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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  August 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm CDT

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this is breaking news now from today's tmj4. >> that breaking news: violence breaks out on milwaukee's northwest side. picture right now after police shot and killed an armed suspect. this is a live picture from chopper 4. this is a gas station that is is on fire at sherman and burl eye, set on fire by angry protesters over an hour ago. >> this has been a tense scene. the shooting happened about 3:30 this afternoon, just blocks from where you're seeing this gas station on
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they cannot send in firefighters to battle this blaze, because it is an unsafe environment. it is unsafe to send the firefighters, who are not armed, to try to bat thl fire. >> police are monitoring the situation, they are on the streets of the situation, we know the mayor has been debriefed on the situation throughout the evening. he is being kept informed on what's happening. we're also monitoring the lw getting updates there. this big fire that's going on right now, fire department can't get in because it's not safe. milwaukee police are going through the streets trying to clear the area, because it's unsafe. they are trying to clear the area. >> there are even cars that
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officers -- >> traffic right there. >> clearly this has been going on for a number of hours. just an hour ago, there was no police presence at this intersection. in fact, the bus shelters were pushed into the streets. you can see aa number of -- traffic lights. >> they're knocked over, causing it to be a traffic hazard. you have officers with riot gear on we know that the sheriff's department is trying to assist, to calm the situation, but this all started from a police-involved shooting where an officer tried to stop a car with two suspects inside. those two suspects got out of the car, started running, and that is when gunfire was exchanged. i don't want to say exchanged. that's when the officer fired a shot, killing one of those suspects. >> we know that three or four cars within that gas station location have been
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have been damaged as a result of rocks being thrown, officers, at least one, has been injured as a result of rocks being thrown at officers. so a very dangerous, a very tense, and a very active situation right now right at sherman and burlz burley. >> these are homes within you see this chaos erupting within their neighborhoods, and they can't do anything. >> sherman park neighborhood, known for community involvement, people being involved, staying involved, knowing their neighbors, and now you have this tragedy unfolding. in the middle of this, before she had to pull away from this was michele fiore. you were down at the milwaukee police headquarters. wa was going on at the
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>>reporter: charles, i want to tell you that district 7, which is where this police shooting happened earlier tonight, it is on lockdown tonight. there are barricades we saw right on the front door. now, as we were out there. there was an suv that pulled up, we saw uniformed officers come outside, one with a rifle in hand. that is when our management decided it was not safe any longer for us to be out there, and moved us down here to district 1. it have seen some uniformed officers standing out here as well. i want to tell you about the victim in this case, earlier in the day, with the police officer, he's 23, he's from milwaukee. what happened this afternoon, he was out with another 23-year-old man. that is when police moved in. and chaos erupted. an entire block filled with squad cars.
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police shot a man at 44th and auer. >> police were on patrol in this area when they came upon a car, attempted to stop him, and were confronted with a man with a gun. >> we're told that when the car was stopped, the men ran. one was found in a gangway. >> there are guns at the scene that we're recovering, recovered from a along with rounds of ammunition. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the man shot at police. this follows the homicides of five people this weekend, one at sherman and burl eye, just a few blocks away. >> as everyone knows, this was a very, very violent 24 hours in milwaukee. our officers are out here taking risks on behalf of the community, making split-second decisions. >> reporter: as family of the man shot up showed up at
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city. this can't go on. >> reporter: the crowd growing in size. >> you see somebody, you always grab your gun first. >> reporter: the second man in the vehicle was taken into custody. we don't know yet whether he will face any charges in this. police have not yet said why the officers pulled these guys over in the first place. we hope to learn all of those d investigation. live at milwaukee police headquarters, michelle fee yoir -- michelle fiore. >> we want to go back to chopper 4 for a perspective on what is happening at this hour, and then go to katie crowther. this is the chopper at the
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you can see that gas station is burning. >> it has been for at least a couple of hours. the reason why, it's a gas station, and, 2, firefighters have not been able to get inside. katie crowther, where are you and what can you see? >>reporter: just a few blocks away from here, we saw a group of teenagers coming down fond du lac and kind of messing with local businesses, trying to bust out windows, that thing. luckily police were able to get them out of here. but it's a very tense situation all throughout the area. i just got a text message from a woman i met earlier today after that scene was unfolding earlier, and she just texted me saying she and her children are getting terrified, that people are getting out of control. it's just very scary out
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a lot of cars have been damaged, bricks are being thrown. people are being advised to stay at home, lock their doors, avoid going outside during this chaotic time. i will continue to bring you the latest. right now this area has been cleared for the most part, but again, just a few blocks in either direction, there's groups of teens, groups of people, a lot of them, referencing the police officer-involved shooting from earlier today, saying we knew him, we loved him, this is not fair, a lot of people very angry, and expressing that anger at police tonight. reporting live in milwaukee, katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> walk me through where you were tonight while you were covering this story, the story that you put together, about what was happening. >> reporter: we were -- a
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wise. after the officer shot, found out the suspect had died, hundreds gathered. that's when we started circulating the area, although. here are some of the people i talked to earlier. let me throw it to th >> reporter: they gather right up to the police barricade. >> it shows they've come together, to show love and support. >> reporter: the family of the suspect, shot and killed by an mpd officer was in the crowd, a crowd getting angrier with police. >> they're quick to pull the trigger, just because what? they got that badge. >> reporter: but some people out here say it's that kind of thinking that has to stop. >> if we want to work, the community has to work with
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work with the community, but we've got to work together. hey, you can't give them a job to do. if everybody's doing the right thing, they can't arrest -- they can't arrest nobody. >> reporter: yet the tension continues to grow. >> we've got a lot of people feeling violated right now. i'm a mother. and this just shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: a lot of people expressing their fr not exactly what you would call a good situation, as cars, gas stations, other things have gone up in flames. we will continue to stay out here and bring you the latest, but for now, police are really just trying to get everything under control and everyone inside. katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> you know, this is an unfortunate scene. i don't live too far from
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people tear down a neighborhood is disturbing. this is also where people live. and even in the anger and chaos, we put people in danger, not only those people who are in the midst of all this chaos, the homeowners, people who have made sherman park their home for years, and now we're seeing this sad scene play out where you've got a gas station on fire that could literally blow up at any moment, god forbid that it does. >> well, you c the concern down there for law enforcement as well as they try to keep the peace, try to get people to disperse, following the twitter account, they reported disturbance at 35th and burleigh, we're seeing at sherman, and you can see, a lot of squad cars, a lot of police cars, this is the live picture where katie
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where that fire continues to burn out of control because the fire department not able, not safe to get inside there to even begin to put that fire out, and this is at a gas station. you can see the blue, the red and blue lights where police are on the scene. we know that mayor barrett has been briefed on all of this, we're waiting to hear from him, his reaction, his concern on what is being done to try to get through the nht trying to talk to milwaukee common council president hamilton who is being briefed on the situation, so just a lot going on as milwaukee police try to bring this situation under control and to bring peace back to that area. >> and the other situation that is arising here is that if this continues to get out of control, the city can go into an all assist, where you have officers from every district coming into this one location to try to bring
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that situation. we hope it does not get to that state, but i want to say this is a very hot zone. just last night there was a homicide at the same intersection where a man was shot, hit another car. this was also blocked off last night. just a few weeks ago you had the confrontation with the clerk at the dpd gas station with a number of young kids who came into the store where shots were fired. you have sherman park directly across the street where there was an incident with a number of youth getting out of hand. so this has really hot zone in the last eight weeks. it's just, again, unfortunate to see all of this playing out again on the north side, on sherman
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years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. breaking news in the north side of milwaukee,
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fire at burleigh and 35th street, also known as sherman. this has been going on, this is actually o'reilly auto parts, another business now on fire on the north side. can i get a location of where this is? okay, no problem, again, now, we do see fire on the scene for this, the business on fire not far from sherman and burleigh. >> this is where firefighters are on scene at the o'reilly automotive store. it is fully engulfed. several crews are on the scene. we do not know how this fire has started, but it has been a tense and violent night in parts of milwaukee. we are monitoring two different situations, sherman and burleigh where a gas station is on fire, and now this fire, the second
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see. it's building right in front of our eyes. >> when you think of an auto parts store, you have things that could explode, chemicals, rubber. this is a very dangerous situation. hopefully fire can get this under control. earlier in the day when this chaos erupted, there were a number of cars that were set on fire there. were also squad c chaos, again, this all started after an officer shot a suspect at 44th and auer. that suspect was pulled over, he got out of the car, started running, officers shot at him, apparently that suspect had a gun on him. that gun has now been linked to a burglary that happened in waukesha in march, there was 500 rounds of ammunition
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that police say the suspect had on him at the time he was shot and killed by an officer. >> and since then, the anger and concern and the hostility has been building in the community, but it started as a violent night already. there were at least nine shootings in the city from friday through now, and five of those were homicides, so it has been a violent week already, and it's only getting more tense right now, as we see a second fire here, waiting to see what was the cause, how did th i know that katie crowther is somewhere along fond du lac avenue. do we know where she is? >> she's at 43rd, and this is 35th and fond du lac. i don't know if she was able to see anything. you can see the black smoke coming out of there as more fire crews arrive on the scene here. we're waiting to see if we'll be able to hear from milwaukee mayor tom barrett who has been on the scene being briefed on all the
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he was participating in earlier events when people were talking about bringing peace into the area and talking about the violence that is going on. as you can see from this picture, more fire crews, arriving on the scene at the other fire, a gas station, we're told that police are not letting anybody in that area because it's not safe yet for the fire department to get into that particular area. >> & at one point, the reason they weren't letting officers, charles, department in, is because shots were being fired, not by officers but by citizens, which made it an unsafe environment for the fire department to come in and try to put out that fire. as you know, the country has been really at a boiling point between communities and police departments. we are just the latest of incidents where officers have had to shoot or has shot a suspect. now we're seeing some of
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unfortunately it's play out in a way that's destroying property and putting residents at risk. >> it's been a difficult evening for law enforcement, at sherman and burleigh, at the gas station, they were going through the street in riot gear, trying to clear people away from, there because it was becoming a gathering point. a lot of people were going to that area instead of leaving that area. >> people were doing donuts in circumstance alg round with their vehicles, because at that time there was no police presence at the scene. all of a sudden you saw the forces come in, in riot gear, and, again, with the plastic handcuffs to arrest anyone who would not leave the scene. again, you're looking at a live picture from chopper 4 at the o'reilly's auto parts
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this is the second business to go on fire, the bt gas station at sherman and burleigh, a very busy place on any given night in that neighborhood, a lot of people go to that gas station, and right across the street, a number of homes, even a grassy area, so that that fire has what it needs to spread, and unfortunately, firefighters can't get into the area. >> and it has grown since we have been on the sayre, in minutes, this fire seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and the fire department certainly will have its hands full there. katie crowther is near that area, and we're trying to get her in front of the camera as soon as we can to find out what she knows. this is what is unfolding in milwaukee tonight. milwaukee firefighters and now milwaukee police have their hands full. katie crowther, you're on fond du lac. i know you're about eight or
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can see what's going on behind you. >> reporter: yeah, we just got to a new location. this is not the gas station fire; this is another location where firefighters -- it's fond du lac and burl eye, some -- and burleigh, firefighters are actively fighting this one, it seems to be small, but a lot of smoke, people coming outside to walk. it is an o'reilly auto parts we don't know the specifics yet, but it's on fire, a lot of fire trucks t a lot of kids, a lot of people gathering, a lot of cars stopping to watch. it seems like the chaos in this area keeps growing and growing, police trying to get a handle on it. >> katie, we are able to see from chopper 4 that this is a very large fire, and from
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see it's definitely not under control at this hour. you see that milwaukee firefighters have arrived. are there a lot of police? and are firefighters staying on the scene? we were seeing at the first fire it wasn't safe for them to come in. are police novembering that location as well to try to protect the firefighters as they try to put out this fire? >>reporter: right now, charles, we are only a bloc few blocks from district it's in my sight, just a block away. but there is not a big police presence. the firefighters have made it here, and the paramedics, a big firefighter presence, but from my angle, i don't see many squad cars. i see one. actually f my photographer jeremy will scroll over, there are some police in riot gear directing traffic on the other side, on burleigh, directing traffic,
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mix, and there's about, i would say, ten police officers over there. >> katie, there are a number of businesses in your view. does it appear that the beauty supply store across the street from you has not been broken into? and i know there are a number of fast food restaurants. do they seem to be closed down at this time? >> yeah, you know, i think most of the businesses in this area were already closed down, but i will tell you, when they first pulled up, this business here, at the bank, the windows on it are completely busted. people took rocks, took bricks, and threw them through the windows of these businesses. when my photographer, jeremy, and i were driving up fond du lac, there were groups of teenagers outside some of these businesses throwing things, gathering, even taking pictures with their cell phones. so we had to kind of get out of that area.
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can see kind of some of the damage that's left in the path. but the beauty supply store, from what i can tell, looks okay, it has not been affected, nor have many of the restaurants, but definitely people in this area -- because beyond the businesses, a lot of people live in this area. >> it's a very dense area. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, long-time residents. and a lot of people with children. they're trying to stay in a safe place in their homes. as you can yelling at us as they go by. i mean, it is a tense situation out here. >> katie, on any given night, the intersection where you are, burleigh, fond du lac, 35th is a very busy area. to see this happening, and this fire happening, it has me concerned, again, about those who live so close to what's going on right now. >> and once again, seems like a crowd is starting to gather at this location, katie telling us that even
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from where she is observing what is going on, that there are also other businesses that have been impacted by what seems to be violence on the streets, people just throwing rocks at windows, breaking windows. we do not -- do not know what caused this particular fire, but we do know that just not far from here that another fire has been going on at the bp gas station at sherman and burleigh, and that one continues to burn out of contro know that the firefighters are not able to get to that location. police say it's not safe for them to arrive there because even police have been coming under attack there by rocks being thrown at them. we've seen squad cars that have been damaged. we know that three or four other cars near the bp gas station completely burned out as a result of that fire. and all of this stemming from what has been a violent day, a violent 24 hours in
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nine shootings, five homicides, and then you have this situation, where a police officer shooting an armed suspect, and that created a concern, chaos, angry folks who were -- who saw this happen and became upset with this, and the tension has been building all afternoon, and it looks like it continues to build as we are now approaching midnight here, and it does not seem to be, at least at is coming under control. we do know that at the other location at sherman and burleigh that they were trying to get police -- police were trying to get people off the streets, trying to disperse them to get them away from the scene. again, we continue to follow two breaking-news stories, two big fires going on in
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it is 11:29. at this hour, we continue to follow breaking news. this is the intersection of 35th, burleigh and fond du lac, an o'reilly's auto parts is on fire. aic what you're looking at is a large police presence. it looks to be that a fire may have this fire under control. this is in a very dense neighborhood on the north side of milwaukee. while there are a number of businesses that are closed at this hour, the concern is that it may get into a situation where people start looting. >> and this has to be a concerned r dpoern milwaukee


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