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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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very tropical in fond du lac. and 70 waukesha. and port washington, and burlington. and you add the humidity and temperature together. burlington, 10 minutes ago, 100 for the heat index. they've dropped to 97. 94 in milwaukee. very sticky outside. we had a couple of showers rolling through the area. showers and storms were here earlier. they are out over the lake right now. you can see the band moving through. that's the second band. we're watching this is where the second round of storms move in. probably after 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. in the morning they'll probably arrive. let's get out to the guy with the nice legs and shorts on. brian, i think most of the state fair should be dry no the rest of the evening. >> reporter: yeah, we dodged the brief downpours that popped up. john, i wanted to show you,
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this wonderful picture of the storm chaser here on the state fair grounds. a really great shot. >> it is great. >> reporter:l it'll look great above your desk. >> yeah, he was there the couple of days. it looks good. >> reporter: let him know you think he did a good job. think it's going to look great in the weather center. humid and hot here the summer fest, i'm losing my mind. and the dew point is at 72,er and it feels like 94. lots of people staying hydrated, and trying to find some shade. here are a few showers that popped up working over lake michigan. looking to the west, we're in the clear on the state fair grounds. we'll continue to watch things here with our storm chaser. that's why we're here. we'll keep an eye on the sky heading into this evening. really, i think, the next couple
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back to you guys. >> good to know this for all of the fair goers. the milwaukee man accused of drowning his three month old son will stand trail. >> sean flowers waved his preliminary hearing and faced charge. he is accused of wading into a pond and drowning him last month after a argument with the boy's mother. two people in wisconsin are part of a class action law suit over the cancelation of the suit alleged th there was insufficient s seating. out of pocket costs for expenses and other items. severe allergic reaction. he accidentally took acetaminophen but now he is fullery recovered. tooth picks and a cellphone
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>> they're giving the credit to someone else. michele? >> reporter: george, police first met the victim a year ago when he was starting to doubt himself. his pain pills were going missing and he thought maybe he was just getting forgetful. he had enough self-pride to do a little detective work. >> it all worked out perfectly. >> the maintenance man, jamie hamilton is charged with burglary and possession of walking into an apartment and walking out with the resident's prescription pills. >> he was not supposed to have the master key because the managers of the building took it from him for prior complaints. >> reporter: the victim wants to remains anonymous. he is angry somne he knew and trusted in the building could do this. >> sick to our stomachs. i literally wanted to cry. >> reporter: he set up his cellphone before leaving for
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living room. a view of the front door. >> reporter: he put tooth picks on the door frame. he done that for the past year with suspicion. >> i think he knew the dates when the refills were, by looking at the bottle. that's the only time that the tooth picks were down was after the refill. >> reporter: the victim and his wife suffer involved. >> you file a police report, but until stolen you can't get the pills refilled. >> reporter: now that hamilton is in custody, the couple tells me that they're feeling safer. the apartment management will change the locks on resident's doors as well as installing a new security system. we're live in racine. >> you understand how they feel violated. mike pence making his way to milwaukee. he spoke and took questions
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lacrosse. >> how big is that wall? [laughter] . >> mason, let me tell you, how big is that wall going to be? as big as it needs to be. okay? [ applause ] i promise you. >> pence is set to speak at the hilton hotel in downtown milwaukee at 7:00 p.m. and charles benson is there whraoeufb. >> reporter: i don't think i'll be taking questions from here, but weel there's about 100 people, not a big crowd. but not surprised that governor pence is back in wisconsin. he plays well with conservatives in if southeast wisconsin who may not be as comfortable with donald trump. >> i think we are a battle ground state. >> congressman shaepb duffy is backing the trump pence ticket. they spoke at the g.o.p. convention.
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showing hillary clinton with a double digit lead in wisconsin, duffy believes that she's still vulnerable. >> servers that exposed secrets. they didn't list a finger to save the men in b benghazi. >> reporter: trump's support in northern and western part of the state. he speaks off the cuff. speaks his mind. you can still do that, but be cautious on the lanes that you run in. >> the clinton cavern is well aware. everyone would benefit from tufrp's plan to make childcare costs deductible. >> instead of benefiting those who need it most, this proposal would give high income families tax breaks and give tens of millions of hardworking families left behind. >> reporter: they said that clinton has what record for supporting equal pay for women. >> she has spent much of her career securing rights for women and working to ensure that we
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economy. >> reporter: now donald trump was in the state last friday. he's expected back here next week for a big fundraiser. also on the list, people who are invited to be the at event. governor walker and milwaukee county sheriff david clark. we're live in downtown milwaukee. charles benson, today's tmj4. >> thank you, charles. stkrufrp in florida. donald trump is in florida. stirring up more controversy and hillary clinton the found,es of the terrorist group isis. hillary clinton blasted his economic plans. she argued that it only benefits of wealthy. criticized trump's refusal to release his tax returns. clinton is expected to release hers in the next few days. clinton is leading a 15 point lead among likely voters in our
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clinton at 57%, and. a semi and a car lodged, wedged beneath it. breaking news. no word on injuries. but the distinct possiblity of injuries in the car wedged beneath the trailer. we'll pass along any updates as they come to us. still ahead at live at 6:00. 130-year-old milwaukee landmark getting a fresh look?
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an iconic milwaukee site getting a face lift. the north point light house repainted and repaired. the base has been jut fitted with a led lighting system. it'll cost $23,000. it's been at the lakefront since 1855. >> packers extra. happy birthday to the green bay packers.
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the pack formed in 1919. the team sponsored by the indian packing company giving it the packers nickname. preseason football starts tomorrow. the green and gold take on the cleveland browns. you can watch it on wmlw. coverage at 7:00 p.m. michael phelps and ryan lackty are exacted to face off in the 200-meter individual medley final. and simone biles the fourth consecutive american to become the medal winner. all of this beginning right here on today's tmj4. how your drive could be affected. clear skies. but storm team 4 tracking
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a traffic alert. >> a major closure coming to the zoo interchange. >> we're live in brookfield where detour signs are about to go up. >> reporter: george and carol, some serious backup is about to happen here mound road. in just a few days another ramp will be closed at part of the massive freeway project rerouting. i-94 east to i41 north, the a will be closed off. >> an alternate routee recommend are to exit at highway 100 and utilize ohio 100 in order to watertown plank and rejoin interstate 41. >> reporter: sure. that works.
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100, will you have gone through the zipper merge and waiting in traffic for quite some time. the first alternate, take morland to blue mound to highway 100 to watertown plank to 41 north. the upcoming ramp closure means you'll see more semi trucks having to get off the freeway and more police presence. cops will be looking for aggressive drs through heavy traffic. >> just in the last week, we had an accident at both entrances to the gas station. >> reporter: brian and others are losing patience and can't wait for the construction barrels to dis-air peer. all the closures are turning him into a tour guide. >> the last couple of weeks numerous comes come in, not knowing where they are going, or should be going, because they got turned around on the highways. >> reporter: the closure in
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zoo interchange project. commuters like uber driver dead rid are looking for ways around. >> greenfield. and there's always a way around. >> dot says that the project is on schedule and completion is expected in the fall of 2018. reporting live in brookfield, today's tmj4. thank you. wepp 90-degree mark for the evening. >> and chief meteorologist john milan has another concern. >> it's out to the west right now. think it gets in later on tonight. the evening is looking good. but we need the rain. we have a deficit of 1.30-inchs. we have not had much rain this morning. wee encroaching on four inches below normal just for the summer season.
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second time so far this summer season. the warmest also. the average should be around 79. back on july 24 we hit 94. 11 days so far in the 90s. the average is nine days. 88, we just dropped below 90. 87 in racine. esque else -- e else in the low to mid-80s. port washington, 79. dew points are in the low 70s. it's very, very feels like 90 in watertown. lake apology new year's eva, burlington, avd 94 degrees. lake geneva. and showers coming in from the west. they died very quickly. second area developed to the north. out over lake michigan. our storms are developing southern minnesota and iowa. that continues to roll east overnight. it's backed up by a lot more energy out to the west. we could see a couple of periods
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model later on around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. joseph night tonight. some rain rolls in. and another band, showers and storms later in the afternoon. another band of showers and storms and some left over showers through friday night and early saturday morning before we finally start to clear out. how much arainfall? the computer models want to put a lot of rain, northern illinois, and pushing into southern wisconsin, a and quarter inch southeast corner of the state. very warm and muggy. showers and storms redevelop. right now the evening looks dry. for tomorrow, we're warm, muggy, and periods of showers and storms, especially south of milwaukee. we could see up to an inch of rain in some spots. 81 on saturday, sunny to partly cloudy skies and less humid air. the rest of the weekend looking
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less humid air continuing. monday, 78 with sunshine. 82 and partly cloudy into tuesday. chances of showers and storms and back up into the low to mid-80s for wednesday and thursday of next week. we'll keep an eye on the radar throughout evening hours. although i think most of it holds off until after midnight. some models bring all of the rain here, and other models believe it south. >> the dew point thing is making it so -- >> so when the dew points are into the 70s, it's florida tao*eup humidity. >> unpleasant. >> it certainly is.
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brewers offense in hibernation for good chunks of
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apparently steamy conditions are enough to bash the braves. and 16th team in baseball history to do so. cris carter, 27th home run of the year. and the power surge give the brewers an 11-3 victory and a split of the series. local racers teaming up to help the mac fund win big. >> automobile, i guess you could say. the wings and the big tires. 900-horsepower engine. >> one of the wilder cars in all of racing, a sprint car. >> fearless, you have to be kind of scared of the thing. it's like grabbing a tiger by the tail. it's just something that you've got to respect. but if you're not aggressive, you're not going to do well, at the same time. you're going to go out of the
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stkpwhraoeul he beat out the big boys in beaver dam. >> the races are so quick. you only have a short amount of time to do what you do. you need to catch on pretty quick. it takes many year, actually, because you might only have 20 minutes on the race track the whole night with the feature and everything. so it's not a lot of seat time. >> he gives back and donates a portion of merchandise sales to the fund. >> anything we can do to help. they're healthy and everything, but you know there's a special place for kids that are in need for us. >> with the most feature wins in history, they are winners. >> our team and myself put pressure on ourselves. and it's a little bit of a relief, if you think about it. if you are just doing things for yourself, that's one thing, but if you are helping someone elt
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still they're getting a small donation. >> great motto to have. tomorrow night, finally, the packers first preseason game against the browns at lambeau field. jeff janis looking for another chance to win trust with aaron rodgers. >> one play better. styles it comes down to one play. building confidence. >> off to congrats to justin rose. first day of olympic golf since 1904. the first hole in one. 189 yards. par 3. it does nothing but going right into the clown's mouth. he is four shots off the lead. pretty sweet.
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another the controversy at the game in rio.
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continues. steve is up next in the olympic zone. >> first it was algae, and then a chemical issue. what's the real deal with this funky colored swimming pool. the real reason for the green teupt, and that's coming up next in the olympic zone. thank you, steve. it'll be sticky out there. temperatures remaining in the 80s through 10. dew points in the 70s. feels like probably around 87 to 90 degrees in the early evening >> storms later tonight? >> i think the storms hold off. a sprinkle could redevelop, but the real storms hold off until later on tonight. >> all right, and the brewers looking good, aren't they? >> they are. they broke out of the funk they
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. facturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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>> tonight. on the olympic zone. she has gotten to the olympics thanks to a coach who believed in her. and in turn, barbara nwaba is helping to raise a new generation of track and field stars, who have inspired her to reach rio. >> good luck, coach barb! >> plus, kim rhode is nolympic rookie. she's taken aim at five games and claimed a medal every time. now shs poised for a record-breaking shot at more history in brazil. and the anticipation. the excitement. and the elation. this is what beingn olympic parent looks and sounds like. we follow one family on their joyful trip to rio.


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