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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  August 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - it's another hot and humid day in southeastern wisconsin....this is a live look at current conditions around our we could use some more rain in the there any chance we could see some wet weather this evening??? meteorologist jesse ritka joins us live with the answers. an area of low pressure is passing to our south and may bring a few light scatted showers tonight and into tuesday morning though many of us will just be witnessing mainly cloudy skies and mild overnight low temps in the 60s. there is the chance for some patchy fog as our temps will drop close to the dew
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now to the violence in sherman park.milwaukee has been in the national spotlight now for two days -- because of the unrest in sherman park. officers in riot gear confronted demonstrators for a second straight night sunday in the north side neighborhood. police tell us an 18-year-old man was shot in the neck during a protest the killing of a black man by a police officer a day earlier. 14 arrests were made after protestors threw bricks at officers and squad cars. three squads were damaged... one store had broken windows. seven officers were also hurt one officer was likely saved by the riot helmet they were wearing. it was grazed by a bullet last night near sherman and burleigh. this is a picture of that helmet.
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today after governor walker activated them over the weekend following the violence in sherman park. governor walker says they will only be used as a last resort. milwaukee police were able to break up the crowd in sherman park just before two a-morning. the violence in sherman park has gone viral on social media. the hashtag milwaukee unrest is trending on twitter... but there's another movement pushing to end the violence in sherman park.. that hashtag is -- pray for milwaukee. we have continuing coverage of the violence in sherman park on-air and online. just go to our website at t-m-j-4 dot com for more information. more local news now...a milwaukee man is dead after drowning in the little wolf river. that's in waupaca county. 33-year-old curtis howell fell into the water and never resurfaced. his body was recovered a short time right now - at least seven people are dead and thousands are homeless after historic
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but as sarah rosario reports... forecasters warn the threat is far from over. (--- pkg ---)(nats) as southeast louisiana gets a break from the rain, high waters remain.. torrential downpours beginning friday leaving neighborhoods underwater and a lot to cleanup...the damage so bad, several parishes are now declared federal disaster area marc mcculley is one of thousands in desperate need of federal aid money to come. (sot / marc mcculley - flood victim :22 - :24)"it's a total loss." from the look like island the rising water causing rivers and creeks to burst from their banks. with many residents scrambling for safety, the coastguard used boats and helicopters to rescue 20- thousand people. 12-thousand stayed overnight in shelters (sot/ mark mcculley - flood victim :41 - :51) "until it happens to you, you just really don't understand. water is probably one of the worst mother nature beasts there is." and while the rain is gone, the water continues to rise,
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of whats to come.. hoping more help will come soon. sarah rosario nbc news. 20-thousand people have been rescued since friday... hot, dry conditions are fueling the flames of a wildfire in idaho. more than 71-thousand acres have burned. crews are making progress in the fight against the fire but more than a hundred homeowners have been told to make preparations for a potential evacuation. firefighters are busy and, just when fire crews felt confident the fire was losing its momentum powerful flames picked right back up--thick plumes of white--gray--and black smoke are blocking out the sky. at least four homes have been destroyed so far. the washington monument is closed today after two back-to-back elevator mishaps in less than 12-hours.three employees got stuck for about 40-minutes on saturday.another
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visitors made it out... without any problems during both incidents.officials blame the problem on a tripped breaker in the elevator. the federal government probably doesn't look too highly on this! some marijuana plants took the blue ribbon at the oregon state fair over the weekend. more than fifty entries were judged in this first of its kind competition. oregon legalized recreational marijuana in 20-14. an offer to perform at super bowl 51 in houston.she told fans at a concert in los angeles over the weekend... she was offered a time slot during the halftime show, but declined to accept it. adele says the halftime show isn't about music... but instead about dancing performances. adele says she's not beyonce and can't dance. her announcement drew some boos
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we could be seeing more the first family in milwaukee. michelle obama's brother just got a job with the bucks. craig robinson is the vice president of player and organizational development. he's the first lady's older brother. the u-s woman's basketball team has not lost a game since 19-92.our special coverage of the games continue.. steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30. thanks charles and shannon. 46 straight olympic games won for u-s-a quite the impressive feat.. tonight.. the unique bond this year's team share, that's almost unfair.. that's coming up on the olympic zone at 6:30 just ahead - whether your training for the olympics or a five-"k" what you need to know before you start.and, it's always nice to get away and relax but tourism is down in some parts. why some are
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thanks so much for joining us - today's tmj4 is your official summer olympics station.tune into "the olympic zone" at 6:30 tonight... for exclusive olympics coverage. you can also head to our website -- tmj4-dot-com slash olympics-- for all your up to the minute olympic event
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tuesday may start with a stray shower or two but then it will be partly cloudy, warm and still humid with a high of 81 degrees. there is a slim chance of a pop-up afternoon shower but most stay dry until late tuesday night and into wednesday as a weak disturbance passes through the badger state. this will bring
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showers and storms, adding even more moisture to the air, making 83 degrees feel even warmer.high pressure visits briefly on thursday to bring mostly sunny skies, it will be warm and humid with a high of 84. a warm front slides through on friday to boost temps into the upper 80s and bring rain and storm chances back to southeastern wisconsin. the accompanying cold front will slide through on saturday, bringing down into the 70s but mainly bringing the best chance for widespread rain and storms. the humidity will drop as the sunshine returns on sunday for a cooler but more comfortable
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europe has been a target for more attacks happen, more people become afraid of vacationing.isa sores reports on terrorism's impact on tourism. holidays to tunisia -- which suffered a terror attack on one of its beaches is 9 percent compared to last year egypt is down 70 percentand turkey -- which recently saw a failed coup -- has fallen by 30-percent(sean tipton, association of british travel agents) "there's been a marked shift in the way and the kind of holidays that people are taking. they've moved away from the eastern mediterranean places like turkey, egypt and tunisia and shifted to perennial favourites"instead, holidaymakers are looking to the sun, sea and sangria of spain as well as
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million foreigners visited the country..that's an increase of almost 12 percent from last year.(craig lever, british tourist) "with what is happening in the world right now, it's not very clever to go to these types of dangerous countries. a place like portugal is much safer, much quieter and it's better to play golf. "(isa soares) "and while some have gained from what has been a summer of shocks, be it a cascade of attacks in europe..or the fallout in particular european airlines and their investors have been rattled by it.for the time being the terror attacks do not seem to have put people completely off travelling ...but it is affecting their choice of destination...and for so many here in and security are now paramount. several airlines have seen their stock drop by almost half since the beginning of the year. coming up: what michael phelps and "ducks tales" have in common.and which american
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birthday today.
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now it's time for an olympics update on today's american beach volleyball player who has never lost an olympic match is celebrating her birthday while in rio. kerri walsh jennings turned 38
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against australia.they beat australia and now move on to the semifinals. they'll play a brazilian team tomorrow. sportscenter is paying tribute to michael phelps by putting him in a duck tales shows the olympic swimmer diving into an animated pool of gold medals.then the text "22 gold medals" pops up. phelps is the most decorated olympian of all time. have you found yourself missing work to watch the olympics?if so, you're not alone.a survey by "allianz global assistance" found more than 38 million americans plan on missing work to watch.most plan to watch at work while others said they will leave early, come in late, take time off or call in sick. here's the latest medal count. the u-s has a wide lead with 72 total medals, 26 of them
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with 34 and japan with 27. when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters?
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it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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thanks for joining us at 4-30.
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park has people worrying about the future.. their biggest concerns about the neighborhood, moving forward.. live at 5 starts now. the big story at five, sherman park will close in one hour-- following two nights of violence. the park will remain closed from 6 p-m to 6 a-m until further notice. over the weekend, businesses were burned and looted, police squad rs and deputies injured. mayor tom barrett spoke today about bringing calm to the neighborhood. "we're going to make sure there is peace and order restored to this neighborhood and the fact that you got some angry people who want to cause problems is something we will not tolerate. it all started saturday afternoon-- after a milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect, near 44th and auer. the officer shot 23-year-old sylville smith as
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his hand and refused to drop it.then violence erupted saturday night. protesters began hitting the streets in sherman park neighborhood. several businesses and a squad car was lit on fire.other squad cars were damaged by bricks and rocks.officers in riot gear brought out. and here's a look at the numbers--31 people were arrested over the weekend. seven officers were injured, including four sheriff's deputies.three squad cars were damaged by bricks and rocks. and a police armored vehicle hit by gunfire. as we said earlier-- sherman park will close in about an hour, at six o'clock. sheriff david clarke made that order today. rikki mitchell is live at sherman park despite several incidents last night including injuries to police officers -- milwaukee police chief ed flynn said officers were able to successfully protect the
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streets were controlled more effectively than on saturday night. mayor tom barrett also commended the professionalism of the officers last night. i'm certain that for most if not every single police officer this was the most challenging weekend of their career and they performed and they performed in an exemplary fashion. chief flynn says they plan to continue to send officers to this area tonight -- we can only hope that the calm and positivity we're seeing now will continue into the evening. the city will be


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