leads the way with 35 overall medals, 13 of them gold. china is in second, japan and russia still third and fourth. great britain rounds out the top 5. tonight's primetime lineup, plenty of star power.michael phelps and ryan lochte expected to face off for the
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usa gymnastics star simone biles goes for the world all-around title. we'll tell you who had the hole in one at six, and full
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because responsible ownership starts at cabela's. stop in and save all week long at cabela's and remember to own responsibly. y22xey yvpy breaking news tonight from rio. golden girl. simone biles wins the all-around gold for the usa and aly raisman takes silver. a dazzling display as american katie ledecky blows the competition out of the wa phelps versus lochte. one of the greatest rivalries of all time. deadly explosion. a major rescue operation after fire rages through an apartment building. dramatic escapes and a frantic search for the missing. roller coaster horror. a child plunges off a ride in pennsylvania days after shocking incidents at a water slide and a ferris wheel at other parks across the country. and dangerous debris.


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