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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.le off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was hot and very humid with highs in the low 90s, heat indices near 100, and a few t'storms in the afternoon. t'storms and
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see scattered t'showers this morning with lows in the mid 70s. today will be cloudy and very humid with a high near 80 this morning, but scattered t'storms and downpours will keep us in the mid 70s the rest of the day. a flash flood watch has been issued for all of se wisconsin until midnight tonight! the rain finally tapers off after midnight with lows near 70. this moring... milwaukee police are looking for the driver responsible for hitting and killing a 63-year-old
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91st and appleton just after 9:30 last night.police say the woman was crossing the street when she was hit by a small black s-u-v. police did not give any other description vehicle. they're hoping for some tips from the public. happening today.. a man facing four felony charges for a deadly hit-and-run crash will be back in court this morning. police say marvin anthony was driving a stolen s-u-v that ran a stop sign and slammed into another car at 39th and hadley in may.a woman and child were killed in the crash. thor waukesha county is getting an upgrade following a crash that killed two college football players last month.on monday, crews will install several new bright and reflective signs on beaver lake road.a man who responded to the crash says it's now up to people to pay attention. to your surroundings1657 16:40:51 - "people are on their phones, people are distracted by their kids. it's really important to pay attention to your surroundings."there was a
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survived.he's now at home recuperating. decision 20-16 coverage... donald trump will be in the battleground state of pennsylvania today where he's struggling in the polls.the most recent national r-c-p average poll shows hillary clinton ahead of trump by nine points.trump's first event will be a rally in erie.. then he'll move to altoona for an event tonight. donald trump's running mate back in wisconsin for the third time in three weeks. mike pence was in milwaukee last night. he pd top ticket and went after hillary clinton. pence didn't make any excuses for donald trump's off the cuff remarks. 19 08 24 he just says it like it is and the american people hear him loud and clear.(applause)the former conservative congressman and now indiana governor believes trump can get america working again. pence tried to make the case hillary clinton can't be trusted on national security. this morning, democratic presidential candidate hillary
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plans for the economy. at a recent rally, she did admit some trade deals have left american workers vulnerable, but says her tax and spending plans will boost the global economy. she's also calling on her political rival donald trump to release his tax returns. milwaukee's archbishop is okay after being rushed to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction earlier this week. archbishop jerome listecki accidentally took robitussin with acetaminophen.he said it only took seconds before his thro 18:49:39 "i got to my chair and i could feel the top of my lip starting to swell and my eyes starting to swell and i went, 'oh no!'" :46the archbishop says the whole thing reminded him you have to make sure your life is in order because you never know what can happen. packers extra.. two wisconsin men are part of a lawsuit against the n-f-l over the cancellation of the hall of fame game earlier this week.
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harden.. making it unsafe for players.two other people are involved in the lawsuit. look at this.. heavy rainfall causes major rainfall causes major flooding in parts of western wisconsin.waters in elk creek, rose to about six feet in just 30 minutes. conditions in nearby gilmanton are expected to improve throughout today. do not be alarmed if you see cops on the rooftops of area donut shops. members of law enforcement will be staking out dunkin donuts locations throught the state today. an annual fundraiser for special olympics wisconsin. the officers are collecting cash for for the law enforcement torch run. any guest who makes a donation today will get a free hot or iced coffee. the event brought in nearly 50-thousand dollars last year to support athletes with mental challenges. salt-n-pepa returns to the state fair tonight to celebrate 90's night.the hip-hop trio's hit single
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pleaser.they'll be joined by color me badd, coolio and rob base.the show starts at seven o'clock at the bank mutual start at 29 dollars and include fair admission. it's also patrick cudahy day.. there will be lots of bacon- related activities like a bacon dessert recipe contest. patrick cudahy will award the winner of the contest free bacon for a can also sit back and enjoy cooking demos and bacon samples throughout the day. check this out.. the infamous butter cow is now on display at the illinois state fair in springfield. the cow's name is "cream puff."she's made up of 700-pounds of butter and took sculptors 65 hours to complete. cream puff is modeled after the jersey breed.they're known for the high fat content in the milk they produce. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--safety concerns after another child gets hurt-- on an amusement park ride. where
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what happened-- to the child. plus... a suspected car thief in florida does something very unusual in court...the courtroom video-- going viral this morning. see it next. and taking a live look
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yesterday was hot and very humid with highs in the low 90s, heat indices near 100, and a few t'storms in the afternoon. t'storms and downpours moved into the area
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morning with lows in the mid 70s. today will be cloudy and very humid with a high near 80 this morning, but scattered t'storms and downpours will keep us in the mid 70s the rest of the day. a flash flood watch has been issued for all of se wisconsin until midnight tonight! the rain finally tapers off after midnight with lows near 70. beyond wisconsin.. crews have taken down the rides at a tennessee fair where three girls fell from a ferris wheel earlier this week.while crews have taken down most of the rides.. the ferris wheel will stay until the state gives permission for crews to take it of the girls has been released from the hospital.the fair was supposed to run through tomorrow.
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airlifted to the hospital after falling off a rollercoaster in pennsylvania. emergency crews were called to the idlewild and soakzone amusement park around noon details about the boy's condition have been released. authorities in maryland have cleared the scene at the site of yesterday's apartment fire explosion.two people died in the fire.. and nearly three dozen people were injured.some people were rescued.. but officials say they don't expect to find anyone else investigation will continue to try and determine what caused the explosion. everyone is ok after a fire at an energy plant in michigan. fire officials believe a generator unit sparked the flames.people could see the thick dark smoke even from the canadian took about 15 agencies to put out the fire. on a lighter note this morning.. a florida man suspected of stealing a car does something unusual while in court.thirty-year-old calvin griffith started twerking in front of the judge during his bond hearing.the
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griffith's bond at 18- thousand, 500 dollars. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--why you'll want to leave a early if you're headed to green bay for the packers game you won't believe who's behind the wheel of this car.. we'll tell you why the driver is
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. finally, the packers will kick off the preseason against the cleveland browns. sam
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earn his spot at inside linebacker.((sam barrington says i hard regardless.))the bucks schedule is out. they start the season at home against frank kaminsky and the charlotte hornets on wednesday, october 26.the brewers scored in each inning, according to elias sports bureau just the 19th team in baseball history to do so. chris carter stays hot with his 27th homer of the year. clearing double in the 6th. the power surge gives the brewers an 11-3 victory, and a split of the seriesthe brewers starting a new series against the reds at miller park. for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. tonight is free shirt friday at miller's a look at tonight's shirt.. highlighting all things milwaukee.all fans with a ticket will get to choose their size.only adult medium and adult extra large sizes
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before the game.. the team will be hosting a national play campaign.the campaign educates local kids about the importance of staying active. kids will be divided into groups and rotate through a series of stations that promote a healthy lifestyle. that's from 10:30 a-m to 12:30 this afternoon at miller park. new york yankees star alex rodriguez alex rodriguez will play his final game today against the tampa bay rays. after the game.. a-rod will be released from his contract. he'll remain with the team as a special advisor and be assigned players.rodriguez is just four home runs shy of 700 in his career. the green bay packers start their preseason tonight against the cleveland browns. due to olympics coverage on n- b-c.. the game can be seen on w-m-l-w.coverage starts at seven. the regular season starts on september 11th. the department of transportation has issued a travel advisory for people who plan on going to the game
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county are under construction. the heaviest congestion is expected three hours before.. and after the game. yesterday was hot and very humid with highs in the low 90s, heat indices near 100, and a few t'storms in the afternoon. t'storms and downpours moved into the area overni see scattered t'showers this morning with lows in the mid 70s. today will be cloudy and very humid with a high near 80 this morning, but scattered t'storms and downpours will keep us in the mid 70s the rest of the day. a flash flood watch has been issued for all of se wisconsin until midnight
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lows near 70.because of the rain, the weekend now looks to be more humid, and a few isolated pop up showers saturday afternoon. highs on saturday will be near 80 and humid. sunday is a little less humid, with more sunshine and highs near 80. monday looks beautiful with highs in the upper 70s near the lake, to the week looks sunny and warm with highs in the mid 80s. there is a chance for t'showers on tuesday and
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a 13-year-old boy in new mexico is accused of driving drunk with his grandmother in the car.deputies report the boy's breath smelled like alcohol and he admitted to drinking a beer he found alleges the boy's grandmother was also drunk.she faces charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.the boy has been charged with aggravated d-w-i. a minnesota boy is safe at home thanks to a police officer and his k-9 sidekick. while on patrol.. the officer found the three-year-old boy wandering around a park in his pajamas.the k-9 picked up the boy's scent and used it to find his home. "he took me right up victoria
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end of the alley and there was a toy truck in the front yard and there was a front door of the house... the screen door was closed and the interior door was open a little bit." police say the boy wandered out of the house while everyone was sleeping.the dog was rewarded with his favorite toy. the u-s government is shifting millions of dollars in funding to work on zika vaccines. thirty-four million dollars allocated to the national institutes of health.. and 47-million dollars will go to the biomedical advanced research and development authority.even with that money.. health officials estimate they'll need around 342 million dollars in resources next year. retail giant macy's says it will close 100 of its stores in the coming year.the closures come amid poor second quarter profits.macy's executives say the closings will allow the company to focus more on its best performing stores.the company will announce which stores are closing at a later date.
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walmart and hostess are teaming up to bring deep fried twinkies to store shelves. unlike regular twinkies.. you keep these frozen and bake them before you eat them. you'll only find them at walmart stores.they hit the shelves this monday. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--it's day seven of the summer's a live look a beach in rio de janeiro.. we'll have which wisconsin athletes we can all root for
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keeping an eye on this
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it's day seven of the summer olympics on today's t-m-j-4.. here's a look at some wisconsin athletes to watch for today. former university of wisconsin track and field athlete hilary stellingwerff will be running the first round of the 1500 meters. she runs swimmer, matt hutchins will be in the pool, for new zealand in the 1500 meter freestyle prelimns. and former marquette basketball player jimmy butler is on team u.s.a. they play serbia this evening, as pool play continues. taking a look at your medal count this morning, the u-s still in the lead with 38-medals.china remains in second with 30.japan still in third with 22.russia fourth at 19 medals.and great britain
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16.the u-s also has the most gold medals at 16. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the value of taxable property in wisconsin is up.. we'll tell you how much.and delta airlines is rebounding following major outages earlier this week.
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now at 5:00... breaking news out of thailand.the attacks that left several people dead and multiple people injured . plus... school supplies aren't cheap. how a local helping families start their school year off on the right foot. you're taking a live look at the radar this morning. a flash flood is in effect ?now? for our viewing area. storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter tells you when rain moves into your neighborhood-- next welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... yesterday was hot and very humid with highs in the low


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