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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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protests overnight. today working to clean up once again. what started out as a peaceful gathering protesting the death of smith, turned out of control quickly. milwaukee police say there were at least 7 different reports of shots fired in the sherman park neighborhood this. one case, an 18 year old man was taken to the hospital in ab armored police vehicle for a serious gunshot wound. we will continue following that breaking news overnight and another situation that is unfolding this morning. >> ann sin out in the neighborhood this morning as the sunrises on new damage today. and neighbors are again preparing to clean up after another night of violent and destructive protests. let's begin with ann near sherman and burleigh. ann? >> good morning to you. as the sun does come this up morning let's take year look at the damage from the bp station. this building was set on fire saturday night. this is of course near sherman park. last night we know one person was shot. he was transferred to the
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vehicle. also milwaukee police officer was injured when a rock smashed through his windshield. small crowd was out here all day loot the day yesterday. i was out here with that crowd yesterday. they were pretty quiet and calm but at about 11 p.m. things went south. protestors started throwing rocks and different objects at police all throughout the night. one car was set on fire just down the road from right where i'm located. we do not have any numbers on at rest just yet. we are expecting to get that total from mpd later this morning. the national guard put on alert by the governor. that was yrd he put them on alert. we do know they are in the area but what needs to happen ismpd or the milwaukee sheriff's department needs to call in and ask for their assistance which they have not yet at this point. reporting live at sherman park ann sterling, today's tmj 4. >> we are sitting on top of a breaking news situation blocks away from that bp gas station that was destroyed in saturday's protest. >> firefighters busy on screen of a blaze at a home near 41st and burleigh where pete is right now. looks like things are much
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hours ago. >> it does seem like firefighters are starting to break it wn. up on the roof of the home that was on fire you can see the remnants of where firefighters sawed into that home to try to put this blaze out but again, vince as you mentioned itoes appear right now everything here under control. we have seep firefighters starting to break down in the last 20 minutes or. so they arrived just after 4:30 this morning. they -- we saw t a gas staying at sherman and burleigh while we were there with lights and sirens on after someone pulled up and told them that a home near 41st and burleigh was on fire. 41st street where we are, still remains blocked off. part of the intersection blocked off although it looks like burleigh going through the 41st street intersection is now back open. right now we just want to reit tate there is no indication that this fire is related to any of
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this weekend. we are waiting, hoping to hear more from the fire department about you know what the cause of this fire was, if anyone was hurt but no one has given any indication that this blaze was at unrelated to the aunrest in last night. >> all right. thank you very much. police is standing by the officer who shot smith >> i know what i saw on the video. i know what i see certainly appears to me that the d'at the time he made that decision it was a credible and legally protected decision. >> chief reporting the incident between the officers who is also black and smith happened in less than 30 seconds from start to finish. milwaukee mayor is calling for the body camera foot evening to be released to the public as soon as possible. >> members of wisconsin'sing inial guard remain on alert and was talking about that in her report this morning. they have not officially been
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scott walker activated the guard just in case they are needed. governor said they will be used only as a last resort. he has called in extra state troopers as well. staying on top of the situation from twitter. a lot of new information coming out in the overnight hours. this is a live look at the milwaukee police twitter feed. we are checking in with them. most recent tweet telling us officers are out restoring order at sherman and burleigh. ground zero for all of us. that's what we just heard live and particular a lack this. a damage done to a milwaukee police squad car. police saying the windshield was smashed by a rock. the officer inside taken to the hospital no. word on his or her can right now and take a close look at this tweet too. another one from milwaukee police showing more damage done to yet a different squad car. you can see chief ed flynn in some of the pictures surveying the taj there. police saying those demonstrators were throwing bricks, rocks and glass bottles at their cars. vince? >> thank you.
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and traffic together now. >> meteorologists watching the forecast for this monday where today is going to be the nicest day of the week. >> indeed. look how beautiful this is right now. the sky has just a few clouds. the sun has now risen and it is creating beautiful colors for you early monday morning. port washington waking up to 65 degrees. humidity out there at 93%. had a little bit of patchy fog as well. upper 50's in some spots this morning. it i onive those nights you open up the windows. you can feel it last the dryer air filtering in. 58 green lake. 62 in waukesha. here is your day planner for today. 71 by 8 a.m. 80 by noon. just a few clouds out there and this afternoon starting to cool down just a bit with a light southeasterly breeze. your pick day of the week. >> the traffic is building out on the roadways. but there are no incidents as you head out the door. however there could be an issue especially if you use 94 eastbound going north on i 41. that ramp into the zoo interchange is now closed and
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2017. so my suggestion when it comes to alternate routes you have a couple good options. highway 164 coming on 94 east, go north and take the drive all the way to i 41 north bound. same thing here, mooreland north -- road, north to blue mound and to the east and use blue mound no get onto i 41 and your last alternate is to get very close. highway 100, take that northbound to watertown plank, gets you right on i 41 so you have numerous opt to get through because again, i 41 coming from 94 eastbound that, ramp is shut down starting today and will not reopen until spring of 2017. >> more local news now, one of 39 men arrested in the 2014 shooting death of laila peterson will be back in court today. >> prosecutors say carl barrett junior was targeting a rival when he shot up the wrong house, killing that 5 year old little girl.
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>> a vigil scheduled for tonight in sheboygan falls to remember two year old dexter. his mother is in custody charged with killing him earlier in this month. she is being pecketdled back in court on wednesday for a preliminary hearing. vigil will be at 8:00 tonight at river park in sheboygan falls. >> >> it is 6:0. up next on live at day break on today's tmj 4. >> we will go down to rio. live there as jay gray takes a look at team usa's growing medal countnd sleet w ? ? the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year justot betr! ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest...
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team usa continues to lead the world in gold and overall medals at the summer games in rio. >> the americans adding to that count in track and fie a as competition resumes later this morning. jay gray is live once again with us from olimb wea park with details on everything ahead. hi, jay. >> hey, good morning, vince. good morning susan. plenty for team usa to well wave the flag about in the first week at the olympics here. really fast start. this seems to be transitioning now to week two in rio. when you talk about speed though one guy who knows it better than anyone and last night he proved it again.
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stand here. with his familiar side and striking bravado, streaked to a record third consecutive gold in the 100 meter dash. .8 ahead of american justin. >> at the end of the day may the best man win and today he has been the best man. >> and there it is. >> best gymnast in the world vaulting to another gold. the first american to ever win the discipl sim grams to win 3 golds in a single olympic game. the gold medal swing tined for team usa in tennis where the americans finished 1, 2 in mixed doubles. later today track and field continues with several u.s. athletes in the mix for medals and men's volley ball takes on brazil. on the beach in copacabana. >> yeah that match sure to be a rudd owe one with the host country playing in the sand at
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the scenes look at the gear and today we are lucky to have the team usa cycling speed suit here. you can see -- can see a skin tight suit as you would expect it to be. technological marvel that is tested in wind tunnels. it forms the rider's body to the cycle. the seams moved around to be aerodynamic and dimples in the suit that act lick a golf ball. wind comes over the top and pushes, hems to accelerate it. it seems tock working -- working. kristin medal. women's team pursuit with the silver and when i opened the encloses threat morning it was the flag shirt or the swim sument i made the right -- i made the right -- >> you deaf rione a favor, that is what you are saying? >> maude a wiles choice. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks, jay. >> 6:12. up next on live at day break on today's tmj 4. >> stuck in the air, the trouble at a monument in washington that has that traction closed today.
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singer turned down.
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quarter after 6 here on today's another live look from the sherman park neighborhood where we see more violence, more destruction of property overnight. and an injury to at least one police officer. we are on top of this breaking news as the sunrises on a new day here in milwaukee. 6:15. we want to give you a better idea of exactly where all of this unrest is happening. the sherman park neighborhood is on milwaukee's northwest side. it is bordered by sherman boulevard, fond he lack avenue, center street, and then north
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trend on twitter right now the hash tag milwaukee unrest but another movement, one pushing to end the violence in sherman park. this hash tag pray for milwaukee this. tweet says an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. pray for milwaukee. another tweet saying simply chen i wake up, please let this be over. worth mentioning that some on social media very frustrate bid violence in their community. many condemning the actions of others saying sherman park is filled with good people and this is not who t others sharing pictures and video of the damage and destruction out there. >> thank you very much. milwaukee has been in the national spotlight now for two days because of the unrest in sherman park. >> want to take you back to the scene where ann has been watching things since the early morning hours. ann quiet right now. certainly very active overnight. >> yes. very active overnight. it is quiet. this bp really has been the ground spot. it has been ground zero as bridge et has been saying all
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of the large crowds. yesterday a small crowd here. they are vocal but peaceful at the same time. that all went in a different direction, went south if you will at about 11 o'clock last night. that's when the crowd started clashing with police officers w anyone that got in their way. sne started throwing objects at police. last night we know one person was shot. an 1 year old. he was transferred to the hospital in an armored police vehicle. also milwaukee police office he was injured when a rock smashed through his windshield. arrests that were made last night. we are expected to get that later this morning. the national guard is still on alert. they are on standby at this point. if milwaukee police department or the milwaukee sheriff's department asks for assistance or help, the -- that's when the national guard will come in. they have to be asked for help though. they are on stand-by at this point until they are asked for assistance. reporting living at sherman park, ann sterling, today's tmj 4. >> thank you. 6:167 let's go beyond wisconsin
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>> two terminals were actually evacuated and flights grounded after reports of shots fired last night. police were not able to confirm that any shots were actually fire though and no one was hurt. one official says cheering and clapping from people watching the olympics may have led to the mistake. >> staying in the new york area a funeral will be held for two immans who were gunned down in broad daylight in the queens over the weekend. shot and killed on saturday. shooting was captured on suspect and trying to figure out the motive behind that shooting. the president has declared a major disaster for people living in louisiana who are still dealing with severe flooding this morning. >> at least 4 people have been killed and more than 20,000 others rescued after a flood waters swept across that state. this is video from a coast guard helicopter coming to the aid of people who are trapped in their homes in baton rouge. wow. gra dra mat ik rescues there.
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monday morning. >> storm team 4 moolgs brian gotter is here. >> after monday's downpours where some picked up over an inch of rain. much-needed rain this. morning we are bake waking up to a few clouds in southeastern wisconsin. looks like -- i can very nigh that. out to pewaukee we do and show you a few clouds out there. mixing in with that sunshine. sun rose about 20 minutes ago. temperatures comfortable 26 degrees. a little dampness and patchy fog. in some inland areas. a light northwesterly wi. it is your pick day of the week. nice day to start the week off but also means that this is what is nice to get. not that we had a bad week whatsoever. temperatures above normal. once generally in the low to mid0's. normal now is about 78 degrees. plenty of humidity once again and with that, we will actually see a few different times throughout the week of scattered thundershowers. we need more rain and looks like some of it is in the forecast. we have cooled to 67 in milwaukee. it is 63 in west dallas and greendale.
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she buyingn county we go. a cup 508's we go. 59 in greenville. 60 elkhart lake and 61 from howards grove towards cedar grove along 43. with that southeasterly wind this afternoon will keep temperatures in the mid70's around sheboygan county. inland a little bit, temperatures will be in the lower 80's. so if you were out and about last evening you noticed that the air was relatively dry. high of 88. it was warm but at least the breeze was out there. had drier air. that humidity starts to in. back up for tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, and steamy on friday. will be a humid week once again. give it a 9. the known reason not a 10, just a few clouds. temperature right around 80 degrees and just a little bit of humidity. all in all a very very nice tament future forecast showing you that light easterly breeze which will help keep the lake front cooler. just a few clouds. better chance of rain overnight tonight near the lake front and end this -- and then for tomorrow a slight chance of a spotty shower in the morning.
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showers moving in here tomorrow night during the overnight hours into early on wednesday morning. so for the next 36 hours or so we could pick up another quarter to almost half inch of much-needed rain and then tomorrow, more humid, and temperatures in the low to mid80's inland and upper 70's right long the lake front. so for today, just a few clouds. high of 80 and noon and dropping into the upper 70's with that southeast rineld wind and then scattered rainshowers overnight tonight. a little bit more humid and low of 67 8-day forecast gradual warming trend like we had for the past couple weeks. 5 on wednesday. some scattered thunderstorms possible. 84 and sunny on thursday. another good chance of rain friday and saturday but getting cooler for the weekend. >> thank you. 6:21 here on today's tmj 4. the washington monument is closed to visitors again today after two back to back elevator mishaps in less than 12 hours. 3 employees got stuck for 40 minutes object saturday.
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trapped on sunday morning. all visitors made it out without any problems during both incidents. officials blame the problem on a trip to breaker in the elevator. >> >> adele has turned down an offer to be part of superbowl 51 in houston. she announced at a concert over the weekend that she was offered a time slot during the half-time show but declined to accept it. adele says the half-time show isn't about music but instead about dancing performances. her announcement grew boos f >> i will boo that. snrf course right? >> doesn't the artist having to make it what he or she wants? >> you can have dancer while you sipping. >> you can hire some people. >> 6:22. up next on live at day break on today's tmj 4, >> your olympics update.
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time now for your olympics update. plenty of action to watch including u.s. gymnastics. going for even more gold in the balance beam >> and then the u.s. men's beach volleyball team take on brazil in the quarter finals. u.s. women's field hockey team in the quarter finals as well. they play germany.
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today. including the steeple chase, women's hammer throw, women's 200 meter prelims beings men's 800 meter finals, and the men's pole vault final. >> today's tmj 4 is your olympic station. make sure you join us for the olympics zone. that's our 6:30 tonight. we have exclusive olympics coverage in that half hour just ahead of the prime-time coverage from nbc you. can head to the website for any up to the minute olympic event res. dominate the field when it comes to olympic medals with 69 altogether. 26 of them gold. china is in second with 45 medals. great britain in third with 38. russia has 30 medals putting them in 4th. and then za pan is in 5th place now with 26 medals. >> kind of had a big weekend there. big jump in the medal. >> 6:26. up next on live at day break on today's tmj 4,
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attention. why one of the men connect told
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unrest continues for a second night in milwaukee.
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protest, quickly turned violent once again in the sherman park neighborhood. >> and good morning everybody. >> this is breaking news now. from today's tmj 4. >> and good morning everybody. it is 6:30 a.m. i'm susan kim and we have new information this morning on the continuing violence in sherman park. >> i'm vince. our crews have been out all night, witnessed more violence, vandaly. and confrontationings this police. >> been a tough morning in the neighborhood. we are following two breaking stories right now. burleigh where protestors clashed with police overnight. >> pete see vaccis, where crews working to put out a house fire early their this morning but let's start with ann sterling. >> good morning to you vince. there were a view people milling around here. police have been out here throughout the morning as well. want to give you awe live look what's going on. talking to a couple here as you can see, a people did try to engage in an argument with a
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national news crews are out here as well. one person did drive by and said we whereby -- we are not done, we will see you tonight. we know one person was shot, he was transferred to a hospital in an armored police vehicle. 18 years old. also we know milwaukee police officer was injured when a rock smashed through his windshield. the crowd was pretty calm throughout the day yesterday. about 11 o'clock, that's when things went bad. protestors started throwing rocks and other objects at police. one car was set on fire throughout the night. no numbers on the arrest justst still on alert at this point. they are waiting for a phone call from mpd or the sheriff's office. sheriff's office can also give them a call asking for assistance. but last night about 2:00, mpd was able to get the crowd under control and get them to disburse. we are live. today's tmj 4. >> thanks very much. now over to the pete zervakis who is covering this story.
6:32 am
road from where ann was at the bp station. crews responded to a house fire this morning at 41st and burleigh. we are told no one was hurt. the fire department was called in about two hours ago and just now within the last 15 minutes or so we have seen firefighters leave the scene. police remain on scene, clevingting crime tape. we are told no one was hurt. again in the fire. burleigh is now back open. it was briefly shut down at 41 half the while fire crews battled the b home. they told us that the bulk of the damage is concentrated in the back of the home on the second floor. there were also staircaseles in the home burned out. so firefighters said it was very very lucky that the people inside that home all made it out safely before the fire got worse. the battalion chief we spoke to also did not want to speculate on whether this fire was in any way related to the unrest in sherman park the last two nights.
6:33 am
it wasn't. he merely said it is something that has to be investigated. one other thing the fire department mentioned to us is they have been swamped with calls especially in this area over the last 48 hours, two days something like that with car fires and other medical-related calls. they have been trying to do a good job of rotating all their different shifts to keep people fresh and get them rested. in between some long hours and calls. live at 41 half the and burleigh, pete zervakis, tmj 4. >> thanks very much the event of last night and saturday capped off an already violent weekend in milwaukee. sheriff clark reprimandping demonstrators for not showing more concern about the violence that is happening in their community. >> there were four additional homicides that happened from friday night to saturday. 9 shootings. four murders. where was the outrage?
6:34 am
have an obligation to protect the lives of people they serve. he says people cannot continue to blame police for what is going on. many demonstrators remained peaceful, calling for pales and denouncing the violence that is happening in their community. >> just to get the people together, not to protect or anything like that but to minister, prayer, we felt it would be a very very essential thing to do. >> this group of nearly 200 people turned out for a vigil near 35th and burleigh. some of them were young p others worried about loved ones who live in the neighborhood. each a few police officers joined in that prayer service. happening right now, milwaukee police very active on twitter, keeping everyone posted overnight on the most recent violence and this morning as well. . take a look at this tweet that was sent out overnight. this is actually a police helmet, part of their riot gear. we bill give you a closer look at this damage on the helmet. an officer was saved from a projectile they are calling it by wearing this protective
6:35 am
exactly hit the officer's helmet. we do know know that those outgathering overnight were throwing glass, bricks and rocks as well. no word on this officer's condition but we do know at least one mpd officer was taken to the hospital after a squad car was hit with a rock. one officer said that's the hardest part about all of this. things can be calm one minute and all of a sudden it is violence. it is impossible to predict when the crowds will erupt. >> 6:35 and time for a check of your together. >> meteorologist brian gotter watching that for us. >> we have nice dry air moving in as the day was progressing yesterday. warm. high of 87 but this morning comfortable and partly cloudy. the temperature has dropped into the upper 60's here in milwaukee. the dew points in the lower 06's. calm wind and a little bit of humidity in the inland area. lower 60's and you werer 50's with a little bit of patchy fog. after a very warm weekend at leaf you dan shut off the a/c and allow the cooler air to cool
6:36 am
temperatures pretty much around 62 degrees around waukesha county this. afternoon will hit the 80 degrees here in milwaukee before the lake breeze kicks n a little bit of humidity. partly cloudy and 82 in the inland areas. looks to be gorgeous this afternoon. tatiana? >> keeping an eye on the roadways this morning, having a slight difficulty with my computer. i do apologize. taking a look right now want to give you a heads-up when it comes to lane closures. a long-term closure on county f will see on and off ramps -- are completely shut down i s you are not able to get on here at county f and going north and southbound here on county f only one lane is open in either direction. this starts today and goes all the way until september. so your alternate is highway 164 beings take that north to capital drive and go north, south on county f road but not able to get on or off on county f on 94 because of construction that starts today and goes until september 19th. back to you. >> all right. thanks very much. it is 6:36.
6:37 am
hopeful he will now be released from prison after his conviction was overturned. doesy was found guilty of helping his uncle kill photographer theresa hallback back in 2005. it was profiled on the series requesting making a murder." "his conviction was overturned last week. a magistrate ordered he be freed within 90 days unless prosecutors decide to retry him. >> under concern of violence against police this weekend in the be sworn in as officers in mpd. the current class, 36 men and 9 women, the first of 2016 to go thought cad my. undergo 67 months of training now, scheduled to graduate early next year. ceremony set to begin at 10:30 this morning. 6:38 now and coming you next here on live at day break this morning the latest school to offer college pep programs to students >> and then making a statement. why a local mother is putting up
6:38 am
yourself today.
6:39 am
6:40 am
want to give you a better idea of exact lip where all of this unrest here in the city of milwaukee has been happening over the weekend.
6:41 am
milwaukee's northwest side. bordered by sherman boulevard. fond du lac avenue, center street and north avenue. >> it is now 6:41. milwaukee public schools celebrating its first day of the district's newest international back laureate candidate school. students at casa mer, pulaski high school will be welcomed by their teachers, parents and other community members. pulaski become the 8th school now to offer college prep programs. the welcoming ceremony starts at 7:15 this morning. billboard featuring a young girl with a skin disorder is going up later today. we are talking about this story of i money mike a couple weeks ago. her mother homes that put ugh the billboard will keep her daughter from being teased in school. you can see that billboard for yourself. it will be up later today at second and capital >> >> 6:41 and coming up next here this morning. >> will get you caught up on the overnight violence in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood.
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>> about welcome back. 6:44. we are take another live look this morning in the sherman park neighborhood. thiss that was destroyed by violence. a second night of violence overnight into this morning. we have team coverage of this and we will continue to bring you more information as live at day break continues right now. and more on that right now. frustration on twitter growing this morning. the hash tag milwaukee unrest is trending. people all over the country tweeting about the violence in the sherman park neighborhood. this one says when people destroy their own city and resources, that is not how you
6:45 am
quote i don't get logic behind rioting. it rarely work and usually just increases tensions. get elected and make change instead. we heard from several people within the neighborhood upset with what's going on. they say this is not their community. and this is not what it is normally like there. another hash tag gaining ground, pray for milwaukee. over to you. >> bridge et, thanks very much. >> >> in today's health before you use your plastic water bottle, make sure you have washed it first. a new study from treadmill shows that reusing without washing can make you sick. tests show the average water bottled was covered in 300,000 colony forming germs per square cent meter. toilet seats have only 3200 colony forming germs per square inch. if you use ear buds to listen to music you may want to consider switching to head foams. >> doctors are issuing a warning about the dangers of ear buds. audiologists say the volume of music should not be more than
6:46 am
capable of. experts suggest our ears simply can't handle more than 85 decibels for an extended period of time. >> >> 6:46. and let's turn to weather and traffic together. brian gotter watching our storm team forecast. >> looks to be a nice start to the day. a few clouds now twist drifting in over southern wisconsin. cloudiness more down to the south of us. a lot of sunshine around the state. and then back off to the west a weak disturbance bringing light rainshower activity which is dissipating as we speak. that which be work being its way wa scattered rainshowers overnight tonight. that cloud cover i was talking about you can see it, it is partly cloudy. kind of obscuring the sun rise just a little bit but but creating spectacular colors this morning. 64 and damp outside. had a little bit of patchy fog overnight. light northwesterly breeze. all in all not a bad start to the day. yesterday's high 87 degrees. but at least that drier air started settling in throughout the afternoon. today for the second monday in a row is your pick day of the week. the rest of the week are above
6:47 am
the rest of the week and it will be humid once again. kind of get being used to it aren't we? not really. scattered thundershowers off and on throughout the week. at least there are chances for some rain showers and 64 in shorewood. 62 in west dallas this morning where they are cleaning up from 9 state fair. 63 in oak creek and 61 in brown deer. waukesha county a wall wind. patchy fog. 60, very comfortable start to your monday. binge bend is at 62 brookfield and me no me falls this. afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 70s after getting up to around 80 degrees. that easterly breeze will help cool you down a little bit and will have cloud cover at well as times mixing in with the sun. dew points in the upper 50's to lower 60's. that is comfortable and the lowest it will be all week as we start to increase this afternoon. it will be humid tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, and steamy on friday. before the next cool front arrives friday evening. on the gotter gauge today will
6:48 am
with clouds, sun shirg, nice near 80. a little bit of humidity and a southeast wind 5 to 10. all in all a great day. a limb the r bit of a lake breeze coming in here, keep the lake front in the mid to upper 70's. a few passing clouds like you searing this morning better chance of rain overnight tonight especially near the lake front and then for tomorrow morning, an isolated shower. another good chance for thundershowers rolling in here tuesday night into early wednesday morning. nothing severe. could pick up a quarter to maybe a half inch of rain between now and about werms day morning. here is what it looks like for tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid80's away from the watt wither and right along the water front back into the mid to upper 70s. so, for today, a high of 80. that will be around noon. partly cloudy, get morgue humid as well and then temperatures cooling into the 70s with the lake breeze. tonight scattered rainshowers well after midnight. so your evening looks fine and a low of 67. your 7-day forecast, tomorrow will top out at 82. 85 with some scattered thunderstorms on wednesday.
6:49 am
another good chance of some thundershowers late in the day on friday. friday night into saturday and much nicer on sunday. >> i just want to show drive times first taking a look 884, hail to the zoo, normally a 4-minute commute is now standing at 9 minutes. marquette slowing down there at 12 minutes. taking a look at the map you can see 894, travel northbound, speeds are as slow as 20 miles per hour so do not forget the same thing can be said here going east bound on 94. use your ana highway 100, and blue mound road to get around these issues. on top of those low sowns -- slowdowns that ramp 94 eastbound to i 41 north that will cause congestion. greenfield and blue mound are just a few of the many rounds you kwan take to avoid this issue. >> all right. thank you very much. we are following two breaking news stories in your -- >> let's get started with pete ser vaccis near 41st and burleigh where firefighters were busy at work early this morning.
6:50 am
called to -- to here just before 5 a.m. with -- where they saw them respond to the home. right behind us here with the brown roof. to attack a fire that they said caused substantial damage to the second floor as well as burnedout several stair cases inside that house. overall though no one was hurt. they say that is very lucky given what happened to those staircaseles. the fire department says right now, no indication that this fire is related to any of the unrests we have seen here in nights but they alsoed didn't rule it out and said it is simply something they will have to investigate over the next couple of days now for more on the recent unrest in sherman park let's go over to our anne sterling. pete for the second night protests rock the north side. we know one person was shot last night and an 18 year old rushed to the hospital after he was shot in the violence that was happening here near sherman and burleigh. we know milwaukee police officer was injured overnight
6:51 am
crowd was pretty calm until 11 p.m. overnight. things went bad. protest others started throwing the rocks, anything they could get their hands on. one car set on fire just down the road from here. no numbers on arrests just yesterday. -- yet. if you had to compare saturday to sunday nicketd sunday was calmer than saturday but the protests were still pretty violence 67 the national guard was not called in last night. so we should point out. reporting live anne sterling, today's tmj 4. >> the situation remains volatile in the nwe recruits will be sworn in this morning. the current class, 36 men and 9 women is the first of 2016 to go through the can mad -- academy. will undergo 6 months of training and are scheduled to graduate early next queer. >> 4 people dead following flooding in louisiana. officials say more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes and vehicles. more than 10,000 are staying in emergency shuterings right now. the president declared louisiana a major disaster area.
6:52 am
their babies in dangerous sleep environmentments despite the go. campaign to fight sudden infant death syndrome. researchers looked at video recordings from the family homes of more than 150 infants. even when they knew they were being recorded, most parents did not follow safe practices. >> 6:52. still ahead on live at day break >> another olympics update. . keeping an eye on big events set to happen later today. >> swimmer who claims he was robbed
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>> 5 minutes before 7:00. police in rio are investigating a robly involving a u.s. swimmer. the athletes were robbed at gunpoint in rio over the weekend by men posing as police officers. they stopped the taxi they were riding in. the fake officers told the men to get on the ground and pulled a gun on lossu, taking their wallets and money. plenty of action to watch today in rio, including u.s. gymnasts simone, going for even more gold. this time on the balance beam. the u.s. men's beach volleyball team taking on brazil in the quarter finals. that crowd will be rough for the u.s. men. the u.s. women's field hockey team in the quarter finals as well. they play against germany.
6:56 am
including the steeplechase and women's hammer throw, women's 200 meter prelims, men's 800 meter finals and pole vault finals. u.s. continuing to dominate the field when it comes to the olympic medal count. 69 in all, 26 of then gold. china second place with 45 medians. great britt ashe moving to third now at 38 medals. russia has 30 putting them in fourth. japan in 5th place with 26 medals. it is now 6:56. thanks so much for joi morning on live at day break. we will see you in 20 minutes for your next check of wepter and traffic. >> and our crews are still out on the northwest side of milwaukee. we want to make sure that nothing else happens later this morning. any information that comes out of that we will pass along to you as we -- you can follow along on the website anytime at tmj >> we leave you with this live picture coming towels from rio. the today show continues to share behind the scenes shots at what's going on at the summer
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good morning. unprecedented. >> still invincible. usain bolt. >> usain bolt proves yet again he's the world's fastest man becoming the first sprinter to capture three straight 100 meter olympic titles. >> and there it is. in gymnastics, simone biles nails it on the vault making it three gold so far with two events still to go. while the swimmers from team usa celebrated an unparalleled medal haul in rio including four for simone manual, five for katie ledecky, another six for michael phelps and we get to bask in their glow when they join us


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