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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Sunday  NBC  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm CDT

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the other hand is how much brazil and rio de janeiro has achieved despite all these difficulties you mentioned. they have managed to transform a metropolis for the better. you have now a much better infrastructure with public transportation. you have a better communication network. you have renovated city center which created thousands of jo and there i think we have to appreciate what the brazilians managed under these very difficult circumstances. >> my conversation with thomas bach continued from there with more on rio as a host city as well as the future of the olympic games overall, the russian doping scandal and other topics. you can watch the interview in it entirety at and you can also find more of my interview with michael phelps
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time now for a look at the medal count, brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys toward olympic gold. the americans continue to lead in both overall and gold medals. meanwhile, jamaica won its first two rio golds last night and tonight with elaine thompson and usain bolt claiming the titles of world's fastest woman and man. and south africa won its first gold tonight with wayde van niekerk's world record performance in the 400 meters. it was also a tremendous sunday five golds and three silvers across gymnastics, sailing, cycling, and tennis with andy murray winning a second straight singles title. and there was goal from justin rose in golf's return. and we'll leave you tonight with the first olympic golf medal ceremony since one was presumably held at glen oak hill country club in st. louis back in 1904.
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cue up "god save the queen." justin rose with the gold. sweden's henrik stenson wins silver. and america's matt kuchar wins bronze. ?? ?? ?? >> so that'll do it for us. ryan seacrest coming up in late night. and tomorrow on the "today" show two of the biggest american stars in rio, michael phelps and
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hoda live on copacabana beach. for now, good night from rio.
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that breaking news: more this is breaking news now. >> that breaking news, yet more violence breaking out in the sherman park neighborhood. this is a live picture of the scene near sherman and burleigh.
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shots fired here. >> police in s.w.a.t. gear are protecting themselves. people were throwing things at police. the protests had been largely peaceful, but less than 24 hours after buildings were burned and police squad cars smashed, violence is breaking out. just moments ago, reports that shots were being fired. >> eric ross is on the scene and on the microphone. eric, tell us the guys. we are here at the intersection of burleigh and sherman. we thought this was going to be a semi peaceful protest. we got out here at 8:30, 9:00. at that time, there were probably 150 protesters who were holding signs and chanting. as the night progressed, just before 11:00, we heard multiple shots fired across from the bp gas station,
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arson -- we saw arson here last night, one of six businesses targeted by vandals. there are probably 100 to 125, 150 milwaukee police officers as well as the milwaukee county sheriff's office, they are out here in full riot gear. we heard probably five or six shots fired five minutes ago, we've seen bottles and rocks thrown at police. we do not know arrests at this point in time. shortly before 11:00 and just before we went on the air, milwaukee police made an announcement that this was an unlawful assembly, and anybody who refused to leave the area was subject to arrest. that's when the crowd really got rowdy. now, we see milwaukee police out here in full armor, some of them have rifles, some have their riot gear on,
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sherman where the black lives matter protesters have since dispersed. this is our safe location, according to milwaukee police. we don't feel super, super safe, but this is the safest location that we could be in at this point in time. officers have additional patrols staged at the bp gas station. if my photographer jeremy duncan will walk with me, there's probably a dozen police officers with us on standby as well, probably another 12 police cruisers moment. for right now, we have not heard any additional shots being fired at police, so that may be a good sign here. but nonetheless, it is still a semi volatile situation out here, and we're going to continue monitoring conditions and bring you another update in a few minutes. >> eric, in terms of manpower, do you think police have the manpower necessary if they need to
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i'm trying to get a sense of the numbers. >> yeah, right now it appears that milwaukee police do have control of the situation. of course, that could change in a matter of seconds. as you can see, if my photographer can zoom out toward the intersection of burleigh and sherman, there are multiple police units and police officers ready to respond. at this time in time, it does appear that they do have control of the situation. of course if that changes, we will be sure to let you are relatively calm at burleigh and sherman, which was not the case about ten minutes ago. again, we will continue monitoring the situation. >> go ahead. >> eric, we just want to give a bit of information we just got breaking into our newsroom. police say that the shots fired, there was a victim, and they have to use the armored vehicle to get to that victim. we don't know if that was, indeed, one of the residents, one of the protesters, or a police
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a marntly been -- has apparently been the victim of a gunshot wound. >> is there any dialogue between these -- for want of a better term -- protesters and police? >> we heard vulgar language when protesters were marching. we're not hearing that language anymore, but we're not in the area. they have since left. we don't know if they moved down the block or left for the evening. but we did see the we did see several armored vehicles disperse a couple of moments ago. we don't know exactly where those shots were fired, but if you guys are getting that information in the newsroom, please report that to our viewers. out here, at the intersection of sherman and burleigh, at the bp gas station, a lot of people are simply bystanders and onlookers, as our community essentially is being torn apart. there's a lot of tension between police and the
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was talking with a lot of the members of the community earlier today about is how do we rebuild this relationship, in trust with the police? we did go to the o'reilly auto parts store location for a peaceful prayer rally that was held around 5:00 this afternoon. there were a lot of community leaders there. one thing they were praying for all afternoon and evening was for a peaceful rally. nobody is trying to silence protesters, nobody is try keep them from sharing their message. but the line is crossed when people throw things at police and set things on fire. those are the victims. the members of this community, people who have lived here 20 or 30 years, seeing their community going up in flames. there is tension, but the line is crossed when bottles and rocks are thrown at police. while we thought the hostility died down much of
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this evening, and then things turned for the worse. my photographer jeremy duncan is showing how one of the bearcat vehicles is leaving. we're not sure where it's going. this was set on fire last evening in response to all the violence, and the whole thing started over the shooting death of a black man, 23 years old, he traffic stop. we've already reiterated that he had been armed. police held a press conference earlier to give the public more information, but it doesn't seem to be stopping the violence, despite the cries and pleas to peacefully protest. those please are falling on deaf ears. >> eric, thank you very much.
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been telling us there are thousands and thousands of people in the sherman park area and the neighborhood, but these are a minority of people who are causing the problems we're talking about, a couple hundred, and i think, eric, you said earlier, you had estimated about 200 protesters tonight, maybe a little bit less? >> i think -- we're going to go to charles benson. he is at police headquarters covering that end of things, and, charles, i was asking eric, perhaps it should have been better posed to you: how equipped do police feel like they are in terms of manpower tonight? >>reporter: well, milwaukee police chief ed flynn believes he is prepared tonight for whatever might come their way, and he said from the standpoint, they have a number of officers they kept from the day shift that worked through the night shift, then they bring in the night shift officers, so all of those people are available, but he said there
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eric ross is right now, prepared, specifically trained to handle large crowds, high intensity, and they have specific training on how to deal with these situations. we saw some of those officers last night as well as they were going from street corner to street corner trying to disperse the crowd, saying this is an unlawful assembly. they're trained to de-escalate. i was at the news conference th he has 350 sheriff's deputies available to him, they're not all walking tonight, but they're all on standby to be prepared if need be. he believed he had 100 sheriff's deputies who would be willing and able to help. the command staff for milwaukee county sheriff's department, they're in the same areas, watching, monitoring to see what is going on, so they are all prepared. and then you have the back-up to the back-up here,
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governor has activated and mobilized members of the national guard. they are sitting in position off site. they are not nearby but are in position to be able to be called in to help out. so there are a number of officers ready to make sure that what we saw last night doesn't happen tonight. and what i mean by last night is they had six buildings that had caught fire, intentionally set, arson. they don't happen again. here we are at 11:00 at night, and we have not seen that type of activity yet. i spoke to the president of the common council ashanti hamilton. he says they have been appealing for calm. milwaukee's tom barrett, and others putting out statements, and throughout the day, people like ashanti
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to meeting, meeting with pastors, with community leaders, so there's been an ongoing effort here throughout the day to make sure tonight does not look like last night, george and carole? >> one of the things, charles, we do hear about this dialogue with people from the religious community saying let's get together, let's talk about this, but it appears with the culmination today that it's not reaching the people that need it the most. mo are respectful and hard working. it seems like a small fraction of people who are not willing to follow the rules and want to cause chaos, basically. >> and that's what we saw last night, because a lot of this then starts to move through social media, and in talking to police throughout the day, they knew that people were talking about getting out on the streets, protests, people may be gathering, and these things move quickly throughout social media. that's why you hear the
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about parents, where are your children? make sure your children are home. he probably should add make sure they don't have their phone, make sure they're not online, because that's how things are being communicated on these particular situations. but i'm not at the location where eric is, but we can see from last night how quickly things can change, and even a simple encounter, one or two people trying to have police officers, they weren't listening, and quickly to to take one or two people down and arrest them. given all the upset last night, there were a total of 17 arrests, even though there were hundreds of people demonstrating, and buildings were burned down. they know tonight, they had a lot of meetings, a lot of conversation on what to do
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build. one of the key areas to make sure things don't get out of control is they can have control of large gatherings. they know people are allowed to protest, peacefully protest, march, walk, do whatever you want, but once a large gathering looks like it's going to get out of control, where police can no longer control the situation, that's when they move in to try to break up the crowd, disperse the crowd, and if people move and leave, that's going to be fine f. they don't, begins to build, and tension that is already existing in the city, starting from yesterday, starting from the night before, and throughout the summer, people concerned about what is happening in the community, and so this tension has been building up throughout the summer. that's how some community leaders put it in terms of the tension and the concern that they have. the hope today was, with the prayer vigils, with the pastors praying, with events that we saw in sherman park where people came out to
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say this is not the community i want, this is not the community that i know, that there are more people in -- invested in what's happening to make sure that there are not problems, and that tonight we would not see a repeat of what happened last night. >> last night we had 17 people arrested. so far we don't have any word of any arrests right now, but we're hoping that at least we do not see that horrible devastation of the fires that we saw last night. i don't think with the police presence we're seeing, we won't, but there are a lot of prayers that the community does not light up again. >> on that note, let's get back with eric, along with photographer jeremy. eric, bring us up to date. has anything changed since last we checked in with you? >>reporter: we've seen a little more police presence, a milwaukee county sheriff's
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any more shots fired since last we were on the air, so that's good news. i'm going to have my photographer jeremy walk with me. to my left is the bp gas station. you can see there are some milwaukee police officers still on command by. i wouldn't say this is a command center, but it's where police were staged before protesters arrived. there are protesters to my left and right, and it l here may have been injured. we're going to look and see if she is all right. it looks like she has a foot injury. definitely not a peaceful protest out here by any mea means. >> eric, very difficult to see -- yes, we do see the officer limping. we don't know how she sustained that injury. this is what we are hoping to avoid, injuries of anyone, officers, citizens, protesters, reporters,
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have been seeing, though, earlier, this is the culmination of something we didn't think would happen, because earlier tonight we saw people in that same area singing and holding hands and saying, you know, we are going to call for peace and unity. >> and, quite frankly, we thought that was going to be the story tonight. >> that was going to be our lead. unfortunately, that has changed. >> reporter: that is exactly what we thought was going to happen. when we came out to the o'reilly auto parts store for the peaceful prayer vigil and rally, people sang and held hands for hours, we spoke to community leaders, even families, children, who basically say the violence must stop and they're fed up with what's happening. i spoke with a 14-year-old girl. i wish we could air her package, but because of this breaking news that's unfolding right now, we're not able to get to that, but i spoke with a 14-year-old
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afraid to go outside and play because of the violence, she has heard so many shots being fired, she's witnessed the scene firsthand, seen what's unfolding on tv, and for kids to grow up in a neighborhood with this violence around them, you really have feelings for them. i spoke to another kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old, very concerned for his grandmother's safety, as she lives just down the street from the o'reilly auto parts store. a lot of peop day we spoke with were very cord nal -- cordial, peaceful, calling for peace, calling for unity, for calling for a better relationship between the community and the police force, and there were no issues. things took a turn for the worse shortly after 10:00 this evening, as protesters started marching near sherman and burleigh, where is which the bp gas station
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you rowdy, and rowdier when police made an announcement over the intercom system that this was an unlawful assembly and everybody needed to leave or face arrest. that's when we saw rocks and bottles thrown and heard shots fired, and we saw police go into riot gear, there were bearcats to try to control the crowd. from where we are right now, it a control of the situation. we haven't seen bottles thrown at police in several minutes, we haven't heard shots fired, but police have their guns drawn, and they're ready to deploy at a moment's notice. there are numerous police here at the intersection. we have a milwaukee county sheriff's deputy that's loading up in riot gear, but everybody out here is basically in a standby mode. they are moving toward protesters, but, again, it does not appear police have
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situation. we'll continue monitoring situations and bring you another update in a few minutes. >> this all began with the death of 23-year-old sylville smith, a man who had a lengthy arrest record. mayor barrett said a still image from the officer's body camera actually showed without question that smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot, and the protest began as a result of that. people are still upset tonight, as you can see, a very volatile and tense situation in the sherman park area. >> charles benson has been listening in. charles, you're on. >> reporter: i want to give some perspective in terms of shots fired. during the news conference today with chief flynn, he talked about last night and the chaos and unrest, that
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spotshoter. it note -- shotspotter. that indicated at least 48 different times, it recognized that shots had been fired in a particular part of the city, and that's not just one shot. he says anytime it goes off, it can indicate multiple shots, five, six, seven, whatever. during this time period last night, to give you some context and the perspective that they were dealing with off 48 different times. now, i don't know how that compares on a normal night, but he was indicating that was a high-volume night. we also know in some of these shots that were fired, a 16-year-old was injured as a result of these shots being fired at random, non-life-threatening injuries, but this is the
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conference with reports that shots had been fired onto the 7th district police station earlier this afternoon. doesn't think that any shots were fired at the building but certainly shots were heard near the 7th district headquarters there for police. and so shots fired is, unfortunately, an all too random thing for police officers who work in certain sections of the city. what heightens their concern right now is that there are a number of people still out on the streets. people the concern over what's happening tonight given what happened last night in the city, and what they're going to pay particular attention to is the crowd control, because last night people were able to get through the streets and start breaking windows and start setting fires. they're going to be very in tune to what's happening there to make sure that does not repeat itself tonight, and that's why they have the -- a number of law
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milwaukee police as well as the milwaukee sheriff's department. >> let's talk about one of the big problems a lot of people say you're seeing this unrest and this anger, many of the pastors say there simply are not enough jobs, not enough economic activities for african-american residents in the city, and that needs to stop, something has to give so there's more chances and more opportunities for them to be employed. >> well, you're going to see at the next several days. you'll hear two going on, one about the investigation, what happened during that shooting. we heard today from chief flynn describing the shooting, and he is actually has seen the video from the officer's body camera, and based on what he has seen by watching that video, he thinks that there is some indication that, given what the officer was seeing, that there's some legal protection there for what the officer did.
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ultimate conclusion, but based on what he has seen so far, he thinks it will move in that direction. but there's a lot of other questions that still surround what happened during this particular shooting. the chief described that it was caught on camera, at least on the body camera, the video from the officer, but these cameras that the police use has a 30-second audio delay when it's first turned on, and chief flynn described this encounter between the officer and the fast, less than 30 seconds from start to finish, and so the first 30 seconds of that video is silent. but what the mayor and what the police chief wanted to clearly tell people is that the suspect did have a gun, and then there's going to be a lot of calls in the community, as there already have been, on can we see the video. people will want to see the video and make their own judgment as to what happened here. the chief says he is trying
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he's trying to be transparent, here, but you have the rights of the officer, the legal rights for what will unfold in terms of the investigation that is being handled independently from the police headquarters, that it's going to be handled by state ofishes, as part of the new law, that they will look into all the details of what happened during the shooting. when you speak to the larger issue, then, outside of what happened on the shooting, what is happening in the the economic distress, the uncertainty for folks, for not having jobs, and the concern of the poverty that resonates in pockets of the community. we know that in the downtown area where things are booming, where the city is seeing a renaissance in terms of buildings and job opportunities, that there are certain parts of the community that are not benefiting from that, they're not seeing the jobs come in. and there's a wide variety
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from education to opportunities. but people will argue as well, look at the people who have invested in those communities, and last night they saw their businesses get burned down by simply being in a place where people got angry and upset, and so there's going to be a big dialogue here in terms of how do you solve this problem, who can solve this problem, and all the years i've been in this city, i've seen a lot of smart people try to solve this problem, i've seen a lot of people wanting to solve this people to understand the problem. i talked to ashanti hamilton. he knows going forward there needs to be this sense of conversation, that other people have to buy in, everyone has to buy in, in terms of how do you help all communities, all neighborhoods within the city, and so clearly that will be the conversation going forward in addition to the investigation that is going on, carole and george. >> charles, you were talking about the body-cam video.
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but is there a sense among the police that when this body-cam video is ultimately released that that may defuse tension, that we're witnessing right now at sherman and burleigh? >>reporter: i guess it's going to be in the eye of the beholder. the chief looks at it, and he says one thing. but what do others see, and what will they all come to the same conclusion about this? and that's what -- why, at this point, we have not seen the video, they talked about a still image that came from the video that the mayor was able to see, and that one of the messages that the mayor wanted to see, because things get out on social media. there is information that can be misleading or completely wrong about what people say happened there, or what police allegedly did there, and so the one message that the mayor wanted to communicate is that the suspect who was shot by police did have a
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weapon as well, and so there are facts that are coming out but there's still a lot of other facts that are yet to come down, and as we saw in the dontre hamilton shooting, which happened nearby, how many times did the officer shoot, how quickly did it all unfold, what was going on at the as we can hear from the chief, there wasn't a lot of time, it was quick, it was fast, it moved rapidly, i believe is the term that he used, so this was a quick decision by the officer. will people be second-guessing the officer, which happens a lot, or would they think what would i have done in his position? we don't know, because we don't know all the facts surrounding this particular case. that's where people want --
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attorney general brad schimel saying we'll work ex-peditiously to have a thorough gathering of the facts. it seems like most leaders and law enforcement want this to be released sooner than later, they think that would be good for the public, and the right to know. >> reporter: and i think chief flynn made that very clear today, but he also knows lawyers get involved in these things, and who knows what direction it will take. but right now the in investigators. they have done this before, they have looked at a number of other cases involving milwaukee police as well as other law enforcement throughout the state, so they are familiar with the process, and i would be willing to bet they're also saying stle learned from the process. this is a fairly new law, it kicked in right after dontre hamilton was killed, and that was the first step in separating, creating this sort of gap, allowing
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inside to what happened in a particular shooting at a police department. so those things take time. as of noon today or 3:00, i think, when this news conference took place with the police chief, the officer involved in the shooting had not been interviewed. there's usually a 24-hour cooling-off period or waiting there before they do talk to the officer, so at that time, that's going to provide a lot of other key information. i asked the police chief, "was there any other video at the sometimes there's surveillance video, were there other squad cars or other officers in the area as well, what else can they learn from other information that is coming in. so i think the chief said there's probably a hundred other questions here to see how it all adds up, including the autopsy. police have indicated that this 23-year-old man was shot in the chest and in the arm. autopsy will then take a
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where the bullet wounds entered and exited. there's so much we don't know yet, but it's still within 24, 36 hours of this happening, and the police chief knows these things take time. the mayor tried to point that out today, and they're trying to -- even ashanti hamilton, who has been working with others in this community, knows that the police, at this point, are trying to be transparent. >> you know, charles, we want you to stand by. we'reng katie crowther. she has been working some of her sources on this matter. what have you learned? >>reporter: as you said, i've been in contact with police dispatch, also following the social media feeds of various departments and organizations, and we have just learned that the scene is now growing just as it did last night to an area it also grew to last night. we've we just got word that officers are moving in to disperse a small but disorderly crowd near 48th and center.
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near burleigh, that is the same area, and we're told milwaukee police also reporting that debris continues to be thrown at our officers attempting to disperse that disorderly crowd. now, this comes a half hour after we learn that officers used armored vehicles to rescue a shooting victim in the 3000 block of north sherman. that to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition right now. that is the latest i have from here, but i will continue to monitor everything from here inside the newsroom, and we'll bring you the latest. >> very disappointing, katie, because it seemed like it happened relatively quickly. we had been monitoring the situation all day, but all of a sudden, less than an hour ago, we started in the newsroom watching the video and seeing things being thrown from a group at officers, and we had not seen anything of the sort


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