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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm CDT

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simone biles. >> and we have a feeling that the anthem simone biles is about to hear, may not be the last time she stands atop the podium in rio. she has three more events. the vault on sunday. the beam on monday. and the floor ones prance out of here, as the case may be, with five gold medals. aly raisman is back in competition in the floor on tuesday. and she is the defending olympic gold medalist in that event. she won it in london in 2012. >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of
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>> teammates, close friends, medalists tonight in rio, biles and raisman. that brings us to a look at the medal count of day six. presented by m supporting athletes on their journeys toward olympic gold. another big day and night for the americans, with five golds overall. while the united states owns more gold medals than any other country in olympic history, fiji won a gold in rugby for its first medal of any kind. a nation with a population less than delaware, fiji loves rugby like no other sport. children grow up with a ball in their hands. entire villages huddle around
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play. and today, fans packed the 15,000-seat national stadium. there you see it, in the capital city. and they watched the gold medal match won by their countrymen there tonight. meanwhile, turning back to the headliners here in rio, a group that included aly raisman, winning a silver medal and the performance of her life in the all around. raisman has five medals in her distinguished olympic career, three of them gold. tonight's silver for ma a pair of athletes that clearly rank among the best ever in their respective sports. over five olympics, michael phelps has set records that likely will never be broken. maybe not even approached. while over merely five days, simone biles has left an impression that will never be forgotten. two champions who once again tonight, not only won, but truly outdistanced their competition. still, there was another
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simone manuel became the first african-american woman to win an individual olympic swimming medal. manuel, a 20-year-old from sugarland, texas, tied for the gold with canadian penny oleksiak, with sarah sjostrom of sweden winning the bronze. a rarity as the canadian and american national anthems are played. ?? ?? >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of canada. ??
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?? >> and ryan seacrest is coming up on late night. after late local news. and that program will include my interview with simone biles and aly raisman. for now, so long from rio.
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right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, live at 10:00. >> we are expecting some much-needed rain overnight. >> chief meteorologist john malan has been tracking the system moving our way with the promise of quenching our thirst. >> and that of our plants.
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>> after 2:clk in the morning, maybe even in the 1:00 to 3:00 range. there is a lot of rain going on. this is a massive area of showers and thunderstorms. we call this an meso-complex of showers and thunderstorms, covers much of the state of iowa at this time. and out to the west of there our second round of showers and thunderstorms which will be around tomorrow, forming over south dakota right now. well have a lot of energy moving in our direction. iin show you the rain developing. it's already starting to push into rock county, some parts of dade county. the bigger storms should stay to our south. the heavier rain will be right along the border. look at our computer model. they bring rain by 1:00 in the morning. then it overspreads much of southeast wisconsin by 6:00, and a second wave by 10:clk in the morning. i think there will be a second wave coming in, in the afternoon, into the
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the question from milwaukee south to the illinois border. more details on this welcome rain coming up in just a few minutes. >> see you shortly, john. in western wisconsin, devastating flooding. raging water caught people off guard. crews worked to rescue people. >> she's 86. she lost everything, both her cars, a big enclosed antiques. that's all gone. i kind of feel responsible for not getting it out of there, but i never knew it would get this bad. >> some roads in western wisconsin are still closed, some of them still recovering from flooding weeks ago. two football players died in a crash. there were no signs alcohol or drugs contributed. now new signs are going up to prevent another accident.
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that's new at 10:00. >> reporter: that crash killed two college football standouts, sam foltz and mike standler. they didn't know about the winding roads. but these new signs are a welcome change. in the football, the punter kicks for possession. for andrew meyer, he's owning an issue very close to his heart. >> just two incredible people on and off the field. change deserves >> reporter: for mike saddler and sam foltz, they were driving down beaver lake road. there were no signs and no guardrails. on a dark and rainy night, they missed a curve and caught fire on impact. >> no matter who they are, we can't afford to lose more people. >> reporter: the posted speed limit, 30 miles per hour, but even that can be a deadly speed.
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embankment. this is where the car crashed. this is where debris and black ash still sit. on monday, crews will install several new bright and reflective signs, including arrows and warnings for dangerous curves. the fire chief who helped in the emergency response said it's now up to drivers to pay attention. >> people are on their phone, they're distracted by their kid. it's really important when the amount of traffic on the roads today to pay attention to your surroundings. >> reporter: there was who survived, louisiana state punter colby, who suffered severe burns and is back at home recuperating and plans to play this season. >> thank you. praising god and first responders who saved him, jerome listecki talked to rebecca. >> reporter: carole, he is
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earlier tonight. but earlier this week, he went from taking a si of cold medicine to feeling his throat close up. archbishop jerome listecki is laughing tonight, but he had a sinus infection and grabbed some robitussin. >> i got to my chair, and i could feel the top of my list starting to swell and my eyes starting to close, and i went oh, no! . >> reporter: he went back to realized there was acetaminophen in it. he's highly allergic. he called his housekeeper to help him, but -- >> by the time i got to the end of this walkway, i coul no longer talk. it started to close. >> reporter: he cled 911 and whispered his address. he says the st. francis fire department got there in two minutes and found him in the parking lot.
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>> reporter: another priest came out of the seminary. >> oh, my gosh! he runs back and gets the oil, he anoints me, which is good, because if i've got to go to god, i want to make sure i'm prepared. >> reporter: he says the whole thing reminded him you have to make sure your life is in order, because you never know what can happen. >> you have to make sure that the people you love know that they're loved. >> reporter: now, the archbishop wilt giving the sermon sunday. he needs to be at the green bay diocese on monday. he will be at the shrine of our lady of good health. he calls it both ironic and divine intervention. >> we're glad he's okay. thank you. two men from wisconsin are among four people suing the nfl over the cancellation of the hall of fame game. a bad paint job on the field led to the game being called
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but fans weren't told for 90 minutes. >> the fans were permitted to continue to purchase items within the stadium, and many were sitting there watching a countdown clock to kickoff when they were kept in the dark, and the league and the hall of fame knew there was going to be no kickoff. >> the lawsuit seeks to represent all 22,000 ticketholders to the game. fans want to recover costs from tickets, lodging, and travel expenses. tomorrow the green and gold browns on the far from frozen tundra of lambeau field. it will probably be steamy. coverage will begin at 7:00. donald trump and mike pence back in wisconsin for the third time in three weeks. >> charles benson spoke one on one with the v.p. candidate. >> reporter: he is playing up the top of the ticket and
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trump's off-the-cuff comments. >> he just says it like it was, and the american people hear him loud and clear. >> reporter: he believes trump can get america working again. >> negotiate deals that will work for the american worker and the american economy and puts american jobs first. >> reporter: pence tried to make the case hillary clinton can't be trusted on national securi that hillary clinton will never be elected president. >> reporter: the most recent marquette law school poll shows clinton up 15 points among likely voters. both are viewed as not being honest, but the poll gives clinton almost a two to one edge on being more qualified. can you give me an example why you think he has the temperament to be president?
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lights are off. he has great respect for everyone who works for him. >> reporter: he will be back for a big event with reince priebus. hillary clinton took her message on the economy to michigan days after donald trump delivered his plan for the economy in detroit. >> mr. trump may talk a big game on trade, but his approach is not strength. >> the economy is at the heart of a bruising tug-of-war between clinton and trump. her speech focussed less on new policy and more on why she says voters face a choice in november. she says she backs an economy for everyone and argues donald trump looks out for millionaires. we have more campaign coverage at 2016. the first modern
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ago in 1896. >> and it didn't take long for wisconsin athletes to make history. >> we caught up with their relatives, with jessie garcia. courtny gerrish has more. >> reporter: the first wisconsin olympian to win a medal won four, and all were gold, and that's not his only accomplishment. suzanne is the granddaughter of alvin >> we saw where he used to run in the basement. it's just a parking lot now. >> reporter: his sport was track and field. >> my mother was born in 1903, and he competed in 1900. he was the first man to win four individual gold medals. >> reporter: four
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it's a record that still stands today. he is also known for inventing the modern hurdling technique, which changed track and field forever. >> i'm sure he was very proud of what he had done. >> reporter: sports illustrated named him one of the 50 greatest sports figures from wisconsin. he passed away at 51. in 1904, a young oscar, also from wisconsin, competed in the olympics in st. louis, a ig he won gold and silver medals. >> in those days, he represented not his country but he was sponsored by the milwaukee athletic club. >> reporter: hence the "m" on his uniform. this is his grandson. he says people like tom larkin remember his grandfather fondly. >> he probably paid oscar his greatest compliment by telling him he was bar none
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with. >> reporter: he met his grandfather only one. >> i've learned about him from my mother who was one of his biggest fans. she says he was very good, but he was not a showoff. >> reporter: there is a plaque dedicated to him at camp randall. he went on to become a civil engineer. he built the county courthouse and the lincoln here's a look at the medal count. team usa has 38 medals including 16 gold. china is right behind with 30 total. did you ever wonder why some swimmers wear two swim caps? two ensure your goggles will stay secure. and the inner cap is generally latex, and the outer, silicone.
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water. we can rebuild him, we can make him better than he was. >> the revolutionary new knee surgery that promises to put a young father back on his feet. and sleeping outdoors with rain in the forecast, all for a good cause.
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a truck slid backward
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no one was inside the truck, and no one was injured. sleeping outside to help our kids. >> that's a goal. members are spending the night outside tonight at third and north in a makeshift campground. they're collecting school supplies to donate. >> we wanted to do something that shows the degree of importance of the kids having what they need. >> he says he was excited about the people have been answering his call, giving everything from calculators to markers to notebooks. the group will be outside until 7:00 a.m., so you can go donate as well. police are not calling it a wave of break-ins, but three in three weeks has many shorewood neighborhoods on high alert. police say a prowler got through an unlocked window. this happened in the middle of the night. police say most burglaries
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a new form of knee surgery is promising to restore the mobility of patients who undergo the procedure. the operation has been performed only a number of times, two of them here in wisconsin. to the untrained eyes, the mris and x-rays might not think there is a catastrophe, but it's bone would have to use my arms and butt to move around because i couldn't walk on it. >> reporter: as a father with young kids, this doesn't cut it. so he underwent bio uni surgery. gerard adler uses brand new technology, resurfaced the
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cartilage from a cadaver. >> we can resurface bigger areas of the knee. >> reporter: without this, he would have had to have a total knee replacement. >> i just want to be out there and be with my kids and be as active as possible. >> reporter: the prognosis is excellent. >> i would expect he could do high level in the future. >> he is undergoing rigorous physical therapy, to prevent the formation of scar tissue. his goal is to get back on the softball. the perseid meteor shower peaks tonight and will last through the morning. if you want to take in the show,stay up late or wake up really early. >> most of us will be out of
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in our area. >> a little warm, but we had a beautiful evening tonight. we found some folks out strolling, enjoying our hot and humid weather in hartland. john has more on the rain that's moving in. >> you may want to look at the lightning displays more than the perseid meteor shower. if you go to the state fair, it could be dicey. warm, humid air, 86 degrees, and we are looking at a possibility of a rainfall from milwaukee south to the illinois border. today's high, 94. the average, 79. that's the second time we've hit 94 so far this summer, and the 11th time we've had 90s. look at our current temperature, still 80 degrees in milwaukee, 75 water town, 77 whitewater, 72 in sheboygan. it's going to be a warm and muggy night. the dewpoints, all in the low 70s along the lakeshore.
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folks, that is tropical air. let's start out with our radars. the rain is on the way. you folks down along the illinois border could see some pretty heavy rainfalls, storms developing in ken osha, another area pushing into walworth county and jefferson county. a large area of showers and thunderstorms. the heaviest rain will stay to our south, where flood watches are already out. there's a second bit of energy coming in across south dakota and nebraska that williv storms tomorrow, later in the day. our computer models show the storm hanging around the border to 1:30. by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, still around. midday, still some storms around. 6:00 in the afternoon, showers and storms. that continues right into the evening hours. most of this rain will be out of the picture by about early saturday morning. some of the computer models are showing over an inch of rain. i think this overdoes it a
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milwaukee south, lighter rains to the north. showers and storms developing through the nighttime hours, warm, muggy air, 74. scattered showers and storms still in the forecast for tomorrow. could see half an inch to an inch of rain, 86 degrees. sunshine into saturday, with a high of 81. less humid air moving in. beautiful day sunday, sunshine, 80 degrees. monday, another beauty, 78 degrees, then temperatures get back up to about 82 degrees on tuesday. and then showers and storms return wednesday and thursday. and again, those temperatures in the low to mid-80s to keep our warm
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even if you're not totally into the olympics, tonight was a historic evening, watching two of the greatest ever in their sport, and a phenomenal night of pride for this country. you're watching the best gymnast on the planet, possibly the greatest gymnast ever. simone biles wins in dominant finish, aly raisman is all of 22, takes home the silver. when you're watching michael phelps, you're watching a freak show: he's a freak athlete, and he always puts on a great show. he wins his 26th medal overall, the most decorated olympian ever. ryan lochte finished fifth.
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100 meter goal, the first african-american woman to medal in an individual event in swimming, and she wins it. how about that? annie haeger is in medal contention. the final is scheduled for tomorrow. and justin rose on the first day of olympic golf since 1904, rose with the first hole in one, 189 yards, he's within four shots of the lead.
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