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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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ruling, came out about 3:00 this afternoon. said brendan dassey should be released from prison in the next 90 days unless the state wants to give him a new trial. much of the ruling surrounds the interrogation of dassey and his confession. data -- he was a minor when these interviews were done. there was no adult, no attorney present. he was told he worry about, as long as he told the truth. that was attacked by the attorneys at trials. >> they tell him we'll go to bat for you, we'll be in your corner. you can make it look however you want. they're giving him cart blanche to come up with a story however he wants to make it. >> and the judge seems to have bought that argument. what happens now, the state can appeal the ruling, in which case dassey stays in prison pending
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which case dassey would remain in prison. or the state could cut its losses, take ten years, and brendan dassey would once again become a free man. >> legal experts expect an appeal. >> he is in portage north of madison. the department of corrections sent out this statement on the ruling, saying, the doc is aware of a federal court decision regarding inmate brendan dassey, and is reviewing t >> eric ross continues our team coverage. live in manitowoc county where he talked to the county executive about the impact of this ruling. eric? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, charles. as you guys have been covering this, one of the big questions is when dassey will indeed be released. of course, that is contingent upon, as steve mentioned, whether or not the state's justice department tries to retry the case, or if they appeal the judge's ruling.
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incarcerated in port. a spokesperson said they are aware of the ruling, but have no further comments. the 91-page ruling said investigators made false promises that dassey was violated, and basically his rights were not given to him during questioning. he was a juvenile at the time, and court documents say he was interrogated without a parent or attorney present. and it was essentially coerced into giving a confession. today's news in manitowoc county is the talk of >> as to the impact on the county, we'll get through that. but it's not good. but, we all want justice. >> and he went on to say he is really concerned for the family of teresa halbach, and the potential damage it may have on them having to go through a re-trial. however, he did say that he anticipates the state's justice department will file an appeal,
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of course, nothing is confirmed now. it is just his word of -- that's his fact of opinion, or matter of opinion, i should say. we did reach out to the manitowoc d.a., as well as the sheriff, neither have gotten back to us this evening. reporting live outside the manitowoc county courthouse, eric ross, today's tmj4. >> dassey was 16 when halbach was killed in 2005. he turns 27 in october. this case received international attention. just last year after release of the netflix dock cue series "making a murderer." >> the filmmakers cast out on the legal process used to convict dassey and his uncle, steve avery. a second season is already in the works exploring the post conviction process for both dassey and avery. no release date has been set. steven avery was tried and convicted separately in the murder case. he continues to serve his life
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new trial regarding the search warrant. >> since the ruling came down this afternoon, the story has exploded on social media. attorney jerry...a member of steven avery's original defense team took to twitter to comment on the breaking news. saying, quote, justice finally strikes. >> let's do a recap. a federal judge has yee turned the conviction of brendan dassey in the teresa halbach case. he remains in prison. are four the state to release him or retry him. the state has 90 days to make a decision. we'll keep youated on air and oe at as soon as it becomes available. let's talk about the weather "storm team 4" now. flash flood watches are cancelled, rain continues across our area. >> let's take a live look outside from the marquette tower cam, whether it's drops on the lens, and send it over to chief
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area. the flash flood watch is over. ended around 5:00. if you're driving down to chicago, northeast illinois, there's a flash flood wash out thatuns to midnight tonight. we have pretty good downpours. look at this shower rolling along i-94 through jefferson county, also bigger heavier downpours in dane county. they're going to continue to move to the east. let me stop the radar for you and show you that northern washington county, also northern ozaukee county, sheboygan, fond downpours in eastern dodge county. and a couple of scattered showers over milwaukee county. as we pull out, there's plenty of rain left. but more widely scattered than we had earlier today. so if you're going out this evening, temperatures are going to remain right around 76, as it is right now in milwaukee, with a dew point way up there at 71, 85% on the humidity, and through the evening hours, we'll be in the mid 70s with widely
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so, just you're out there at state fair, any widely scattered showers by you right now? >> reporter: yeah, scattered showers right on top of us right now. these folks are staying dry. they packed their ponchos. >> how are you staying dry. >> under the storm chaser. >> and you guys? >> under the umbrella, ella, ella. >> eh, eh, eh. let's show them our is a different sight at state fair, a lot of folks with their umbrella, ella, ella. what does the green mean on the radar? >> rain. >> we're going to be looking at that rain at state fair park off and on intimately, as john was saying. if you're coming out for i love the 90s, pack your ponchos, or bring your umbrellas, and that's the best way to stay dry, back to you guys. milwaukee police searching
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side, then drove off. >> this all happened at 91st and appleton. new at 6:00, michele fiore talked to the family of a neighborhood seriously injured while making a desperate attempt to save that woman. >> shannon and charles, he was on his balcony when he saw some horrendous. without thinking of himself, he jumped off that balcony to try to get to the victim as fast as he could. family tell vehicle made a right-hand turn, even upsetting people who didn't know her. >> i heard my mom scream. really loud. >> her mom and stepfather saw it happen. he took immediate action to help. >> he thought it was a kid. so, he didn't think, like his reaction was like oh, my god, let's get this kid. and he jumped off the balcony,
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videoed. >> she was walking from by new deals, s havhe did the right-of-way, and the car turned right off here off appleton. >> those who live here tell us 91st and appleton, a difficult intersection for pedestrians. >> sometimes i cross to walgreen's, and it is just too dark. this area should be lit much better. >> around this corner on 91st and appleton, be -- something needs to be done about it. they come around that corner too fast. >> all are hoping police find the driver soon. >> hopefully they have a heart. that was somebody's mother. >> police continue to search for the driver of that small black suv with tinted windows. we reached out to the alderman in the district, he plans to look into neighbor's concerns about lighting and speeding in the next week. charles and shannon.
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issue. are you ready for football for real this time. the packers take on the browns at lambeau. >> elise menaker is live on the field, right before kickoff of this pre-season came. elise? >> reporter: hi, shannon and charles. i can tell you the fans are ready for this game to happen. loud cheers, some of the players came out on the field, as they warm up. blake martinez. he said it field. at 5:00, lance allan told you about martinez, the weight and the value of this pre-season can hold. jared cook showed us his 8th year in the league, his first game with the packers, first game at lambeau field, first game with aaron rodgers. i asked him how important it is. >> it is a good chance to get acclimated again.
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people other than your defense. so, different defensive schemes, you know, rotation, blitzes, different things teams do. >> reporter: i have adorable view. julius peppers holding his two children. coming up at 6:00, in sports, hear more from cook, and the nice words he has his quarterback aaron rodgers. elise menaker, today's tmj4. if you can't make it to lambeau field, you can catch the game on tv, we're showing the olympics on our area. go to wmlw for coverage, and it all starts at 7:00. tonight in rio, michael phelps continues his amazing run, looking to add a 5th gold medal.
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right here on today's tmj4.
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police across wisconsin spent today taking some time off to spend some time on the roof of donut shops. >> they're not snacking, and as ann sterling shows us, they were raising money for special olympics. >> good morning! >> did you stop for a donut or a cup did you look up? >> i saw the car, and i thought somebody was robbing the place. i had no idea. >> reporter: this is all part of the donut shop annual event, called "cops on a roof." >> a lot of time we're in the media not necessarily for a good reason. this is something we've donated our time and effort just to give back to community and to special olympics. >> milwaukee police participate in this event every year. here on layton avenue, three officers took turns up on the
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cash for special olympics is near to his heart. >> i even actually was hospitalized a couple years ago. and one of the athletes came and gave me one of his gold medals. it is a great relationship i have with the athletes, and we continue to build on that. >> in return for the police officers doing time on top of the donut shop, people who made a donation got a free coffee. >> i work with kids with special needs, we go to the special olympics all the time. and it really means a lot to them to come back and they show us the medals they it's inspiring. >> reporter: 46 dunkin' donuts throughout the state participated in the fundraiser. as for the officers, the rain didn't stop them, they continued to hang out in the wet weather. ann sterling, today's tmj4. good job, guys. showers to start the weekend.
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you.
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future major league stars got a chance to show off their skills at miller park. a group from menomonee falls little league was put through the paces by mike blazic. it's a major league baseball program promoting living and healthy andct >> the players come down every year, and promote both the program, talk a little bit about their story, and about what they did to become successful at this level, as a major legal baseball player, and it resonates with the kids. >> this is the 12th year for the play campaign, it's been held at miller park. they are planning to expand.
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greenfield, according to the city documents, the proposed restaurant at the 84th south development would serve alcohol, including outdoor seating and offer double drive-thru lanes. which i think they have in brookdale, as well. they opened its first last month. and it was packed. "storm team 4" now, showers to start your weekend, and making your commute wet. john malan shows us when dry out. >> john: i'll guarantee you they have double lanes in brookfield. we're looking at state fair. i'll tell you when the showers will end, they'll end later tonight. small, small threat of a brief afternoon shower tomorrow out at state fair and across most of southeast wisconsin. northwest wind, that will bring in less humid air. temperatures in the afternoon could get up to 82?. check out pell lake, 1.74
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quarter. got a report from general city in walworth county, they've got two and a quarter inches of rain. everybody else much less. i think we're going to see a lot more in the way of reports later on tonight. because we still have some heavy downpours still out there. flash flood watch is ended. but we do still see it for northeast illinois. look at the radar, you can see a shower area going through milwaukee county right now, a big area of showers. this could turn into a thunderstorm as it rolls right along i-94 fm into waukesha county, more rain across the northern part of the viewing area. as i stop the radar, you can see fond du lac county, sheboygan county, northern part of washington, and eastern dodge county getting the rain, and widely scattered showers to the west. these will continue to roll in from west to east, through the evening hours, ending probably around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. still widely scattered. 81 the high, milwaukee, 84, lacrosse, 81, twin cities, the cooler dryer air is on the way
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temperatures now, 76 in milwaukee, still 82 in burlington, 81 in lake geneva, but dropping into the low 70s across the northern part of the viewing area where it is being cooled by rain. right now. 71 the dew point, still steamy out there. 72 in waukesha, 70 west bend, fond du lac, and also up in port washington. there's a low pressure system overnight tonight. notice the showers stick around. in the morning hours, most of those showers are gone. could see a brief little shower develop in a on sunday, computer models want to put in some showers there, but i think most of it is just sunshine on sunday. rainfall totals, if you get under one of the thunderstorms, you can still see anywhere from a third of an inch to a 10th of an inch of new rainfall. so for tonight, isolated showers, and thunderstorms still in the forecast. still muggy, some patchy fog possible, lows around 70?. tomorrow less humid, slowly rolls in. partly cloudy skies, a slight
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82?. and then sunday, sunny to partly cloudy skies, and a high of 83 degrees. still less humid. details. to the weekend, monday 83?. pretty nice with partly cloudy skies, could see a shower return with 82? on tuesday. and then on wednesday, again, a small chance of a shower, 83?. up to 85 on thursday, and the heat returns towards the end of next week, with 87 on friday. we'll there once were two sisters who were alike in almost every way.
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the green bay packers are set to kick off their pre-season tonight as they host the cleveland browns at lambeau field. aaron rodgers will not play tonight. we take it live to elise menaker at lambeau field, elise, are you ready for some football? >> reporter: hi, rod. i think everyone at lambeau is ready for some football. there's a lot of talk about
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barrington. this is his eighth year in the league, a veteran, the pre-season may not seem like it holds a lot of value. the pre-season especially for him really does. he hurt his foot a week into spring practice. now he's back at it, catching all the passes from aaron rodgers. i wanted to know just exactly what it's like catches those passes from rodgers for the first time. >> now just being with him a co with him as opposed to other quarterback? >>...i'm not going to compare him to anybody. he's special. you've all seen it. i've seen it on tv for years. it's just different. >> rodgers still a work in progress, building that rapport
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montgomery was warming up. as you can see behind me, they're starting to warm up. how much time have we got? 41 minutes until kickoff. rod, back to you, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> what rookies will you have your eye on tonight? >> i would think -- talking any more about blake martinez, the 4th round pick, inside linebacker, a lot of expectations, a lot of talk around the inside linebacker. i think tonight he would be the rookie to watch. >> live at lambeau field, that's
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if you're going out tonight, you might run into an isolated shower.
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tonight... on the olympic zone... >> tonight... on the olympic zone... the olympics are filled with overachievers... and gevvie stone is at the top of that list... it wasn't enough to become one of the world's best rowers... she also decided to become a doctor at the same plus... he's five-foot-seven and 207 pounds of pure muscle... body weight... and... he's a vegan... meet kendrick farris... who may be team usa's strongest man in rio. >> he may be team usa's strongest man in rio. and she was an olympic champion, and today a mother of two and a cancer wife. >> this is a starting point.


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